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Raaziq international Pvt Ltd

Year Established: 1974 Number of Employees: More than 1000 Company Transport & Logistics, Transport Services Other business: Transport Services, Logistics Basic business Raaziq international Pvt Ltd Raaziq Intl Pvt Ltd Ammiza Transport Pvt Ltd Ammiza Logistics & Warehousing Pvt Ltd TS & TS Pvt Ltd RIL Logistics Pvt Ltd International freight forwarding International Freight Forwarding Intercity Transport Warehousing, Stock management Distribution Transit Security & Technical Services International freight forwarding Foods Company Restaurant, Outdoor


We are your gateway to the world. We are a partner which ensures that you are at the right place, at the right time. We have a wide network of 11 branches at Pakistan and Afghanistan having a strong bounding across Durand line and other part of the world. Also having 5000 organizations different countries in the worldwide. Ranked as a top-five airfreight forwarder by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Best Export Performance Award (2008-2011) from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan. Your satisfaction is our business. If you grow, so do we. We have become the industry leader by providing a flexible, reliable, secure, timely and cost efficient service to every customer, big or small, local or global. At Raaziq we know that there are many ways to reach ones destination, but among those there is only one best way, one real solution. We escorting and providing logistics and ancillary services of Pakistan. Through the nationwide facilities and an overseas network of agents we provide service every corner of Pakistan and reach 80 other countries across six continents. Delivering a full range of services, including air and ocean freight forwarding, custom brokerage, intercity transportation, cold chain process management, warehousing and distribution. Ranked first in customs clearance by Pakistan Customs Computerized System (PACCS) and has received numerous awards from business associations at the local, national and regional level, including the "Best Export Performance Award" for the last three years from the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and


Our services 1) Air fright We have a direct flight to your destination. Using preferred carriers we fly your goods from warehouse to doorstep in first class condition. With offices in every airport city and designated representatives in Karachi and Lahore, we ensure that each delivery makes a smooth, timely landing. Some unique features of our service include: Time-definite delivery Air-sea and sea-air services Charter/freighter booking Tailor-made solutions Customs clearance and consolidation Airport to airport Airport to door Door to door Door to airport 2) Sea freight Raising the sail of profit, progress and global outreach, we at Raaziq help you expand your business by having expert crews manage your goods across the oceans. Some unique features of our service include: Fixed schedules Fast transit times Complete freight visibility Limited contracting liability Superior management of vessel space Competitive pricing 3) Road freight In Pakistan and across the Durand Line, we have developed the most reliable roadmap for the successful transport of goods.. To maintain the quality of our transport trucks we have fully equipped workshop facilities with trained personnel stationed along all our routes in Pakistan. 4) Logistics



Supply Chain Management Warehousing & Distribution Supply Chain Management

We are the industry leader in improving your time-to-market of products, reducing costs, and allowing you to better manage current resources and plan for future needs. Our solutions include; Fixed cost for customs clearance (No hidden charges) Budgeted and timely delivery at all the upcountry ports and ICDS Regular updates regarding changes in customs rules, regulations and SROS Specialized and experienced staff at all the ports Reliable and secure transportation services Warehousing facilities with computerized inventory control system Project consultancy services Prompt delivery of imported and exported goods worldwide Warehousing & Distribution Control, consolidate and clear are the three key words which define our inventory policy. We design each project to meet the dictates of the marketplace and support your company's strategic plan. We ensure that our processes provide information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment, coordinate internal activities, and communicate with customers so that you make more accurate and timely decisions to manage operations Some unique features of our service include: A secure, dry storage space A place to consolidate and deconsolidate your shipment A racked and open-floor space A computerized inventory control system 5) Specialized services: We have some our own specializes services through which we are leading in Pakistan and enjoying a good in different parts of the world. The services are

Customs Clearance Afghan Trade Transit Cold Chain Management Project Handling