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Sri Vidya and its Sadhana

Sri Vidya is the experiential knowledge of Sri, the Goddess Tripura Sundari, that lead to liberation, or to the Supreme Truth. Tri is three, pur is worlds, and sundari is beautiful maiden. The most beautiful goddess, who is unrivaled in her beauty in the three worlds, is Tripur sundari. Shodash means sixteen, and Shodashi means one who is sixteen years old. All these names are attributes of the same Divine Mother who is the fountainhead of all the beauty and ever young. As long as the fear of death- because of physical attachment- is present, she is Kali. As Kali she is kundalini in muladhara chakra and when invoked, removes the fear of death and basic insecurity. As long as emotional turmoil exists and freedom from all rules and regulations is sought, she is Tara. As Tara she takes the sadhak across the turmoil of the mental modifications, appearing as high and low tides of emotions, while he is floating in the ocean of samsara. But when these both basic fears are taken care of she is Shodashi, source of inspiration, and Tripura sundari, the fountain head of beauty. As Shodashi she brings transcendental awareness. Siddhas believe that Kali, Tara and Shodashi are three main vidyas of the ten Mahavidyas. From these three principles came nine vidyas, or nine different combinations of the three. The three originally came from which is their essence or compliment. This one is tenth Mahavidya which is the Mul Vidya or Sri Vidya or Brahma vidya. So infact Tripura or Tripur sundari herself is Sri Vidya. Sri is Tripura because she is beyond the three gunas. She dwells in the three worlds of manas, buddhi, and chitta. She is the mother of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara, so she is Trayi, the unified combination of the three. She is also known as Lalitha(Graceful one) and kameshwari(the desire principle of the supreme). There are three different school of Sri Vidya Sadhana called Samaya Mat, Kaula Mat and Mishra Mat. Samaya Mat is the ancient form of worship. Vedic in origin, it believes in sacrifice and penance. Kaula Mat is the path of heros who can face challenges and remain balanced while enjoying yoga and bhoga(sensual enjoyment). Kaula is an evolved being who dwells in non-dual consciousness and

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http// a constant state of awareness. His madya(liquor) is amrita(soma) dripping from Som chakra. To him mansa(meat) is his anger, greed, and attachment. Matsya(fish) is taste, egoity, pride, avarice. Mudra (money) is hope, seeking, anxiety, fear, jealousy, shyness, envy. Maithuna(sexual communion) is the union of kundalini with Shiva. This is the real Panch Makar Sadhana of a Kaul. Mishra mat, mixed path, combines yoga, tapa and mantra. According to this school the intoxication that comes by knowledge is liquor, the inner silence that comes by sadhana is meat, the stopping of the constant floating in Ganga and Yamuna(Ida and Pingala) is eating the fish and self-knowledge is mudra(money) and union of Siva and Shakti is Maithuna(sexual communion).

Sri Vidya Sadhana

The teachings presented in this website belongs to the last category i.e Mishra Mat. The systematic meditation techniques thought in this website under the guidance of Premanada will help you to discover Divine Mother in you, the shakti in you, the Soul power in you. The Ultimate realization of this path is that You are Tripura Sundari or your own SELF is Tripura Sundari. This knowledge or Sri Vidya happens to you through Self-Realization.

Sri Vidya Deeksha Online

The core practices of Sri vidya sadhana is thought in 7 graduated steps/levels. All the practices are meditative in nature and are not outward puja rituals. Each level should be practiced regularly for 6 weeks before going to next level. Sri Vidya Level 1 Kundalini Chakra sadhana
Eligibility: Willingness and open mind

Sri Vidya Level 2 and 3 Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra sadhana and Pranayama

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Eligibility: level 1

Sri Vidya Level 4 Bala Tripura Sundari sadhana

Eligibility:level 3

Sri Vidya Level 5 Panchadasi Sadhana

Eligibility:level 4

Sri Vidya Level 6 Shodasi Sadhana

Eligibility:level 5

Sri Vidya Level 7 - Siddha sadhana

Eligibility: Only Self-Realized Souls followed these teachings

How to Apply for Sri Vidya Deeksha

1) Please go through introduction about Sri Vidya 2) Send the Deeksha request with the following details through email
Name: Birthdate: Place: Country: Sex: Email: Why are you interested: Please mention, If you have any health problem here:

For More details about SriVidya Sadhana vist :

Declaration: I solemnly promise not to reveal to anyone the techniques of The Sri Vidya Sadhana under any circumstances. (Sign Here i.e write/type your name)

3) After acceptance of your request for Sri Vidya deeksha, Transfer the registration donation fees. 4) Information regarding preparation for Sri Vidya Deeksha level-1 and scheduled Date & Time of your Deeksha will be sent.

About Author
Premananda is a Self Realized Master who has experienced higher states of Samadhi. He is willing to teach these Sri Vidya teachings for the benefit of those who aspire for Self-Realization but don't know where to begin, or their worldly responsibilities are too great to allow them the time to pursue indepth studies or attend lengthy retreats. If you have any questions please Contact us at: