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ۡ ُ َّ ُ َّ َ ۡ ۡ ُ ُ ِّ ٰ َّ ُ ُ ِ َ ِّ ‫قُل َي َتوف ٰٮكم ملَك ٱلم َۡوت ٱلَّذِى وُ كل بكمۡ ثم إِلَى رَ بكمۡ ترجَ عُون‬ ِ


32:11 Say, ‘You will be taken away by the angel of death, who has been charged with you. Then you will be brought back to your Lord.’ Allah SWT tells us to read a verse of the Quran and think about it. He also tells us that He revealed the Quran in Arabic so that it is easy for us. In Arabic most action words have three ُ َّ َ alphabets. In sura 32 ayat 11 the action word in Arabic is ‫ . َي َتوف ٰٮكم‬The root word from which this word is made is wafa. The word wafa means that you return a thing that someone gave you back to that person in its entirety. If you think about the verse Allah SWT is saying that the angel of death will take you back to your Lord in your entirety which means nothing should be left behind when a person dies. All of us know that when someone dies their body is left behind. This verse is telling us that when we die and are taken back to Allah; He is speaking about our soul not our body. In Arabic this is called the nafs. The nafs is the meeting point of the sea of the spirit and the sea of our body. ً۬ ۡ َ َ ۡ ً۬ ۡ ً۬ ۡ َ ً۬ َ ۡ ُ َ َ َ ٌ ً۬ َ َ َ ٌ ً۬ ٌ ‫وهُو ٱلَّذِى مَرَ ج ٱلبَحرَ ۡين ه ٰـذا عَذبٌ فُرَ ات وه ٰـذا م ِۡلح أُجَ اج وجَ عل ب َۡي َنہمَا بَرزخا وحِجرا مَّحجُورا‬ َ َ ِ ۡ َ 25:53. It is He who merged the two seas: this one sweet and agreeable, and that one briny and bitter, and between the two He set a barrier and a forbidding hindrance.

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The sweet world is the world of the spirit that quenches the thirst and the material world is the salty one. The nafs is the barzakh or the meeting point of these two worlds. Since the nafs contains both the sweet (spiritual) and the salty (material) parts, man is told by Allah to strengthen the sweet part of his nafs.

Purify your soul
91: 7. by the soul and Him who fashioned it, ‫و َن ۡفس ومَا سَوَّ ٰٮهَا‬ َ ً۬ َ

(٧) (٨) (٩)

91:8. and inspired it with [discernment ُ َۡ َ َ َ َۡ َ between] its virtues and ‫فألهمهَا فُجورَ هَا و َتقو ٰٮهَا‬ vices: 91:9. one who purifies it is felicitous, 91:10. and one who betrays it fails. َّ َ َ ‫ق ۡد أَ ۡفلَح مَن زك ٰٮهَا‬ َ َ َ َ ‫وق ۡد خابَ مَن دس َّٰٮهَا‬ َ


The Quran speaks of three types of Nafs
َّ ِ ‫ء‬ َ َّ ُ The Carnal Soul ‫وما ء أ ُ َبرِّ ئ َن ۡفسِ ىۚ إِنَّ ٱلن ۡفسَ ََمَّارَ ُُۢ بِٲلسووِ إَِّ مَا رَ حم رَ بِّىۚ إِنَّ رَ بِّى‬ َ َ ‫ء‬ ‫ء‬ َِ 12:53. Yet I do not absolve my [own carnal] ٌ ً۬ َ soul, for the [carnal] soul indeed prompts [men] ‫غفُور رَّ حِيم‬ to evil, except inasmuch as my Lord has mercy. Indeed my Lord is all-forgiving, all-merciful.’ The self blaming soul َ َ ‫وَّء أ ُ ۡقسِ م بٲلن ۡفس ٱللَّوَّ امَة‬ 75:2. And I swear by the self-blaming soul! ِ َّ ِ ُ The soul at peace َّ ِ ۡ ۡ َّ ُ ‫َي ٰـءأ ََّيتہَا ٱلن ۡفسُ ٱلمُطمَٮنة‬ 89:27. ‘O soul at peace!


(٢) (٢٧)

Imam Hussain (AS)
The verse 89:27 refers to Imam Hussain (AS). The verse then continues to say 89:28. Return to your Lord, pleased, pleasing! 89:29. Then enter among My servants! 89:30. And enter My paradise!’ Imam Hussain (AS) is one of those select souls who has purified his soul and will enter Paradise. He is of those who truly knows Allah SWT. He is immersed in knowledge and knows the meanings of all the confusing and clear verses of the Quran.

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Even though Imam Hussain (AS) was a pure and exalted soul in Karbala he was put through much hardship by so called Muslims of that time. At Karbala him and his family had food and water stopped. They remained hungry and thirsty. After 3 days of hunger and thirst his friends and family were martyred by the evil people of the time. At Karbala Imam Hussain (AS) invited people of the army of Yazid to true Islam till his last breath. The evil army heard the Imam (AS) every time and even though they understood his words they did not obey him. The companions of the Imam (AS) were of those who had purified their souls to a high degree. They were with the Imam (AS) all the way. Thirst and hunger, loss of life of family members and the ultimate sacrifice of their own life did not separate them from the Imam (AS) of their time. Although dead they remain alive with Allah SWT and get their sustenance from Him.

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Shaitan lies in wait on the straight path
Our goal should be to purify our soul as much as possible. We should remember Allah at all times. The first step to take is to do our wajib actions on time. If we fail to remember Allah SWT then shaitan the accursed will attack and mislead us. We must do our salaat on time. We should not miss any fasts. We should avoid doing bad deeds. We should not talk about anyone behind their back. We should not lie and cheat. We should listen to and obey our parents right away. Inshallah if we keep this up and do our duas we should be able to purify our souls so that we recognize the Imam (AS) of our time as the companions of Imam Hussain (AS) had recognized and helped him in Karbala.

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