Using Hemp is good For THe planeT

“ I have just got the first Travel board bag through and I must say I’m loving it, definitely different to what I have seen before and the fact that it’s Hemp and recycled plastics is awesome” ~ Stu Rose, Balance Distribution Surf Company

Global Travel - 2 Boards

Pioneer Day

The HEMP GLOBAL SERIES Travel Bag is made for the eco traveling surfer. For the ones who go to far out places and test the limits but want to have a light footprint. Side A all HEMP exterior which is one tough fiber and naturally built to last. Side B recycled reflective energy shield sunny-side-up, made to reflect the sun and protect your sticks against wind, rain, and the elements—also comes with a separator! Sizes: 6’7” - 7’6” - 8’6” - 9’6” Padding: 12mm Padding + Strong Zippers Material: Hemp + Reflective Energy Shield Fits: Two Boards

This HEMP DAY bag is as versatile as they come. The PIONEER SERIES is ready to be thrown on any truck, bike rack, double-decker bus, or prop plane. We’ve made this third generation bag out of even stronger HEMP than its predecessor. As always this bag is made from HEMP and recycled materials and is built to last. Use it with pride and put in the garden when you are done with it or give it away to your little brother; spread the love! Sizes: 6’ F - 6’6’’ - 7’6” - 8’6” - 9’6” - 10’ Padding: 5mm Padding + Strong Zippers Material: Hemp + Reflective Energy Shield Fits: One Board

“A boardbag is something we all need, the greenest thing to do is buy one made from low impact sources, Wave Tribe bag is the best option I’ve come across.” ~ Surfer’s Path Magazine January, 2011

Boardbag Testimonial

new Travel gear
“We received our order and are SO happy with the products!” ~ Kelly Richardson, Salty Habits Surf Shop

Eco Trotter Suitcase

Hempster Amigo

Travel in eco style with this hemp eco trotter, great for surf trips or weekend get aways, room for essentials. WT-DUFFEL-4 | Molded Base | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Wheels | Handle | 2 Pockets

Messenger style in hemp, three packets, leather bindings, pen pocket, high quality hemp. WT-CARGO-4 | Black/Silver | 8oz Quality Hemp Embossed Logo | YKK Zippers | 3 Pockets



Travel in eco style with this hemp travel wallet, great for carrying your ipod, iphone, wallet and goodies. WT-DUFFEL-4 | Molded Base | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Wheels | Handle | 2 Pockets

Got Ipad? Use a Wave Tribe ecological case for your tech tools. Super padded with outside pocket. WT-IPAD-4 | 12mm Padding | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | YKK Zipper | 2 Pockets

Passport Wallet

Recycled Straps

Carry your passport and other essentials around your neck with this hemp passport wallet. WT-PASSPORT-WALLET | 12oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Carry Strap | 2 Pockets

Attach your board while on surf trips with these strong like bull recycled straps> WT-STRAPS-4 | Hemp Bag | 2 Straps | 11 Feet Embroidered Logo | Stainless Steel | Padded

recycled plasTic is sTrong
“Excellent . . . as good as any brand.” ~ Surfers Path

Recycled ‘Strong Like Bull’ Leash
Surfer’s Path Magazine rated our leash “excellent”, the world’s only RECYCLED SURF LEASH just got even better with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, we will replace it FREE if you break it within one year of purchase. Made with a 100% recycled urethane cord, this leash offers the best of all worlds: comfort, strength, reliability, and sustainability. The ultra-modern double swivel combined with the reinforced webbing on the neoprene strap and heavy duty velcro all combine to make one tough board saver. This leash has been tested at PIPE and MAVS, it works! Whether it’s double over ankle or double over head, this recycled leash has got your back and its guaranteed. “Every bit as comfortable and secure as any leash we’ve ever tried.” ~ Outside Magazine WTRL-6C (6’) | WTRL-6 (6’COMP) | WTRL-7 (7’) | WTRL-8 (8’) | WTRL-9 (9’) | WTRL-9COMP (9’COMP) WTRL-9C (9’CALF) | WTRL-10COIL (10’ COIL) | WTRL-10’ (10’ SUP) Dbl Swivel Technology | Board Saver | Reinforced Webbing | Key Pocket Cord Dimensions: 5.5MM on all comps | 7MM on all regulars | 10MM on SUPS Material: Recycled Plastic + New Materials on Swivels and Nylon Components *Guarantee: One Year. Break it and we will send you another leash, no questions asked!

“One way for me to keep the balance is to start doing small changes in my life to preserve what I love the most. That’s why sustainability is so important: it is the simplest way to be thankful to nature.” ~ Mercedes Maidana, Wave Tribe Team Rider

Team Testimonial

cork is HarvesTed From live Trees
Thank you for the Wave Tribe Cork Traction pad I bought from you guys, its getting some major action in Kauai! Love it .” ~ Jeff T, Kauai

Eco Deckpad
In the 1600s a Benedictine monk named Dom Perignon observed that wooden stoppers wrapped in oil-soaked rags used to seal his bottles of sparkling wine often popped out, and so he replaced them with the conical pieces of cork to seal his bottles of sparkling wine. That stroke of genius was similar to what Wave Tribe experienced when they discovered cork as an alternative to plastic. Wave Tribe developed the World’s First Eco Deck Pad in 2009 (some other companies copied our lead which was a great compliment—a sign that we are pushing the industry in the right direction). Most deck pads are made out of non environmentally friendly EVA plastic (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). We first tested recycled EVA pads but they didn’t hold up well— they were a bit soft and didn’t quite offer the right consistency. After trying several different alternatives we did some R&D with cork and we found it to be a wonderful alternative to plastic. So what makes cork so sustainable? First and foremost, cork is sustainably harvested from cork oak trees, without killing or harvesting the entire tree. Once the cork trees reach maturity (around 25 years old), the outer layer of bark can be stripped off the tree without harming the tree in any way. WTPADCORK3 Sizes: Three Piece Traction Pad Dimensions: 12” Length. 11” Front Width. 5” Back Width. Kick 1 1/4”. Arch 3/8” Material: Cork + EVA Composite. No Harmful Paints Guarantee: One Year

“The pads stick like a fly trap and the tail bump is perfect for doing hard turns.” ~ James Riddler, Aloha Surfshop Owner

Deckpad Testimonial

eco sUrF gear
“Been selling too many Wave Tribe leashes, can’t keep them in stock!” ~ Mike, Mollusk Surf Shop, NY

Hemp + P.E.T. Socks

Eco Ding Repair

These most excellent PET and hemp socks are great alternatives to our hemp bags, size from 6’ - 9’6. WTSOK | Padded Nose | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | P .E.T | Multiple Sizes .

PhixDoctor’s SuperSoy® Repair kit eco resin, odorless, non-toxic repair kit for your boards. PHIX-REPAIRKIT | Sand Paper | Mixing Cups Bamboo Cloth | Soy Resin | Fin Rope | Mix Stick

Surf/Skate Backpack

Fin Wallet

Stylish high quality hemp backpack with multiple pockets, skate strap, and self-enclosed wax stash. WTBAK1 | Skateboard Strap | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | Strong Zipper | 3 Pockets

Where is your fin key? Never lose your gear with this eco fin wallet, fits long board and short board fins. WTFINWALL | Strong Mesh | 8oz Quality Hemp Embroidered Logo | 6 Pockets

Travel Racks

Bamboo Wax Comb

Keep your boards safe while traveling to the beach using these awesome hemp roof racks. WTRAK1 (one rack) WTRAK2 (two racks) Embroidered Logo | Hemp | Carry Case

Just say no to plastic and use the bamboo comb to keep your wax groomed and tight for your feet. WAX-COMB-1 | Bamboo | Wood Teeth Lightweight | Brought to you by Overture

pUsHing THe limiTs
“Surfing is the love of my life.” ~ Mercedes Maidana, Wave Tribe Team Rider

Mercedes Maidana, Wave Tribe Team (Photo by Jeff Munson)

mercedes maidana, Team rider
Her name is Mercedes Maidana, she is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and her passion in life is surfing big waves. As she says, “I live for it, I breath it, and I want to be able to make a serious career out of it.” Mercedes’ goal is to become one of the best female big wave surfers in the world, both paddling into huge waves and towing in. When Mercedes first approached Wave Tribe we asked her why she was interested in partnering with the world’s first green surf company, her stoke for surfing and her passion for life was as evident in her answer, “surfing is the love of my life. I would not know what to do or who to be if I didn’t have it. As any loving relationship, I think that it has to have a balance of giving and receiving. The ocean gives me more gifts than I could ever reciprocate.” Wave Tribe team riders are more than surfers, they are conscious beings that recognize the importance of helping to transform the surf industry and when we asked Mercedes why green surf products were important to her she responded, “One way for me to keep the balance is to start doing small changes in my life to preserve what I love the most. That’s why sustainability is so important: it is the simplest way to be thankful to nature.”

Eco Wax 100% Organic
We searched far and wide for the right organic wax, when we found this one made in the U.S.A. on wood stoves we were super excited to test it out. Unlike most eco waxes when we tested this one we discovered that it really works fantastically. The wax goes on the board easy and does its job, it keeps your feet where they are supposed to be—a great eco wax made in the USA. Each time you purchase a bar of Wave Tribe Eco Wax a portion of the sale will go to the surf artist Olivier Longuest—supporting creativity and style is at the core of Wave Tribe’s values and we thank you for joining us in this wonderful journey and great product. We offer basecoat, cool, cold, and warm wax. AVAILABLE NOW! WT-WAX-BASE | WT-WAX-COLD | WT-WAX-COOL | WT-WAX-WARM

sUps are people Too
“We are going to make a buzz in the European community with the help of Wave Tribe.” ~ Stefan, Owner Kun_tiqi

Stand Up Paddle Gear
Sup Bro? So it was flat all summer long and you bought a Stand Up Paddle Board. You feel the glide from way outside. You get dirty looks from the shorties while you paddle circles around them. Your buddies all know its harder than it looks. All those waves come with a pretty hefty price tag of an expensive, heavy board. Now you can protect your investment the best way possible, with high quality HEMP and RECYCLED materials. WTRLSUP10-3-BRN | 10’ x 30” x 5” WTRLSUP11-3-BRN | 11’ x 31” x 5” WTRLSUP12-6-BRN | 12’6” x 31” x 5” (black bags available in some sizes) Padding: 10mm Padding + Strong Zippers Material: Hemp + Reflective Energy Shield Paddle Holder with Embroidered Logo Four Heavy Duty Handles with Extra Sticking Built-in Ventilation Grommets Fits: One Large Sup (doubles as king size bed) Also see 10’ SUP and 10’ Coiled leashes for your Sup!

Do You Like Ecological boards?
Yea we do too! In fact, it is because of surfboards that we exist. What’s a surfboards bag without a surfboard? If you like ecological surfboards then we recommend that you check out GRAIN wooden boards, ‘built of local white cedar on a lightweight, rugged, internal frame’ that sounds sexy doesn’t it? See for more information on these awesome wave vehicles.

"Your eco-friendly approach fits in perfectly with our current campaign." ~Morgan Plant, SWELL.COM

Wave Tribe Testimonial

Stefano Esposito, Wave Tribe Team (Photo by Brian Scott)

aboUT wave Tribe

Wave Tribe is learning as we go, we are a stoked company of surf crazed human beings looking to do the right thing in a market place driven by big brands, corporate companies, and small margins. Like everyone else we are making our product overseas, but we are doing it differently. Wave Tribe is committed to using sustainable materials and partners with companies that maintain an ethical work environment—‘we’ as consumers have forced companies to deliver lower and lower priced products. The reality is that ‘how’ a purchase impacts ones wallet is more decisive than ‘how’ the product influences the environment. We need to change how we think, how we consume, and how we live. It’s up to all of us to join this tribal movement and to recognize the importance of walking (and surfing) differently. Our oceans and planet deserve and demand an immediate action, our lives are intimately connected to their health and if we don’t act now we’ll all be surfing in wave pools filled with boogie borders and chlorinated water. Peace. ~ Derek D. Wave Tribe Founder One Ocean, One Planet, One Tribe.

• • • •
Hemp grows naturally without pesticides. Hemp is strong and durable and mold resistant. Hemp is biodegradable, it wouldn’t rot in some landfill for the next thousand years like plastic. Hemp helps keep your board bag’s temperature cool.

Why Wave Tribe?
• • • • • •
We make and sell surf products for surfers, just like us! We love using these environmentally friendly products and we know you do too. We make products for conscious surfers and people that care. Our products are made with care and are sustainable, 100% guaranteed or your money back. We are committed to the environment in everything we do. Wave Tribe is the world’s first green surf company and we make high quality green surf products, simple like that. We are here because you recognize the importance of investing in green surf products. Your support allows us to protect our most cherished resources while doing the thing we most love, surfing! Join the Tribe, be the change and support our company through your voice and make an eco choice. Our products help reduce land-fills and keep more trash out of the ocean by using recycled and biodegradable materials. Each product that you buy helps us get closer to a sustainable reality. Each purchase is a statement about ecology and embraces sustainability and does something good for the planet. Join our online community and get involved in creating and sharing our vision.

Supports our Heal the Oceans campaign. Five percent is donated to it. You get cool gear and do something positive at the same time . . . everyone wins! Learn more from our website:

organic T’s
“The quality could not be better and the fact that everything is recycled is super cool too!” ~ Chance Boyer (Head coach), More Waves

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Surf. Recycle. Reduce.
Original organic design with soy inks. Wave Tribe font with boards and the message ‘surf, recycle, reduce.’ Men Sizes: m - l Women Sizes: s - m

Wind Swell
Original organic design with soy inks. Wave Tribe wind swells with the classic Wave Tribe man chilling in the surf. Men Sizes: m - l Women Sizes: s - m

Robot Pete
Original organic design with soy inks. Robot Pete is the man with the robot plan, arms long enough to show you why he cares. Men Sizes: m - l

Original organic design with soy inks. We all have those days when we feel like an ape, let your innerape out and let him lose on your chest. Men Sizes: m - l

Oceanic Amigos
Original organic design with soy inks. Whales, dolphins, jellyfish, and all of our ocean friends together in one location. Support your friends. Men Sizes: m - l

Skull Flower Power
Original organic design with soy inks. Ladies we know you like flowers but we also know that you respect the inner skull. Show your sensitivity and toughness. Women Sizes: s - m

I love Gum
Original organic design with soy inks. We love gum too and these blues and joyful leaps will tell everyone how much joy you have inside of you. Women Sizes: s - m

Blue Bird
Original organic design with soy inks. There are so many mundane people, show your blue nature and let everyone know your a black sheep dressed as a blue bird. Women Sizes: s - m

sUnsHine, swells and smiley service
“Wave Tribe is at the forefront of producing sustainable products that match our lifestyle choices.” ~ Dr. Scott T. Paynton, Humboldt State University

Contact us Via email, phone, Twitter & Facebook
EMAIL. Email us at TELEPHONE. Call us at 805.973.1218 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. INTERNET. Visit to shop, learn about our mission, read about our team riders, watch videos about our products, or meet our ambassadors. You can also sign up for email alerts and read or write customer reviews. TWITTER. Read tweets from Wave Tribe @wavetribe FACEBOOK. Become a fan of Wave Tribe on Facebook to learn more about our company and environmental
initiatives, or to post your photographs of surfing or Wave Tribe products.

Retail 100% Stoked Guarantee
If you don’t like it, if it doesn’t fit or if it just isn’t what you thought it was, return it. Just let us know why you didn’t like it (so we can help you find something you do like). We want you to be happy with your purchase and there is no need for excuses. If you buy any product and decide to return it, just do so within 30 days. Contact our Customer Service Department at 805.973.1218 for an RA (Return Authorization) number and return the complete, undamaged and unworn product in the original packaging for an exchange or a refund. Stoked! Wave Tribe

You may pay by check, money order, American Express, VISA or Master Card. We also accept pay pal and google checkout online. Add sales tax to all California orders. Catalog prices are valid through December 31, 2011 and may fluctuate with online pricing. We guarantee you the lowest published price. Send catalog orders to Wave Tribe HQ, 1129 Maricopa Hwy, Suite 175, Ojai, CA 93023.

Returns & Exchanges
Return product to the store where you bought it or call our customer service line for an RA number at 805.973.1218. Once you have an RA number ship return to Wave Tribe Returns,1301 Maulhardt Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030. No returns will be accepted without an RA number. Please insure your package, as we cannot be responsible for lost items. Returns/exchanges of credit card purchases are credited to that card.

Wholesale Accounts
Would you like to be part of the Wholesale Tribe? 1) Go to, click on wholesale at bottom of page and create a new account. 2) Send us an email > EMAIL US and say ‘I am down with wholesale eco and got a shop/site. and we’ll switch your account to wholesale pricing . . . magic! We also approve some drop ship accounts (if your site rocks) we charge wholesale + 20% + shipping. Same procedure as above, you are in the drivers seat, do it! All wholesale and drop ship accounts must pre-pay. Dude, that was so easy!

Wave Tribe Eco Surf Company

Lucas Godfrey - Wave Tribe Team - Hawaii

Mathew - Wave Tribe Team - Indo

Jacob Spilberg - Wave Tribe Team - East Coast

Chloe Vetterli - Wave Tribe Team - Santa Cruz

Paul - Wave Tribe Team - Argentina

Derek - Wave Tribe Team - Peru

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