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November 2012

Ocean View, South Africa


Happiness is only real when shared
-John Krakauer
Sarah officiated her first South African wedding for our Ocean View friends Treswill & Cindy. It was a blessed and celebratory event we LOVE them!! Keller continues to LOVE his Ocean View ladies, and really ladies of any race or background. This kid can FLIRT! Thursday nights with the ladies are a highlight for him and he is cuddled!


Our incredible interns are rounding their time in Ocean View and all head back to the US. They have been transformed by their experience and we will miss them terribly!

Its hard to believe, but 2012 is almost finished! We cant even take in all God has done in our life and ministry this year and our hearts are full of praise. The kids continue to grow and thrive, Sarah is LOVING a time of rest and

renewal during her maternity leave, and Casey continues to live on the edge of faith as God blows us away with all He is doing with Ubuntu. Our home is filled with laughter, love, and dance parties; and we love it all.

Kieren continues to love her world full of friends and laughter. She loves her favorite buddies around, insists on a dance party every night, and is growing to be such a lovely little girl.


This month we would like you to PRAY for what God is doing in and through UBUNTU FOOTBALL. We need some major breakthrough and miracles so join us in bringing these requests to the Lord! 1. Financial provision 2. Accommodation for Ubuntu boys 3. Completion of sportswear brand trademark

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November 2012

Ocean View, South Africa

KIDS IN THE HOOD: K&K growing up in Ocean View

Sarah has had more time at home and in Ocean View during her maternity leave and its been both heartbreaking and beautiful to see the kids that make up this community. Certain kids come to our home every single day, most afternoons waiting on our lawn for us to return, eager to meet us. I know its because they arent wanted at their own homes, and their sweet hearts and longing eyes make me fall more in love with them every day. How can their parents ignore them? How can their families allow drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence to be the norm in their worlds? How can these beautiful people not be cherished? As these questions are unanswered, I give them an extra hug and shower my own kiddos with some extra kisses. We are sensitive to Kieren and let her decide when she is too tired to have friends around, but are teaching her to have a generous home and life. The result is two kids growing up in the hood with tons of friendship and love. #blessed

JOIN OUR TEAM and SUPPORT OUR WORK IN AFRICA! To donate to the Prince family online go to: Or send donations to Acts of Grace, c/o Chris & Karen Latta, 1904 Clear Falls Court, Raleigh, NC 27615 Email Karin Sasser to get our monthly prayer requests:

Keller James Prince is now five months old and continues to grow and thrive in South Africa. This child is very loved and never met a stranger! Its a joy to see him light up at his Granny and so many others in our community!

Antoine and Mathy Musemena have been dear friends of ours since 2008 when we met them while volunteering in South Africa with Living Hope. This ridiculously amazing couple has three children, including their new miracle baby, Jeff. After the sudden death of their daughter Lauren when she was 10 days old in 2010 they decided to follow Gods call on their lives and go back to their home county of the Democratic Republic of Congo to start ministry and revival there. They knew it would be hard but had no idea how truly difficult it would be. They have pressed on through the hardships and have now started a preschool and leadership seminars. In addition they are planting a church in their community that they have started in their own home where they hope to build Christians up to believe that every person can have a personal connection with God and a word for others. Mathy needed a C-section to deliver baby Jeff and so came to Cape Town in June and now is enjoying her beautiful, healthy, and thriving boy. He is such a gift, and more, a symbol of the hope and promises that God has for this precious family. Its been an absolute privilege to spend time with Mathy again and I cant wait to see what God has ahead for these legendary friends. 2

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