“Carl, Carl Johnson……Wake up you son of a b***h” Roman shouted angrily.

It was difficult for Carl to open his eyes. He had partied till midnight, had a lot of not-so-authentic beer and was able to sleep for only 3 hrs. “What‟s the time?, cousin” he asked in his weird British accent, he was quiet fluent in English but his accent was horrible. “It‟s 4, C‟mon get you‟re lazy a** to the deck, we have arrived in… ”Roman hadn‟t finished and Carl jumped out of his bed and hurried to the toilet. As Roman left, he could hear him singing some weird song. The deck was overloaded with all the paisans who were aboard the ship, from either side of the atlantic ocean, the miserable, war-torn countries of West Asia and the Americas, all gathered up to catch their first glimpse of the Statue of Happiness, it was a sign that they all had left their demented lives behind and were now on the blessed land of Liberty City, to pursue their socalled „Libertian Dream‟. Everyone, including Carl, was pumped up and excited. Some talked about starting a cab business, some a brothel, some

boasted about the goodness of this land, others considered it a cursed one but all of them had their plans ready. “All of you, this way”, the Captain signaled all of them towards the exit. As soon as the ship anchored at dock, there was a mad rush. Carl was the last one to reach the ground. His body shivered due to nausea and sickness as he stepped on to solid land for first time in 11 months. It was difficult for him to keep himself straight but somehow he managed not to faint. He felt sleepy but the constant gulps, sighs and moans of amazement from Roman kept him awake. “Ahhhh! , at last we are here, THE LIBERTY CITY”, Roman shouted with excitement. As Carl was looking around with amazement, he saw a man waving his hand at him. Carl was not able to recognize him, but to his surprise, Roman did, “Niko, where the f**k were you? I thought that you were not going to come” Roman shouted. “Hey! Roman, how are you my friend?” Niko greeted him. “Tired, hungry and f**ked up real bad” Roman replied rudely. Carl was completely blank,

he didn‟t even know that Roman had a friend in Liberty City. As they were walking, Carl whispered in Roman‟s ear, “You never told me about him, you idiot” “Oh! I forgot, hey Niko, this is my cousin Carl Johnson, and Carl, meet Niko Bellic, my only contact in Liberty City, he is one sweet motherf**ker”. “Ok now guys, let‟s move” Niko interrupted as Carl proceeded to shake hands with him. The three men proceeded towards Niko‟s car which made Roman‟s eyes burst open, well it was a custommade „Hollywood‟. “Is‟nt she beautiful?” Niko asked as he opened the doors of the car. “Yeah! she is.” Roman replied tapping Niko‟s back. “Where do you Live, Niko? I haven‟t slept all night and I need a bed” Carl said annoyed by the two friend‟s shit talking “What? You wanna go home, no not now when we have time, let me show you the Liberty City‟s most famous spot, St. George Church” Niko replied in a loud voice. “Ahh! Sorry to disappoint you but we can see the church tomorrow, I haven‟t slept properly and really need

C‟mon we‟ll go wherever you‟ll take us”. “Oh Shut it Carl . sorry for him Niko. but he could also see the look on Roman‟s face. He was nearly bald. how can Roman do this? It‟s because of him he left his home to come here and now this. Carl was annoyed and angry. As they reached the church. As they . Carl could hear only two things inside the car. too early for a City-Tour. Isn‟t it Roman?”. which was of embarrassment. Now Carl was really annoyed. Anyone can say that he is an American thug living in Liberty City not a very successful travel agent. Throughout the journey. Carl was still annoyed but he was pleased to see the church. all his excitement had vanished. this place is f***ing awesome”. shorter than Roman and very skinny and always had a grumpy look on his face. Carl said in a very polite way. Roman boasting about his Bosnian war medals and Niko boasting about his money. he said loudly “Hey! Look. Roman replied. All of them got out of the car.to take a nap and also its 4:30. he is a very lazy a**. Carl also disliked Niko‟s attitude. Roman began to jump on his seat.

The shortest one of them asked “Hey yo ! What about this man? Lookin good eh!”. Then a group of people dressed in purple approached them. But Roman was not concerned and Carl who was not able to get his eyes off those people was also terrified. They all started pushing each other and this time Roman got worried and he asked Niko to take them some place else. All the people starting . Suddenly a car came rushing towards that place.this happens every day . Carl saw a group of men dressed in green.were walking. “Hell Yeah! This will surely kick the a** of the saints”. don‟t react like a dirtbag . All three of them were shouting and abusing some „saints‟. Carl ran and hid behind a trash box and Niko ran inside a shop.this is Liberty City Life”. and one them shouted “This ain‟t gonna work on my turf a*****e. it stopped with a loud noise but it was all covered in the loud music with was coming out like waves from it The three men siting inside it said something in their own language and then suddenly opened fire at the crowd. Niko replied “Hey Sugar. get your bumpy a** outta my place b*****es”. they were spraying on the walls of the church.

“Hard luck man” he said rudely and aimed his gun at Carl. Carl did‟nt open his eyes but he felt that someone was coming towards him. He was constantly searching for Roman who was nowhere to be seen. Carl was scared but grabbed his hand and . But he still heard a loud gunshot held at his head .but nothing happened.running here and there but the guys who were earlier spraying at the walls took out there pistols and starting shooting at the car. Carl closed his eyes in fear. But as soon as the figure came to him instead of pointing a gun at him. With a bit of courage he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a very long black figure coming towards him. To his amazement the gun shot was not from the one held at his head but from atleast 5 feat ahead. Carl was shivering with fear and he could‟nt see any thing. it held out his hand to help him get up. Carl was in a bit of shock and was not able to move or run from there. But suddenly the firing stopped and Carl felt the urge to get up and as he did he was pushed down by a man whom he saw was shooting from the car.

. He was wearing a black jacket over a Light Purple coloured coller shirt along with black pants and had a Bandana of same colour. who are you nigga?” he had an AfricanAmrican accent and said in a very grumpy tone. I am looking for my brother he was with me only before the…the. Carl was put into one of the Vans and was carried . man” the man asked him but Carl was not able to answer his question.I don‟t know….stood up. What he thought to be a figure was actually a middle-aged man. Carl was pretty Disgusted on his dressing sense but he had no time for this because Roman was nowhere to be seen. “I…. ” and Carl Came to the Ground unconscious.am Carl…Carl Johnson sir”.know sir. “Hey guy! What the f**k are you smirking at..I….. The Last thing he saw before he was knocked was Niko running inside a Cigar Shop and Roman running behind him. “Hey Hey…ma name is Jullius Little. “Goodman!.what the hell are you doin‟ here eh?”. and to his dismay the Cigar Shop was in peaces because a car had crashed in it. “I..I am. Only after the man shove him he came back to his senses.

Why wouldn‟t he? He was inside a Filthy room which . There was yet something unusual about him that Julius came to help him and even shot a member of the gang with whom he was on a truce from the past 2 years. He stood up. The First thing that Carl did as soon as he opened his eyes was to Panic. looked for a door but wasn‟t able to find it. For the first time in his life after he became a criminal. It was like that Carl had something different in him that shook the most ruthless man of the Libertian Underworld from his heart. He heard . “Can anybody f***ing help me” he shouted in a very high pitch. But from the inside.away by Julius‟ men. waiting for him and his men. Julius knew what to do and he will do it even if its not worth it. to be an attic. He twisted and turned throughout the journey but didn‟t utter a word and even kept his eyes closed. Julius had shown signs of mercy for someone.to Carl seemed. Julius knew that there is a Gang War ahead. This was a bit of shock for all the members of his gang that there leader broke a very important truce.

sir” Carl replied with respect. waiting in horror. but you gotta do some practice. tall. Ma name is Johnny Gattobey but you can call me Gat. Stop „sirring‟ me. The Door Slammed open. Before Gat could say more. “Im good. “Hey watch it. “Yeah! I was kind of tired so I just thought…” he was interrupted by the by the Loud voice of that man.somebody coming towards his room. my name is Julius. he thought that it was one of the gang members he saw at the church coming to kill him but it was not what Carl thought it would be. shaking Carl from Head to toe . ya know me don‟t . He was pale. He was no able to find anywhere to hide so he stood where he was. how are ya feelin eh?” he asked in his usual grumpy tone. It was yet another tall man but not Julius it was someone else whom Carl did not knew. had a very gutsy look and spikey short black hair which were coloured white at the edges. Julius stopped them. “Hey Hey…I know…I was there when you‟re ass got whooped up…No hard feelings eh!. “Hello there Mr. skinny. Johnson. “How are ya? You were sleepin‟ all night” his accent implied that he was a Libertia-American. Your name is Carl aint it?” Carl nodded.

That guy Johnny Gat is my right hand man and you see that girl” he pointed to a girl sitting on a couch. her name is Ashley. “These are my people. Sitting on the white couch. Julius escorted him downstairs to a big room where lots of people were present.you?” Carl nodded again. And there you see that group of a******s there. stared back at him at him very seductively. they were all wearing same coloured clothes. Lil‟ slow in English. Carl made a quick survey of what was going on and where was he. one guy was .” Julius introduced him to all of his Enforcers. My kingdom. so we call him Primo. Carl‟s thoughts were interrupted by Julius “Hey Hey! Carl…You don‟t wanna go hunting at those grounds eh! She is one deadly and cunning Fox. he realized that he was inside an old church by the ceiling drawings all over. his name is Primore van der Paul. But there was something unusual about them. there‟s a guy in the middle. one f***in long name. he‟s an Italian. She was very good looking (According to Carl). To his Shock. All had weird names. We call ourselves the 3rd Street Saints.

. mate” Julius shouted at him. he is the only one I know here so please excuse me”. which means you don‟t have a chance in . Carl. Is your brother‟s name Roman isn‟t it? His body was found in a trash can this morning while you were out. “This ain‟t no Motel. Don‟t give me that „Beg you Shit‟ eh!. As Carl walked up he suddenly felt something pointy and cold at the back his of head. thank you for everything but I need to go and look for my brother Roman.. It was Gat.Carlos. He sounded very desperate. one was Billy and one was Luis. Its with the LCPD now. Are you outta your f***in mind. One of our guys died out there so we let you in just to make sure that you take his place. But suddenly Carl‟s nerve gave a stroke and he rushed upto Julius and asked “Hey Julius. I have to find…” “Oh! C‟mon C. not to be your babysitters” “Please I beg you…Please I have to find my brother. holding a gun. “Huh! What do you think? We let a piece of shit like you to the Saint‟s Hide just to let you sleep. have food and a say „KUMBAYA‟.and by the way.

there was still a chance that he can fight and live and Carl knew what it was and how to avail it. umm. if you gotta be one of us. Carl was speechless. He realized that he made a grave mistake coming to place where people where just looking for an excuse to kill each other. He felt strong and confident even of he has lost everyone of his family. not even he himself. “Now that‟s what I wanted from ya. prove to ME that you are worthy of being a member of the 3rd Street Saints” “What do I have to do. You are stronger than I thought which is a plus-point here in LC.hell that you can see your brother ever again” Julius cunningly replied. you need to prove to us. First he had lost his Father and then his only brother and now. But. like uhh. for the first time in his life. “Okay then…now I know my cousin‟s fate and that I don‟t have anybody to care…I‟ll do what you say” Carl replied in a way that nobody has never seen him in. Roman. you can fight . truly good but you have to do something else. So first. “Hahaha! You‟re good. fight a Mammoth?”. Carl felt different. was dead.

ya know in a street fight and if you win you‟ll be one of us right away. he was Damn sure that he will not make it in one piece against the guys he‟ll be fighting . But as soon as he opened his mouth to swerve. get your a** here as soon as possible” Gat announced and then grinned back at Carl once again. but Carl replied confidently “Ok I‟ll do that. Seeing that how Carl‟s a** got whooped at the church. now there‟s a good plan” Julius could see the tension erupting on Carl‟s face. Gat was sure that by now Carl would have peed in his pants but to his surprise he was . he heard a loud cheer and he saw three men coming out from the crowd. Even their biceps were wider than Carl‟s face. if you have. They were once again tall or rather gigantic. Carl looked every where but he could not see anybody appear. “So. it‟ll be fun and it‟s been a long time that I haven‟t kicked anyone‟s a**”. were heavily build.some of our guys. is there any body in ma gang who has the balls to fight Carl Johnson here. He could see a wicked grin appear on Gat‟s Face.

He stepped in between. well and good” Carl took a deep breath. Julius was first one who started clapping. he knew how to fight these type of guys. one of them tried to kick but Carl moved aside and kicked him back in the gut and with the other he did the same by kicking him in the groin and at the same time punching him in the face. this punky-punk is . these are the ones that I have to kick. the other two came forward at once. Everybody knew that Carl would be crushed at the end but like in every epic story. the two remaining men came to the ground. the man went down. smiling. and after a short while. “Yo! Just take a look on what have we here. At last Carl prevailed the fight. “So. somehow Carl himself pretty much whooped up their a**es real bad. Carl walked over their bodies in a rude way. He had done this before.standing there and moreover. One of them advanced towards and tried to punch him on the face but he ducked below and with a fierce uppercut punched him back on the jaw. Seeing this. stared once at his opponents and then the fight began. It was three-on-one combat.

you are one good motherf***er. Mr. Welcome Homie. Liberty City has become a total shithole!. Carl Johnson.Kick-a** man. sent the LCPD after all over our fronts and even tried to burn down our hideout but somehow we stopped them and now. things are lot more shitty here. We used to own this place but after Mayor Joseman left this city in the hands of that son of a b***h Dane Richards. Well it was a match technically. He began to flush our places. you flushed them out. really impressed. now that we are done with the tryouts. I confirm to you all that Carl Johnson is now a member of 3rd Street Saints. He was again interrupted by Julius. “So. Im impressed dude. things have changed. I mean these three were the most dangerous peace of A**es that I had got and you. full . I like it” Julius announced. but Carl was also glad. not because of his victory but he was able to impress to Ashley who was continuously looking towards him. Liberty City is not exactly what your brother or any body told ya. We the 3rd Street Saints have existed here for nearly a decade and let me tell you that this is no place for the faints hearteds.

uh…um…. Gat. costly hookers. It was now clear to him that Niko was also a criminal and he together with Roman tricked him into coming here so that he could join their criminal organization... Carl saw a short-heighted.. He thought that Liberty City will be a customary place. Come with me you three. “Yo! Yo!.. it is”. Yo! Pierce. wife-beating maniacs and drug freaks.” Julius waved his hand in front of Carl‟s face. ain‟t it?. “Oh Yeah Julius. Richards‟ company-The NOOSE.”.. will be fun huh?. is the limo ready?”. “So then. Primo and Carlos.well I too think the same way.Im listening!” Carl replied in a hurry. well-built man coming out from the crowd. “Yeah. They are simply ruthless but they have the people‟s support because of the development they did…. so lets take you to a City Tour.. but after hearing this he understood that why Roman was so eager to come here.. “Im guessing that my piny lil‟ story is boring ya.im talkin‟ to you man.” . has now taken over the city as a new police division.of pimps. Lets move. Carl was astounded.

Carl followed followed Julius and the three men into a large garage just behind the Church. The guy and his company had done an enormous amount of construction here.about Liberty City…?” “I don‟t know what to say. but you did good. beautiful isn‟t she?” Julius asked Carl.. its not as I expected to be.. he nodded. if we kill him.ya know….. They all boarded the car. why not kill him straight?” “I told ya that before but I think you weren‟t listening. which in turn pleased the people . the people are gonna burn us down the streets them selves. really. “Well. It had almost all the type of cars Carl ever knew. A big green SUV came out. if he is a trouble. whaddaya think?. “So Carl. Dane Richards. I thought that it will be good to live in a metropolitan city like this” “Ignorance is a bliss my friend. this is our ride. Weird patterns painted all around it. “That man.

and now he has their support that is why…… hey. lemme think….uhh what about Johnny Boy or Jay?” “Hell No!. Carl nodded like a dog but he actually liked it. Carl was standing in front of big garage.Ohh I got it. Gat gave him a murderous look and then replied “Yeah. Gat grinned and suddenly the speed of the car increased and in the next moment. purple in colour. what about CJ?... Pierce giggled. did we?” “A name! what‟s wrong with Carl Johnson?” “Oh No No. lets give CJ his homecoming present. you got the sweetest name around boy”.. pressed a button nearby and with a loud noise the door opened. “Oh Yeah!” Gat exclaimed. Gat stepped towards the garage.yeah it sounds good ain‟t it?”. we didn‟t decide a suitable name for ya. just wait will you?” Julius consoled him.. “What are we doing here Julius and what do you mean by my „homecoming presnt‟?” “Easy Easy nigga. “So now that we are done with the names. Yo Gat……whaddaya suggest. Inside it was a custom-made sports car. It is still long. . eh guys?”..

that bastard Lueko Chang has again torched one of our brothels. “Huh!. Im gonna kill that motherf****r.Im. had a big music system. It was chromed almost everywhere. Hey Pierce. “That lousy son of a b***h!. alright? We wont be a moment” “What is it Boss?” Primo asked. gather as many guys as you can Rico and get there fast. The car gave a violent sound upon its ignition. Carl jumped inside it. why don‟t you check it out from the inside”. I mean this is truly awesome”.. “Thank You so. let CJ take a better look at it” “On it Boss”.. Gat suggested. so much Julius. He picked it up and suddenly his mood changed.“CJ. this is Superiore‟. Im . why don‟t ya bring it out. “Yo. Carl was there standing motionless not because of Julius‟ generosity but because he was car freak and always wanted to own a sports car. who else can it be. and this is gonna be your ride from now on. Carl was lost in the admiration of the car when Julius‟ phone rang.

. Inherited his father‟s business who is a bigger prick than him. Shoot em‟ down” “And what about Julius? How did you all end up in his gang?” . you guys come with me.. and in no time everybody was inside their cars. They call themselves the Ronin. you‟ll go with CJ and you drive.” “Chinese?” “Hell Yeah. Whenever you see any „goombah‟ looking a*****e. they are the least powerful of all the Liberty‟s gangs.. Primo and Pierce. “He is one punkass prick that‟s what he is. riding a Candy Ass bike with all those f***ing Chinese drawings all over it. dressed in puke yellow. “Who is this Leuko Chang Julius was talking about?” Carl asked in a low voice. always trying to rough us up. driving. just do one thing.done with him. Gat. this is a serious matter and I don‟t wanna be late”.

friendly kind but at the same time ruthless and cunning and trust me. you don‟t wanna mess with him he‟s a fox in a sheep‟s clothin‟” Carl was baffled. As far as I know he grew up in the ghettos of the Sunnyvale Gardens. Gat pulled over in front of a warehouse.. there pissin‟ me off and by the way.. “But he seemed to be a good guy back in the church…” “That‟s because he was talking to YOU. He thought that Julius to be a good natured man but Carl couldn‟t hold himself. He was aware what state of mind would Carl be because he had been through it too. we‟re here”. He‟s a man of his word.“Ah it‟s one hell of a long story but Julius is a man of the streets. He came here to earn a living and did it but on the other side of the law. Gat shrugged him but with respect. Carl could see another short-heighted person with long hair .” “Hey are we done with the rapid fire round? Quit asking me questions. and don‟t mind you were pretty f***ed up at that moment so he was lenient” “But ah.

discussing something with Rico.. Julius cried sternly and everyone did as said but except of Julius. “There were 6 of them. what‟s the scene eh Rico?”. who the hell will now deal with the cops and no wonder the NOOSE are also lookin‟ for us” .” “What the f**k! The police will be all over our asses. who was still out. Julius was out. burned the place and I even think killed on of the customers. Carl was becoming tensed but still he was not fully believing what Gat said about Julius‟ character but who knew..coming towards their cars with his men. he was about to witness his Dark Side! Julius signaled Carlos to go but Gat was tolled to stay. they killed a customer. Julius asked him. It was him. “This is really annoying. all on bikes. They came like a swarm. man. This is it! Where the hell did they go?” “I saw them going towards the Marina District” “Everybody inside the car”. “So.

“We‟ll figure something out boss, after we deal with this shit, we will”, Rico consoled “Wait a minute, didn‟t you install some of our guys here...ya know...as security”, Julius asked nervously “Yeah...I did that”, and upon hearing this, Julius was red with anger. Carl watched nervously, he knew that whatever is going to happen, is not what he ought to see. “Oh, so then, WHERE THE F**K WERE THEY?”, Julius cried and shook everyone, mostly Carl. “Uh...Ah there only three of „em, so were not able to hold them off, only one survived”. “Oh Yeah, call him whoever he is, NOW!.” Rico nodded like a puppy and vanished and in no time the person was there. He was not so well built and his hand had a wide cut, blood dripping from it. “So, Where the f**k were you when the Ronin came, huh?” Julius questioned him. “I was here boss but they came with a sudden and we, we were outnumbered bu…”

“DON‟T YOU HAVE YOUR F**KIN‟ GUNS! Why didn‟t ya‟all shoot. You know what, you are now stripped off from your usual duty. Adios SUCKER!” Julius stepped back. Took out a .38 Snubnose from his backpocket. Carl closed his eyes, not because he was afraid of bloodshed (He was a Bosnian War Veteran) but because he had gone through a lot in one day, he was hoping that this is just a dream and in the next moment he‟ll wake up in his cabin room with his mother at his side, feeding him fresh lemons from her garden, back in Bosnia, but BANGG! His beautiful thoughts were interrupted by a sound of gun fire. Carl slowly opened his eyes, Julius was standing there, motionless, his handgun breathing smoke. The guy whom he had just shot was on the ground, lying on the pool of his own blood. “F**k Boss! This guy one of the best I had, Jesus!” Rico shouted, he was annoyed. “I want you to put someone GOOD at this place and by good I mean really good. And give these guys some f**king training and better weapons, I don‟t want these guys coming out with their d**ks

in their hands when any of the gangs try again on this place. Do you understand?” “Yeah....Yeah I do boss” Rico replied, annoyed again. “No with the Ronins, you and your guys proceed to the Marina but go from the alleys‟ way and tell all our people in Broker to stay vigilant and to open fire on any Ronin assh**e they see. I and Gat are going to the Dukes!” Julius said sternly. He could see the shocked face of Rico, something Carl also noticed. “Why that look on the face, what is there in Dukes?” “Huh……you‟re about to find out boy” Gat replied, he was smiling. Carl was again confused. Rico vanished from there along with his men. Julius walked towards his car, sat inside and signaled Gat towards him. “I think you‟ve heard what Im gonna do isn‟t it?” He stopped and started again when he saw Gat‟s nod. “Were gonna hit „em back now, f**k „em! Send „em a message that f**king with the Saint‟s

Im with him on this. He‟s Done and you know. why is he doing this?” “He knows what he‟s doing. They are here only to make money . no one can stop him now.” Gat spoke after sometime. this is why they have a major number of officials backing them „cause when it comes to gambling. If we manage to blow it apart. “But what‟s with the casino in Dukes?” “Ah! It‟s one hell of a place. Their chief source of income. the Ronins are gonna cry like babies. there will be an all-out war then. show Carl the city and let him know that with whom to mate and who to hate. Carl quickly replied “I don‟t understand this. Im gonna go to the Church and prepare while you can take-a-day-off eh? You know what. Gat was in a bit of a shock but he was strong or rather grown strong being a Saint. “This is certainly not good. a very big operation one of its kind. even I like it. Now go” and with this Julius went off. We‟ll hit „em tomorrow. south of Dukes Expressway.Brothel is a bloody bad move. he calmed himself and then drove. those spitf**ks will pay for this”.

Gat was impressed. “That is why. he couldn‟t believe his eyes. But as it came nearer and under Carl‟s visibility. The NOOSE.yes”. Carl found it difficult to pronounce the name of it. There .” Carl asked him.. Jesus! They are not even gang-like. especially that Richards guy. “Hey. you hungry bro?” Carl didn‟t know what to say. He sensed some thing coming at the back. have their nose everywhere and you know what we are the hunted ones.” Gat said proudly. he was not hungry at all..and unfortunately they are doing it. he then stopped the car and got out. Carl took a sweep around while Gat was inside the store (the name was Cluck-in Bell). I dunno” “And what about the NOOSE then? I don‟t think they are going to hold up if they hear about our mission. they all are rats. they think of them as a Crime Family or some Godfather Shit. It was difficult for him to decipher what was it but whatever it was. because Julius didn‟t kneel in front of them. was coming towards him at a great speed. “Uh. unlike everybody. That is exactly why we gotta plan everything before doing anything.

As he struggled to turn around and call Gat. “I just saw some bikers. “Yo. exactly the way you told that a Ronin would be. “Ga……Gath……Gaaaat…Gat! Heyyyy!” he shouted as he came towards him. breathless. he desperately wanted to tell Gat about this but simply. on bikes which were yellow and had Chinese patterns all over it. CALM DOWN. couldn‟t.were four Men. what‟s up?” Gat said. Gat was baffled. Carl . Carl was frozen. Carl was free from the big freeze and he ran towards Gat in such a way that even Gat got a little struck. Their swords were peeping from behind. Carl was not able to catch his breath but he still spoke somehow. “Are you absolutely sure that they were Ronin?” “Yeah man! I swear” Cark quickly answered. “Then lets f**k „em down!” and he threw his newly bought burgers and rushed towards the car. was it just Carl‟s imagination or he really saw those goombah pricks. what‟s wrong with you man. he saw that Gat himself was coming towards him. And as they swooped past him. And they went this way”. With all of a sudden. worried. wearing yellow and were Chinese.

the number of bikers from 6 was now reduced to just 4. they were confirmed that it was Ronin. but still the leader was still out. “I think we‟ve lost him. When he was a couple of inches away from them. It was like his gun wasn‟t stopping (It was an AK 506. he was desperate to catch them and until now they were out of sight. there was a certain assurance in his voice which forced Carl to believe in him. Shit!” “NO! we cant loose them. we WILL not loose them……Trust me” Gat consoled. Gat was driving like a maniac. “There they are……Gotcha‟ b****es!” Gat taunted them and suddenly his speed crossed the 100 mph mark. And luckily. trying to avoid him. fully automatic). why don‟t you help me” Gat said. which gave Carl a stroke. they saw some bikers on high speed and as they got nearer. Gat suddenly took out a machinegun from his cars dashboard and started shooting at them madly. “Hey. after several minutes of meaning-less driving. “uh…yeah but……I……” . And due to Gat „s gunfire techniques.followed suit.

another one was down. take this and just shoot!” Gat handed him a Vice 9 pistol. he opened fired again and in no time. Carl saw them exchanging nods and abruptly they maneuvered their bikes towards the oncoming lane. The bikers now moved away from the freeway and were on towards the city. but Gat knew what to do. Carl tried to fire but the bikers were on Gat‟s side. reducing the number to 4 now. wickedly. The bikes were now loosing speed as they were no longer on the free way and the road was not that smooth. he just smiled. As they were following the bikers. “What the hell are they trying to do. Carl didn‟t understand it but Gat already knew that this was coming. he did as told and opened fire.“Shut the f**k up and here. they will get themselves killed” Carl shouted but Gat didn‟t replied. and somehow it hit one of them and he fell there and then. He had already set his car perpendicular to them and with this done. fully loaded. At first Carl hesitated but when he saw the murderous look of Gat‟s. Gat took advantage of this and .

“Libertians!” he said to himself. “Uh-oh” Gat exclaimed and before Carl could reply. Gat didn‟t reply. bullets were already being showered at them. “What are they going to do?” Carl asked worryingly. “How could you be laughing at a time like this?” Carl shouted at him. Gat was still shooting at them even if it didn‟t hit them. . opened it and back fired at them using it as the cover. instead he swiftly moved towards the door. Carl saw this and he was annoyed again at him. Gat stopped his car a few meters away and then there was silence. “Ahaaa……this b***h is good. “Are they……” and he was interrupted by a crackling sound. Gat ducked down and pulled Carl also. he was obviously angry at him.rammed on of the bikes but it didn‟t came down but instead it disrupted the other ones and they all were towards the grass ground where all of them were forced to stop. Carl was impressed at this technique of Gat‟s but the bikers weren‟t and they also ducked behind their bikes too. eh?” Car was surprised to see Gat laughing and in a jolly mood. it was the sound of the bikers loading their Gal 63 machine guns.

“Hey! Gat. Well. he saw that bikers were advancing towards the car. instead he took his time. The bikers took this opportunity to shoot back at them. and opened fire but not the „LC Style‟. fire as many bullets as you can hoping that it hits one of „em even if doesn‟t. Gat got hit in the leg by one of the bullets. Carl had two choices either he could help Gat up and wait for the bikers to come there and pump his guts full of lead or he could help Gat up. SHIT!” he shouted at Carl. He helped Gat get back in the car. luckily Carl chose the second option. He then quickly picked up his pistol. allowed them to come forward. As he struggled to come back in the car. His . he was bleeding violently but the bullet was through. But suddenly Gat‟s gun jammed and he was not able to shoot at them anymore. pick up his pistol and do the same to them. He did the same thing that Gat did with the door. why the hell are you wasting all those bullets!” “It‟s the LC style of shooting mate. HAAHAHAAHAA!” “That guy is seriously Mad!” Carl said again. “Their coming here.

He quickly marked the spots where he had to shoot. The Car was in a mess and so was Gat.heart-beat was increasing rapidly. Well. closed his eyes for a moment. but he was not sweating. I…” “Wait! Hold up. who saw how Carl dealt with the Ronin Bikers. the bikers were down. drivable and portable car. Then take me I mean us to the church and finally. you need to tell me exactly who you are. “What…The…f**k? How the hell you did that? Man. All of them hit simultaneously and in an instant. took a deep breath and in extreme quickness. He was looking at Carl as if he was the one who fired at him. it was just……my Dead-Eye Targeting that‟s all” “Dead What?” “Dead-Eye Targeting. actually its called bullet-timing. Carl then came back to the car to see if Gat is alright but he was not. First thing you need to do is to look for a suitable. how did .” “Probably not. fired a succession of 3 shots. that was some serious shit.

he with a tight blow. easy to drive and to steal. “So Carl or CJ. where were we? Yeah we were at the……Dead……Dead Eye. he got inside and they moved and after a few minutes of silence.you end you up here and How. Yeah. Carl looked around for a parked car and he found one. broke the cars glass and got inside. Gat suddenly spoke. a small car. He helped Gat inside the car. the car was ready to go. He approached it but before doing anything he looked around for any cops or passerbys. He knew what to do next and in no time. No anyway tell me. alright. Carl had no option but to do as told. The guy was hit. can you drive?” he asked politely but received a harsh answer. were are you from and why the hell did you get here?” . He drove the car where Gat was and parked it as near as he could to him. “Hell I can. my bad. Whaddaya think! I‟ve been hit more times than you‟ve got hooked up mate.” Carl didn‟t reply. Now move your ass” Gat commanded. When he was assured that there aren‟t any. the F**K you did that. “Hey.

Gat interrupted which annoyed Carl but he went on. Darko Brevic and Dimitri Rascolov both of them I hear are in here somewhere. I never respected him or loved him. he beat my mother and abused my brother. he was violent. He died when the war broke in Yugosalavia which later spread into the Baltics. that is to educate me.” “Haven‟t heard of „em”. of my life……I joined . My brother also got killed in the same war and this forced me to join the army. I again got jobless and with no options left. we had no money. But there is one thing that I thank him for. “When the war got over. because my mother and I.“I am from Bosnia it‟s a small city in the Baltics in north-eastern Europe” “Then your name should be something like Glenn or Shane or whatever” “MY FATHER was an American who was deported to Bosnia. I survived and then came to know that we were betrayed by two men were a part of our unit. properly that‟s when I learned English. But years later our unit was intercepted. I made the biggest mistake. alcoholic and a complete ass***e.

which was to be held aboard a ship. we were caught between a gang war and then. Niko disappeared. He sent me for a drug deal with another gang. Niko Bellic who was. . This guy was ruthless and cunning but he gave me financial help. But the ship got attacked by some pirates enroute and once again I was the one to survive and somehow I reached the shore.the guy who died at the shootout. found me and offered to take me to Liberty City to start a new life. I tried to contact Ray but he blamed me for his loss and swore that he will find me and kill me. a travel agent but as soon as I arrived here. I wandered the streets like a maniac but my cousin. Roman Kozlov . got inducted in a criminal gang and now im driving a bleeding maniac who doesn‟t knows. Earlier I was jobless but then I became homeless to. how to shoot.the Russian crime gang under Ray Bulagrin. As soon as I arrived here. I thought this would be a great chance to get away from the Russians and find Darko and Dimitri but who knew that God had other plans. Roman got killed and I. I got saved by a man named Julius Little. according to Roman. I realized that Roman had a friend here.

That was one long story but I was a kinda……touchy. eh?”. he. Carl didn‟t reply instead he was constantly looking out the window and suddenly his . was a man to be thoroughly respected. politely for the first time. He now realized that why Julius led him into the gang with out any questioning. They only taught it the Caliente Mortel or in your language. sorry. I learned that bullet-timing when I was back in the army. the Black-Ops of Balkan Military. that was seriously ill mannered” Carl finished with a sigh and waited for Gat to reply but he didn‟t so he only asked. “So.No offence. He now understood that Carl wasn‟t a man to be f**ked with. what do you think Gat. Gat then spoke. unfortunately I am. really really good” Gat replied as if he was drunk. in-fact. Gat was shocked to hear this „heart-breaking‟ story of Carl. Earlier he thought Carl to be a marshmallow but hearing this. how did I got here. he himself questioned his socalled toughness. He was no where near Carl in this.” “oh that is good. Hey you didn‟t answer my third question didn‟t ya?” “Oh Yeah. “Yeah Man.

Gat thought to himself. “Oh. don‟t ya have any f**kin‟ sense man. Alright! I admit it. we‟re not going to the church. I don‟t think we‟re going towards the church man” Gat quickly replied back. ok man ok. you‟re literally laying on me. Im bleeding my ass out here. “Alright. I‟ve been shot right through ma leg. not at this moment man” “Why may I know?” “Shit dude. The church is on the other side of city.nerves gave a stroke and he said. now back-off a bit. “Hey. LC is one big city” Gat shouted at him. I think in the middle of the city but we left the city a while ago and this place is more in the outskirts with less traffic. “Say What?” “The church was somewhere more urban. I would have bled to death by now. Please?” F**k man he made a f**kin‟ case study of it. If that is so. then where are we going now?” . tell me exactly where we‟re going Gat. we are like 20 to 25 miles away and if we would‟ve gone there.

it was only a day at Liberty City for him. but I wont tell you all about Vinewood or Algonquin. its called Bandstand but here in LC. Algonquin! The place for people like us baby.” Carl was jumbled. “But that place is for actors and bigshots not for us. who happens to be a f**king famous R&B singer. My girlfriend. Her name is Aisha.“Oh. “Shit bro. the car‟s speed suddenly increased and in no moment they were in front of a mansion . Carl was enlightened. this time disgusted. firing and fuming. In the USA. its on the Colony Island a few inches from. that too full of fainting. in India. „cause Im comin‟ man”. who would let us in?” “Oh they better let us in. is an inhabitant at that place. he saw the blank face of Carl‟s and spoke again. she will definetly let us in because her daddy‟s comin‟”. wait for it. why you gotta be like that. Now he understood the big picture. we call it Vinewood Quays baby. But he instantly responded. it is called Beverly Hills. were going to tipy-top of Liberty City‟s awesomeness. why wouldn‟t he. With this said. you gotta se it yourself.

got out. Carl heard him saying something to it and suddenly.with a big gate. she shouted. a lady in her mid twenties. he replied in a soft tone. Gat signaled Carl to bring the car in while Gat walked towards the door. lumbered towards the gate and pushed a button on a device that was situated beside the door. you are shouting at me” Gat justified him self and . Gat called out as if he was calling his puppy. “Jesus Christ Eesh! What‟s wrong with ya. Carl and Gat‟s bruised leg. Carl quickly parked the car and came running towards Gat. walked down the staircase. im bleeding and instead of helping me. who was already there when the door mysteriously opened by itself. even after Carl shouting at him not to do it. As soon as he saw Gat. WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Gat was looking down as if he was in front of his mother. “Johnny you ass***e! Where the hell were you these days. come to daddy”. dressed in a white gown with a bit of purple. don‟t you see im shot in the leg. the big gate opened all by it self. I haven‟t heard of you for weeks and what did you do to your leg. Im home. Gat. “Eesh. As Carl watched. but when she stopped.

bro don‟t say that word man. He poured the wine into the glasses and raised his for a Toast. how the hell did you end up being with this guy?” Aisha asked Carl. it was soft. It had a big screen and even a bar. I‟ll tell you when we hit the bed Eesh. “Sorry Babe. “To Carl Johnson. ma‟am”. I forgot. she paused for a bit and then spoke to Gat. Carl Johnson. ask Gat” “Yeah Man. but I care for you. that‟s why I freaked out”. from where Gat picked up a bottle and opened it up. shaking hands with her. we don‟t use this here. They all sat down on the big couch after returning. this is Aisha. “Pleased to meet you. it is. in a polite way. The mansion was like a palace. “So Carl. who just became one . and CJ. This is Carl.Aisha‟s toned immediately changed. Aisha bandaged Gat while Carl waited in the living room. the singer and ma girl eh?” Gat introduced. I love you. “And who‟s this?” “Oh yeah.” Gat said with a wicked grin on his face.” Gat corrected Carl. “Uh! It‟s a long story. Carl said. “Yo.

Johnny. the Ronin. But Aisha spoke first. we cannot find you a home.of us” he said. I don‟t. what did you say your gonna hit the place. And you know what. It is it alright mate?” Carl nodded. Even I want it. . its payback time. you can take the room here only. Julius got furious and its all his decision. this is just a croak. lets end this all here and hit the bed. You just f**ked up your leg. are you outta your f**kin‟ mind. alright?” Aisha smiled and seeing this. the one at the end of passage. you need to take rest and……” “No. they‟ve crossed the line. I‟ve been at more tight spots. what more you want?” “Heyyyy. “Wait. Gat stood up and picked her up and started walking up on the stairs when realized what to do with Carl. They attacked one of places and even killed some of our men.” “But. Johnny. CJ you can live here for a couple of days. “Yo CJ. “By the way. calm down babe! My leg got f**ked up because of those b***hes. Until we hit the place.

he thought about his life and what will he do next. there IS no other option left for him. probably Aisha. Gat departed and the slammed the room shut. scared of that if something got wrong or he took a wrong decision. he asked him.eh”. He had made a fair amount of friendship with Gat. . “Ah yes. But he somehow felt secured with the Saints. but on the same time he was scared. He couldn‟t sleep because of constant noises coming from the room which had Gat and Aisha in it. probably Gat. then he had to be. But he was strong. impatiently. He thought about something else. it could be worth his life. And then Carl realized what was wrong so stopped paying attention to it. but he did atlast he didn‟t have any cloths so slept with what he was wearing – a denim jeans and black coloured half shirt. I will. It seemed that someone was moaning. You don‟t worry”. and tried to stay that way because if he had to live here. Carl loudly replied. and someone breathing really hard. Carl had a bit difficulty finding the room. He had gone through a lot.

NOW!” he commanded. “What. “Where is your girlfriend. but he walked towards a big garage and opened it. you think im gonna ride in that that shit box. Its a rockstar shit” Gat replied as Carl opened the door of the car but Gat didn‟t got inside. it was a little foggy outside. f**k off! We are the saints dude. Gat sat inside and called Carl in. jokingly. she‟s out. put on his shirt and followed him out o the house. had a long night mate?” “I should be asking you the same question” Carl taunted. “Now get the f**k up. where are we heading to?” Carl asked Gat. washed his face. There in the garage was a high-end sportscar. Carl angrily got up.He was waken up by Gat himself. or it seemed to be. . “Hey. The car was giving out lot of sound while they drove. very good looking. We need to go. Aisha?” “She had some recording sessions to attend. “So. The sun was not out yet. and we ride in style”. he said grumpily to Carl when he saw is blank face. it was early morning. he was walking normaly as if nothing happened.

now please tell me were we are going. then we‟ll talk”. “Check this place out CJ. He payed the money and left the shop. Because you. Gat pulled over at a small clothing shop. Gat said rudely. “Hey! good choice. Gat handed him a couple of Tods (Libertian Currency) and directed him towards the shop. im gonna take you for a lil‟ history lesson. im gonna buy you some cloths „cause dude. but make it fast.” With this said. are now a part of the 3rd Street Saints. I am worried sick” “So. “So. Carl didn‟t reply back. Gat crossed the . it is good and cheap. the name was „Tee-nay‟s‟. The purple is the best” Gat complimented Carl as he got inside the car. now that we are done with the dressup. im waiting. these stinks and three buttons is a little 90s style. is abandoned but he was able to find some decent cloths-a black sweat shirt with purple edges and faded denim pants. you gotta know.“First of all. Then im gonna show you……wait first buy some cloths. who are the real motherf**kers in this city.” Carl entered the shop. He found Gat waiting at the exit.

tallest in the eastern island. and clean parks. It had big bungalows. he started again after a brief pause.Carl thought to himself. sophisticated and posh area. and were shaped like flying saucers. For some technical reasons. Carl saw a big building.110kmph mark and in a few instants. What is this place . they were leaving the busy streets and swearing pedestrians and now entering a bit more silent. it was like a castle but Carl was surprised when he saw the board at the entrance which read „Rockford Museum of Natural History‟. similar to the Vinewood Quays area. But this again didn‟t answered any of his questions. Behind it was a big and beautiful park which had a big metal globe. I am not able to take you to the OTHER tower. “So. LC has taught me many things but above all that it taught me to make the best use of anything you have. At last Gat pulled over aside two big towers. how‟s it gonna be man? These are the Torino Towers. Follow me!” he commanded and Carl . As they drove. They were huge. “CJ. without fussing over the best”. Carl wasn‟t sure where they were heading and kept asking Gat but he turned a deaf ear to it.

Stop cussin‟ and hear me!” Gat replied. It was fast.” “You could have taken me to lover‟s point or something. especially designed for buildings like these. But the whole floor was vacant. It looked beautiful. the sun was overhead. I shall begin…” Carl became tensed. He had said things that he shouldn‟t but Carl kept his cool. They moved towards the ledge. It was 2pm. “Since you have seen that 3rd Street Saints are not the only guys that exist here. and then he fired. either your head had a big hole in it or you‟d be beggin‟ on the streets like a whore. The whole city was visible from this height. They entered the perimeter and made their way towards the elevator. this place too creepy” “Yo! If we wouldn‟t have saved ya. It took them about a couple of minutes to the reach the top. Carl opened his mouth but received the answer beforehand. Liberty City is controlled by a . now that we are at the place. “It‟s ain‟t the time for tourists. that‟s why it‟s the best time for us. “So CJ. very rudely.did as told. Gat made some loud noises while cleaning his throat.

Now. “…The Ronin.k. some of whom got their asses whooped recently. He‟s hooked up with a guy named Evans who‟s assumed the title of „The Hottest Gay‟ of LC. The guy is actually GAY. a drug freak. He‟s a total f**k up man.number of f**king gangs and they all have their f**king neighbourhoods. He owns the two hottest clubs in city. get it? But the fact of the matter is that Tony ain‟t the problem. control the Dukes area of LC. The one which we control is called Bohan. One of them is Gay too. “Well. The real pain in the ass is his . a local celeb. the kinda nickname which rules the Liberty City Nightlife Man! People are ready to give their lives for him. Carl watched eagerly. the southern part of the eastern island…” he pointed his finger outwards. it had a shit full of skyscrapers. Algonquin which is the biggest island of a all…” his finger was now towards the big island towards the north.a Gay Tony…” “Gay Tony?! What kind of nickname is that?” Carl interrupted. “……that big b***h in the middle is controlled by Anthony Prince a. But the guy is a f**kin‟ legend.

” “But two guys! Its not a big deal. he figured a way outta this shit.bodyguard. they ain‟t the kill„em-and-get-away-with-it type. They‟re rich. but we . prostitution and in-take from their clubs. They can be killed”. “No. The don‟s daughter is Luis‟s Girl. So is anybody tries to get his hands on „em. They are the moguls of LC‟s nightlife. club manager. “Yeah he is. but they are backed-up by the Ancelloti Family. Luis thinks of him as his father. the guy is ACTUALLY tough. wife and many more. caretaker. And lemme tell ya this.” Carl smiled.” “The son of a b***h is intelligent. the Ancellotis will f**k him and his whole family. I must say. but Julius is a bit advanced. Somehow. Raised by Tony himself. The assh**e‟s name is Luis Fernando Lopez. a Dominican. They are not exactly a gang. They‟re main money comes from gambling. powerful and famous.

and the other are the Angels of Death……” Carl giggled which made Gat also do the same. You ain‟t gonna like it in here. are born-to-be-motherf**kers. It had no buildings like Algonquin instead. One is the Lost Motorcycle Club. I don‟t.” “What is it then? Has Julius told you?” “No he didn‟t. It even had a nuclear reactor! “This is nowhere near Algonquin. And trust me. it was looking somewhat industrial. led by Johnny „The Jew‟ Klebitz. There is somthin‟ big comin‟ up.can‟t do anything unless and until the Ronin are dealt with. “……led by Henry Grimm. Population is less but the ones who live here. an assh**le for all . The place is real shitty. The island is under two gangs. the industrial park of the city. It was scarcely visible but even from their it was looking like a junkyard. Now. these are even worse than the Ronin. but he will. This place has the true in every meaning possible what-so-ever. the f**ked up island of Alderney……” Gat directed Carl towards the island beyond Algonquin. HELL ON EARTH! Why? „cause it has the infamous. Alderney State Correctional Facility.

They‟ve nicknamed their drug for the sake of simplicity. Loa Dust……” “Hey wait a moment. The best part is. sorry to interrupt but does this place give you any f**king sense of giving names to things. They are the real drug lords of the place. They are famous for cutting the heads off their victims. this is really ridiculous!” Carl was .intends and purposes. This had made them powerful as well as rich. they are still not the real deal……” Gat grinned after seeing the baffled look on Carl‟s face. they both are arch enemies which results in constant gang fights between the two. “……the island is actually run by the most gruesome and pathetic group of niggas the world had ever seen. I mean. “……they are the African-Americans from Jamaica. The whole of the Liberty City buys their daily-dose from them. You gotta think twice or even thrice before entering their place. the Samedi Brotherhood. They are headed by a guy who calls himself Big Smoke……” Carl didn‟t laugh this time. But again. Big Smoke was okay but Loa Dust.

but we will……” “Would be another ridiculous one. was off all day. “Kay. But the business is run by some other guy. that Angels of Death have aligned themselves with The Samedi. It has taken over the market all over. But the point to ponder on is. f**k off CJ. This is LC man. AOD give protection to them and their shipments. I hope not.shouting now. Their shipments arrive weekly from Jamiaca. he had to. why do you care? Leave it be man. They help them wipe out the Lost MC and in return. “Well. has caused a lotta problems to us. are you done now. Its some f**kin‟ herb that grows back there only. “This Loa Dust. We don‟t know his name yet.” Carl added. no body buys from us or any other gang. Carl replied by a nod. truly. These motherf**kers are legit bro. Its in the scrolls. shall we mister?” Gat mocked. Even I took it once. this alignment between the two gave . he was angry for god-knows what reason.” Gat shouted back. But its not all out.” “Yo. People beg them for this drug man. They saw the this Loa business and outsmarted all of us.

“The reason is that Algonquin is not a safe place for us. You know what. Which is……” “Try to contact and build up friendship with the Lost.us an indirect advantage which. that will do.” “That ain‟t funny” (It actually was). We‟ve had it from these assh**es and not its payback time. the Ancelloti f**kers wont let us in and on the other hand. would turn out to be f**kin‟ kick-ass awesome. “Yeah Yeah. that may include the Saints back on top. Julius is onto something big this time. This recent Ronin business also contributes. This assured him that Julius had taken a right decision. infact he was impressed by Carl‟s presence of mind. Gat was not angry this time. in order to use them against the AOD and take out the Samdei in the middle. But infortunately for you Einstein the Lost MC are unreachable at this moment……” “Then tell them to use a different call service provider. if worked out. I KNEW IT!” Carl quickly added. the Lost MC are being wiped out by the Samedi. the guys who were shooting .

“So. “Hey come one Gat. Carl. what is wrong? Who was it? Was it Julius?” “Yeah. He wants us to come straight to the church. “Yeah. now that you know the inside-out of LC. They were f**king on our turf. he made his way towards the elevator. Remembering that dreadful day when he lost his cousin. Carl now knew what to do. His thoughts were interrupted by Gat‟s high pitched voice. im on way. and Gat‟s mood changed when he heard the voice of the caller. followed him down towards the car and they drove. This „history lesson‟ of Gat‟s wasn‟t a complete waste of time. who took was with him for most of the years of his life made him so. they are responsible for the state in which you are in right now. So technically. so we hit „em back. Roman.” Carl was saddened again. were the Samedi. There is something that needs to be discussed” Gat replied in a hurry. “What‟s wrong?” Carl asked but Gat didn‟t answer. Carl was silent throughout. your prime objective is to……” his phone rang. aight?” and he hung up. now realized the situation. he didn‟t even utter a single word (To .at us and you.

now that we all are here. “Aha there you are!” Julius greeted them gladly. “So.” “Uh Yeah. all of whom were already aquainted with him. actually I took CJ for a city tour ya know. Carl was surprised to see the place nearly vacant. he had now started to sweat. He knew that now he was busted wide open. W……We went to Aisha‟s man. im gonna be a bit more precise……” Carl nodded.” “Uh Yeah. “……as ya‟all are aware of the recent bombings of some of our joints.Gat‟s delight). Only those gutless pigs can make a f**kin‟ mistake like . There were only a hand-full of people present. where the f**k were you guys man? It took you long man. There is no doubt that it was the work of the Ronin. As you told me bro. Im takin‟ „bout you never showed up the church last night. CJ. it was gettin‟ late ya know so I went there instead. “Yo Gat.” “Oh! no man not that. since you are the newest guy here. It took them a couple of minutes to arrive. Julius grinned but never said anything.” Gat replied quickly. lets talk things. As soon as they entered.

Over tah you nigga and whats up with the dollhouse” Julius directed towards Pierce. who was busy doing something with his toy-set. Once inside we‟re gonna distract the guards ya know. Anyway.that one. So. There‟s a back entrance through the pool area from where we‟re gonna escape where Ashley will . but two at a time and take our positions. “Doll-House ma ass. Then Primo will cut the power while Gat watches his back. The plan is that we enter the casino from the main entrance. while the guards are concerned with those guys. made some calls and came know that the Ronin. have some high stakes at the Poseidon‟s Palace Casino. I did a bit research. we have only 45 seconds to do our work until back-up arrives. The motherf**kers practically own the place. This is how we‟re gonna f**k up the Ronin. I here have got Pierce and Primo work out a payback-plan. and now he began. to come and take his place. And once the power‟s out. Its simple and Pierce will tell ya‟all what it is about. Gat and Primo will sneak behind and enter the power control room. especially that Akuji bastard. make „em catch us cheating or somethin‟ like that.

impressed or scared to say anything. No offence mate but you gotta be concise.” Pierce replied in an embarrassed tone. And what „bout CJ man. They were waiting for Julius to begin. Your‟e the boss. im giving you your first big break. good work Pierce. But I have strong feeling that this plan of yours is too time-consuming.” “Aight.” Pierce replied. Make the Saints proud. I think Ashley will need some help getting a ride to suit your plan. This one‟s not as easy as fighting those people. “So CJ. I don‟t think that you gave him a role in your heist movie?” “Well. Julius now turned towards Carl. “Well Well. “No. you the man. hows it gonna be Julius. if any.” . No one spoke. put CJ in place of Primo. So. I thought that he is new so you‟ll be the one to tell me.be waiting for us with a suitable and f**kin‟ awesome ride to outrun the ensuing cops. f**k yeah ain‟t it?” There was a dead-silence. who did after some awkward seconds of silence. Everybody was either confused. as you say Julius.

Do whateva ya‟ll want but I want this message delivered. “Hold up man. Gat if ya want any other guy. “So. Ya‟all got one full day to prepare. please arrange for . And a lot more fun. “Well. Expect tough resistance. I want this carried out tomorrow. I‟ll do it Gat. absolutely” Carl replied. Whaddaya say Julius?” “Its not a bad idea though. its done. uhh ya know……” Pierce tried to speak but was interrupted by Gat. Primo will arrange weapons and Ashley. your‟e onto the ride. I appreciate what you‟ve done with this doll house man. whaddaya think about this plan man?” Julius asked. walk into the casino and just SHOOT all the motherf**kers between us and the place?” Gat commented in a taunt manner. “So Gat. “It‟ll be a lot more faster.” “That could be arranged.” Primo added. don‟t give a shit.“Will do Julius. But what if we just start at the entrance. But we need some extra weapons and ammo for that.

He again starting cursing the decision of coming here. CJ. “Uh Yes. only Carl and Gat were left. that‟s more than enough. Gat was still a bit shocked. you alive?” Gat interrupted him. There is no other way now. I promise that the end of the Ronin will be around the corner.” He again exclaimed. this is your first time. He shook off all the thoughts and consoled himself again. He never thought that Julius was planning a direct attack. “What‟s wrong? C‟mon man we gotta do a lotta work. Snap out „f it dude. “Yo. At first.it. If we do this correctly. in the open. do whateva Gat tells you to do. Where to start from then? We have just got 1 day. It was just two days since he arrived in the city and now he was onto bombing a casino. okay-Carl said to him self. everyone stood still but then slowly they also started leaving and in no time.” “Oh Yeah! But ya know. This assh**e is your mentor for this one. Do it for Roman. However Carl was in a worse state. Carl nodded but never said anything.” .” Julius said with a staunch voice and left the room. we have to do this now.

you heard him right? Julius strictly ordered us to blow the casino up. They entered the basement of the building which was on the other side. I got a stack full of it. “But I don‟t think we will this much of weapons. Snipers. Shotguns. SMGs. Rifles.“But How. proudly. “Oh Hell Yeah! This is years of hard work man. everything. “Good Lord!” that was all Carl could say. All these babies are mine. Its you whos the new b***h in town. That will take a lot of practice I suppose? We even don‟t have applicable guns or any ammunition to start from. Neither stolen not borrowed. do we? You will have to choose what to . Automatics. And where are the bombs?” “Hey. It had almost every type of guns that existed.” Gat said. just don‟t give a f**k man! To hell with the practice. Only earned. I ain‟t doing this first time. And „bout the guns and shit. There was a big cupboard down there which Gat opened. Follow me. Carl followed him. semi-Automatics. Carl was awestruck when he saw what it contained.” Gat replied and started moving.

take and what not to. since Julius named me your mentor.” Gat consoled. “Ohh-kay. I have also gone through a lot in the past. I don‟t wanna have you full‟a holes by the time our mission ends. Ohh-right. . But do one thing. I served under the military for many years. some thing which is “directly proportional” to reputation. Alright. don‟t make a fool of your self tomorrow man. Suit yourself. Its my rep that‟s on the line. Know what im sayin‟?” “Well Excuse me sir! I am a war veteran from Bosnia. But please. He was aware of Carl‟s skills but he also knew Carl‟s tendency to panic fast. warm up a bit or simply practice. He wanted people respect him. he felt insulted. Since you are the weapons specialist” “Hell I am. Take some of these babies and ya know. Gat was always possessive about his reputation amongst his gang members and also on the streets. How do you suggest that I start the so-called „warmup‟ of yours?” Carl replied cunningly. You don‟t need to worry „bout nothin‟ man. I also have the ability of Dead-Eye.

They were the distraction. Gat and Carl rushed towards gate and entered the building. Gat and Carl were busy with the guns. wearing double-breasted suits. all the other saints had already taken their positions outside the building. their guns were behind their backs. two guys came out of the car. At last. it was time to roll.The Church had a very serious atmosphere throughout the day. The . There was no one on the stripper pole. Everyone was busy in his or her respective works that were assigned to them. no music and no beer-bashes. At first. the party started. They didn‟t draw their weapons yet. They were to potray as wealthy businessmen. By the time they took their place at the gambling table. Gat and Carl were the ones standing in front of the gate. Their signal was the two guards on the gate going back into the building in a state of hurry. As soon as this happened. Ashley and Primo with cars and Pierce was busy modifying his „doll house‟. It was a hot-sunny afternoon in the Marina Bay area when three cars pulled over feets before the Poseidon‟s Palace Hotel.

Gat didn‟t say anything but he fired straight at the glass wall . Once reaching the power control room. Gat started with his usual „Libertian‟ style of shooting aimlessly. They slowly moved towards the power control room which was a few meters away. Too bad that this will all be a pile of scrap metal in a minuteCarl‟s thought dispersed. On one side there were the gambling tables and on the other.inside of the building was nothing less than a real palace. the gaming arena was situated. its „bout time these motherf**kers pay for their deeds” Gat swerved hard and again fired some rounds at the guards. and using as cover. While threw a gambling table half. they made attempt to enter but found out that it was locked by some electronic password. “Give it „em CJ. There were lights on every inch of the interior walls. But his thoughts were interrupted by Gat‟s loud cry to “Let it Rip!”. openfired at the guards. trying to avoid the other innocent bystanders who were there at the wrong place and at the wrong time. that too without any cover. These two were separated by a big indoor fountain which was throwing out water in every shape and size possible.

Carl‟s eyes caught a big metal door which was situated at the farthest corner. the wall gave way. “Yo. While he was watching his back.surrounding the room and after emptying an entire magazine. the whole hotel‟s power was out. alright?” “Yes I will” Carl replied. protect ma ass while I do the needful. He entered the big safe which had some big metal trolleys. Carl chose the latter (Who would miss the golden opportunity?). As he reached it. “F**ka-doodle-do man. Carl‟s mind ran. he amazed to find that it was the door of the Safe and which was surprisingly open. I ain‟t no engineer. It gave out sparks. It was apparent to Carl . but it also ignited the alarm. made weird noises and finally.” Gat exclaimed and then fired some more rounds. They entered the room which was full of buttons and livers which neither Gat nor Carl knew how to operate. this time on the control panel. either he guarded Gat from the incoming guards which were all dead apparently or he did what would anyone do. they now had 45 seconds to finish before the party-crashers arrive. Thankfully. As Pierce said.

So. im done” he replied rudely and quickly made his way towards the back . What do you think?” “I think that you‟re an assh**e and I don‟t give a monkey‟s nut-sack for your f**king present. something like a home-coming present. he saw that Gat had finished his work a long time ago and was furiously looking at him. it is a surprise.that these trolleys had the earnings but unfortunately. you know. Lets get outta here already man. he dropped the idea and moved further into the safe and inside the inner chamber. “WHERE THE F**K WERE YOU?! I told you to back me up and not wander „round the casino like a spit-f**k man!” he shouted as Carl came towards him. “And what‟s with that bag? Its filled with something. it was impossible to break it. there were no heavy-metal trolleys to worry about as the money was openly kept on shelves. he zipped it closed. As he came out of the safe. Car didn‟t waste any time and took out the big bag in which he had kept the explosives and starting dumping piles of cash into it and when he was satisfied that the bag cannot be filled further more. what is it?” “Uhh.

“Oh Yes. At first there was silence and then there was a sound of glass .exit Pierce had suggested. it is like Poseidon‟s Palace now Hades‟. It‟s turned to shit now” Rico said while he was looking at it. isn‟t it?” Carl said jokingly. “So. It had a big red button in the middle which was waiting desperately to be pushed. Carl followed suit. Carl turned around to see and saw that the Hotel building had turned more beautiful than ever. “Shit Bro. “C‟mon Gat. “Hell Yeah! That‟s more like it. He took out a small detonator remote from his back-pocket. Gat performed the last rites and suddenly there was light coming from the back. They found the car waiting. with the usual erotic tone in her voice. hurry will ya.” Gat exclaimed. It had an „explosive‟ beauty now. They quickly settled inside the car and drove out of the vicinity. “It went well inside but wait till ya see this” Gat replied with a wicked grin. howd it go Gat?” Ashley spoke. look at it now. The Ronin are pretty much f**ked now. The Ronin‟ll be here in no time” Rico called them. with Ashley and Rico sitting inside.

breaking. “Dude. it was actually Gat‟s laughter. The police beat us until we croak and they come and get all of us. At one point. But this didn‟t last longer as police were now on their tail and they were coming really fast. I gotta plan by which we can screw these loud motherf**kers……” “Whats it gotta be?” “We split” “Huh! Same old bullshit isn‟t it? We split. he increased the speed and started making tough turns and performing drifts to avoid them. One of gets caught. he thought fast an devised a plan. As soon as Rico noticed this. “Yeah. technically he was correct. You gotta be kiddin‟ me Gat!” Rico remarked. that was a really a good one” Rico said. he nearly banged the car into a pole. Gat saw all of this and he knew that what was coming next. . very funny CJ” Ashley praised him which made Carl even more happy and he did a few more jokes to amuse them. “Okay so listen up. everyone else‟s followed (it was a good joke).

got it?” .“Why don‟t you f**k off and mind your own damn business eh? Lemme finish first!” Gat sternly replied back. They found a car parked at the end of the alley and thanks to CJ‟s military background. breakingin the car was far less noisy. so he shrugged it off. I am impressed.” “Do me a favor. She drove fast enough to get out of sight of the pursuing police cars and then dropped off Gat and CJ at a nearby alley. but he was now accustomed to Gat‟s way. “Why don‟t you and Ashley drop us off somewhere we can get a car and you head straight to Julius with carryings aight? By this the carryings will be safe and secure at the hideout. Gat replied.” Ashley had no choice but to reply positively. “So what is plan? Where are we headed?” “We‟re going to Aisha‟s. where we‟ll stash the cash and then get back to Julius ASAP. will ya?”. “That was really a marvelous plan there Gat. he did it with a fake smile that added insult to injury for CJ. keep that kind of shit to yourself please and help me up with these f**kin‟ bags.

it wasn‟t part of plan alright. is that all for us or something?” Carl retorted. So it is a Finders Keepers-type deal. Gat gave him a look as if he had asked for his kidney. Technically. . both the men were now exhausted and didn‟t like each other that much. It was just an arson job. that money does not exist.“So that money. Gat broke the silence by just saying “Get Out!” to Carl as soon as they were inside Aisha‟s Mansion. where the hell were you? What happened? And whats with the bag?” Aisha asked as the men walked inside. But. “Baby. “What are you. Do you get me?” “Yes Sir. After that there was an awkward silence in the car. I do” Carl replied but his voice suggested half-heartedness in his statement. There was nothing much to talk about either. Children‟s Hospice?” “I was just………” “That money. not a robbery.

”So CJ. at last. “Yeah Yeah. with a hint of sarcasm ofcourse. I had no parents. Why don‟t you make us a drink first and then continue will your little quiz. “Well you know. Gat.” “Oh. even when Aisha handed them cucumber water. what‟s your story?” “Come again?” Carl replied. Gat and Carl sat down on the couch but didn‟t talk to each other.“Jeez Babe! We just came here. the guy who . started the conversation by asking. how did you get here? Why are you here?” “I was born in Pikey. How „bout that?” Gat replied. Whatever” Aisha shrugged. only my cousin Roman with me. it‟s a small town in the Great Britain. Feeling the awkwardness sucking on him.

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