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LOGICAL MATHEMATICAL INTELLIGENCE The skills that are further developed in people with this prevailing type of intelligence

e are: Inductive and deductive reasoning Association of concepts Working with abstract concepts such as numbers, symbols and traffic signs, etc. CHILDREN WITH LOGICAL- MATHEMATICAL INTELLIGENCE They are good at extracting patterns and sequences, as well as at finding the cause and solution of problems. They feel comfortable with abstract concepts like numbers and symbols. On the other hand, they usually lack from social skills, such as team building and communication. OUR AIMS WITH THESE ACTIVITIES Promote other intelligences. Use the childrens strengths to contribute to the group. Increase team work in the class. Raise their interest in this subject. Provide them with the proper atmosphere to develop their social skills. ACTIVITY 1: CAUSE AND CONSEQUENCE 1) The teacher makes groups of 3 people; 2) He/she gives out a comic with three boxes;

3) TEAM WORK: Decide the correct order and describe the sequence of events. Use one sentence for each box. Point out a spokeperson; 4) INDIVIDUAL WORK: The professor provides each student with one keyword that they have to use to formulate the cause of the loss. The student writes one sentence describing the cause;

CLASS: The teacher takes it because you used it in class. BUS: You lose it in the bus and you realize when you get class. THIEFT: Someone steals it from your own hands.

DROP: You accidentally throw it through the window. TOILET: BRAKE: 5) TEAM WORK: All the members of the team choose one cause to expose it to the whole class; 6) The teacher and the students discuss the moral of the story: leave at home your mobile phone when you go to school

ACTIVITY 2: FIND THE SECRET WORD 1) The teacher gives out a crossword with hints to each student. 2) The student has to solve the crossword and find out the word or words that are hidden in the formula (NATURAL DISASTERS). There was a devastating EARTHQUAKE of a 7.8 magnitude in the Richter scale. The TSUNAMI that happened in 2004 was the worst natural disaster to ever strike Thailand. We had to put off our holidays in the mountains because of the sudden AVALANCHE of snow. A FLOOD is an overflow of a large amount of water over dry land. A STORM is usually characterized by very bad weather, with heavy rain, strong winds, and often thunder and lightning. HEAVY RAIN: It is defined as heavy water falling in drops from vapour condensed in the atmosphere. A WAVE is a ridge of water curling and breaking on the shore Most children are scared of the strong sound of THUNDERS when it is raining. (In the crossword, use it in singular) TORNADO: In some place it is known as a cyclone. It is always a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land and characterized by a tunnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground.
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