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I create these pdf files to share, of course, but also so I can listen to the text.

I'm much better at listening than I am at reading. Rose View Read Out Loud Activate Read Out Loud View Read Out Loud Read This Page Only or Read To End Of Document Words of Wisdom from ECETI's James Gilliland BBS Radio Earth Changes Recap Tue Nov 13, 2012 There are a lot of feel good prophets out there that will tell you what you want to hear which seem to need your acceptance and approval or donations. I am not one of those. I love humanity and the Earth enough to tell you what you need to hear. I also know everyone is eternal and this is just one garment and lifetime of many previous lives and there will be many future lives which will be determined by ones vibration or stage in evolution. There are those who have chosen to check out and those who want to continue here in the physical. There are even those who refuse to move forward in their own evolution that will need a harsh reality check. These messages are for those who want to evolve or continue in the physical with Earths evolution. The Sun and the Earth have an agreement and that agreement is to heal and continue to evolve to the next level. What you will see in the days to come is the fulfillment of this agreement along with the beautiful many Saints, Sages, Masters, Ultradimensionals and Nature intelligences all participating in this event. There is a formula that was given as far back as the early eighties and that is

Solar Flares, Planetary alignments, the Moon cylces all determine social, economic and physical Earth Changes. This has now become a science. If you have a major solar flare during certain planetary alignments especially during a full moon you are going to have a major impact on Earth. We need to add other influences now to the equation such as passing bodies in space near our solar system and the alignment with Galactic plane. For those who need physical proof or data here are a few things to consider. The best proof is to pay attention. Get out in nature and make your own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection. According to the USGS Earthquakes over 5 are off the scale and exponentially rising. Hurricanes, tornadoes and super storms with tidal surges are unprecedented. Magnetic fields of Earth are weak with major holes which is what usually precedes a magnetic pole shift Upper atmosphere is diminishing major changes are measured in the thermosphere and ionosphere. Solar flares are unprecedented with M and X class flares to the extent that NASA changed the scale. Major filaments are coming off the Sun as we speak. Next the quake magnitude scale will be changed to keep the illusion going that nothing is happening out of the ordinary. There is strong evidence that certain dark elements are escalating the severity of these disasters using weather and Earth manipulating technologies. NASA has however warned repeatedly about the solar maximum, cycle 24 and the likely possibility of loosing our power and communication grid. In other words your plastic cards and ATMs will not bring you the goods you need. We are entering the galactic plane alignment also referred to as the dark rift a place with extreme magnetic influences and a lot of dust and debris the high point of which will be on Dec. 23 2012. There will be major changes leading up to this event and after the event. We are going to see even more intense solar activity along with a lot more meteor impacts and showers with most likely a magnetic and partial physical pole shift. Remote viewers around the world with double and triple blind tests are seeing,

cars pulled over to the side stopped in their tracks, major meteor impacts, the absence of power and communication grids, no military assistance, and major ocean displacements with a migration inland to higher ground all happening between now and July, 2013. On another note there is a massive global movement to dig as many underground bases as possible, create seed banks, move the major military bases away from the coasts. In other countries these underground facilities are for the people in America they are only for the elite. The banksters have looted the economy in America, other countries as well leaving it to crash most moving off to their safe havens at the people's expense. We have to ask the question why? What do they know? What is NASA, other agencies not telling us? The last question you need to ask is what is your gut telling you, what are your dreams telling you. Are you able to connect with Nature and ask her where she is going? Do you live and work in a cubicle totally out of touch with Nature depending on mainstream news dedicated to maintaining the status quo for all your information? We are not here to spell this all out for you, make all your decisions for you, or save you. This is very disempowering. We are only here to assist in the awakening and healing process, give a little heads up concerning the days to come. We know there will be those who live in denial, want an unsustainable status quo to continue even if it means the demise of the very platform for life, Earth. We also know there are those with a sense of entitlement or major victim patterns who do not want to take responsibility for their creations or hollow self demanding others fill their voids which will take major exception to these messages. There are even those who will up to the last breath will blame and project that which is unhealed within self on others in the egos attempt to exhalt self and rise above those they judge. This is self righteous spiritual ego in denial of the obvious. That is a free will choice with consequences by an eternal soul. Nonetheless this message has no agenda, no expectations, or need for acceptance or approval. Do with it As You Wish. James Gilliland

Unity Consciousness and the E Generation Tue Nov 13, 2012 The E Generation There have been a lot of articles written concerning the E generation or those who share a common sense of entitlement with little or no energy exchange. I have mixed emotions concerning this issue. I believe a person has a right to food, shelter, and a meaningful fulfilling job and should be rewarded for service to Humanity and the Earth. With today's society there is a manufactured lack and great uneven dispersal of wealth; which cuts into these basic rights.

The technology exists to take care of our energy and transportation needs without fossil fuels; which would free up much of the demands for labor and resources. This would also make available the transportation of food and materials globally at a fraction of the cost and a lowering of production costs. Yet what lies in the way of this coming forward? The very people creating the manufactured lack and gross uneven dispersal of wealth. We have watched the International Banksters, the corporate elite totally loot the system fully supported by their bought and paid politicians leaving an unbearable burden on the people yet few have a clue as to what this will mean in the future. This the height of arrogance, total disconnect from humanity and nature and the grandest example of a sense of entitlement. We have watched basic human rights; the constitution and human services go down the toilet while the elite get richer exacerbating the already gross uneven dispersal of wealth.

Is this sustainable and where has it lead to in the past? Remember the French revolution? How about all the other empires elite hierarchies, massive government employees, militaries spread out around the world, where have they gone? Has this been sustainable and have we learned anything from the past? We are evolving towards unity consciousness, the separation game is no longer sustainable and will

only result in de-evolution physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; a loss on every level. Yet many are addicted to old behavior due to submitting to their own programmed, egotistic ways. This is happening individually and collectively yet there is another group that is fast arising; which can see through the old program and patriarchal ways where love has been abandoned, the divine feminine suppressed to the point where it has become so imbalanced. A mere shove will send it toppling. Unity consciousness, the divine feminine, and love are coming forward to heal this imbalance, it is unstoppable, universal law and the full power of creation is behind it like a great tsunami fully supporting the upward spiral in evolution. Those who stand against this wave will suffer the same consequences to their empires and their lives as anyone else standing in front of a great wave arrogantly thinking it will have no effect. This great wave will amplify and bring forward anything out of balance, anything unhealed, and these expressions will be part of the process. The ego will often place this process outside of self and create fictitious enemies with victims and tyrants banning together with similar wounds and traumas to act out their pain bodies together. Very few will step back, own their pain, anger, imbalances only to become what they are fighting. Very few will do their own research and fully accept the judgments and accusations of other victims and tyrants because these judgments and accusations support their own be lie fs and unresolved issues. Those who feel they did not get love, acceptance, approval, or support from their parents will feel the universe owes them something and is responsible for filling those voids. They will judge, blame, condemn, and even act violently towards those they have projected their wounds and traumas upon or those who did not fill their void. This is fully dysfunctional, will bear no fruit and also is not sustainable with the new incoming energies. ECETI and the mission of ECETI; which is the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth along with public acclimation to the greater family of man within the multiverse in which we live is a template of Unity Consciousness. Unity consciousness also means to unify with our multidimensional selves and our extended family throughout the multiverse. Very little funds are used for personal gain due to the fact that we live a simple, spiritual life in close communion with Nature. With a consciousness of service to humanity and the Earth knowing what lies ahead this would be the

best path. What if everyone took this path? This path is not for victims, not for the wounded, not for those with a sense of entitlement or those who want to continue to project their unresolved issues on others or demand others fill their void. It is a path of Self Mastery, Self Responsibility and Self Accountability for choices made and the consequences of those choices. Holding this space, this frequency does not come without challenges and mistakes. What is most important is intent and gaining the wisdom from experiences evolving as one continues forward. Mohammed said, "There are no perfect men/women in the universe, only perfect intentions." Sin is but an archery term meaning you missed the mark. Forgiving oneself, others for the shared co-created experience and gaining the wisdom from the experience thus allowing them to settle in the soul as wisdom is the fast track to spiritual evolution. Grudges, revenge, projections and blame hold one in the past and inhibit evolution. If we all took personally responsibility, forgave ourselves, others in our co-creation, gained the wisdom from the experience and moved forward the entire planet would evolve exponentially to a frequency and consciousness that would not allow the lower vibrational attitudes, emotions and actions to have a foot hold. Yet many will not allow this to happen having far too much invested in their egos and the need to be right, blame others, and refuse to forgive. Thus they will have to experience their lessons the hard way, action/reaction or the universe mirroring back to them their unresolved wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. The good news is we can set boundaries and refuse to participate in these adventures. It is time for those who have gained at the expense of humanity and the Earth to give back to humanity and the Earth. It is time for those blessed with abundance to aid those less fortunate; which includes healing the fear of lack which is often behind the hoarding. It is time for the victims to release the past, heal and move forward in creating a better world for themselves. It is time for the opportunity to be made available for everyone to have at least their basic human rights and needs fulfilled, especially before expenditures on wars and projects that only serve the elite. We live in an abundant universe, the only lack is understanding, consciousness, and spiritual awareness of the fact that we all share in one unified field with no separation other than ignorance and illusion.

The separation game of greed, power over others and control is fast coming to a close. The age of tyranny is over. Time to adjust to the new wave of consciousness and energy the Mayans referred to as the 9th wave or Unity consciousness, That is if you want to go forward in evolution, the Earth has already made her choice and she has an agreement with the Sun and Galactic Center. This is a clue as to what is to come. Be well, James Gilliland

Multilayerd Veils By James Gilliland Sat Nov 17, 2012 There are many layers to the awakening and healing process from the Earthy to 7th level awakening. Yes I know there are those who claim 9th and 12th dimensional beings contacting them and 45 strands of dna but we wont go there. If you make it to the 5th dimension it is Christ Consciousness where man/woman know themselves to be God and God knows itself to be man/woman, 7th is God Consciousness fully immersed in Creator. Lets just get there first before setting higher goals. In order to break through the veils one must break through the ignorance and take a long hard look at what is suppressing their awakening. The suppression has many levels with many people knowingly and unknowingly participating in it. On the physical level there are psychotropic drugs, chemicals and additives in food and like aspartame, fluoride, along with as many as 600 to almost 800 carcinogenic and toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Many GMO foods as well as heavily processed foods also have an effect, when you are running on low octane fuel it is hard to take off. One of the great suppressors is the chemtrails, yes they are real and not contrails containing a plethora of heavy metals and chemicals. Many religions suppress the awakening due to a disconnect between Creator and Creation. Heaven and Earth cannot come together under these be lie fs.

To hold the image of a God separate from man/woman, in some cases a wrathful God no one can appease or measure up too creates separation yet in their own teaching it is clearly stated that God is Omnipresent, closer than the hair on your head and there are no divisions in God. One such statement was, "There shall come a time when man shall not worship God in the temples or mountaintops but within self."

This gives a whole new meaning to, Ye Are All Gods, Children of the most high and the temple is within. There is also the be lie f that creation began on Earth and it is the one and only exclusive project of a little old man with a beard, lightning bolt in one hand, book in another where he records and punishes those wretched sinners or anyone who steps outside his box. The belief that man is born in original sin for taking a bite out of an apple and Jesus died for your sins are not very evolved levels of consciousness. Yet to even question this is blasphemy sometimes followed by the wrath of Gods followers? There was sin before and after Jesus died, people are still as corrupt, unbridled greed and actions against humanity and the Earth have become epidemic. Rather than blame Satan or give credit or blame to Jesus or God any logical mind would come to the conclusion that there is a serious flaw in these beliefs. Governments and Religions have failed completely to bring peace and harmony to humanity and the Earth. What about personal responsibility and accountability for the choices and actions we make rather than blame of give credit to some outside deities. How about honoring the sacred circle of life, the Creator in all Creation; which includes all the other cultures and beliefs outside your box. We all came from the same source and we all return to the same source albeit we give it many names and have many paths. The three Gods most worshiped on Earth are Money, Power and Sex Believe it or not there is nothing wrong with any of these three manifestations as long as the consciousness behind them is correct. Money if used wisely can feed, house, teach and heal. Power can be used to empower others, protect, and manifest. Sex is not unholy if it were not for sex you would not be here to read this article. Lets not shut the door behind you and judge sex as unholy, you were not an immaculate conception it was probably messy fun.

Many Lamic traditions teach tantric as the last and highest teachings. The blending of the male and female makes oneness or wholeness and those energies can be run up the spine as a path to enlightenment. Sex can be sacred and it is a powerful energy not to be abused. As Buddha said balance is the key, the middle path. In most advanced cultures, some not of this world there is no jealousy, ego and self are diminished and there is a oneness. They serve the Creator within all Creation and empower others to awaken and make their own personal God/Creator/ Spirit connection. They are not so empty as to try to take from each other and sharing from a soul level is a more appropriate path. Competition, conquering," others," when there is no other only oneness has no meaning or desire. This is unlike today's modern society which supports competition, separation, money as power exalting those who amassed great wealth at the expense of others or nature. This mindset is the largest suppressor of all. Those who have amassed great wealth at the expense of humanity and nature own the mainstream media and they are the ones who keep the separation game going. It is done through religions, worshiping competition, supporting greed and power over others as fashionable. It is also done on a grand scale by creating a continuous threat with fictitious enemies leading to more divisions and wars upon which they make a considerable profit. Did you really think you were fighting for God and Country? You were fighting for kings and corporations. Did you ever wonder why war was made fashionable through Hollywood? There was never a holy war each war was because a king or leader wanted what the other king or leader had. Be it women or resources or to capitalize on war itself, do the research. Speaking of mainstream media now days the alternative media has fallen to the same program yet it has a different slant. The elite and the corporations cannot allow the awakening and healing process to get to far out of hand because it is in direct opposition to their goals. Having another group in direct opposition competing for listeners still meets their goal.

They can install their people at the top to make sure too much truth does not come forward. Rather than truth being the goal, separation and competition under the guise of entertainment is the path most are taking. They are also taking home a fat paycheck as long as they stick within the boundaries set by their handlers or those who write the check. Their integrity levels might be around 50% with fame and fortune as first priority. If their integrity levels were 100% they would not be at the top. This also applies to their frequent guests. It is just another level of suppression yet not as severe as mainstream. Anyone operating from higher integrity levels are a threat to their program therefore you are not going to hear from them on these shows. Maybe a couple of appearances or a glancing over then they are dismissed due to bringing forward information that is beyond the integrity levels of the host or frequent guests. Are you getting the picture? Need some examples? How about the National UFO Reporting center that refuses to report sightings and contacts at internationally known UFO hot spots with a long documented history? One who resorts to changing reports, refusing to enter data and does all he can to suppress ongoing contact and sightings? This man is the main character giving UFO reports on the major alternative media. How about perpetuating the myth we have not been going to the Moon and Mars since the late 60's and 70's with black projects and secret NASA programs? We are all focused on these little rovers putting around, robotized launches, some failing forgetting we have had anti and counter gravity for decades and manned launches to the moon and mars with a space fleet ongoing to this day. Is this not smoke and mirrors? Why keep perpetuating keeping UFOs in the past when ongoing contact is happening NOW? Why bring officials on with known track records of lying thinking they are going to suddenly tell the truth and why do we need them to tell us what most of us already know? This is all another level of suppression of truth. The awakened know these are all just levels of confusion with levels of puppeteers yet do you

really think the awakened are going to get a voice in the top mainstream or alternative media? I think not. Creation did not begin and will not end on Earth. There are beings thousands, millions even billions of years ahead of Earth in evolution. They know more about God/Creator/Spirit and Creation than any religion or scientist on Earth. They see beyond the veils of separation and be lie f as well as the agendas of those perpetuating the ignorance knowingly and unknowingly. Want to know what they know? It is called going within, Spirit Media and as long as one continues to rely on their information from mainstream and even the compromised alternative media they will still remain in darkness. It is a personal journey taking personal responsibility doing ones own research and going within to see what feels true. Very few will take that journey or have the impeccable integrity to always search for the highest truth. There will be a lot of posers however to keep you from that higher truth. It is up to us to thin or bust the veils of separation and confusion, ask the right questions, challenge those institutions and disseminators of information. Then evolution kicks in high gear. Pay attention to Nature, she knows where she is going and it is best we follow suit. Be well, James Gilliland