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Terms of Reference CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Background Azad Foundation is a non-profit and apolitical organization working for development

of children living and working on streets of Karachi since the year 2001. Azad Foundation is the pioneer in development sector to highlight the plight of children on streets and devise strategies to provide support and services to protect, rehabilitate and reintegrate them through a systematic and empowering process. To manage individual cases of these children Azad Foundation has established a case management team comprised of a Psychologist, Social Case Workers, a Medical Doctor and a Social Mobilizers. For each case relevant information and data is collected by each member of case management team in their own area of work and a case plan is developed with consensus to be implemented. Rationale Every child on the street presents a unique story of its own. Since every one grooms in completely different environment and develops their personal traits, with some strengths and weaknesses, one child cant be compared with the other. Consequently, it is required to delineate individualized process of care for identification, reporting, investigation, assessment, referral, treatment and follow up. Azad Foundation has developed several tools over the years while managing cases of children on streets but these tools are based on trial and error methodology. Also in a recent project Azad Foundation has added some new components to the process such as biometric electronic registration system. The lacunas in current case management and new components demand that a comprehensive case management system would be developed which is future proof and would provide A to Z picture of child development during rehabilitation and reintegration process. Objectives The objectives is to 1. Develop a comprehensive case management framework with standardized policies, processes and procedures/protocols

2. Develop treatment plans/strategy guidelines and SOPs for psychosocial care, legal aid, mainstream educational support, skill development, family tracing and reunification, referral management and after care 3. Develop minimum standards for referral, case management and transit care residential facility 4. Provide training to key staff involved in case management 5. Develop training module for future case management team members of Azad Foundation Key Deliverables 1. Case Management Manual and Guidelines Documents (Policies, procedures/protocols etc.) 2. Referral and Case Management SOPs 3. Minimum Standards Document for Referral management, Case management and transit care 4. Case Management Tools (Plans, Templates, Forms etc.) 5. Case management training 6. Staff Training Module (Training manual, handouts etc.) Terms and Conditions Consultant 1. Study cases of children living and working on streets 2. Study Azad Foundations approach towards rehabilitation and reintegration 3. Study the case management system and tools being used in Azad Foundation 4. Study local and international case management systems in context of child protection and provide a comparative analysis in assessment review report 5. The consultant will be responsible of developing all required material. S/he may seek guidance from Azad Foundation for quality or quantity of materials. 6. The consultant will ensure that all the tools are well built and compatible to rational IT infrastructure 7. The consultant will develop a comprehensive training module with relevant documents and handouts to ensure capacity building of future staff as well as will conduct a training with current staff to familiarize them with the system 8. Provide all deliverables on time while ensuring quality Azad Foundation Azad Foundation will facilitate the consultant by

1. Access and Provision of information and resource material 2. Access and provision to personnel 3. Provide a dedicated human resource to coordinate and manage the consultancy