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outa (ere) suyozoHy ASHOAIUN, SWZLSAS SWHO4OUOIN XOUaX my sess uodiuoun MICROFILMED—1976 SIGILLORUM, Herbarum & Lapidum, CONTAINING * A Compleat Cure of all Sickneffes and Difesfes of Mind and Body, y means of the Influences of the Seven Planets, Adorned with Copper jalates & Figures, Ahevwing the Foundation of this yon? cal and Calefial Science. ——__ Write Originaly in Saxon by the Tugoion endl Learacd Seael Dibner, of Sneburgh, Profeffar| of te Matha ee the Ancien Crier fy of | Ma eg? Lrelated into Engl’ for %5+ Clayton, A.M. Philo-Chym, Med, i Med LONDON, Printed by CU, Dotwntiny, and’are tobe Sold by. 5. Smith atthe Briszercrms aS Peat Chueh Yad ype, atthe Bac Bs a near the Innere folie eRe a ge Hanon Garden 3S. Herckat Graye lon Ga 5 ‘aramene Stamey and ot MYSTERIUM about Loulon aud Waminjte,,a6g8, To the moft Illuftrious and High Born Prince and Lord, | ‘AUGUSTUS. Prince of Anhalt, Earl of Afcania, Lord of Zerb? & Bernbergh, MY MOST Gracious Prince & Lord, Is this moft Humbly Dedicated by the AUTHOR, Trae) Hibner. THE “AUTHORS -PREFACE HE Difeafes incident to Humane Bodies (and which by Divine Provi- dence are inflided on Mankind by the Influence of the Seven Planets) pro~ ceed chiefly from our cor- rupt Nature, iz. from our Ignorance in difcerning Good and Bad Seafons,which Knowledgeisfoncbleand pre= | The Author's Preface. precious, that it was given: to Man as a great Trea~ fure; but by his own too greedy thirft after Pleas fure, he hath altogether loft this Gift, which hath lain buried in the Ruines of Time for near SixThow= fand Years, and now (God be praifed) it is raked from under the Rubbifh again ; fo that thereneeds no other Care, than that wife and prudent Men make it their Study to preferve it for the future; ut if this Study can inno wife be profecuted, with out