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Lesson Objective (s):

Teacher Notes for Use During Instruction Katharine Cusick October 24, 2012 Reading Lesson: Realism vs. Fantasy To be able to distinguish between realism and fantasy by answering questions about the book, Blackout, by John Rocco, and writing a narrative.

Agenda for Board: Student/Class Profile

Mrs. Bell will have the class divided into two groups of 8, and will alternate every 35 minutes between me and Gianna.


1. The book Blackout by John Rocco 2. 16 flashlight templates 3. pencils/crayons

Complete by: 10:35 1. The teacher will prompt the students with the question, Can anyone tell me the difference between realism and fantasy? 2. The teacher will remind the students to look out for hints about the setting and characters in the book to see if the story is a realistic or a fantasy book. 3. The teacher will read aloud the story Blackout , by John Rocco, and ask questions throughout the book. (auditory, visual) (1) The students will listen carefully and answer the questions. 4. The teacher will explain to the students that they each are going to get a flashlight template and going to draw a picture of where they would like to be if the lights went out, what they would like to be doing/eating, and who they would like to be with. (directions) 5. The teacher will model to the students a pre-made flashlight.. (modeling) 6. The teacher will hand out a flashlight to each student and they will begin to draw their picture and write their narrative. I will guide the students if they need help. (kinesthetic) (5) The students will work independently on their flashlights and color the picture (if there is enough time).


Comments: Make sure to stop and ask questions every page. Do we think this story is realism or fantasy? Why? Ask questions about the setting, characters emotions What do you think will happen next? What was different about the first page and 7th page? Do you notice anything familiar?


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Homework /Announcements :

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Lesson Plan Template Reflection (Use APPR guiding questions and provide evidence): The students seemed extremely engaged in the read aloud. They understood the questions I asked, and had previous knowledge of the difference between realism and fantasy. It turned out that Gianna and I each only had six students to teach. Mrs. Bell, Gianna, a reading teacher, and I were all in the room working with different students. Unfortunately, I was in the back of the classroom with six desks facing each other. I did not enjoy this set up because the students were easily distracted with one another, and one student kept talking which distracted the other students. The students were actively engaged when I asked questions. They responded with thoughtful answers. After I read aloud the story, and asked if the story was realism or fantasy, they all answered correctly-realism. The instructions seemed to be clear; the students knew what to do and didnt further ask me for directions. They needed some help with spelling in their sentences, so I realized I shouldve made the writing part simpler- only have them write one sentence. The students gained information on what occurs during a blackout, and ways a blackout can be fun. I was glad to know the students werent scared about a blackout, but rather took from this book that blackouts can be fun it depends on who you are with, what you are doing, or where you are. The lesson went quicker than I thought. I thought I was going to help more students with their sentences, so luckily Mrs. Bell had an activity for them to do when they were finished. I told the students to take out their reading book to read, but I wish I had more for them to do. Next time I teach this lesson, I will have the students present their flashlights to each other and explain why they chose the objects they did. Goals and/or Professional Development Needs/Interests: I hope to improve my time skills. I thought this lesson was going to take longer than it really did. Also, I noticed when I was explaining the directions, I was talking too fast. I hope to be able to control my nerves

and slow down to make sure each student fully understands the directions.