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Lesson Number 3

Lesson Objective (s):

Agenda for Board:

Student/Class Profile

Materials: Procedure:

Comments: The students will be able to identify which fruit they like the best, -Today are going create class tally chart, and individually create bar graph based on that to do a fruit taste information. test and find out Students will be able to organize the data by creating a tally chart and which fruit is use that data to create a bar graph. most popular in the class. -We will first Taste the fruit. taste the fruit and Take a vote. you will have to Complete the tally chart as a class. decide which kind Convert the tally charts into bar graphs. of fruit you like the most. -After everyone The whole class. has decided which fruit they like the best I will conduct a survey. Fruit, SmartBoard, pencil, paper, tally chart template, bar graph -We will then turn template. our information The teacher will introduce the activity. into a tally chart The students will taste the various fruits. together as a The teacher will write the four different fruits on the SmartBoard. class. The teacher will ask the students fruit by fruit which they like the best. -And if there is The students will respond by raising their hands. time we will The teacher will record the number of hands raised next to the fruit on the convert our tally SmartBoard. charts into bar The teacher will ask the students if they recall using tally marks. graphs if there is The teacher will choose one student to answer. not time you guys The students will explain tally marks to the class. The teacher will hand out a tally chart template. will finish up for The teacher will then complete a tally chart on the board that represents the homework for data conveying which fruit is most popular. next Wednesday The students will fill out their chart simultaneously. when we return. The teacher will then ask the class if they recall bar graphing. -Hand out bags of The students will respond. fruit (students will The teacher will hand out a bar graph template and provide instruction to taste and decide). convert the information conveyed in the tally chart into a bar graph. -Conduct a survey The teacher will ask a student to repeat the directions to the class. (CFU) and write The student will repeat the directions to the class. numbers on The students will complete their bar graphs and hand them in the basket. board. (formative assessment) (cognitive engagement) *If the students do not finish they will complete it for homework for the -Pull up tally following Wednesday when we return. chart & hand out tally chart template. -Ask students to simultaneously convert the


Bar Graphs; begin by 11:25.

Homework /Announcements :

If students do not compete the bar graph they will complete it for homework for the following Wednesday.

numbers into a tally chart as it is completed on the board. -Ask student is the know how to make a bar graph. -*if they cannot give a good explanation to the first one for them on the board. -Students individually complete a bar graph and hand into basket. -If students do not finish the bar graph will be assigned for homework.

Reflection (Use APPR guiding questions and provide evidence): This lesson went very well. I would definitely improve the bar graph template because the lines were confusing some students. The students mastered how to turn a number into tally markings. Thankfully this time Gianna and I planned another activity if the students finished early. We asked more challenging questions such as which fruit came in first? Second? Third? The students really enjoyed having a snack after their benchmark- a healthy one too! The lesson appealed to all learners. The students successfully mastered the objective by correctly converting tally markings into a bar graph Goals and/or Professional Development Needs/Interests: Im still working on being able to plan a lesson so that it takes up the full time. I hope next time I teach this lesson that every student can correctly convert the tally markings into a bar graph!


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