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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Sports 10
Green demands acedemics
Ten years ago, Marvin Green was
selected by athletic administrators
to become Florida A&Ms the head
golf coach. He has turned the team
InLo u perennIuI Lop hve Leum umong
Green, a native of Chicago, is a FAMU
alumnus that received his bachelors
in business and masters in Sports
Administration. Unlike most head
coaches, he was not a student athlete
while in school. He did not begin
playing golf until halfway through his
undergrad years.
I got into golf my junior year of
college because I had to take a business
sport, Green said. I fell in love with
the challenge. I had always been a
basketball or football player growing
up but, golf is challenging, it gives you
a chance, you against the golf course.
Green stayed rooted in Tallahassee
after completing his second degree
and became a faculty member, as a
physical education instructor. Green
was eventually offered the head golf
coaching position by the athletic
director in 2001.
I actually was teaching beginning
golf class. I had two guys on the golf
team in my class tell me, we learned
more from you than we learned from
our coach, Green said.
After being named head coach
Green began to help restore the talent
the team had when former athletic
director Hansel Tookes was coaching
the team.
They won eight conference
titles back then and one national
championship under Tookes, said
Green. We named the recreational
center after him.
Green believes that his current teams
of six players are close to returning to
prominence of Tookes teams in the
1950s. He says with a scholarship
or two more they will be ready to
compete with the top tier division one
golf teams.
Sometimes when you are low on
scholarship dollars you kind of feel like
a general manager of a NBA basketball
team or NFL team, said Green. You
have to play the salary cap game. Who
can I afford? Who is leaving? Who is
Green expects a lot from his players
in on the golf courses as well as their
You know he expects a lot out of
you but he is not the type of coach, to
smother you. He lets you try to work
ouL vour probIems hrsL. BeIore Ie
tries to come in and intervenes, said
captain of the golf team Elijah Jackson.
Even after the Rattlers have
hnIsIed In LIe Lop LIree Ior nuLIonuI
tournament four times in the past
nine years, Green says his biggest
accomplishments have come from his
players work in the class room.
We got a 100 percent graduation
rate; three years in a row weve had
the highest team GPA. I try to make
sure my guys are going to get a quality
education and theyre going to have
some great experiences, said Green.
The game of golf is going to take them
places sometimes their degree might
not be able to take them. Thats what I
love about what I do.
LaGretta Johnson The Famuan
Marvin Green prides himself in having a team that excels acedemically.
FAMU and FSU share team
Florida A&M, in conjunction
with Florida State University, have
formed the only sports program that
involves both universitiesthe FAMU
wrestling club.
Its a multicultural environment
when both schools are able to get
together, freshman wrestler Joe
Frazier said. Its a great experience.
FAMU and FSUs varsity wrestling
clubs are not one team, but were
formed together a decade ago and
operate as a family. The teams work
together during practices and events,
but compete separately.
Its a family-based team, freshman
wrestler ODell Jones said. Its pretty
much like we all go to the same school.
The wrestling team has 23 wrestlers
that participated this season from
both universities. There are 12 male
wrestlers that compete for FAMU and
two female wrestlers. FSUs numbers
are a bit smaller this season, with nine
There are also 15 to 20 wrestlers that
ure uIhIIuLed wILI LIe AMU cIub wIo
volunteer and work with the club, but
dont compete.
The teams leaders work hand and
hand, coach Reginald Snowden said
about the team being together. Our
teams often practice together, but
compete separately.
Recently, a total of six wrestlers
from both FAMU and FSU spent
their spring break competing in
the National Collegiate Wrestling
Associations 14th Annual National
Championships. The team had been
working hard and making needed
improvements all seasons long to
help place as many wrestlers in the
tournament as possible.
Both teams, FAMU and FSU,
are full of young wrestlers who are
enthusiastic about the sport and
learning it. And they are all very
competitive, Snowden said. Thats
what makes it okay for us to be
close with our competition, because
everyone has the same ultimate goal
in mind, to get better and become a
In addition to competing together,
the wrestlers have found a way to meet
new friends through the wrestling
Many wrestlers describe the bond
like a brother and sister relationship.
I see these guys as a member of
my team even though they attend a
different school, sophomore wrestler
Abraham Oshotse said.
Tallahassees newest mixed martial
arts gym, Warriors Path Fighting
Systems, offers more than just training
Ior hgILers.
The gym will offer free tutoring
service to the community, from
Kindergarten through 12th grade.
Charles Haskins, head coach and
hgIL promoLer oI WurrIors PuLI
Fighting Systems, is a former mixed
martial artist who wants to bring the
hgILIng scene Lo TuIIuIussee.
Haskins said there arent a lot
oI hgILs In TuIIuIusee Ior uspIrIng
The amateur scene is not here,
HuskIns suId. TIe hgILers wIII Iuve Lo
go elsewhere to get some competition.
So, |bv| IuvIng hgILs In LIeIr Iome
Lown LIe hgILers cun sIowcuse LIeIr
TIe hgILs scIeduIed Ior MurcI 18
were called off, because the ringside
doctor canceled.
TIe hgILs were goIng on wILIouL u
problem, but the doctor canceled and
we wIII posLpone LIe hgILs Ior now,
Haskins said.
TIe hgILs were scIeduIed Lo Luke
place in Florida A&Ms recreation
center, with the full support of
Warriors Path Fighting Systems.
Haskins said he wanted to give an
opportunity to the people who wanted
to take a shot at being a professional
MMA hgILer.
I am an all-army boxer, Haskins
said. I went to nationals and MMA
isnt in my background. I just wanted
to try it out before I was over the hill
and it was too late.
Haskins retired from MMA with a
record of 1-1 and said he doesnt regret
It was a challenge for me having a
boxIng buckground und LrvIng Lo hgIL
people who just wanted to take me to
the ground and wrestle, Haskins said.
Haskins also runs a tutoring
progrum und gIves Iree hgILIng
lessons to people who volunteer their
time to help kids with school.
I come to get free boxing lessons
and all I have to do is help a kid read,
said Joshua Waters, a Florida State
University student who helps tutors
after school.
Haskins wants to showcase MMA
by offering the public an opportunity
to come and watch and possible get
InvoIved wILI hgILIng.
Johnathon Strickert said he is excited
to see MMA action in Tallahassee.
I am very excited personally,
Strickert said. I have been involved
in martial arts since high school and
have been a fan of live tournaments
since I was a child.
Warriors Path oers free lessons to tutors
Mixed martial arts gym rewards people who help students read
File Photo The Famuan
Wrestlers from FAMU and FSU
participate in the wrestling club.
The Rattlers mens tennis team was defeated
on Saturday against Troy University with
u hnuI score oI q- uL LIe unsIord TennIs
The team was playing extremely well
throughout the doubles, but in the last set
Levan Clark was injured and the doubles
point went to the opponents.
Levan was on an 11-match winning streak
in singles until this match, coach Carl
Goodman said.
The softball team will be at the Lady Rattler
Softball Complex against Florida State on
Wednesday at 6 p.m.
The Lady Rattlers hold the No.1 ranking in
the south division of the MEAC with an 11-14
The team will have a six-day layoff after the
match-up of Tallahassee teams. The teams
play will resume against Troy University in
Troy, Ala.
The baseball team will be taking on the
Albama State Hornets on Wednesday at
Moore-Kittles Field at 4 p.m.
The Rattlers currently rank third in the
conIerence wILI u record oI 8-16.
The team has yet to start conference play,
buL wIII Iuve IL`s hrsL MEAC opponenL
on Saturday against Bethune-Cookman
University. The game will be in Daytona
Beach, Fla.