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Florida A&Ms baseball team was

bested at home against the Delaware

SLuLe HorneLs uL Moore-KILLIes heId
this weekend.
The Hornets took the series between
the Rattlers 2-1 behind superior hitting of
Trey Derouen and Scott Davis.
The Rattlers fall to a record of 14-27
and a Mid-Eastern Athletic Cconference
record of 3-6 and the Hornets climb to a
record of 17-18, 6-2 in the MEAC.
The Rattlers hitting was a factor in
losing the three game series to Delaware
State. The team was only able to hit eight
times and left eight runners on base.
We have to relax at the plate, thats
wIuL evervone Ius Lo do, hrsL busemun
Reginald Grant said. We just have to
forget about it. Its in the past we need to
get ready for whoever we play next. We
just got to play through it.
The Rattlers gave up an eighth inning
they would like to get back as they had
four defensive errors that lead to the
Hornets taking and holding the lead.
We need to savor this moment and
take it out on the next opponent we play,
pitcher David Duncan said. We are going
to practice and hit some ground balls, get
some reps in and get ready for the road.
We did show that we can smash the ball,
they have the lowest era in the country
and we showed that we can hit the ball.
Ratters look to take this weekend as a
learning process, as they prove they can
hit the ball with the best of the MEAC.
Theres some positive and negative
you can take away from this weekend,
its some stuff we need to this game is all
about repetition, Coach Brett Richardson
said. I am a pitching and defensive type
of guy if the other team cant score they
cant win. We are going to tighten up our
defense and look to get back on it.
TIe Leum sILs In LIe hILI spoL In LIe
conference and looks to jump the fourth
seed in the next few games.
The Rattlers will be playing in a
double-header against the fourth ranked
Maryland Eastern Shore on Friday and
Saturday in Princess Anne, MD.
Tennis players Alexis Brown
and Kathline Durden were named
to the 2010-2011 All-MEAC team.
Brown was awarded first team
honors after finishing the season
with a 12-7 record (3-1 in the
MEAC). She accumilated a grand
total of 11 wins in the No. 2
position in singles play.
Durden made the second team.
She finished her season with a
12-7 record (3-1 in the MEAC) in
the No. 3 singles position.
The Lady Rattlers put up a
fight, but saw their dreams of a
championship cut short during
the MEAC tournament.
The Florid A&M softball team
held the North Carolina A&T Aggies
scoreless in a MEAC double-header.
In game one the team defeated the
Aggies 5-0 and in game two 8-0 in
six and two-third innings.
The Rattlers maintain the No. 2
position in the southern division of
the MEAC with a 22-20 record (5-1
in the conference).
The team is only one game back
for the division lead, which is held
by Bethune-Cookman University.
The teams next game will be
against Stetson on Wednesday in
DeLand, Fla.
e Famuan
Monday, April 18, 2011
Sports 8
8chool hrst
Florida A&M students
may have a better chance
of graduating if they are
student-athletes. FAMU
athletes are beating the
general student population
in graduation rates,
records show.
Forty-four percent of
FAMU student-athletes
graduate compared to the
student bodys 41 percent.
Strict polices set by the
NCAA and FAMU are a part
of why student-athletes are
graduating more than the
rest of the student body.
When you take a look at
how they have to meet the
mark that is set each year, it
pushes them toward getting
a degree, FAMU Athletic
Director Derek Horne said.
With coaches and the
athletic department
watching student-athletes,
they may have an advantage
over the general student
Antonia Bennett, a 61
guard/forward for the
FAMU womens basketball
team, said there are many
resources provided and rules
that she and her teammates
must follow to be successful
academically. She explained
how the coaches keep a close
eye on the team to make sure
players are on the right track
Tutors are offered, and
when were on the road
everyone is required to
study, Bennett said. We
have to submit progress
reports every other week with
our grades and any comments
from our professors.
Head coaches make i t
mandatory that thei r
teams study. Study hal l
i s where student-athl etes
go to compl ete thei r
hours of studyi ng. Each
sport has a pol i cy on how
many hours athl etes are
requi red to compl ete.
In her experience, FAMU
softball coach Veronica
Wiggins said that going
to study hall four days a
week has been effective
for her players.
Faydre Hawkins-Brown,
assistant athletic director
for academics, said meetings
with student-athletes
are held every semester
and provide them with
knowledge to help them stay
on track to graduate.
If someone asks how many
hours a student-athlete has
left to graduate, that athlete
should know, Hawkins-
Brown said.
Closely watched by
coaches, and with the
mandatory progress reports
and studying, Hawkins-
Brown said student-athletes
dont have an advantage over
the general student body.
They have to practice,
and figure in study time. If
they missed days due to road
games, they have to find the
notes, and still find time to
enjoy their college career.
Horne played basketball for
the University of Mississippi
from 1983 to 1986 and said
that many policies have
changed to increase student-
athlete graduation rates.
Student-athletes now have
the 20-hour rule, which limit
coaches to 20 hours per week
to workout for their sport.
Its important that
student-athletes graduate
because sports have short
shelf lives and their career
will have a longer one, Horne
said. Student-athletes
eligibility will expire but they
still have a life to live, and we
need to make sure that they
are prepared for it.
Graphic by Kenya Mawusi
Athletes are more prone to graduating than the general population.
Heading for the final hole
The only tournament left
for the Rattlers is the National
Minority Championship.
The Rattlers began the
season in the Frito-Lay/AT&T
Intercollegiate in Philadelphia,
MIss. TIe Leum hnIsIed 1zLI In
the tournament.
FAMU played in the
Bethune-Cookman Invitational
in Daytona Beach, only four
days after returning from
MIssIssIppI. TIe Leum hnIsIed
a very close competition in
fourth place.
The Rattlers faced tough
competition in the following
tournament, the Seminole
Intercollegiate, at Southwood
Golf Club in Tallahassee. The
tournament featured some of
the top 50 golf teams in the
country, including 17th ranked
Arkunsus. AMU hnIsIed 1;LI
in the tournament.
Florida A&M traveled to
Jacksonville Beach, the day
uILer hnIsIIng LIe SemInoIe
Intercollegiate to play in the
Don Benbow Inviational.
The team was not able to
participate in the tournaments
practice round. The team
hnIsIed eIgILI In unoLIer
close tournament.
FAMU returned to
Tallahassee to host the
FAMU Spring Invitational at
Southwood Golf Club. Once
again, Florida A&M played in
another tournament only a
Iew duvs uILer hnIsIIng one.
TIe RuLLIers hnIsIed LIIrd In
the tournament, but members
of the team believed they
played better in the Seminole
Florida A&M traveled to
Savannah, Ga., for the first
MEAC Golf Showcase after
a three week break. All of
the Mid-Eastern Athletic
Conference golf teams
except for Maryland-Eastern
Shore competed in the
tournament. FAMU finished
third in the tournament.
Coach Marvin Green stressed
the need for the team to be
consistent in an interview after
the FAMU Spring Invitational.
FAMU had the highest
score on the first day of the
Seminole Intercollegiate.
The teams score improved
in the second and third day
of the tournament.
TIe hnuI LournumenL oI
the season for FAMU is
the PGA National Minority
Championship. The
tournament will be held at the
PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie,
Iu. AMU hnIsIed eIgILI In
the tournament last year.
Gina Cherelus The Famuan
The golf team has had an impressive run this season, but is down to itslast tournament.
Gina Cherelus The Famuan
The baseball team struggled to get
Chidi Gabriel, Levan Clark,
Takura Happy, and Maurice
Wamukowa were all granted all-
conference honors.
Gabrial, Clark and Happy were
all named to the first team, while
Wamukowa was named to the
second team.
Happy, last seasons MEAC
rookie of the year, headlined the
class of Rattlers with his 18-4
record (2-1 in the MEAC)
The mens team was eliminated
from the conference tournament
in the championship game.
Mens Tennis
Womens Tennis
The Famuan Archive
The Famuan Archive
The Famuan Archive
FAMU produces athletes who graduate at a high rate
DSU Hornets double Rattlers in hits to secure 13-8 win