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Many aspects of time have been written about of the course of mans history.

Movies have been made dealing with time. Science has delved into time past in researching the depth of space in search for the beginning. Evolutionist have stepped forward providing opinions as to mans past. Yet, no one yet has been able to provide empirical evidence of what the future holds for mankind. Can the future be predicted to be two races, one race surviving upon the other? Could it be one race living in peace with God? Look no further than the present to see if unchanged what the future could possibly hold, man preying upon man. Actually, one needs not to look further than now.

There are those that believe man descended from the ape beast. Maternal instincts even of that of the beast provide that motherhood shields their young. Basic instinct of the ape provides they want now. Greed can be seen as I want what I want when I want it and as such are we seeing those of current day greed returning to beast hood?

Science has yet not be able to prove beyond the singularity, in fact, science has stated that the laws known to man may not be applicable once one enters a singularity. Entering a singularity under known science would result in the death of the body. Medical science is able to examine the body with many of todays machines, but no machine has yet been designed or built that is capable of looking into the soul.

Science pretty well agrees that mans known universe began with a bang, instant creation of the universe. But man has not been able to look past this singular event to determine what power was in play to explain the creation.

Will man be able to examine beyond the singularity to determine where a soul has traveled upon leaving the body of a deceased. One would need to answer that in the negative, for when one finds the answer one was has surely entered the unexplained kingdom of Gods power. Lest not forget, those lacking a pure mind will never pass through the singular to the house of God.

In opinion, upon the soul leaving the body, limits of known science no longer apply and the scientific principles employed by God will forever be outside of mans comprehension.

Believe as you will, a God giving right but remember, one will have to judge ones self and that judgment must be a just judgment before one enters heavens. Lest one not forget, if the judgment of thy self is not just, then the soul is left with only entering Satans house.

A serious question, will one judge one self at the event or will one judge one self based upon all the time. Choice does come with risk, but the choice is yours.