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Monday, March 21, 2011
Sports 6
Wilson masters two sports
Being a student athlete is a year round
task for Evander Wilson, a starting
fullback and shot-putter.
Within two years of being an athlete
at Florida A&M, Wilson has received
the athlete of the year award, become a
starting player on the football team and
quuIIhed Ior LIe MId-EusLern ALIIeLIc
Conference in two track events.
Wilson, a sophomore from Coatesville,
Pa. believes that practice should be year-
round as well.
Even though the season has ended,
I still practice every weekend. On
Saturdays and Sundays, Im out at
Godbv HIgI ScIooI`s heId prucLIcIng,
Wilson said.
As Wilson puts it, things got real last
seuson. He suId juggIIng Lwo sporLs und
classes got hectic.
You jusL Iuve Lo sLuv up uII nIgIL doIng
your homework, wake up in the morning
und do IL uII over uguIn, WIIson suId.
This is something that a lot of people
don`L geL Lo do, so IeeI verv bIessed.
Wilson wasnt eligible for the track
team off bat. He was offered a full
scholarship for football and during his
sopIomore veur, joIned LIe Lruck Leum
as a shot-putter.
I was introduced to shot-putting in
high school when my oldest brother
CIurIes pIuved IL, WIIson suId.
His senior year, he participated in both
the indoor and outdoor season as a shot-
Wilson is far from being modest on the
heId. HIs LeummuLe JosIuu NewkIrk,
a 20-year-old defensive-end from
describes him as explosive.
Hes very competitive, and he has a lot
oI Ieveruge on LIe heId, NewkIrk suId.
Wilson sites technique as being the key
to being successful in both sports.
Its a lot of technique involved in both
sports, in high school it was easy, I could
run over someone everv pIuv, WIIson
said. Its a lot different once you get to
His mother was a single parent raising
three boys, and encouraged them to use
sports to get an education.
She told us to play sports to get you
through college because she wasnt going
Lo be ubIe Lo puv Ior IL, WIIson suId.
His older brother Steve Brazzle, a
center for the Pittsburg Power in the
American Football League, said their
mom also kept them focused on school
and church.
Church played a huge part, in getting
eucI oI us wIere we ure Loduv, BruzzIe
said. My oldest brother and I kind of
took Evander under our wings after his
IuLIer pussed wIen Ie wus vounger.
Wilson said playing sports keeps
him motivated to stay in school and
whenever he wasnt playing he was most
likely getting into trouble.
After football season, I would always
get kicked out of school. Its a blessing
LIuL even mude IL Lo coIIege, WIIson
When asked how he was as a person,
Brazzle said his brother was as
upstanding as they come.
Ive never known him to be a shy
person. He is also very honest and
someone vou cun LrusL, BruzzIe suId.
Wilson is trying to recuperate from a
sIouIder Injurv Ie susLuIned IusL seuson,
wIere Ie sepuruLed IIs AC-joInL.
He said 10 years from now he wants to
be remembered as the guy who balled
ouL In evervLIIng Ie dId.
When its all said and done people will
only remember the athletes who were
the greatest. They dont remember who
Iud LIe IIgIesL GPA, WIIson suId.
Keenan Doanes The Famuan
Evander Wilson is a rare commodity for FAMU. He starts for the football team and does shot put for the track team.
Rattlers let game slip away
The Florida A&M mens tennis
team came out empty handed against
Troy University, losing 4-3 in a non-
conference match at the Lunsford
Tennis Complex.
The Rattlers and coach Carl
Goodman left the match disappointed,
knowing that this couldve been
another victory under the teams belt.
Thats how the ball bounces every
once In u wIIIe. JusL one gume cosL
us LIe wIoIe muLcI, coucI CurI
Goodman said. The team fought
The Rattlers lost the doubles point
early on in the match, losing two out
of three matches. Temuera Asafu-
Adjuve und MuurIce Wumokowu were
defeated by Mario Rolemberg and
Brunko Weber 8- In LIe hrsL seL.
Takura Happy and Chidi Gabriel won
LIe No. z spoL 8- over NIkIus Jonsson
and Sami Ghorbel in the second set.
Levan Clark and Michael Moore lost
Lo Anus RoucIdI und JumIe EccIeLon
8-6 in the last set.
Takura and Chidi played extremely
well in doubles. I think they took out
one oI LIe EugIes Lop doubIes Leums,
Goodman said.
The team moved into the singles
spIIL -. GubrIeI won uL LIe No. q spoL
1q-. Huppv won LIe No. z spoL q-6,
6-= und AsuIu-Adjuve won uL LIe No.
6 spot 6-3, 6-4. Clark lost at number
one to Rouchdi. Wamokowa lost at
number three to Weber and Moore
IosL uL number hve Lo RoIemberg.
The match took an unfortunate
turn when Clark hurt his knee in the
number three doubles. With him
beIng u sIgnIhcunL pIuver, LIe Leum
Look u Iurd bIow wILI IIs Injurv. TIe
team has been practicing to the best
of their ability and went against Troy
with the mindset to win.
He was playing today and he heard
something pop in his knee pop and
then we went down on two service
breuks, Goodmun suId. He goL
startled basically in the doubles and
never could get back on track for the
Although the tennis team did not
take home the win, with the season
record uL 1q-=, LIev sLIII remuIn No.
1 in the souther region of the MEAC.
This was a tough one for the Rattlers
but they came together and learned
some valuable lessons from the match.
No need crvIng over spIIIed mIIk,
Goodman said. Theyre going to go
through some ups and downs and
additionally to see how they respond
durIng cerLuIn sILuuLIons.
The Florida A&M baseball team had
defensive hiccups, offensive troubles
and was pounded at Moore-Kittles
Field over the weekend.
The Rattlers completed a three-
gume serIes wILI Juckson SLuLe TIgers
and the Rattlers came out on the
losing end 1-2.
The Rattlers were plagued by errors
since game one, and errors proved to
be the main reason for the lopsided
TIe hrsL Lwo gumes were pIuved
on Friday, which had the Rattlers
splitting the series by scores of 7-3,
in a losing effort, and winning in the
second game 6-1.
The third game of the series was
called in the 7th inning after the
Rattlers fell behind early and couldnt
manage a comeback. The ending
score was 13-2.
L wus jusL one oI LIose duvs,
pitcher Thomas Barwick said. We
jusL goL Lo geL LIIs ouL oI our Ieuds
and focus on our game Monday. We
made errors. Its not the defenses
fault, its my fault too. I wasnt hitting
mv spoLs.
The Rattlers scored 11 runs in a
combined three games and managed
to only get 27 hits while leaving 21 left
on base.
We tried to string together some
hits, but we couldnt get them together
In one InnIng, hrsL busemun DvIun
West said. We had six hits for each
of the seven innings and we probably
had one inning were we had multiple
hits. Its the way it works sometimes,
its baseball you cant always play
your greatest game every day, but its
something you would have to work
In the Rattlers losses, errors were
costly. The Rattlers had 15 errors on
the weekend series against the Tigers.
We talk about it all the time
making routine plays and once again
IL cume und bIL us In LIe beIInds,
head coach Brett Richardson said.
L`s noL unvLIIng dIIhcuIL IL jusL LIe
routine plays guys dropping balls and
InheIders LukIng LIeIr eves oII LIe
ball. We always talk about step one
beIore goIng Lo sLep Lwo.
DeIense wus u probIem Ior LIe Leum
last year and Richardson wants to
correct that.
Our problems on the defensive
end, RIcIurdson suId. TIuL wus our
problem from last year that is slowly,
but surely creeping in on us this
year. Thats my responsibility, thats
my fault and we will get it turned
The Rattlers look to change their
ways as they go on the road and
prepare to take on Mercer Bears,
who beat the Rattlers in both of their
previous meetings earlier in the
Errors create problems for baseball team
File Photo The Famuan
Temuera Asafu-Adjaye plays a serve and volley style during matches.
Florida A&M placed third in the FAMU
Spring Invitational with a total score of 598.
TIe RuLLIers sIoL z6 us u Leum on LIe hrsL
day of the tournament and 302 on the second
duv. TIe Leum hnIsIed beIInd Tennessee
State and Bethune-Cookman.
Shephard Archie III was the top performer
Ior AMU over LIe weekend. ArcIIe hnIsIed
wILI u LoLuI score oI 1qz. ArcIIe hnIsIed
second individually.
FAMU will continue their season in the
MEAC Challenge in April.
TIe RuLLIer`s ALIIeLIcs DepurLmenL
decided to part ways with for basketball
coach Eugene Harris on Thursday.
Harris finished the fourth year of a five-
year contract and is still owed $150,000
from the university.
He accumilated a 46-80 record as head
coach of the team, and has had three
consecutive 20+ loss seasons.
For complete coverage of Harris
dismissal, check out www.thefamuanonline.
The mens tennis team was defeated in
the last match 4-3, but they continue on
in the MEAC Round-up against Southern
Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Miss. this Sunday.
The Rattlers are still ranked in the top 80
percent with a season record 14-5. The team
is staying focused and will try to come out
on top against Southern Mississippi. The
matches lost were to ranked schools.
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