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an Earth Charter Youth Webinar!

Are you a young person who thinks outside of the box? Do you want to discuss current global issues? Are you passionate about sustainability? Have you thought how an ethical framework could guide your work or activities?
This is your opportunity to participate in a meaningful dialogue with other engaged youth!

Objectives: Promote the Earth Charter as an ethical framework for Sustainable Development Provide youth with the space to dialogue and share experiences Give youth the opportunity to develop their leadership and facilitation skills Inspire and empower youth to create awareness, campaigns, and proposals that will lead to
action These dynamic and engaging webinars will be held once a week on ECIs online platform, WizIQ, in English and Spanish. Each webinar session will last one hour.

How to apply:

We welcome youth volunteers to step up and assist in the facilitation of these webinars, so if youre interested in facilitating a webinar, please fill out the following application form and indicate the theme and a brief description of your facilitation plan. Application Form: Check out our website to find out more information about this Earth Charter Youth Webinar Series If you have any questions, please contact ECI Youth Coordinator Nora Mahmoud:

Webinar Calendar
November-December, 2012
Thursday, November 15th @ 3pm UTC Compartiendo Buenas Prcticas con la Carta de la Tierra -- Jvens La Carta de la Tierra, Mxico (Spanish) Tuesday, December 4th @ 3pm UTC The role of the EC and Intercultural Dialogue, Facilitated by: Karim Gaber (Arabic/English) Interactive Activity/Discussion *Please note that these dates and topics are tentative and any changes will be announced as far in advance as possible! Tuesday, November 20th @ 3pm UTC Sustainable Development through the Earth Charter Lens - -Facilitated by Barkha & Nora (English) Tuesday, November 27th @ 3pm UTC Sustainability Leadership, Facilitated by Diego Baptista (English)

Earth Charter Youth Partners: