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Step into Life Keysborough

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November 2012, Issue 74

Merchandise Promotion for The National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

Dear Members, family and friends It gives me great pleasure to announce a Step into Life national merchandise fundraising promotion with 50% of the sale proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Step into Life are proud to be associated with the breast cancer foundation and our goal to help make a difference to the lives of those across Australia fighting breast cancer. Over 75% of all Step into Life members are women and we are well aware of how breast cancer affects our members and the wider community. Step into Lifes Merchandise Fundraiser aims to create awareness amongst the Step into Life community by raising money for NBCF through the sale of SIL merchandise. (see within). Step into Life National Fundraising Target:$8100 donation to the NBCF. Target per Franchise: Just $100 (excl gst) or 4 items! Every Step into Life member has trained hard to achieve their Training Club awards and even if you have a 50, 200 or 500 Training Club shirt, why not buy yourself a spare shirt for a good cause? The Merchandise for NBCF fundraiser will commence on st th November 1 and conclude on November 30 or while stock lasts. The funds raised will be announced in the January edition of Fresh Air. Stay well and train hard, summer is around the corner. Regards Larry Cohen Director

Local News
Its endurit season. Get into the spirit with some sometimes wet & sometimes wild fun for everyone!

Givin em The Bird

After one of our endurit sessions youll even be in the running to win our new award The Bird note its the blue vase in the photo above & below. Introduced by Mr Mario Bird himself this award is not for the best, its not the fastest, its for the recruit with the biggest guts who gives it their all. Passed down from the previous winner at their next endurit, who will earn it next?


7:15pm 7:15pm 7:15pm

Comic Relief ha ha ha


6:00pm 6:00pm


(Need 8 Bookings)






8:00 am

(Need 6 Bookings)

Please note the changes in toneup rotation are Monthly

NOVEMBER toneup Sessions are BANDS DECEMBER toneup Sessions are COREBALL JANUARY toneup Sessions are WEIGHTS Coreballs 55cm Blue or Green $50.50 65cm Blue or Green $59.00 75cm Blue or Green $65.00 Dont have your own? Youll need one. You may purchase one from your trainer
(we provide the weights)

Resistance Bands Green (Light) $30.00 Red (Medium) $32.00 Blue (Hard) $37.00

Dont have your own boxing gloves?

STANDARD Youll need them for boxkickTM sessions $25 in S, M or L. FINGERLESS

Step into Life Fundraiser get involved! Help support the NBCF with the battle against breast cancer. Please see following pages for more information on how you can help.

Item, availability & RRP

Step into Life Fundraiser support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Step into Life is proud to announce a special fund raising event in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia's leading community supported organisation that is dedicated to research, prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The NBCF relies heavily on donations from the Australian Public to help fund their initiatives and in November, Step into Life is lending their support to this worthy cause. Step into Life is hosting a Merchandise Fundraiser for the month of November at all franchises across Australia in order to raise awareness and fund breast cancer research.

Athletic Mens Singlet All sizes

Polar Fleece Vest W: 8-18, M: XS-2XL

Athletic Womens Singlet All sizes

Raglan Sleeve T-shirt Womens 8-16

Boot Camp T-shirt All sizes

Sorrento Polo (both white & navy) All sizes

Cap Sleeve Tshirt Womens 8-16

Cotton Outdoor Ladies Singlet All sizes (except M & L)

Want to support Step into Life's Fundraiser?

Purchase any of the following clothing items during the month of November* and 50% of the sale will be donated to the NBCF. Step into life is excited and proud to support the NBCF in its goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. We encourage you to support this fantastic initiative and make a real difference to the many lives that have been affected by breast cancer. Ask your Step into Life trainer for more information on how to participate in this wonderful cause and contribute to building a stronger community in the battle against breast cancer! For further information regarding the NBCF please visit *Please note: - Only purchases of the clothing items on the following pages qualify as part of this fund raising - Strictly while stocks last.

Competitor Member Top All sizes

Cotton Outdoor Mens Singlet All sizes

Events mens Singlet All sizes

Cotton Outdoor T-shirt All sizes (except S)

Events Womens Singlet All sizes



Item, availability & RRP cotton singlets
Training club singlet 50

Item, availability & RRP cotton T-shirts Training club T-shirt 50 All sizes (except M, L & XXL)

All sizes

Training club singlet 200

Training club T-shirt 200
All sizes (except M)

All sizes (except M &L)

Training club singlet 500

Training club T-shirt 500

All sizes (except M)

All sizes

Training club singlet 1000

Training club T-shirt 1000 All sizes (except M & L)

All sizes (except M)

Training club T-shirt 1500 All sizes (except L)

Training club singlet 1500 $10 Training club singlet 2000

All sizes

Training club T-shirt 2000

All sizes

All sizes

Training club singlet 3000

Training club T-shirt 3000

All sizes (except XXXL)

Training club singlet 4000 XS-XXL

Training club T-shirt 4000 All sizes (except XXXL)

Training club singlet 5000 XS-XXL

Training club T-shirt 5000 All sizes (except XXXL)

Training club singlet 6000

Training club T-shirt 6000
XS-XXL $10

All sizes (except XXXL)


Local News
This year is quickly coming to an end! Time to buckle down & get those last few goals ticked off the list before a new year starts which means a new list of goals of course! Jacko & Bird completed their first full marathons at the Run Melbourne in October! Huge effort well done guys we are proud.

Training Club
Achieving your goals at Step into Life
How close are you to your next Training Club milestone? Goal setting is a key element to gaining fitness, weight loss and improved health benefits. At all Step into Life sessions we add training points to your training club tally (you can see your total on your fortnightly performance report). Points gained are a measure of your commitment to your training. Ask your Trainer to help you set some time lines for your goals.

Awards achieved in October50 points Linh Pham Teagan Kemp 200 points Yasamine Moslih Dennis Le 1000 points Sophia Wong 2000 points Sue Summons

We had some CA-RAZY photo shoots during Training Club Week. Lookin good guys! Wear your point tops to any training session - & be proud of what you have earned

New Members
Welcome Back!
Jason Montgomery

Member Birthdays
Happy Birthday!
6 Sarah Morris 6 Chloe Trindall 6 Raymond Wong 7 Michelle Karton 10 Marianne Micheluzzi 14 Brockwell Kong 17 Belinda Cisternino
th th th th th th th

17 Jayne Kareroa 19 Linh Pham 22

nd th th th th


Emily Bird

25 Leslie Edwards 27 Dhani Chandrasegran 30 Collette Fitzpatrick

Member Profile
Kevin Phoa (KP)
KP has been a member of Keysie since May 2011 Members of the month receive 2 movie tickets and $25 worth of Step into Life Merchandise that must be redeemed this month .

Where were you born? Vietnam What is your current profession? Financial Planner, Superannuation. What sports have you been involved with during your life/best achievement? I grew up playing tennis and table tennis. Tennis always occupied my summer months and table tennis I played throughout the year. I played pennant tennis up until my early twenties, playing B grade pennant at best. Table tennis I've played pennant on and off since age 13. I play at the Greater Dandenong Table Tennis Club. I currently play A1 Senior Pennant on Monday nights, which is the highest grade at the club. More recently I developed an interest in cycling, in particular road cycling - which occupies most of my weekends. My best sporting achievement has be completing around the Around the Bay bike ride for the first time in 2009, which was just over 200km in distance. What is your favourite Step into Life session? I enjoy the cardio sessions the most. What is your favourite naughty treat when your trainers arent looking? Pizza with the lot and can of coke What are your top 3 goals you would like to achieve? 1. Obtain near perfect posture 2. Complete 4km fitness test run under 16 minutes 3. Complete a full marathon in 2013 What goals have you achieved at Step into Life so far? Achieved my weight loss goal in the 2011/2012 Biggest Loser Challenge. Overall, feeling fitter, stronger and healthier since starting with Step into Life in May 2011.

16th November 2012 7pm

Fridays 7pm x 6 & CAMP

25th November 2012 2pm


28th December 2012 Friday from 6pm

5 Events competing alongside your team vs. others! Keysies Christmas Party! Bring a Food Plate to Share @ Victory Park, Chelsea 100% of proceeds goes to the Keysie Animal Shelter Open to anyone who has completed a session with us 16km 18km Tough Mudder

12th January 2012 10:45am @ Wachter Res.

Keysies 9 year celebration

30min to 2 hr Fitness Challenge th ENTRIES CLOSE January 9
19th January 2013


January 27th 2013

Womens Triathlon

100m Swim 3km Bike 500m Run

150m Swim 5km Bike 1.5km Run

300m Swim 7km Bike 3km Run

A Great Triathlon to start with.. do it! Saturday 2nd feb 11am

Teaser 11am 12pm

Keysies 200th

8th February for 3 Weeks

Fri 7pm

Sat 6am

Sun 8am

February 24TH & March 10th

200m Swim 10km Bike 2km Run 5km Walk/Run

500m Swim 20km Bike 5km Run 10km Run

February 2013

3rd March 2013

7km Obstacle Course

23rd March 2013



Johns Corner
Monthly training tips! Hill training for ultimate running fitness
For most of our training venues around Australia, you are blessed to have the odd hill or two reasonably close to where you train. You may have also noticed that your Step into Life trainers like to take you there reasonably often. Increasing the gradient to your runs will significantly increase your oxygen demand. Even gentle hills will make your heart, lungs and muscles work harder than the same pace on a flat, even surface. Hill running is a type of interval training Even if you slow down a little, most hills will send your heart rate up, pushing you towards your limit of your aerobic system. Running up the hill can push you into anaerobic work (short bursts of intensive work without oxygen), while running down the other side allows you to recover back to your aerobic energy system. Hills are a natural interval training session. Benefits of Hill training

Enjoyment. Ok, humour me here, once youve developed some hill fitness you may actually start to enjoy the challenge and reward. I love nothing better in my running training than hitting a huge flight of stairs and challenging myself to run it a set number of times. (You might need to wait a few months for the enjoyment to kick in!) Tips for running up and down the hill: Uphill You should use a light, "ankle-flicking" push-off with each step, not an explosive motion. (This wastes energy.) You may like to try kicking your heels up a little to help. If the hill is long or the grade increases, keep shortening your stride to maintain a smooth and efficient breathing pattern. Run "through" the top of the hill. That is, don't crest the hill and immediately slow down or pull back on your effort. Rather, accelerate gradually into the downhill. Gravity is now on your side. Downhill Most runners make one or two obvious mistakes when running downhill. They either sprint, which causes severe muscle soreness later on, or they're so hesitant to surrender to gravity that they're constantly braking, which fatigues the quadriceps muscles. The optimum pace is somewhere in between. Try not to let your feet slap on the ground when you are running downhill. Step lightly and don't reach out with your feet. Slapping can be a sign of weak muscles in the shin area, in which case you need to strengthen them. To help your downhill technique, follow these simple tips: Try to visualise gravity pulling you down the hill Try to maintain an upright body posture, keeping your torso perpendicular to the horizontal Keep your feet close to the ground for maximum control, and land lightly As you increase your pace, emphasise quicker turnover rather than longer strides, though your strides can be slightly longer than normal The key to efficient downhill running is to stay in control. When you start, keep your stride slightly shortened and let your turnover increase. When you feel in control, gradually lengthen your stride If you start to run out of control when descending, shorten your stride until you feel you are back in control again. The next time your Step into Life trainer tells you that you are doing a hill session, embrace it, take on the tips that you have just read and enjoy the challenge!!

Increasing your aerobic capacity Improving physical strength hill running requires more power and strength than running on the flat. On uphill sections your muscles contract more powerfully than usual because they are forced to overcome gravity to move you up the hill. In particular, the quadriceps (front of your thighs), calf muscles and glutes (butt muscles) all have to work harder and become stronger to cope. This extra strength will then make you even better on flat courses where youll experience less muscle fatigue and a greater sense of resilience Learning rhythm learning to keep your rhythm steady when hitting a hill can make your rhythm even better on the flat courses Mental strength Conquering a hill (or a flight of stairs!) is a very satisfying feeling. It will give you greater confidence to try new and more demanding routes Burns more energy a bonus if you are also trying to reduce body fat

6 Ways to boost your metabolism

Most of us love the outdoors and it terms of exercising, not only is it more inspiring than indoors and less mechanical, it is now proven to have extra benefits. 1. Move more: You burn around 1 Cal per minute at rest, 4 Cal per minute walking briskly and over 8 Cal per minute running fast. You can dramatically increase your metabolic rate by moving more often and with more effort.

4. Eat enough calories: Drastically cutting calories can drop your metabolic rate by around 5% after just one day and by 10% after a week of semi-starvation. Eat at least 5000 kJ / 1200 Cal per day. Eat more if your body size and activity requires it. 5. Consume chilled water Swallowing around 500mL of cold water could boost your metabolic rate by around 30% above rest for an hour after drinking. This is only 100 kJ / 25 Cal, but it becomes significant when you drink more chilled water over a day - 2 litres could burn you 400 kJ / 100 Cal a day, which adds up over a year. Your body works to increase the water temperature and burns extra energy.

2. Build muscle: Every kilogram of muscle burns 10 Cal (42 kJ) at rest every day. Over a year, the math is simple add 1kg of muscle to automatically (even when youre asleep) burn off 1kg of body fat. 3. Eat more protein: Protein in food costs more energy to digest and absorb than carbohydrate or fat. Eating protein-rich foods like fish, chicken and lean meats makes your body work harder and burn more calories to process what you eat.

6. Drink green tea: Unlike many so-called thermogenic supplements, which are either dangerous or useless, drinking enough green tea can give your metabolic rate a nudge of around 300 kJ / 70 Cal a day. Youll need to consume 4-5 cups a day of green tea to get the benefits. What about eating every 3 hours? You may have heard that eating every 3 hours speeds your metabolism. However, your 24-hour metabolic rate will actually be no different, whether you eat the same foods in 6 smaller meals versus 3 larger meals. It costs your body the same energy to digest and process. So, dont freak out if youve missed a snack and can catch up later!

Matt ONeill BSpSc, MSc, APD, AN, Nutritionist, Sunrise & Morning Show

At Last - Guilt Free Eating!

Healthy Recipe

Steps to Jumpstart your Metabolism!

Tired of conflicting diet advice? Re-wire your appetite and re-ignite your metabolism through Matt ONeills Metabolic Jumpstart. This 4 week program provides you with a complete metabolically matched diet plan, report & program. For only $49.95 you will receive: Body shape assessment and health risk profile Personal calorie burning times for specific foods Menu plan sample with meals and correct portions Nutrition targets for kj, calories, fat, protein and carb Daily food group exchanges Mix & match guide Motivational Pack posted to you with 8 daily targets, fridge cards, fact sheets and special offers Access to My Jumpstart Online with audio guides, weekly checklists, faqs and discussion posts Enhance your results with your FREE MJ Plus + program (worth $120 per year) when you sign up through a Step into Life trainer for the duration of your membership, and receive: Weekly motivational emails and articles Motivation Planner MJ Recipes Tip Sheets Expert interviews from hormones to intolerances Downloads tools and templates Ongoing support & expert advice from Matt O Neill Access to seminars online Supermarket foods MJ Exchanges

Zucchini Slice
Serves: 15 Prep: 20mins
Ingredients 5 eggs 150g (1 cup) self-raising flour, sifted 375g zucchini, grated 1 large onion, finely chopped 200g ham, chopped 1 cup grated reduced fat cheddar cheese 1 tbs vegetable oil

Cooking: 30mins

1. Preheat oven to 170 C. Grease and line a 30 x 20cm lamington pan. 2. Beat the eggs in a large bowl until combined. Add the flour and beat until smooth, then add zucchini, onion, ham, cheese and oil. Stir to combine. 3. Pour into the prepared pan and bake in over for 30 minutes or until cooked through. . MJ Nutrition Matt ONeill Exchanges per serve

For more information talk to your trainer.





Nutrients per serve

444kj (106 cals), 8.3g Protein, 5.1g Fat, 1.7g Saturated Fat, 6.2g Carbs, 0.4g Sugars, 1.1g Fibre, 349mg Sodium Source: Delicious, February 2003

Refer a friend and well give you anything you want!

At Step into Life we value your patronage and the people you refer to us.
Thank you for giving a gift of good health and fitness to your friends and family by referring them to Step into Life. For each friend who joins as a result of your referral to any Step into Life Franchise nationally, you will receive a Step into Life Any Store Gift Card to the value of $25. Use your referral gift card from us to purchase almost anything provided it can be purchased from a store which has eftpos facilities.

Mark Langridge Step into Life Bassendean, WA. Mark wearing his 50 Training Club t-shirt at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Reykjavik, Iceland

Step into Life has a fantastic opportunity for you to become a qualified Personal Trainer. We are inviting Step into Life members that would like to learn about becoming a Personal Trainer to contact our state offices. We will tell you how easy it is for you to become a qualified Personal Trainer. Every member that decides to go ahead with a Personal Trainer qualification will have access to course discounts at various providers. Contact your state office on 1300 134 136 for more information.

Due to customer demand we have Franchise territories available throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you know anyone with an interest in health and fitness that would love to run a Fitness Franchise, please let them know about this exciting opportunity. $1000 referral bonus for any one you refer that becomes a Step into Life Franchisee.

Yasamine Moslih First Session 25TH February 2012 Total # of Sessions 67 Dennis Le First Session 13TH June 2012 Total # of Sessions 55 Fitness Tests 2

Sophia Wong First Session 9th March 2009 Total # of Sessions 206 Fitness Tests 7 Bootcamps/endurits 13 (1-Recruits 7-Marines 5-Navy Seals) 2010 Mini Olympics 2010 & 2011 Keysie Competitions Sue Summons First Session 23rd January 2009 Total # of Sessions 513 Fitness Tests 14 2009 Mini Olympics 2009 Keysie Competition

Members Benefits
Discounts & Offers
Please support our national and local traders, and take advantage of the discounts they offer to Step into Life members. Simply, show your Step into Life membership key ring to the staff of participating outlets.

Receive a 20% Discount on all Ryders Eyewear Products

To purchase Ryders Eyewear visit and quote the promo code that corresponds to your state SIL-SA-2012 SIL-NSW-2012 SIL-VIC-2012 SIL-QLD-2012 SIL-WA-2012

Discount movie tickets from your trainer


Subscribe to Men's Health and Women's Health magazine for JUST $26 every quarter by automatic credit card payment. You'll SAVE a massive $85 off the full price in the first year. Plus both of these fantastic magazines will be delivered direct to you FREE. Also, this offer is RISK FREE - you can cancel at any time, no questions asked!

Radisson Resorts & Hotels

Members receive discount accommodation at the following: Radisson Blue Hotel Sydney Radisson Hotel & Suites Sydney Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Radisson Resort Gold Coast Offers Valid till December 2012. Terms & Conditions available from the Radisson.

SAVE yourself over 43%


VIDEO EZY 401 PRINCESS HIGHWAY NOBLE PARK Ph. 9547 5977 Receive New Releases for $2.95 . 292 CORRIGAN ROAD KEYSBOROUGH 9798 1402 Dr. Jose & Dr. Kevin


SUBWAY Receive ANY 6 Gram 6 inch Sub, salad or Wrap With a Mount Franklin Bottle of Water OR Yogurt for $8


Is a sponsor of SiL Keysborough therefore offer a complimentary first consult.

Remedial Mobile Massage Service 50% OFF that comes to you! 1st Consult Services the Bayside & & 10% OFF South Eastern Suburns After that Contact Donna on 0427 978 860

128 CHANDLER RD NOBLE PARK 9798 4081 Receive 10% off all consultations



KEYSBOROUGH 9711 7562 Dr Penny Gosling All current Step into Life members receive concession rates.

159 KINGSCLERE AVE KEYSBOROUGH 9711 7562 Receive 10% off all consultations


Cue Sports & Entertainment Complex

240 Princes Highway Dandenong Ph: (03) 9794 6588

10% off Services & Merchandise Fancy a ride? Join these guys on Saturdays 8am Call the Store and speak with Brett

20% OFF! Ladies/Gents Haircuts, Perms, Colours, Shaving, Facials, Swiss Skin Care Products, Work Shops, Threading and even a massage chair and coffee while you wait


SHOP G1 PARKMORE SHOPPING CENTRE Ph: 9769 1466 Receive a FREE hot drink with any meal purchase.

0467 346 837

Members receive special rates


20% OFF Vibram FiveFingers Available from Peak Potential Mentone

9551 9435. Hire a water cooler and get two 15 litre bottles for FREE

131-133 Lower Dandenong Rd

Must make an appointment to try them on for sizing

9584 1308

Aqua Central provide a free scheduled delivery service. Their spring water is sourced from a protected spring in the Daylesford Region of Victoria and is bottled by hygienically sealed 15 litre returnable bottles

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