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Institute for International Business

State University of New York at New Paltz

t the State University of New York at New
Paltz, you will feel right at home in an ide-
al environment for learning. SUNY New
Paltz is one of 64 campuses of the State
University of New York, the largest sys-
tem of public education in the world. The curricu-
lum for the IIB program is broken into three areas of
study: Public Relations, Business Communication,
and General Business course offerings. Students at-
tend courses for eight weeks on the SUNY New Paltz
The Public Relations portion of
the IIB program offers students
an intensive look into public re-
lations and the importance of it
in the corporate world. The in-
structors of the public relations
segment are diverse, and highly
qualied in their elds. They
have taught in our program for
many years and have been some
of our students favorites.
Each student is responsible for
readings, news releases, memo-
randums, case studies, and essays.
More details concerning this
component of the IIB program,
including lecture titles, can be found on our website
In order to join the IIB program, all participants
must demonstrate a high level of English prociency.
The Business Communication course builds on this
base by providing advanced business language skills
to ne tune spoken and written English. Special
emphasis is placed on learning American business
practices. The instructors for this course include an
English as a Second Language instructor and a public
relations professional.
The School of Business at the State
University of NewYorkat NewPaltz
is committed to educating and de-
veloping students to be competent
business professionals in a global
economy. As part of the IIB pro-
gram, students will be enrolled in
regular university business school
classes based on their academic in-
terests, educational backgrounds,
and course availability. IIB students
can select courses from the under-
graduate curriculum, and the MBA
levels if their current academic
preparationsupports it.
One Of the
best parts Of
this experience
is being able
tO study with
flOrian, fOrmer iib
participant frOm germany
he Institute for International Business (IIB) offers studies in business, marketing,
public relations, and business communications at the State University of New York
at New Paltz, followed by full-time internships in New York City. Our program
has been successfully placing interns in New York City since 1990.
At IIB, we are committed to helping our students recognize and appreciate a global approach
to business and management, all in an intense and rewarding four months. We do so with a
caring and committed staff in a small-town atmosphere only 120 km from one of the greatest
cities in the world.
The IIB program also provides an excellent opportunity to work as a full-time intern with a
leading organization in New York City, and hone valuable skills in the cultural and business
capital of the world. Our program allows participants to:
cicct |rom manv arcas o| indnstrv markctin,. pn|iic rciations. mcdia. nnancc.
not-for-prot organizations and much more.
intcrnationaiizc tncir rcsnmc(\.
:ctwork witn \mcrican and intcrnationai companics.
improc tncir carccr opportnnitics.
Cainaina|ic cxpcricncc witnintncir cnoscncarccr ncid.
Our program runs the entire academic semester, with the rst half spent on campus.
During these initial weeks, the students take courses in public relations and business
communications, both especially designed for the IIB student. In addition, the students
join regular New Paltz undergraduate or graduate students in two business courses of their
choosing. The second half of the semester is spent working at an unpaid internship for a
company in New York City.
The latest IIB information is available at our web site: Information
about admission requirements to the program, schedules and frequently asked questions
can be found here. You may also reach me directly at (001)(845)257.2903 or via email at
We look forward to hearing from you.
Jeff Pollard,
Institute for International Business
Institute for International Business
State University of New York at New Paltz
World-Class University
Institute for International Business
State University of New York at New Paltz
Greetings from IIB
with a lOt Of activities, trips, friends,
and classes, i wish i had mOre time tO
spend in this place.
alejandrO , fOrmer iib student frOm mexicO
UNY New Paltz is located in a safe, clean, and
scenic area of upstate New York. Students at
SUNY New Paltz can enjoy the natural beau-
ty of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson
Kicr \aiicv. wniic ;nst )} minntcs |v |ns or
train from the activity of New York City and only a few
short hours from many other
major cities, including Phila-
delphia, Washington D.C. and
SUNY New Paltz, with ap-
proximately 8,000 students,
enrolls a diverse and dynamic
student population, including
more than 400 international
students from over 50 coun-
tries in Europe, Asia, Latin
America, and Africa.
With its thirteen residence
halls, dining facilities, tness
center, swimming pool and
outdoor recreation areas, stu-
dent life at SUNY New Paltz is
very active. Youll have the opportunity to participate
in more than 135 clubs and organizations and explore a
wide variety of cultural, political, educational, and social
interests. The university offers more than 35 sports teams
Institute for International Business
State University of New York at New Paltz
About SUNY New Paltz
and organizes many trips (such as skiing and rock climb-
ing) for students to participate in.
The SUNY New Paltz campus is home to some of the
nest educational facilities available, including the So-
journer Truth Library with state-of-the-art computer-
ized catalog and research sys-
tem, fully computerized labs,
art studios, theaters, language
centers and media facilities,
all providing an environment
conducive to effective study.
In addition to life on cam-
pus, the village of New Paltz
offers a charming blend of
commerce and natural
beauty and is great for hik-
ing and biking or just stroll-
ing along its many quiet
tree-lined streets. Restau-
rants, retail shops, and pro-
fessional offices intermingle
with historic stone houses
built in the 17th and 18th
centuries to make up this captivating town. To
find out more about the town of New Paltz, you can
visit,, or
Institute for International Business
State University of New York at New Paltz
e Internship Experience
he Institute for International Business is com-
ment. Throughthe Institute, students receive
intensive instruction in American business
practices. After coursework is completed, participants
have the opportunity to apply their skills during full-
time internships with leading rms in New York City.
Since 1990, many major U.S. and international compa-
nies have worked withIIBto provide challenging intern-
ship opportunities for young international professionals.
Some examples of previous internship sponsors include,
but are not limited to:
ProMexico Investment and Trade; SEB Enskilada
lankcn (orp.. 1ra|aict icita innds. \iacom ((or-
poratc \cconntin,+. \l ((orporatc iinancc+

Benetton USA; Gibbs and Soell, Inc.; The Museum
of Modern Art
Bertellsmann; EMI/Capitol Records; SONY Pictures;
Time, Inc.
Lorelei Enterprises, Inc.; The New York Public Library;
TH Outdoor and Events, LLC.
Burberry; Chanel, Inc.; Donna Karen International;
Monet; Polo Ralph Lauren; Tommy Hilger
BBDO; G2; Grey Digital and Direct; Winglatino;
Swedish American Chamber of Commerce
Please note: This list is an example of places where our participants have
interned in the past. It is not a guarantee that future participants will be
placed in those companies. Internships are competitive and are driven by
business need.
fOr a student tO gO tO anOther
cOuntry and have the ability tO wOrk in
the same industry as they are wishing tO
pursue their career is a very
rewarding OppOrtunity...
matt, fOrmer iib participant frOm australia
this an excellent prOgram. it really
helps tO develOp Ones persOnal and
prOfessiOnal skills.
victOr , fOrmer iib student frOm sweden
To be eligible for the IIB program, participants must be
at least 21 years of age and have completed a minimum
of two years of post-secondary education. Applicants
must be currently
attending a univer-
sity/college or have
graduated less than
one year ago, and
must demonstrate
a high level of pro-
ciency in written and
spoken English. It is
also recommended
that participants have at least 6 months of prior work
experience, although not required. Most importantly,
applicants must be bright, ambitious, and motivated
to take advantage of the opportunities provided by
the program.
SUNY New Paltz is one of a small number of American
universities authorized by the U.S. Department of State
to administcr a j- lxcnan,c \isitor 1rainin, iro,ram.
IIB will provide participants with a certicate of eligi-
bility for J-1 immigration status. The J-1 visa allows
participants to study and work legally in the United
States for the duration of the IIB training program.
The IIB Program takes place over a sixteen week period.
The rst eight weeks are spent studying business at the
State University of New York at New Paltz, and the
second eight weeks are spent interning with a leading
company in New York City. The fall semester com-
Institute for International Business
State University of New York at New Paltz
Program Details How to Apply
Institute for International Business
State University of New York at New Paltz
mences mid-August and runs through mid-December.
The spring semester program begins mid-January and
is completed mid-May.
Current program fees can be accessed from the IIB web-
site at Program fees include:
lcaitn insnrancc |or tnc dnration o| tnc pro,ram
lonsin, |or ci,nt wccks in :cw iaitz
\ mcai pian wniic in :cw iaitz
lonsin, |or ci,nt wccks in :cw York (itv
li,nt-wcck intcrnsnip at a companv in
New York City
iro,ram tnition and |ccs
inii nsc o| nnicrsitv campns |aciiitics (c.,. statc
of the art athletic wellness center, computer labs,
academic library, health center, etc.)
intcrnsnip administration
ociai ccnts
Cronp transportation |rom tnc airport to :cw iaitz
Cronp transportation to
New York City residence
issnancc o| i z}) \ i
}}z |or j- \isa statns
Program fees do not in-
\cais and transporta-
tion within New York
(onrsc tcxt|ooks (ap-
proximately $400)
incidcntai pcrsonai
If interested in taking part in this unique program, you can access an application
online at From there you can download all necessary
forms and nd out more about the IIB program, including answers to fre-
quently asked questions, program fees, and more. Program details should be
discussed with an exchange coordinator and/or academic advisor from your
home university prior to applying. Once ready to apply, application materials
may be submitted electronically to or via hard copy to:
The Institute for International Business
The State University of New York at New Paltz
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561-2499
Interested participants should use this checklist
as a guide when preparing application materials.
Applications cannot be processed before all items
are received. The application deadline for the
Fall semester is June 1st and for the Spring
semester is November 1st.
Downloadable Forms
IIB Application (typed and signed)
Agreement and Release Form
Internship Agreement
Business Course Request List
Additional Requirements
Copy of a valid passport
Written essay, in English, briey describing why you would like to participate
in the program and how it can benet you in achieving your future career goals
Two letters of recommendation, in English, from people who are able to assess
your suitability for the program
Academic transcripts from post-secondary education
Proof of English prociency (TOEFL score of minimum 80, TOEIC, writing
sample, and/or academic transcript illustrating English prociency)
Financial Certication (letter from nancial sponsor, personal statement of
account, or scholarship letter verifying ability to cover expenses for the
full semester)
(nrricninm \itacKcsnmc in ln,iisn
New York City
150 mi.
240 km.
100 mi.
160 km.
50 mi.
80 km.
New York State
Preparing for arrival
at SUNY New Paltz
Important information for
new International Students
Undergraduate and ESL Students
Fall 2009
the cOmbinatiOn Of twO mOnths
Of campus life in a small tOwn,
and twO mOnths Of an internship
in a big city like new yOrk is perfect!
carOl, fOrmer iib participant frOm mexicO
STUDY business for eight weeks
alongside American and other
international students at the
State University of New York
at New Paltz. Explore Ameri-
can public relations in classes
tailored to your needs. Improve
your English skills with custom-
ized business communication
LIVE in New Paltz for the rst
half of your program, enjoying
the warmth of a small university
town and the natural beauty of
tnc lndson Kicr \aiicv. ;nst a
90-minute drive north of New
York City. Then, for the second
half of your program, youll live
in and experience the excitement
of New York City.
WORK for eight weeks at an
internship with a leading com-
pany in New York City, the cul-
tural and nancial capital of the
world. Take advantage of New
York Citys role as an interna-
tional business hub.
GAIN insight into American
business and culture as well as
a global perspective that will
help to launch your career. Get
hands-on experience in advertis-
ing, marketing, public relations,
nance, or event planning in
private businesses or non-prot
SUNY New Paltz
Study. Live. Work. Gain.
Studies and Internships
for Todays Global
Business Environment
The Institute for International Business
The State University of New York at New Paltz
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561-2449
Come visit us at




Friday, August 19!!...!!Participants arrive in New York City, move in at New Paltz
Friday, October 14!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!...Move to New York City
Monday, October 17!!!!!!!!!!!!.!Internships begin in New York City
Wednesday, December 14!!!!!! Last day of internship & Graduation ceremony
Friday, December 16!!!!!...Check out of housing and depart from New York City


Wednesday, January 18!!..Participants arrive in New York City, move in at New Paltz
Friday, March 16...!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!...Move to New York City
Monday, March 19!!!..!!!!!!!!! .!Internships begin in New York City
Wednesday, May 16!!...!!!!!! .Last day of internship & Graduation ceremony
Friday, May 18!!!.!!!!...Check out of housing and depart from New York City


Monday, August 20!!!!Participants arrive in New York City, move in at New Paltz
Friday, October 19!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!...Move to New York City
Monday, October 22!!!!!!!!!!!!.!Internships begin in New York City
Wednesday, December 12!!!!!! .Last day of internship & Graduation ceremony
Friday, December 14!!!!!...Check out of housing and depart from New York City


Thursday, January 17!!..Participants arrive in New York City, move in at New Paltz
Friday, March 15...!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!...Move to New York City
Monday, March 18!!!..!!!!!!!!! .!Internships begin in New York City
Wednesday, May 8!!...!!!!!! .Last day of internship & Graduation ceremony
Friday, May 10!!!.!!!!...Check out of housing and depart from New York City