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Edward 1 Ellen Edward Professor Erin Mink Garvey WRD 103 - 415 19th September 2012

The first lady, Michelle Obama, delivered an insightfully personal and emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention. Her speech was so well delivered that it was buzzing through the Internet airwaves over Twitter and Facebook just minutes after she finished delivering it. Throughout the speech Michelle moves us and stirs our emotions by giving us an insight about what its like to be the first lady, the wife of the President of the United States, and a mother. Michelle effectively uses the propaganda device that is plain folks, to connect with the audience and tells stories about her past that make her seem like an ordinary American searching for the American dream. Michelle Obama begins her speech by thanking America for treating her family with kindness and warmth over the past four years. She continues to let her audience in on a little secret, claiming that before the journey began she had some concerns about what being the First Family would mean for their daughters, and how the spotlight would affect them. Taking us down memory lane Michelle tells a story that, before all the politics, their life was filled with simple joys, making her family seem like the common man and uses the propaganda device, plain folks by stating, Saturdays at soccer games, Sundays at grandmas houseand a date night for Barack and me was either dinner or a movie, because as an exhausted mom, I couldnt stay awake for both. She continues to explain to the audience that they started with a car that was so rusted out, I could actually see the

Edward 2 pavement going by through a hole in the passenger side door not only using humor but also honesty to appeal to the audiences pathos. Sharing a story about her adolescent years, Michelle Obama decides to tell us a story about her upbringings and how, if you take out the specifics of it all, when she found Barack she knew she found someone whose values and upbringing were so much like mine. She begins to pull at the audiences heart strings by talking about her disabled father getting up each morning and going to work and when he returned home after a long days work, my brother and I would stand at the top of he stairs to our little apartment, patiently waiting to greet himwatching as he reached down to lift one leg, and then the other, to slowly climb his way into our arms. This is to deduce that growing up they went through the struggles too, and that the only way they now live a better for themselves is because their parents took up their responsibilities and duties as parents and got up to do what needed to be done every morning. This particular story showed that Michelle had an personal understanding between parents and families who might not be able to better their own lives but are able to better their childrens. Switching gears, Michelle begins to talk about the values, morals and ethics Barack and her were brought up with and continue to believe in. She gives a personal insight on what decision making means for her husband, the President of the United States and claims, when it comes time to make that decision, as President, all you have to guide you are your values, and your vision, and the life experiences that make you who you are. Michelle then wonderfully illustrates how one can simply appeal to the pathos and logos by claiming a common mans problem in Americas society today and having an answer to it with a bill or an act passed by her husband during his first term as President when it

Edward 3 comes to giving our kids the education they deserve, Barack knows that like me and like so many of you, he never couldve attended college without financial aid. Thats why Barack has fought so hard to increase student aid and keep interest rates down, because he wants every young person to fulfill their promise and be able to attend college without a mountain of debt. Michelle took the stage to remind the audience, the citizens of the United States, that over the first presidential term of Barack Obamas presidency, America has been a blessing to represent and it was the right decision to make and accept not just as a wife, but also as a mom. Michelle had targeted a specific audience; she made the President seem like one of us, a normal citizen, and her deliverance was effective.