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He remembered seeing do not seek death, death will find you written in blood at all of the Sadists previous

crime scenes, but he never imagined that he would ever see it written in his own blood on the floor beside him. As he lay there bleeding and coughing into the filthy cloth being used as a gag, he began to wonder if he could have prevented this somehow, he had noticed a change in the past few months but this? Was this his fault? The Sadist entered the room carrying a nail gun and a bear trap. Now its your turn to feel pain! You see this bear trap in my hand? Once I put it on your head you have 20 seconds to get it off before it slams shut. Whats the nail gun for you ask? To nail you to the ground so you cant move and feel trapped like I have felt my whole life. Have fun getting out of this one. The Sadist grabbed the mans wrists and nailed them into the ground, getting satisfaction from hearing the metal grind against the bone as the man struggled and bit down on his gag coughing screams. Then his ankles were nailed making sure the Achilles was hit in the process. The man struggled against the Sadist as the bear trap was attached to his head and began to scream in horror but the gag prevented his screams, all that came out was a muffled noise. This wont hurt a bit, until it pulverises your brain that is, the Sadist uttered, he sneered and left swiftly, leaving the man to himself. 20. 19. 18. He had to get out of this quickly. 17. 16. 15. His bones creaked against the metal nails as he pulled against their restraining hold. 14. 13. 12. 11. This is how it would end, helplessly pinned to the ground with no way out and he deserved it. 10. 9. 8. 7. He began to drift out of consciousness but before he did he said his last prayers waiting for the timer to hit 1. Hello, Jenkins. Thomas answered the phone. He propped himself up on his elbows and turned his head to see the clock, 5am! Really? he thought to himself. Yeah, hi, its Torrez here, sorry its early but its important. We have a four-one-nine and a possible one-eight-seven on 13th Street. Ill be right there, see you soon boss. He leaned over and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and threw on some clothes. On his way out he caught his reflection in the mirror, his scruffy brown hair was past his eyes but their blue shone through the strands of hair, he ran his fingers through it and carried on out the door. As he drove towards 13th street it was lined with police holding back the journalists wanting to get the inside scoop of who the victim was, possible motives and if they had an idea of the attacker, after all it was the first murder in 25 years and they wanted to be the first to cover the story. Thomas slowed down and showed his I.D to the officer and was waved on. He pulled up on the opposite side of the road and stepped out the car and pushed aside prying journalists and made his way to the house to answer the question on everyones mind, he was going to identify who had been killed. As he opened the door the smell of decay made him gasp for fresh air, just by the smell he knew the body must have been here at least a few days. As he walked around the house, the smell grew more profound he must be close to the body. In the middle of the kitchen floor were the disfigured remains of Miss Helen Karvina. Her head was covered in dried blood, her hands were lying on the floor beside her in a puddle of dry blood and bile, her body was twisted in various angles and on the countertop was written Do not seek death, death will find you in blood.

Torrez appeared behind Thomas and began to fill him in on the situation, Its not like anything weve ever seen before Jenkins; Bowie hasnt had a murder in 25 years and now this? Mandys going to take the body back to the lab and take a closer look at it, hopefully get some answers. The neighbours hadnt seen her for a few days and when came looking for her and she didnt answer, well they called us in. Theyre at the station at the moment; were getting a statement from them both. Then Im off to the agency to see whats happening to Nick, hes been with his Dad the past week but apparently he dropped Nick at his friends two days ago and took off, he hasnt seen or heard from him since. Its suspicious if you ask me. Ill get Gibbs to look into it, find his whereabouts and track his phone, see if hes made any calls recently. What do you think theyll do with Nick? Hes 12 they cant just put him into care and expect him to be ok, He just lost his mom Torrez and his Dads taken off and a possible suspect. There isnt a lot I can do Tom, I know this must be hard having lost a kid around the same age, but Im not a professional, I cant make the call on what happens to him. Leave it to me, Ill be in later to catch up with Mandy on the cause of death and call in Gibbs but right now there is a child who needs me.

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