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Lesson Plans for the Week of September 25th-28th Tuesday Find s and see videos on youtube Have fun

n teaching Small reading group- Level A Dads Word Work- with the magnets make a few easy high frequency words such as (it, is, in, I, am, me, a) Focus of lesson: Compare and contrast this weeks book with last weeks book on moms. What is different? What is the same? Identify the first sound in words and connect it to a letter. What do you already know about dads? Picture walk the book- Concepts of print- reading right to left, identifying sounds, breaking apart words. Objective: Students will be able to make predictions. Students will be able to see how sentences are formed. Small group- Interactive Writing session Materials needed: Sentence strips, salt and sugar, pencils Tasting salt and sugar Have students make predictions. Students will each taste the salt and sugar. As a group they will share the pen and come up with a sentence together. I thought the sugar was salt Salt and sugar look the same but taste different Describing a Leaf Materials needed: Leaves, (potentially) blindfolds, seeing book Objective: Students will be able to use their sense of sight and touch to identify characteristics of the leaves. Students will be able to compare and contrast the two senses of sight and touch. Before handing out the leaves, explain to students to not touch the leaf given to them. They will be working with their desk partners to describe their leaf to their partner. Without touching the leaves students will have to describe their leaf to their partner. Discuss why it was difficult to describe. Try leaf activity again, but have students close their eyes or use blindfolds, but this time only using their sense of touch. Have students describe their leaves to their partner. What was easier? What part of the body do we use to see? How could you tell what an object is if you couldnt see?

Wednesday September 26th Music and our Feelings Objective: Students will be able to use feeling words to describe how songs make them feel. (Happy, sad, afraid, excited, confused, mad) Materials: Different types of music including (classical, upbeat, scary, romantic, country (folky, hip hop), paper, pencils I will have a CD with several different types of music and sound for the students to listen to. As students listen to the song, have students share how it made them feel. Stop the song and have them write about how the song made them feel. Model what to write before students write at their desks. I will do the first song to show the students what Im looking for when they do it on their own. The second song, we will do together as a group to come up with how we felt as a group about the song. The last few songs, the students will work on at their desks independently. EDM 1.14 Finger Count Fun Objectives: Practice reading numerals through ten. Recognize numbers as five and some more. Materials: Number cards Showing Fingers: Hold up a number card and have the students hold up that number of fingers. Have students turn to a partner and take turns saying a number and show the finger count. Counting Fingers: Have children watch my fingers. Show a number of fingers (1,2,3,4,5) quickly and then hide them. Show the same number again with the number card so they can check their answer. When most children can identify 1-5 begin using both hands to show 6-10. Goal is for children to move toward a strategy of counting on from 5 and later.

Thursday September 27th Materials: Different scents including: Mint, vanilla, onion, pepper, cinnamon, floral (perfume sample), orange, and banana. Ziploc containers/baggies, Paper numbered 1-8 for students to match the scents with. Objective: Students will be able to use their sense of smell to identify various familiar scents. Label the scents # 1- 8. Put the labels of the different items on the board so students can see how they are spelled. Explain that they will only get a minute with each scent to make sure that all students are able to smell all of the scents. Place the scents at different spots at desks. Have students write down what scent they think it is. Rotate the scents around the room until every student has had a chance to smell each scent and make their predictions. Make sure students understand the task by walking around the room, checking in on students. As students are smelling the various scents, ask individual students what the scent reminds them of. Also ask what they think about when they smelled the scent. Math- Four- corner food group activity (and class graph) Materials: Various pictures of items representing the main food groups: Protein, fruits, vegetables, and milk. Class graph premade. Objective: To allow students to visually see the different food groups and the foods within them as well as making a class bar graph. Have pictures of different foods in each of the food groups at the four corners of the rug. Explain to the students that in order to play this game they must keep a bubble in their mouth and move quietly to their favorite food group. Once there I will have one student from each group color in the designated spaces on the graph for their food group. Making Meaning: My Friends lesson make a copy of the lessons for day 1 and 2

Friday September 28th Taste Testers Activity Materials: Bakers chocolate, sour candies, sugar, and pretzels, class chart Objective: To allow students to experience the four main tastes of the tongue: bitter, sour, salty and sweet. This activity will be done at the desks of the students. Each item will be passed around one at a time to accommodate classroom management. The four items include: bakers chocolate, sour candies, sugar and pretzels. Before the activity begins, have students watch a short video on the tongue and where the different tastes land on the tongue. To continue the activity students will be able to come up one at a time to fill in a square on the class chart designating their favorite taste.