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UNITROL excitation systems for motors Automatic start and smooth operation for synchronous motors

Synchronous motors are used in many industries for driving pumps, fans, mills and other large loads. No matter the application, UNITROL automatic voltage regulators ensure optimal and safe operation of the motor at all times. Operator commands can be reduced to start and stop with the integrated sequence control. UNITROL excitation systems can be fitted to any motor brand.

UNITROL 6080 - Proven flexible solutions UNITROL 6000 is ABBs latest generation of indirect (AVR) and static excitation systems (SES). Its smaller version, UNITROL 6080, is a compact and cost-effective solution with full functionality. It offers high performance control, easy operation, monitoring and maintenance of the system. Limiting and protecting functions keep the system within safe range and increase the reliability.
UNITROL 6080 single channel 820 A static excitation system for motors

Measurement signals Thyristor gate control

Single line diagram for indirect motor excitation

Highlights of UNITROL excitation for motors High performance closed loop motor voltage control Reactive power compensation Automatic startup sequence after closing motor circuit breaker Smooth dynamic and steady state motor operation Voltage stability support Extensive integrated monitoring, limiting and protection functions for safe operation and motor protection Powerful excitation control terminal (as PC-application or optionally integrated) for short commissioning and maintenance time Standardized for cost effectiveness and faster lead times Integrated motor auxiliaries control (optional)

Measurement signals Thyristor gate control

Single line diagram for static motor excitation

Choose your optimum system

System type S6E-R/ Cabinet width [mm] Cabinet height [mm] Cabinet depth [mm] Nominal field current [A] Ceiling current 130%, 10 sec [A] Converter input voltage [V] 50 65 105 136 D111 - A100 630 D111 - A145 1,230 D211 - A250 1,230 2,120 600 185 240 50 ... 500 355 461 582 756 773 1,005 D311 - A500 1,630 D411 - A800 1,630 D411 - A1000 1,630
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Above data are valid for an ambient temperature of 40C, installation altitude 1,000 meters and cabinet protection class IP21.

Functionality AVR functions AVR setpoint control Underexcitation limiter Minimum and maximum field current limiter Stator current limiter (underexcited and overexcited) Power factor control Reactive power control Manual control mode for field current regulation Auxiliary functions Event logger with real time stamp 6 channel transient recorder Hardware options Fieldbus (Profibus DPV-0, Modbus TCP or RTU) Field circuit insulation monitor Higher protection class (up to IP42) Sequence control Ready for motor start interlock Smooth self synchronization and transfer to normal operation Monitoring and protection DC overvoltage AC overvoltage Field overcurrent DC short circuit Asynchronous start and stall Thyristor bridge Communication links Measurements Power supply Rotor temperature Excitation transformer temperature

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