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Time to Think

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About this presentation

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This project will help to solve the problem of unemployment Create skilled workforce in the society

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Two reason for unemployment

22% college placemnets

What we do?
Bitchange india offers a marketing department. if you don't have one, more creative and strategic horsepower if you do. We integrate: Research+stratergy Planning+management Creative execution

About us..

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Bit Change India is registered under society act of 1875 Mentor Rk mittal

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The motto of the organisation is time to think

Every youth is different


Our company has an 5000 sqft head office in Lucknow in Indra Nagar We have 15 employees working under us


Rk mittal mentour and chairman of the company has an industry experince of 30 yrs He has worked with HUL as marketing head

Our aim is to decrease unemployment rate from root level of the society

To provide better marketing techniques according to the needs of the companies at lower cost

To provide skilled and practical experienced candidates to the company

To give a good start to the carrier of individual

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Today companies are not able to do two task at the same time Due to cut-throat market competition companies are not able to manage their cost effectively The market opportunity we are pursuing is very big and its growing at high rate The current problem in the society is unemployed unskilled & inexperienced individuals


Compelling problems to be solved The problem of unemployment in grass root level of education system Practical approach to things we learn


Describe the business

Our business will give a new hope to the potential unemployment from the grass root level i.e. from colleges

Compelling benefits
Providing a buisness environment in which unskilled can be skilled and for which they are remunarated




Take marketing projects from big and small educational institutions and hospitals

a blend of both college students and professionals to complete these projects


Our clients

Majour schools of the cities Sahi public school Cathedral school Bal vidhya mandir Blooming buds school


Their are 220 colleges in the city


Our company will help these education institution to work efficiently by taking their projects and working on them with the help of blend of professionals, we will help them to increase their productivity as well as . profitability

The project which we will take is of marketing and advertising industry we will help to bring out innovative thoughts to increase sales revenue


We will tie up with tier 2 B schools & colleges we will conduct workshops seminar,& symphonisum at college level to create the awareness regarding our project

our initiative Earn

while you Learn will help to

attract pottential & prospective students regarding our project

Who we serve

Organizations of all sizes seeking end-toend strategic, seamless and sustainable marketing services. We're for: Startups + small educational institutions mid-sized institutions Large institutions

Opportunity & market

Marketing & IEC industry

Marketing industry has shown a significant growth rate of 60% In last 5 yrs

E commerce industry has registered a growth of 65 %. In the last two yeras

We are working on all the three markets and we are projected to increase our revenue upto 60-70% in next 3 years

education industry
It has 82 % growth rate in last 3 years



Dissolving them prospective in companies.


Developing their skills

Sessions in colleges.

Interviews/hiring potential candidates.


Customer ?

Create an unemployment free India for the comming generation

Quality service at a low price


Competitive advantage
What competitive advantages do we have?

How are we better than our competitors?

-Example Why will customer care? Why will customers choose our service, instead of your competitors?

Financial roadmap

How do we make money?

How much money do make each year

When will our BEP.

When will you need to raise more money to grow your business

Budgetry control

Initial investment 25 laks 10 laks from chairman mr jr shulka 2 laks from 5 member each 1 laks from 5 members

Projected Budgeting plans

PARTICULARS Income from trainees for 1 month Income from Projects Seed investments Expenses: rent and regestration and furniture's AMOUNT in Rs (in LACS) 100*1500*1=1.5 lakh 2* 20 lakh=40 lakhs 25 lakh 2,40lakh+5 thousand 2lakhs

Computer purchasing charges

Salary paid to trainee for 1 month Salary paid to part time trainee for 10 month

10 lakh
100*1500 =1.5 lakh 3000*10*100=30 lakh

Salary paid to Professionals

Miscellaneous expenses Projected profit

5 *20000*12=12 lakh
5 lakh 35lakh

Break even analysis

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The management



RK mittal


Business summary
In this fierce and cut throat competition every education institution want to increase the number of student studying in their schools Our company will help to reduce the number of student by creating a marketing department in every schools Our company which is basically a marketing company will help to create new ,innovative and creative ideas and campaigns so that the sale of our clients increases Our company will not hire guys with high experience high we requires guys with degree in BEE i.e. bachelors in energy and enthusiasm because they wil help to create and contribute more As a social enterprise we are working with the problem of unemployment in the root level of the society ie college level


We will hire maximum fresher's as part timers and full time

Provide them the training and skills necessary and placing them in our company acording to their ability

After 1 years we will dissolve these guys in other companies and prepare a new workforce

This will help to impart skills in the society to more and more people

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Management freak Swithen thomas