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destination niedersachsen 2012

A Guide for the Travel Trade

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Welcome to Niedersachsen!
Germany has been an attractive travel destination for holidaymakers from all over the world in 2011. And Niedersachsen Germanys second largest state by area is looking back on a year of significant growth. In 2010 the 3 million mark was broken for overnight stays by international visitors, representing a more than 45 % increase since 2001. The growth trend remained in place in 2011. Niedersachsens many and varied landscapes attract visitors to the North Sea coast and East Frisian Islands, its moors and heaths, and panoramic views over the Weserbergland and Harz. In addition to landscapes, Niedersachsen offers visitors a host of attractions and tourist draws in its various regions and cities. Niedersachsen also has four of Germanys numerous World Heritage sites, the latest addition being the Fagus factory in Alfeld. Built by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer starting in 1911, the structure is regarded as an original modernist building. Our brochure destination niedersachsen combines useful information about Niedersachsen along with ideas and offers from our partners. For more information visit our website,, or contact us directly with your inquiries. TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH

Travelling to Niedersachsen
Many routes lead to Niedersachen, by car, public transport, ferry and plane.

Hannover Airport (HAJ) is the central hub for those arriving by plane. The airport is located in Langenhagen, just outside of Hannover. Another four international airports are not far away: Hamburg Airport (HAM) Paderborn Airport (PAD) Airport Mnster / Osnabrck (FMO) Airport Bremen (BRE)

Are you driving to Niedersachsen or taking one of the ferries to Germany via the Netherlands or France? Once you make the ferry crossing you'll be in Niedersachsen in just a few hours. The state has excellent infrastructure, the A 7 (northsouth) and A 2 (east-west) motorways providing particularly fast connections. Distances at a glance by car: Amsterdam Hannover: 3 hours 45 min. Calais Hannover: 6 hours Flensburg Hannover: 3 hours Hamburg Hannover: 1 hour 15 min. Kiel Hannover: 2 hours 30 min. Rotterdam/Hoek van Holland Hannover: 4 hours 25 min.

Public transport is a good option for coming to Niedersachsen. Most cities in Niedersachsen are connected to the ICE highspeed network of Deutsche Bahn, the national rail operator. For more information, visit our website:




Federal Highway


Other roads


Railway line

Ferry Catamaran

Urban centre with Over100 000 inhabitants

ICE train station


Over 50 000 inhabitants

National park

Over 30 000 inhabitants

Over 15 000 inhabitants

Over 15 000 inhabitants

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destination niedersachsen
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Group offers of partners in Niedersachsen

Bremerhaven Wilhelmshaven Papenburg Emsland Grafschaft Bentheim Osnabrck Oldenburger Mnsterland Oldenburg Celle Heide-Park Resort Weltvogelpark Walsrode Mercure Hotel Walsrode Parkhotel Hitzacker Sdheide Gifhorn Hannover Marienburg Castle Hannover Adventure Zoo Hildesheim Van der Valk Hotel (Hildesheim) Hameln Hann. Mnden Gttingen Hotel der Achtermann (Goslar) Goslar Wltingerode Monastery Hhlenerlebniszentrum Zisterzienserkloster Fagus Factory in Alfeld Braunschweig Wolfenbttel The Autostadt in Wolfsburg Phno (Wolfsburg) 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 42 43 44 45 46 47

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Our services for the international travel industry:

TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN) is your central contact for tourism in the German state of Niedersachsen. TMN has been developing and implementing multi-regional and themed marketing concepts and projects since 2001. We bundle the array of content, offerings and information for our tourism partners and the regions of Niedersachsen, presenting these jointly at tourism and retail trade shows, on the internet and in print media. Our aim is to win people over for holidays and travelling in and to Niedersachsen. On the one hand, we address our future guests directly, on the other hand, via travel operators with assistance in preparing offers by providing information, contacts and new ideas. Apart from the economic shareholders, tourism organisations and associations, numerous funding sources, touristic facilities and also federal state and national political representatives rank among our partners.

Contacts and ideas

We are happy to assist you when looking for new ideas and sources of inspiration. This includes brochure material for holiday destination Niedersachsen and contacts with our regional partners. Every quarter TMN sends out an E-mail newsletter in English as a direct channel for providing you information on new offerings, current issues and events in Niedersachsen. To sign up for the newsletter, register online at

Study trips for the international travel industry

Are you interested in finding out first hand about holiday destination Niedersachsen, special offers and themes? We invite you to familarisation/study trips to Niedersachsen which we organise in partnership with the German National Tourist Board (DZT) or our partners in Niedersachsen. We also offer individual and group travel arrangements for media representatives.

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Niedersachsen picture database

Are you looking for appealing images to motivate your customers to travel to Niedersachsen, and to add high-impact photos to your text and editorial work? Visit our picture database at TMN. After a short registration (free of charge), the pictures are available for journalists and tour operators.

Seal of Quality: The initiative ServiceQualitt Deutschland

serves to further continuous quality improvements in offers and services in Niedersachsen. The ServiceQualitt Deutschland quality supply system for Niedersachsen is backed by over 360 quality-conscious service providers from a range of industries. They share a common commitment to guaranteeing and raising service quality in Niedersachsen, so as to offer guests the best possible services. Certified businesses are awarded the "Q" quality seal. This designation provides a reliable guide for consumers. For more information, visit

Facts, figures and data on holiday destination Niedersachsen

What is the trend for overnight stay figures for holiday destination Niedersachsen, and what are the most popular Niedersachsen tourism spots in your market? TMN market research has information on current data and growth forecasts. Current statistics and numbers are available online at .

Your contact for tourism in Niedersachsen: TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH International Marketing Essener Strae 1 | 30173 Hannover Tel. +49 (0)511 27048826 Fax +49 (0)511 27048888

The individual contacts for the different regions, towns/cities and tourist organisations can be found under the respective group offerings in the subsequent parts of this brochure or requested directly from TMN.


UNESCO World Heritage sites in holiday destination Niedersachsen

UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage
The Wadden Sea, the worlds largest and most significant tidal wetland biotope and rest stop for over 10 million migratory birds annually, has been recognised as a transboundary World Heritage site. The area encompasses 10,000 square kilometers extending from the Netherlands to Niedersachsen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The Wadden Sea was named a World Heritage site due to its exceptionally rich biodiversity, with over 15,000 different plant and animal species, and its ecological and geomorphological significance. In addition to the wadden area itself the protected zone extends to salt meadows, marsh areas, dunes, sand banks and other habitats. The worlds largest contiguous area of mud and sand flats provides such a large food supply that the Wadden Sea is indispensable as a stopover for migratory birds. TI P The Wadden Sea can be experienced on various also educational activities whilst being accompanied by professional guides. Many local visitor centres take you along on your personal discovery tour. For more information visit:

Hildesheim: St. Marys Cathedral and St. Michael

Hildesheim Cathedral and the former Benedictine abbey church of St. Michael are exceptional sites for religious art in the Holy Roman Empire. These two buildings belonging and the artistic treasures they hold were recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1985. Combined, both neighboring and historically connected churches convey an overview over the design and fitting of a romanesque church interior, comprehensively as nowhere else.

TI P Walking tours of the city for individuals and groups, in a number of foreign languages.
Further info and contact data are listed on page 34.

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Goslar: Rammelsberg mine, Goslar old town and the The Upper Harz Water Regal
When the Rammelsberg mine outside of Goslar was shut down in 1988, it marked the end of a 1,000-year operating history. Goslar owes its wealth to the nearly 30 million tons of ore taken from Rammelsberg. Its silver and copper ores led to the founding of the Palatinate by Emperor Henry II. For over 200 years, Goslar was the residence of German emperors and kings, and became a centre for the Christian faith. The city is known for its numerous churches, colourful half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. In 2010, the World Heritage site consisting of the Upper Harz Water Regal supply system, which was built in the early 13 th century by Cistercian monks and expanded over the centuries by miners, received special recognition.

TI P Walking tours of the city for individuals and groups, and select tours in a number of foreign languages. Also underground guided tours in Rammelsberg mine and water hiking trails at the Upper Harz Water Regal open air museum.
Further info and contact data are listed on page 40.

Fagus factory in Alfeld

The Fagus factory in Alfeld was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2011. The factory represents the original work of modernist industrial architecture and a specimen from the New Objectivity movement. It was the first major building by Walter Gropius, later known as a famous Bauhaus architect, who was hired by the industrialist Carl Benscheidt to build a shoemakers last factory. A glass and steel construction and unsupported, fully windowed corners made it a hallmark for the new brand of architecture, giving the threestorey building facade a weightless elegance. Shoemakers lasts are still made today at the Fagus factory.

TI P The Fagus-Gropius exhibition occupies 3,000 m on eleven oors of the former factory warehouse, informing visitors all about wood as a material, wood processing and 100 years of footwear fashions.
Further info and contact data are listed on page 43.


If you are looking for new themes and ideas for tours to Niedersachsen, we are pleased to assist. TMN and its partners bundle information on selected travel themes and offers, and will provide contacts to partners and service providers in Niedersachsen.

Tip: Spa and activity holidays between the Harz and the North Sea
Doing something good for your body, being active out in nature and just relaxing and unwinding. Leisure and vitality holiday offers in Niedersachsen are popular with tourists. Out-ofthe ordinary, high-quality offerings are an essential part of a indulge yourself holiday. A bracing climate, salt water, moors or thalassotherapy are just some of the themes and contents suited for holiday offers. Visit for more information on potential packages and existing arrangements offered by Niedersachsen's partners.

Tip: Cycling tours in Niedersachsen

For many holidaymakers, bicycling is the most enjoyable way to discover the charm of the Niedersachsen region. The state has numerous tours for both young and old, for casual or sporting cyclists, and for individuals, groups, or the entire family. The Elbe- and Weserradweg are two of Germanys most popular cycling routes, both located in Niedersachsen. And there are the host of other routes to take like the Wmme, the Boxenstopp (pit-stop) and the International Dollard Route. Paddel und Pedal for example is a special combined offering available in the Ostfriesland region allowing visitors to jump off their bikes and into a canoe whenever the mood strikes them. For information on bicycling in Niedersachsen and a list of long-distance routes and route suggestions visit

Tip: City tours in Niedersachsen

Fascinating architecture, romantic charm and a vibrant urban atmosphere the cities of Niedersachsen are quite special, both the big, modern metropolises with rich and varied cultural offerings, events and shopping, and the less well-known hidden jewels. When travelling to or through Niedersachsen's towns and cities you always discover something new, charming or exciting. UNESCO World Heritage sites in the midst of lively areas, world-famous products Made in Niedersachsen, culinary delights of regional cuisine and cultural events at uncommon venues. For information on Niedersachsens towns and cities, potential offerings and existing arrangements visit

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Hann. Mnden Rose Festival | every June Two-day Old Town festival with flower sellers, arts and crafts, music program on multiple stages, naming of the Rose Fairy and culinary offerings of restaurants. Bremerhaven Festival | every July Bremerhaven has more docks and shipyards than any other city. Bremerhavens port area thus celebrates its status with a big celebration for the whole family. Hannover Marksmen's Festival | every July The worlds largest marksmens festival extends over ten days and nights. Folksy hustle and bustle raises spirits at a giant funfair. The high point every year is a parade of 12,000 participants. | Weekend on the Jade city and port festival held every year in late June/early July On the first weekend of July Wilhelmshaven celebrates a maritime festival with an armada of traditional sailing vessels, some 80 music groups and a colourful quayside scene. | Oldenburg International Film Festival every September Oldenburg International Film Festival: A non-competitive film festival, the focus is on international film-making. It is one of the Europes major independent cinema festivals. Celle Stallion Parade | every September and October The famous Celle Stallion Parades are held before the backdrop of the citys historic Landgestt buildings on five Saturdays in Sept./Oct., starting at 13:00. Lneburg Slfmeistertage, a salt masters celebration | held every October The Lneburg Slfmeistertage, a medieval salt spectacle, takes place in early October, featuring a medieval market, historical parade, music and theatre. | Niedersachsen Christmas markets starting at the end of November When November ends the Christmas Market season begins in holiday destination Niedersachsen. You may prefer a traditional and contemplative celebration in Niedersachsens cities and towns, or something unusual and unique like the winter landscapes at Hannover Adventure Zoo or the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

Meyer Werft | various dates throughout the year Public shipyard tour see the birthplace of many ocean liners. For current cruise ship disembarkation/transfer dates see Schoduvel Braunschweig Carnival every year on the Sunday before Shrove Monday Braunschweig is northern Germanys main Carnival town. The Sunday before Shrove Monday the Schoduvel, the largest Carnival celebration in northern Germany, transforms the city in one big colourful, crazy family. Walpurgis | annually on 30 April Walpurgis Night, for which the Harz is well-known, is an attraction for the whole family; come to Goslar to celebrate with the crowds on the historic and spooky-yet-tastefully decorated market square, with live music. | Movimentos at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg April and May of each year The programme features classical, jazz and pop concerts, readings and talks, discussions, theatre and prominent dance companies with renowned choreographers. Gttingen International Hndel Festival annually at Pentecost Classical music lovers gather each spring at the International Hndel Festival, which is most popular for its opera performances with major international artists. May Week in Osnabrck | every May Popular music festival with standup and shows on more than ten stages throughout the city free of charge, and outdoors. | RATS musical in Hameln annually from May to September Every Wednesday at 16:30, visitors of Hameln have an opportunity to watch the comedy musical RATS in front of the Hochzeitshaus on the market square. | International Fireworks Competition in Hannover May to September of each year On ve dates between May and September you can see the worlds best reworks in the evening sky in front of the impressive backdrop of the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. Hildesheim Wine Festival | annually on Ascension Day Every year around Ascension Day, winemakers, wine merchants and innkeepers invite the public to come to the five-day Hildesheim Wine Festival. Wolfenbttel Cultural Summer June to August of each year The castle courtyard in Wolfenbttel is transformed into a huge open-air stage for theatre, cabaret, comedy, classical and popular music, childrens theatre, music, dance and song. |

Additional events in Niedersachsen can be found in our online event database at

inspiration niedersachsen




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On the subsequent pages you will find group offers of regions, towns/cities and tourist organisations in Niedersachsen.

German Emigration Center

Harbour Worlds Bremerhaven

Das Land zwischen

The Elbe und W Seaside City of Bremerhaven


C O N TAC T Bremerhaven Tourist Board H.-H.-Meier-Strae 6 27568 Bremerhaven p +49(0)471 94646100 f +49(0)471 94646190 w w

Where the River Weser and the North Sea On-site research facilities allow visitors to emwaters meet you will nd the seaside city of bark on a personal search for their ancestors. Bremerhaven, once the most important port for European emigration and now a thriving The Climate House Bremerhaven 8 East is a tourism destination. Fascinating attractions globally unique adventure world that excitingawait our guests in the tourism complex Ha- ly presents facts, gures and phenomena on venwelten Bremerhaven, such as the National the topic of climate and climate change. JourGerman Maritime Museum, the Zoo at the ney along the 8th longitude and experience Sea, the German Emigration Center and the the various climate zones. Feel the coolness of the Swiss Alps, then go through the glowing Climate House Bremerhaven 8 East. heat in Sahel and the iciness of the Antarctic Between 1830 1974, over 7 million emigrants until you reach Northern Germany again. departed for the New World from Bremerhaven. Using authentic biographies, the German Also worth a visit is the mile in the historic Emigration Center, which was awarded the title part of the Shop Window Fishery Harbor in European Museum of the Year 2007, pro- the south of Bremerhaven, where you can vides a hands-on emigration experience. Relive enjoy sh at its freshest, cafs, pubs, shops, the departure, the crossing and arrival as if you the seawater aquarium Atlanticum and much more. were taking that journey yourself. who departed for the New World through the port of Bremerhaven between 1830 and 1974. You can also embark on a personal search for your own ancestors in the Forum Migration. 3:45 PM Admission and a 1-hour guided tour in English through the National German Maritime Museum. An unforgettable journey through the worlds oceans on historic sailing ships, steam ships and ocean liners as well as impressive personal effects left behind by the conquerors of distant lands alongside the most modern technology of those times. Price: 46.00 p. p., min. number of participants: 15 persons, bookable period of time: Not on December 24, 2012 and only according to availability, Contact: Bremerhaven Tourist Board, p +49(0)471 94646148 HIGHL I G H TS 2 012
28 29 A P R I L 2 012

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS DA Z ZL I N G H AV E N W E LTE N 10:00 AM A 2-hour exclusive guided tour in English through the Havenwelten Bremerhaven. Travel along historic paths and explore two centuries of impressive harbour city history around the Old and New Harbour. You will learn about the individual attractions such as the German Emigration Center and the Climate House Bremerhaven 8 East and will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view from the 90 metre high lookout platform SAIL City. 12:00 PM Lunch in the restaurant Speisesaal Steak & Fish in the theme museum German Emigration Center. 1:30 PM Admission + a 1.5-hour guided tour in English through the German Emigration Center. This theme museum tells the story of the emigrants

Fish Party

25 2 9 J U LY 2 012

38. Bremerhavener Festival Week

3 4 AU G U S T 2 012

Cinema in the Fishery Harbor

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Wadden Sea National Park


kste kst


C O N TAC T Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH Tourist-Information Bahnhofsplatz 1 26382 Wilhelmshaven p +49(0)4421 913000 f +49(0)4421 9130010 w w

45 min

Schillig Hornumersiel Hooksiel

The harbour centre of maritime activities

Maritime atmosphere

Jade Bay

Wilhelmshaven The Navy and Port City

Recreational holidays at the seaside combined with a wide range of relaxing leisure and vibrant cultural attractions in a modern metropolis: the navy- and port city of Wilhelmshaven offers something for everyone. With its maritime atmosphere, unique museums and interactive worlds of experience, as well as the largest German naval base and the infotainment centre about Germanys new deepwater container terminal JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven really does have it all. Many new insights and adventure holidays are waiting for your target group. Explore a diversified mix of events, as well as excellent hotels and restaurants with the best fresh seafood to give your clients what they deserve. With its south beach and large array of maritime attractions, Wilhelmshaven is an attractive holiday destination throughout the whole year.
Wochenende an der Jade The biggest port festival around Wilhelmshaven`s Great Port. Ships invite guests from all over the world to enjoy sailing trips and openship. A hilarious music and entertainment program will rock the harbour.
28 3 0 S E P T E M B E R 2 012 28 J U N E 1 J U LY 2 012

For business or leisure trips for groups or individual travellers, we will be more than happy to provide you with the latest news and information.

Aquarium German Naval Museum JadeWeserPort-InfotainmentCenter Kstenmuseum Museum of local history UNESCO world heritage Wadden Sea Visitor Center Shipping company Warrings, port tours and cruises Rosarium, botanical garden City tours, guided walks into Emperor Wilhelms era, guided bicycle tours Wilhelmshaven Helgoland Island shipline

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS D I S COV E R JA D E W ES E R P O RT Entrance fee for the Kstenmuseum Wilhelmshaven Guided city tour Lunch: Labskaus, a traditional sailors meal Entrance fee for the JadeWeserPort-InfotainmentCenter Price: 22.90 p. p. Minimum: 20 persons (bus required)

JadeWeserPort-CUP Numerous historic sailing ships deliver a fascinating race on the Jade Bay. Make your customers dream come to life: go aboard and become a crew member for one day.


Museum ship Brigg Friederike

Discover luxury cruises at the Meyer Werft shipyard

Museum Village Von-Velen-Anlage

Papenburg a multi-faceted address for your holiday.

Germanys longest and oldest fen colony directly neighbours East Frisia.Idyllic fen houses and 40 kilometres of canals with romantic bascule and swing bridges and anchoring museum ships give the seaport city its distinctive look. At the same time modern high-tech enterprises such as the Meyer Werft shipyard invite you for a visit. In the Meyer Werft visitors centre you can follow the building of cruise vessels up close: exhibits, lms, sample cabins, the Disney theme area and the unique view into the two gigantic building docks await the visitor during a guided tour. Renowned shipping lines such as AIDA Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Disney Cruise Lines (DCL) are having their dream ships built in the Meyer Werft. You can get insights into the fascination of car testing on Europes most modern test track in the Papenburg Zeitspeicher. There you can also tune in on the history of Papenburgs origin. Those who want to stroll along the traces of Papenburgs first settlers can pay a visit to the Van Velen Anlage open-air museum. For culture enthousiasts the manor Gut Altenkamp offers the right setting. The manor with its 200 year-old Baroque garden is the venue for top-class exhibitions and concerts.The Veranstaltungsforum Alte Werft offers on the former production site of the Meyer Werft shipyard cultural experiences in a unique setting. A holiday in Papenburg also offers the opportunity to be active.

C O N TAC T Papenburg Tourismus GmbH lmhlenweg 21 26871 Papenburg p +49(0)4961 83960 f +49(0)4961 839696 w w

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS PA PE N BU RG C L A SS I C S Get to know Germanys oldest and longest fen colony. Tour the Meyer Werft shipyard and experience up close how the most modern cruise vessels are built. During a city tour you will get to see Papenburgs most beautiful sights.Bookings: all year around

Habour Festival with traditional ships, maritime mile and music

A P R I L 2 012

31 AU G US T 2 S E P T E M B E R 2 012

2 overnight stays including breakfast buffet 2 evening meals (3 course menue) 1 traditional lunch of Snirtjebraten guided tour of the Meyer Werft shipyard in English guided city tour in English Price: from 131,00 p. p. (in double rooms); minimum 20 persons

Undocking / transfer of the cruise vessel AIDAmar for the shipping line AIDA Cruises (the exact dates will be published timely)
S E P T E M B E R 2 012

Undocking / transfer of the cruise vessel Celebrity Reection for the shipping line Celebrity Cruises (the exact dates will be published timely)

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Emsflower, Emsbren


Emsland Oldenburger Mnsterland

Cycling and lunch at the river Ems

Baroque Palace Clemenswerth, Sgel

Grafschaf Bentheim Benthei


Osnabrcker Land

The Emsland full of contrast and variety!

The Emsland is a holiday paradise: for cycle tourists and families, for groups looking for fun and for nature lovers who would prefer a quiet refuge in a forest, near a marshland or on the water. With 3,000 kilometres of well-signposted cycle paths, the Emsland network ensures a change of scenery. Day trips from one fixed point as well as cycle tours with changes of accommodation on long distance cycle tours are possible. The green expanses of the North West can be best discovered on the Emsland Route, which goes through the whole region, or the Dutch-German United Countries Tour. Rivers, marshlands and forests offer the ideal environment for tours looking for the traces of history, from the Stone Age to the baroque, and for technical highlights. In the famous Meyer Werft shipyard in the city of Papenburg the construction of giants of the ocean will fascinate you, the huge horticulturalist Emsflower will whisk you away into the wonderful world of market gardening, with the largest steam plough in the world located in the Moor (marshland) Museum. Clemenswerth is the only remaining etoile from the baroque era and is home to brewers and distillers producing traditional delicacies. Amid all of these superlatives and pleasures, conviviality is not neglected. Our group programmes show the best of what the region has to offer and combine these highlights with lots of fun!

C O N TAC T Emsland Touristik GmbH Corinna Heine Ordeniederung 1 49716 Meppen p +49(0)5931 444004 f +49(0)5931 443644 w w

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS E M S L A N D H I G H L I G H TS Experience the world of dream ships on a tour of the world famous Meyer Werft in Papenburg! Lunch at the restaurant Hvener Mhle, next to the combined wind and water mill, a rare mill type in europe. The allure of the 18th century: visit the baroque castle Clemenswerth in Sgel with its monastery garden and imposing avenues. Dates: all year round on request Duration: about 6 hours Minimum number of participants: 20 people Price per person: 29.00

On your bikes! The start of the cycling season with the Sternfahrt star ride
8 10 J U N E 2 012

22 A P R I L 2 012

International Dressage Festival, Lingen

25 AU G US T 2 012

Kleines Fest im Groen Park (Small Festival in the Big Park), Castle Clemenswerth, Sgel 7 9 S e p t e m b e r 2 012 Historical Corn and Hanseatic Market, Haselnne


Parabolic Triangular in Nordhorn

Grafschaf Bentheim Benthei


Cycling in Nordhorn at Lake Vechta

East Mill in Gildehaus


Grafschaft Bentheim cyclers paradise

Grafschaft Bentheim is a county located right on the Dutch border. Cycling is called fietsen here. The southern and north-western parts of Grafschaft Bentheim have a few low hills, but otherwise the landscape is flat. Along rivers and canals, through bogs, heaths and forests, the Fietse runs almost as if by itself. Over 1000 miles of well-made and marked bike paths allow exploring the entire county on a Grafschaft Fietsen Tour. Thats one reason why Grafschaft Bentheim was again recognised in 2011 as Niedersachsens most bicycle-friendly county. In the Vechte valley between Nordhorn and Zwolle lies Europes biggest open-air museum. Sixty artworks unite nature with art here in a unique fashion. Art lovers encounter nature and nature lovers discover art. The Fietsen Bus runs from May to October. The principle is simple: Put bike on trailer and get in. You can get off at any stop you wish. The Fietsen Bus runs every hour on the 100 line, right across the Grafschaft Bentheim, and from Nordhorn to Lingen. Daily during Niedersachsen school break, except holiday weekends. Popular destinations include the mighty Bentheim Castle and Nordhorn Zoo. On the Vechtehof farm live near-extinct breeds of domestic animals. The Bronze Age Park in the town of Uelsen allows you to immerse yourself in life the way it was 3000 years ago, and Nordhorn is best explored by boat.

C O N TAC T Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus e. V. Katharina Bockstiegel van-Delden-Strae 1 7 48529 Nordhorn p +49(0)5921 961196 f +49(0)5921 961197

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS VISIT TO BENTHEIM CASTLE Group rates for 15+ people: 3.00 p. p., guided tours in German, English and Dutch. SMUGGLERS TOUR Guided tour to the Dutch border, duration: appr. 7 hours Per-person rate for groups of 30+: 28.50, with lunch included BRONZE AGE PARK Max. tour group size 25 people. 20.00 + 1.00 p. p. BOAT TOURS OF NORDHORN Discover the City of Water from a ducks perspective. Themed tours (moonlight, pirate and Round tours) from 5.00 for adults. Groups are requested to register. SCHTTORF GOAT TOUR Take a tour with the poor mans cow through the oldest city in Grafschaft Bentheim. For groups of 15+ 18.00 p. p. (includes tour guide, farm visit with cheese tasting, coffee and cake, Melkspken)

Bentheim Castle Nordhorn Zoo Bronze Age Park Uelsen Bad Bentheim Mineral and Thermal Water Park Boat trips in Nordhorn kunstwegen/raumsichten sculpture and landscape art along the bike trail Mill Park Veldhausen Cross-border cycling tours Kloatscheeter (road bowling) tours in winter Hiking on the Podagristenpad trail

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The market place

Christmas market


Welcome to Osnabrck
Osnabrck, the only major city in Germany situated within a UNESCO Geopark, has history abundance, a vibrant arts & entertainment scene and a splendid old quarter. Tolerence and openess have a long tradition in the city. The Peace of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War was proclaimed on the town hall steps in 1648, an event that local children commemorate every year with a hobby-horse parade. Modern architecture and the old quarter are the landmarks of Osnabrck, whose new status as a university city complements its long history of episcopal power. Star architect Daniel Libeskind designed his first building in Germany here, namely a gallery for works by the Osnabrck-born painter Felix Nussbaum, who died in Auschwitz. The medevial vault houses in the old quarter bear witness to the richness of the citys merchants. There is also a buzzing cultural scene often outdoors in summer as well as cafs, shops and galleries. The idyllic Christmas market sets the tone in the festive season. Osnabrck is member city of the Historic Highlights of Germany. Their tour suggestions Dream Routes help travelers get to destinations off the beaten travel paths.

C O N TAC T Osnabrck-Marketing und Tourismus GmbH Diana Riepenhoff Krahnstrae 52/53 49074 Osnabrck p +49(0)541 3234413 f +49(0)541 3234213 w w w w w w

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012

11 2 0 M AY 2 012

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS C IT Y B R E A K I N OS N A B R C K 1 overnight stay in a 4-star hotel next to the historic old town incl. breakfast, half board and the tour with the night watchman through the historic quarter of Osnabrck. from 82.00 p. p. in a double room 33.00 single room supplement The offer is valid from at least 15 rooms.
Steigenberger Hotel Remarque

May Week Festival

J U N E S E P T E M B E R 2 012

Summer in the City

23 2 4 J U N E 2 012

500 years jubilee of the city hall with historic market

2 4 AU G US T 2 S E P T E M B E R 2 012

The Morgenland Festival Osnabrck: fascinating venue for musicians and music enthusiasts from East and West. Christmas Market



Excursion sailor on the lake Dmmer


Romantic water mill

Museum village Cloppenburg

Oldenburger Mnsterland


Oldenburger Mnsterland come out to the country

Discover the Oldenburger Mnsterland and experience the lifestyle of a culture-rich region that has had strong ties to Mnster and Oldenburg for centuries. The people of Oldenburger Mnsterland are uncomplicated and warm, and pleased to grant you a look at their traditions and everyday life in the country. The region also exhibits every landscape type characteristic of north-western Germany: the wooded Dammer hills and lake Dmmer, the species-rich Thlsfelder Reservoir area with its Nordic-looking skerry landscape, the Nordkreis Vechta with its moors and the Hasetal river valley. Then way up north comes the water-rich BarsselSaterland area, where you can already smell the North Sea.


C O N TAC T Verbund Oldenburger Mnsterland e. V. Oldenburger Strae 246 49377 Vechta p +49(0)4441 956511 f +49(0)4441 956515

One of the largest Carnival celebration in Northern Germany

11 M AY 2 012

DA M M E R C A R N I VA L 11 13 FE B RUA RY 2 012

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS M O O R & DY K ES Experience the intriguing interplay between water and moor on a moor train tour, moor museum visit and boat trip: from 27.00 p. p. M O O R A N D BOW L I N G FU N Make your Moor Diploma by boot-throwing and stick jumping, take a covered wagon ride and spend an evening doing German-style skittles (pub bowling): Includes 2 nights accomodation at 108.00 p. p. TR I PL E YO U R FU N TO U R Get ready for sports! Discover the unusual game of Swin Golf, try out a FunBike and test your muscles on the handcar or club trolley: 25.00 p. p. T WO T Y PI C A L N O RTH - G E R M A N Y DAYS! Play Bosseln, the outdoor version of North German pub bowling, warm yourself up with a nip of something stronger and experience a traditional kale party with dancing and the crowning of King Kale: Includes 1 night accomodation at 115.00 p. p. H AV E FU N SA I L I N G, BOW L I N G A N D C YC L I N G Combine your cycling tour with a museum visit and an exciting sailboat ride. Finish off the evening in good company down at the pub bowling alley: Includes 2 nights accomodation at 109.00 p. p.

Traditional Oldenburger Mnsterlandstyle asparagus dinner in over 50 restaurants in the region

GA R D E N FE S T I VA L I N O P E N -A I R M US E U M I N C LO P P E N B U RG 2 5 J U N E 2 012

Exhibitions and events around the garden and home decor set against the backdrop of Germanys oldest open-air museum

S TO P P E L M A R K T V E C H TA 16 21 AU G US T 2 012

One of Germanys biggest folk festivals

Varied programme with firework, torch swimming, Live-Bands, Shanty-choirs, ship cruises and more

H A R BO U R FE S T I VA L BA R SS E L 25 2 6 AU G US T 2 012

A medieval festival with a medieval market, knights contest and more

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Princely palace



State Museum for Nature and Mankind

nburger sterland

A passion for art as far as the eye can see.

Oldenburg, the bermorgenstadt, or city Old Masters. Next door, in the princely palof the future, boasts a surprisingly rich col- ace, paintings of the 19th and 20th centulection of museums. The best-known inter- ries are on view. Finally, the historic ceremonationally is the Horst Janssen Museum. Its nial rooms of the castle form a major part many exhibits are well worth seeing above of the exhibition. The jewel in the crown is all of course the world-famous works of the the Idyll Cycle, 40 murals by Johann Heiningenious artist and author himself. The rich Wilhelm Tischbein, Oldenburgs court building too is fascinating. In 2000 the post- painter from 1808. modern design was realised directly next to The State Museum for Nature and Mankind is the City Museum. one of the oldest museums in north-west GerOldenburg Castle is a short walk through many. Its modern exhibition shows the many the city away and is home to the State interactions between people and nature. Museum of Art and Cultural History, established in 1919 following the abdication of The Edith Russ House of Media Art shows the Friedrich August II, the last reigning grand works of contemporary artists applying techduke of Oldenburg. The collections are now nologies including video, computer and the divided among three locations. The Augus- Internet, while the Oldenburg Arts Society is teum directly south of the castle houses the devoted to current trends in art.

C O N TAC T Tourist-Information Kleine Kirchenstrae 10 26122 Oldenburg p +49(0)441 36161366 f +49(0)441 36161350 w w

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS I M P OS I N G. C IT Y A N D C A S TL E TO U R S Set off on the trail of counts, princes and grand dukes while casting an eye around the City of Oldenburg and St. Lamberti Church. The highlight of the tour is a visit to Oldenburg Castle. The castles ceremonial rooms, the two other city residences the grand ducal and ElisabethAnna palaces and the castle garden, palace guard and Peter Friedrich Ludwig-Monument all recall Oldenburgs past as a seat of power. Fascinating, isnt it? We think so too. Duration approx. 2 hours Max. 25 persons Price: 110.00 per group up to 25 persons
Oldenburg Castle


French Garden

Ducal palace Hoppener House

nnover Region

Celle a town with a distinctive flair

Founded over 700 years ago, Celle is quaint and traditional with half-timbered houses, yet also modern and vibrant. The contrasts in Celle form a harmonic entirety in which the past, the present and the future meet. Celle is a modern shopping town and a congress venue. The cultural heritage of the residential and half-timbered architecture which has survived the past centuries characterises the town today. 71,000 people live here in a modern environment. It is a town you will grow to love. Hardly any other town offers this unique variety. Trade and commerce and sport and culture enjoy a high status in Celle. Year by year guests from all over the world arrive here to experience the atmosphere. Holidaymakers and visitors to the Luneburg Heath regard a trip to Celle as the highlight of their journey. There are over 500 halftimbered houses in the Old Town to admire, which are lovingly restored and classified as historic monuments and leave behind a truly romantic and unforgettable impression. As a former residential seat Celle has a number of impressive buildings to offer. The Ducal Palace, the Town Church and the Old Town Hall are the oldest buildings. An architectural delight is the New Town Hall, an impressive redbrick building dating from the 19th century and one of the largest buildings of its kind in Germany.

C O N TAC T Tourismus und Stadtmarketing Celle GmbH Tourist office Markt 14 16 29221 Celle p +49(0)5141 12453 f +49(0)5141 12459 w w

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS PACK AGE ROM ANTIC CELLE Experience a relaxing and fascinating stay in the historic town of Celle. 2 nights with breakfast, a welcome drink, a castle tour and a tour of the town and its interesting museums. Available all year. Rates: 99.00 p. p. in a double room in a 3-star-hotel, single suppl. 25.00. 20 participants minimum. 10 % commission for travel agencies and tour operators.

11 M A RC H 2 012


2 6 28 M AY 2 012

Handicraft Market Wine Market

25 2 9 J U LY 2 012 29 + 30 SEPTEMBER UND 6 + 7 O C TO B E R 2 012

Stallion Parade


Christmas Market

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Lneburger Heide


Holiday Camp

Heide-Park Resort

C O N TAC T Heide-Park Soltau GmbH Heidenhof 29614 Soltau p* +49(0)1805 919101 f* +49(0)1805 545801 w w * 14 ct/min from a German landline, 42 ct/min from mobile network

The Heide-Park Soltau is Northern Germanys no. 1 resort and the perfect destination for any group event. It offers an enormous entertainment potential with over 50 attractions set in an immaculate park landscape. Events at the Heide-Park are always extraordinary!

In case your groups budget has already been bunkered by the pirates, we can offer another perfect setting in our Holiday Camp. Here we have 80 colourful wooden houses, designed in Caribbean style with an outdoor terrace, beach club and many sporting attractions.

One day is rarely enough to enjoy everything the park and area have to offer, so why not stay a night or two? In our unique Pirate fortress, the 4-star Port Royal Hotel, everything has been designed around the buccaneers of the past, not forgetting the comforts of today.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS H E I D E - PA R K R ES O RT For a group visit of 20 or more paying guests we offer the special group price of 22.00 Day Ticket, 17.50 Day Ticket (12 17 years). P O RT ROYA L H OTE L Groups of 20 or more can enjoy this exclusive hotel for one night in a standard room. Prices start from 44.00 p. p. and night. H O L I DAY C A M P Prices start from 18.90 p. p. and night for groups of 20 or more. We have more seasonal group packages so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Unique tulip-flowering



Discover und enjoy with Rangers

Wonderful bird facilities

Weltvogelpark Walsrode
The Weltvogelpark Walsrode located in the heart oft he Lneburger Heide is the largest and most diverse bird park of its kind, and one of the ten most diverse zoos in the world with 4.000 birds in 650 different species. The 24 hectares of picturesque parkland contain intriguing theme buildings, exotic tropical halls, species-rich aviaries and much more. The Weltvogelpark Walsrode offers daily shows, feedings and guided tours for school children and other groups as well as regular visitors, focusing always on providing an unforgettable experience for its visitors of all ages. Penguins, pelicans, birds of prey and baby birds are the stars in the daily show feedings. In the unique ight show eagles, parrots, condors and other species demonstrate their wide range of abilities in the open air. Hundreds of lovely owering trees, shrubs and owers of different varieties can be admired here throughout the year. An amazing diversity awaits visitors with three million owers, hundreds of rhododendrons and rose bushes and innumerable species of dahlias on the grounds. Additionally, a tree house village, a climbing route, cosy egg-shaped seats along the Crane Lake and many other stations offer fun experiences. Furthermore visitors can expect free- ying Loris in the Australian world Toowoomba. An adventure playground with climbing towers, cable cars and slides invite young guests to go wild, along with the new water playground. Whether spring, summer or autumn visitors can enjoy a colourful and exciting day.

Hannover Region

C O N TAC T Weltvogelpark Walsrode Jessica Rumpel Am Vogelpark 29664 Walsrode p +49(0)5161 60440 f +49(0)5161 604440 w w

SPECIAL OFFERS FOR GROUPS HUM M IN GBIRD PAC K AGE (**Admission includes coffee and cake) 18.50, Cup of coffee or tea, Slice of apple pie with cream or slice of cake of our choice FL AMINGO PACK AGE (**Admission includes lunch) 22.00, Menu choices: Chicken fricassee, basmati rice, salad garnish; Pork tenderloin schnitzel, forest mushroom sauce, french fries, salad garnish; Alaska pollock fillet, baked potato salad, tartar sauce, salad garnish; Large jacket potato, herb sour cream, tossed salad, yogurt dressing, mozzarella slices, croutons EAGLE PACK AGE (**admission with lunch and coffee & cake included) 26.50 EXCLUSIVE R ANGER TOUR: Fascinating 1-hour guided tour through Weltvogelpark Walsrode 50.00 (max. 30 people per ranger)

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012
Springtime blossoming of 3 million spring flowers unique in Germany Spectacular rhododendron blossoming Lovely rose blossoming
J U N E S E P T E M B E R 2 012 S E P T E M B E R O C TO B E R 2 012 M AY J U N E 2 012 M A RC H M AY 2 012

Colourful autumn flowering

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Restaurant anders




Mercure Hotel Walsrode

Mercure Hotel Walsrode

The Mercure Hotel Walsrode in the Lneburger Heide and special restaurant anders is a new take on interacting with our guests. We have a very special time prepared for you in the heathery Lneburger Heide, one you will fondly remember for quite some time. The hotel is the only one to receive the Mercure Feel-good Award. turing a Finnish Kota sauna, specialty showers, massage applications and more, where warm colours and temperatures charm your senses. Pleasant aromas, peaceful repose ... just relax, recharge and unwind.

Hannover Region

C O N TAC T Mercure Hotel Walsrode Lneburger Heide Monika Marquard Gottlieb-Daimler-Strae 11 29664 Walsrode p +49(0)5161 6070 f +49(0)5161 607444 w w

In our offbeat restaurant house called anders (different) well tempt you with culinary delights. The restaurants open design, It offers 75 modern, comfortable rooms modern, comfortable furnishings and fasciequipped with satellite TV, comfortable mat- nating details will captivate you! You too tresses and soundproof windows providing a will find a favourite spot in the various activcosy retreat for individual travellers, couples ity areas of anders, whether in the wine and families. Enjoy feeling like one of us area, under the impressive chandelier in the in an informal atmosphere and a somewhat Hunters Corner, the bars on the upper and different way, allowing us to really spoil you. ground floors or on the well-shaded garden terrace or beer garden during the summer. The TraumRaum or Dreamspace is our modern wellness area where you have plenty of time and space to dream, fea-

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS S PR I N G I N W E LT VO G E L PA R K WA L S RO D E The flowers alone at the Weltvogelpark Walsrode will inspire you. Millions of spring flowers and countless rhododendron stands capture the eye. Meanwhile, the Bird Parks flight shows and an open-flight hall are an absolute must-see, along with its exotic and bewitching avian population. Bookable for 20+ people between April and July 2012 (minimum 2 overnights stays) 31.00 per person in double room, subject to availability The hotel is situated ideally for your recreation plans. The abundance of adventure and amusement parks in the region guarantee variety, and many lovely towns are waiting to be discovered nearby, like Lneburg and Celle.
Weltvogelpark Walsrode, Serengeti Safaripark Hodenhagen, Heidepark Soltau, Snow-Dome Bispingen, Landschaftspark Iserhatsche, Mhlenmuseum Gifhorn, OtterZentrum Hankensbttel, Panzermuseum Munster, Schiffshebewerk Scharnebeck, Autostadt Wolfsburg, Deutsches Salzmuseum, Greifvogelgehege Bispingen, Hundertwasserbahnhof Uelzen, Naturschutzpark Lneburger Heide, Spielzeugmuseum Soltau, Universum Science Center Bremen, Walderlebniszentrum Ehrhorn N1, Wildpark Lneburger Heide, Zierkerzenschnitzerei Heide-Wachs, Erlebniszoo Hannover, Herrenhuser Grten


Historical Town Center Hitzacker

Frontview of the Parkhotel Hitzacker Restaurant Pavillon

Holiday in the Elbtalauen at Parkhotel Hitzacker

Hello and welcome to Parkhotel Hitzacker! Find pure relaxation in the Elbtalauen or Elbe Valley Meadows among the heather, sand dunes, forests and meadow landscape characterising the Wendland region. The picturesque, half-timbered island town of Hitzacker is nestled within the sublime river landscape of the Elbtalauen. Parkhotel Hitzacker is located right at the wellness park, which features Kneipp therapy facilities and a barefoot path. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery, and treat yourself right in the hotels spa facilities, including indoor pool, sauna, an exclusive bath, beauty and massage area and gardens with Kneipp therapy facilities. The hotels colourful ambience creates a great mood, dovetailing excellently with its wellness and holiday flair. Varied and appealingly served cuisine is a treat for both the eye and the palate.There are several sitting corners for relaxing, and a small library providing an outlet for intellectual discovery. Besides the many opportunities for relaxation, fun and entertainment options are available as well.

C O N TAC T Klaus Wieczorek Parkhotel Hitzacker KG Peter Wieczorek Am Kurpark 3 29456 Hitzacker p +49(0)5862 9770 f +49(0)5862 977350 w w

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS A G R E AT W E E K E N D O N TH E E L B E R I V E R from April to October, stay two nights for feasting, fun and recreation with this package: 2 overnight stays with breakfast buffet included Welcoming house drink on Friday Dinner Wendland Vesper: Herring, jellied meat, pickled meat, fried potatoes, Mett ground pork, ham, country mettwurst, liverwurst and blood sausage with varied breads on first evening Torchlit hike and city tour at 21:00 starting right at the hotel on rst evening 23:00 24:00 Happy Hour 25 % off all drinks Stroll through town and shop on your own on second day, stopping at a rustic inn for a lunch of hearty stew 1-hour Elbe river tour in the afternoon of the second day A festive 3-course meal for dinner on second evening (*) use of swimming pool, sauna and steam room

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012
High ropes course/Team Park Hitzacker Instinctive archery Canoe tours Guided bicycle tours Nordic walking and relaxation classes Water aerobics Summer Music Festival Wintery Music Week Kulturelle Landpartie, a week of varied cultural activities

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Otter Centre

Open Air Mill Museum


Gifhorn Castle

Braunschweiger Land

The region Sdheide Gifhorn

Gifhorn is more than 800 years old and is known as the City of Mills. The city is located in the south of the Lneburger Heath. The Open Air Mill Museum with its 16 international mills is unique in Europe. A visit gives you the feeling to be in Greece, Portugal or Russia. The village square with three typical framework houses is the gastronomic centre of the open-air-museum. The cultural history of the region is presented in the castle of the Guelph dukes in Gifhorn. The unique Otter Centre is an interactive centre and shows the interdependence of mankind, animal world and environment.

C O N TAC T Sdheide Gifhorn GmbH Jrn Pache Marktplatz 1 38518 Gifhorn p +49(0)5371 88175 f +49(0)5371 88311 w w

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS M ASTER OF THE MILL AND CASTLE OWNER WITH GUIDED TOUR IN GIFHORN INCLUDED Visit the Open Air Mill Museum with its 16 mills. The museum presents the biggest collection of international mills in their actual size. Father Laurentius provides his guests medieval dishes in the cellar vault of the Gifhorn Castle and tells humorous anecdotes of the Middle Age. On a guided tour the guests get to know a lot about the history of Gifhorn, the Gifhorn Castle and about the picturesque old town.

International Open Air Mill Museum, Gifhorn Otter Centre, Hankensbttel Castle of the Guelphs, Gifhorn Old Town Gifhorn 16th Century European Freedom Bell, Gifhorn Bell Palace, Gifhorn Isenhagen Abbey, Hankensbttel Brome Castle Museum Wulff Hunting Museum, Oerrel Cinema Museum, Vollbttel School Museum, Steinhorst Centre for the Protection of Endangered Species, Leiferde

Entrance to the Open Air Mill Museum Gifhorn Dinner at the Gifhorn Castle with Father Laurentius (reception, starter, main course, 1 dark beer, 1 digestif) Guided city tour (1 hour) Price p. p.: 37.00 (from 10 up to 120 people) Travel time: 15 March to 31 October 2012 ENJOY THE PANOR A M A VIEW DURING A BOAT TRIP The participants enjoy the overwhelming view over the International Open Air Mill Museum Gifhorn during a boat trip on the river Ise and Lake Mill. Coffee, tea and cake are served on board. Boat trip (90 minutes) Coffee and tea Two slices of cake Price p. p.: 15.50 (from 15 up to 80 people)


Leineschloss with a view to the new Town Hall

Hannover Region

The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

Christmas Market / Oldtown

Hannover from its best side!

Few major cities offer such diverse and attractive recreational opportunities as Hannover, the states capital, where you can take a stroll through the Royal Gardens, or enjoy the greenspace of the Eilenriede city forest. And the Maschsee lake contributes a Mediterranean flair all its own. The Groer Garten (Great Garden) in Herrenhausen is a jewel of Baroque garden art, which in the summer becomes a splendid backdrop for fireworks shows, concerts and theatre plays. With its seven fascinating sections of species-appropriate animal habitats, Hannover Adventure Zoo is Germanys most spectacular zoo. Hannovers lively downtown features an inviting and large pedestrian zone, the Ernst-August-Galerie and elegant shopping arcades. Stroll through the medieval streets of the Old Town, then relax on the banks of the Leine river, or in one of the many cafes. Theatre plays, concerts and art of the highest calibre attracts lovers of the arts from all over the world, along with the citys many museums and monuments. Hannover has international air, known as a city of trade fairs, events and athletics. One major attraction every year is the Maschsee Festival, the worlds largest marksmens festival. Hannover, a capital with charm and many different sides!

C O N TAC T Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH City tours Vahrenwalder Strae 7 30165 Hannover p +49(0)511 12345333 f +49(0)511 12345334 w w

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS GETTING TO KNOW HANNOVER To know Hannover is to love Hannover! Our getting-to-know-you package covers the spectrum for experiencing the manifold aspects of the city. Discover the matchless Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, explore Hannovers lively Old Town, and check out the incomparable view from the Roof of the City. There is so much to see and do! 2 overnight stays in a double room including breakfast in 3-star downtown hotel Guided walking tour through the Old Town Admission to the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen Guided walking tour through the baroque garden of Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen Afternoon coffee and cake Ride the paternoster in the New Town Hall 1 Hannover Group Card good for 3 days 1 booklet The Red Thread Price p. p. 129.00, Min. 10 people, Bookable: March October

22nd International Fireworks Competition at Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

1 17 J U N E 2 012


KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen
2 9 J U N E 8 J U LY 2 012 1 19 AU G US T 2 012

Schtzenfest (markmens fun fair) Lake Maschsee festival Christmas Market


(subject to change)

30 / / 31 /


Castle Restaurant


Marienburg Castle

Library of Queen Marie

Marienburg Castle
A monument of love: when King Georg V. of Hanover gave Marienburg Castle as a birthday present to his wife Queen Marie, he could not even guess that it would become one of the most famous neo-Gothic buildings in Germany some day. Awaken from a long hibernation, Marienburg Castle (built from 1858 to 1867) today casts a spell on the visitors making them part of a fairytale life in the late 19th century. It is still privately owned by the descendant of King Georg and Queen Marie, the great-great-great-grandson H. R. H. Prince Ernst August of Hanover.

C O N TAC T EAC GmbH Schloss Marienburg Marienberg 1 30982 Pattensen p +49(0)5069 348000 f +49(0)5069 348009 w w

Individual visitors 7.00 p. p., discounts for children under 16, Audio-guides in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and Polish Groups from 15 persons 4.00 p. p. plus tour fee 40.00 (German), 55.00 (English)

Daily from first Saturday in March to first Sunday in November: 10 a.m. 6 p.m., last tour app. 5 p.m. November and December at the weekends 10 a.m. 6 p.m. Guided tours only (app. 1 hour) Groups of 15 or more also outside these times by prior arrangement.

Today, the former stables accommodate the Castle Restaurant in the style of a French bistro. The historic columns and big mirrors, together with items of original equipment such as fodder baskets and horse troughs which have been skillfully integrated into the interior, give the castle restaurant a very special atmosphere. When travelling in groups, please reserve in advance and inquire about specials.

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012 SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS Guided tour one-course-meal one non-alcoholic drink (0.2 l) Price per person: 16.90 (incl. 19 % VAT), at least 20 participants
guided tours castle restaurant & caf with specials for groups incentives concerts church weddings


Hannover Region

Yukon Bay, harbour view

Hannover Adventure Zoo

Look forward to the Hannover Adventure Zoo Germanys most spectacular zoo with round about 1.6 million enthusiastic visitors per year. Hannover began to revolutionise the zoo landscape over 16 years ago. Since then Europes Number 1 Zoo World has enthused its visitors with ever new attractions and species appropriate, up to date animal keeping. Highlights that you must not miss: sea lion show, wolf gorge and harbour restaurant, boat trips on the Zambesi, the Gorilla Mountain, young elephants in the Jungle Palace, summer toboggan runs on Mullewapp, Meyers Farm Animal Show.

C O N TAC T Hannover Adventure Zoo Adenauerallee 3 30175 Hannover p +49 (0) 511 28074163 f +49 (0) 511 28074212 w w

The Jungle Palace

32 / / 33 /

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS A L L I N C LUS I V E G RO U P SA FA R I S Zambesi and Gorilla Mountain, Jungle Palace, Yukon Bay, Australia all names the very mention of which causes nature lovers hearts to beat faster. Exploring trails through the savannah, through the world of the polar bears, of Indian elephants Taking a group safari with an expert zoo scout is a very special occasion. They have a wealth of entertaining animal stories to entertain your clients and also treat them to a VIP Zambesi boat excursion or to the underwater world of Yukon Bay. W I N TE R WO N D E R L A N D I N TH E ZO O! If you are on the look out for attractive winter destinations which offer more than a traditional Christmas market, then take your guests to the Winter Zoo! From the rst advent Saturday through to mid-January they offer not only Glhwein, hot chocolate and punch, German doughnuts and bratwurst but also a 1,200 m ice rink, speedy toboggan slides, and a unique enchanted atmosphere. Celebrate winter with the zoo your customers will thank you!

Zambesi boat trip

Sun terrace at Meyers Farm

Ice-skating in the winter zoo

Highlight: Canada landscape Yukon Bay!

This unique landscape covers 22,000 m2 with a river course, a sea bay and above all the fascinating underwater world: experience polar bears underwater here! Only a handful of zoos worldwide offer their visitors such a special insight. The 7. Zoo World in the Hannover Adventure Zoo is the new home for polar bears, caribous, timber wolves, bisons and sea lions. The perfectly themed Adventure restaurants, including an ice cream parlour, will take care of all your food and drink requirements enjoy Canada!

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012


A Zoo-Scout ushers your group directly to Meyers Farm, a picturesque piece of rural Niedersachsen with an olde-worlde inn. After refreshing themselves with coffee and tasty cake, the group is collected by the Scout and taken on an entertaining 2.5 hour guided tour to the top attraction. You are travelling through the area? Your tour group does not have enough time for a full day at the Adventure Zoo? Then book the attractively priced stop over including lunch in Meyers Farm, guided tour and admission! Prices on request!

You can find current offers on


Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum

St. Michaels Church, UNESCO World Heritage

Historical marketplace

Hildesheim unique UNESCO World Heritage site

Hildesheim is best known for its unique churches and cultural monuments. The Cathedral and St. Michaels Church, UNESCO World Heritage monuments since 1985, are masterpieces of ecclesiastical architecture and world famous for their artistic treasures. According to tales, the legendary 1,000-year-old rosebush blooming at the apse of Hildesheim Cathedral is closely bound up with the citys origins. The faithfully reconstructed historic market square fascinates visitors, transporting them back in time to centuries past. The museums are impressive as well, holding first-rank treasures of art history. The Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum attracts visitors with significant collections from ancient Egypt and ancient Peru as well as spectacular special exhibitions. The Cathedral is closed to visitors until August 2014 due to renovation, but the St. Bernward masterpieces from St. Mary Cathedral, the Bernward Door and Christ Pillar are on display at St. Michaels Church and the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum. These and many other cultural highlights can be excellently combined with an outing to the countryside or any of the areas numerous attractions. The Fagus factory in Alfeld near Hildesheim was also declared a UNESCO cultural heritage monument in 2011.

C O N TAC T Hildesheim Marketing GmbH tourist-information Rathausstrae 20 (Tempelhaus) 31134 Hildesheim p +49(0)5121 17980 f +49(0)5121 179888 w w

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS U N ES CO WO R L D H E R ITAG E PAC K AG E 2 overnight stays with buffet breakfast included at 4-star hotel Welcome cocktail Hildesheim city tour to the UNESCO World Heritage church 1 little surprise from Hildesheim Informational materials 94.00 p. p. for double room, 141.00 p. p. for single room Bookable: year-round for 10+ rooms or 20 people, please inquire

Round out your stay with a regional outing to the Fagus factory in Alfeld (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011), 140.00 per group

UNESCO World Heritage: St. Michael and St. Marys Cathedral, featuring the 1000-year-old rosebush Cathedral treasures: Christ Pillar, Bernward Door, Hezilo Chandelier Ancient Egyptian collection at the Roemerund Pelizaeus-Museum Theatre for Niedersachsen TfN Historic market square with City Museum inside the Butchers guild hall Rose blossoms in the half-timbered district around the Neustdter Markt Magdalenengarten, one of the oldest baroque monastery gardens in Niedersachsen Ascend the Andreas Church tower, the tallest church steeple in Niedersachsen Rose Route trails leading to the citys main attractions City and costumed tours Christmas market in historic settings

34 / / 35 /


Swimming pool

Hotel Front

Restaurant Gildehaus

Welcome to Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim

In a premiere location the Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim is located on one of the most beautiful market squares in northern Germany. Along with the other medieval buildings nearby, the hotel`s impressive halftimbered rococo faade adds to the unique character of the square. The 4-star hotel offers guests a choice of 108 rooms in five categories (Classic, Superior, Deluxe, Executive, Junior Suite) as well as one room with wheelchair access and a number of allergy-friendly rooms. Many of the rooms have been recently renovated and feature air conditioning, clean lines, a warm wood trim and lovingly selected details that reflect sheer elegance. The Gildehaus Restaurant: A stylish combination of the historical and the modern with dark-brown timber and bright white accents. The patio affords an impressive view of the (ideally) sunny market square. Revive your spirits in our rejuvenating spa area: our swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre and solarium offer you the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax. Enjoy making your plans!

C O N TAC T Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim Mr Tobias Wittwer Markt 4 31134 Hildesheim p +49(0)5121 300600 f +49(0)5121 134298 w w



The Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum owns one of the most important ancient Egypt collections of the world, but also one of Europes most beautiful and oldest collections of ancient Peruvian artefacts as well as an important paleontological collection. Hildesheims museum gained national importance through its special exhibitions.

Experience the history and stories of the city of Hildesheim in a historical setting and an interesting journey back in time on ve oors. 2 overnight stays including breakfast buffet, use of swimming pool, sauna and tness room 3-course meal (with choices) Admission tickets to the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum and the Hildesheim Civic Museum in the Butchers Guildhall

The city of Hildesheim is easy to reach by car on the A 7 motorway or via the ICE highspeed train The hotel is located at the historical market square of Hildesheim 108 individual rooms Havanna Bar and six versatile event rooms Elegant Restaurant "Gildehaus"

118.00 p. p. in a double room 158.00 p. p. in a single room




Pied Piper Open Air Play


Christmas market

Embedded in the gentle hills of the Weser uplands lies Hameln, the river Weser to the left and right. Here between Cinderella and Baron Mnchhausen is the home of the darkest figure of German fairy tale the Pied Piper. Several millions of day-trip tourists come to Hameln every year. They come because of the singular tale of the Pied Piper, the story of which was set in Hameln, but Hamelns magnificent Old Town is a big draw in itself. You can watch glass makers perform their craft at the Sight Glass Blowers Workshop (Schauglasblserei), or view the lovely landscape of the Weser Uplands from a ships deck.

C O N TAC T Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH Tourist-Information Deisterallee 1 31785 Hameln p +49(0)5151 957823 w w

theatre depicting the dramatic scenes of the legend. When personally greeted by the Pied Piper himself you may feel transported back to days of old ( 60.00 per group). A tour of the city guided by the Pied Piper is a definite high point of any visit to Hameln. Follow the music of the parti-coloured musicians flute through the historical Old Town district ( 130.00 per group).

The Pied Piper makes his rounds every day at 13:05, 15:35 and 17:35 in the Glockenspiel figurine play at the historical Wedding House (Hochzeitshaus). This modern museum features a mechanical Pied Piper

Every Sunday from mid-May to mid-September some 80 actors present the tale of the childrens procession, the promise and the betrayal. In the summer, the comedy musical Rats plays on Wednesdays, featuring a host of catchy tunes. Both performances are free of charge for visitors.

6 M AY 16 S E P T E M B E R 2 012, E V E RY S U N DAY AT 12 : 0 0 N O O N

Pied Piper open-air play

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS H A M E L N & H M E L S C H E N BU RG In Hameln and Hmelschenburg youll see the most significant buildings from the Weser Renaissance period.

23 M AY 19 S E P T E M B E R 2 012, E V E RY W E D N E S DAY AT 16 :3 0

Rats Musical


Hameln Christmas Market


City tour (duration 1 hr.), admission and demonstration at the Sight Glass Blowers Workshop, 1 lunch, boat tour (duration 1 hr.) plus admission and tour of Hmelschenburg Palace RATE: starting at 35.00 p. p.

with Pied Piper theatre

36 / / 37 /


Superb shopping in Hann. Mnden

Medieval City of Three Rivers

A half-timber jewel

38 7

Hann. Mnden Half-timbered town of three rivers

The well-travelled Alexander von Humboldt is said to have once declared Hann. Mnden one of the worlds seven most exquisitely situated cities. Experience the citys medieval feel, whose town centre is comprised of over 700 half-timbered buildings nearly entirely surrounded by water. Old towers and fortications, the Palace of the Royal House of Hanover with its museum and historic Renaissance chambers, a city hall emblematic of the Weser Renaissance and ancient buildings and towers without compare invite you to explore and stay a while. Hann. Mnden is a popular destination for weekend trips and holidays, offering bicycle and boat tours, pilgrimage and walking paths, numerous city festivals, cultural events and art exhibitions. From 4-star hotels on down to caravan and camp sites, the city has over 1,300 guest beds to meet any preference.

C O N TAC T Touristik Naturpark Mnden e. V. Mrs Saskia Langkau Rathaus / Lotzestrae 2 34346 Hann. Mnden p +49(0)5541 75313 f +49(0)5541 75404 w w

In Hann. Mndens picturesque old town you will experience history from the Middle Ages on up to the present day. The historical setting will inspire you, and from 9 June 16 September you can enter into dialogue with 100 leading modern artists at the documenta (13) exhibition in Kassel.

May until the end of September, Saturday 13:30 at the Rathaus (City Hall), admission free

daily at 12:00, 15:00 and 17:00 at the Weser-Renaissance City Hall building


May October, daily at 10:00 and 14:00 May October



17 May at the monastery Kloster Bursfelde 3 June 2012 in the Fulda valley, with tour starting at Hann. Mnden



2 overnight stays (shower/toilet) in Hann. Mnden, breakfast buffet Day 1: Hann. Mnden: Discover Art and Artists in Hann. Mnden on a guided city tour, lunch la the Royal House of Hanover within sight of the royal palace; boat trip to Fulda and Weser, coffee and cake in a historic church caf Day 2: Kassel: Visit to documenta 13 (admission of 20.00 p. p. not included). Group programme Kassel with Medieval Feast for 39.00 p. p. bookable for groups of 20+.


23 September 2012


23 November 23 December 2012

TILLYSCHANZE observation tower overlooking the historic downtown and rivers May October Tues. Sun. 11:00 18:00 November April Fri. Sun. 11:00 18:00 H I K I N G in the great outdoors on 450 km of

195.00 p. p., 145.00 p. p. for groups of 15+ Single room surcharge 23.50 p. p.

marked trails.


Doctors Kiss for the Gnseliesel

Market Place with Town Hall Lion

University town with tradition

38 7

C O N TAC T Tourist-Information Gttingen Anja Czarny Altes Rathaus, Markt 9 37073 Gttingen p +49(0)551 499800 f +49(0)551 4998010 w w

The university city of Gttingen is situated in the south of Niedersachsen and is easily accessible by bus, car and by train. The historical Old Town, cafs, pubs and a variety of stores are inviting all year round for a stroll, sightseeing and a stay. From the fountain at the market in front of the medieval town hall, the Gnseliesel statue sends her regards as the most kissed girl in the world. The ringshaped ramparts and the Old Botanical Garden are a green oasis amidst the town centre.

Carl Friedrich Gauss and Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, on your walk through vaults and pubs or on a discovery tour at the old saltern still producing in the traditional way.

Experience the city in an entertaining way by attending one of the various guided city tours, offered by the Tourist-Information, for example during a stroll through medieval Gttingen, in the footsteps of Heinrich Heine,

The hotel landscape offers the appropriate accommodation for every taste. Groups as well as individual tourists feel welcomed. Even for a short stop on the way to the south or the north, the right choice of lodging can easily be found. Within a stay of several days, a variety of attractive trips to the outskirts are tempting, for example to Ebergtzen, where Wilhelm Busch spent part of his youth in a mill and created Max and Moritz or to Plesse Castle, with an overwhelming view into the Leine valley.

PAC K AG E O FFE R S FO R G RO U PS E X PE R I E N C E G T TI N G E N During a guided city tour through the town centre you will get to know buildings full of tradition, important personalities and the Gnseliesel.

Gttingens calendar of events is worth seeing. The International Hndel Festival, the Night of Culture, the Jazz Festival, the Autumn Literary Festival and the Gnseliesel Festival are essential parts in the annual programme. Concerts by the Gttingen Symphony Orchestra as well as performances at three theatres offer a wide range of cultural highlights. In December, the Christmas Market closes the annual programme with more than 80 wooden huts, attractive arts and crafts shops as well as a musical programme.

Lunch or coffee and cake: Groups of 15 people or more, 18.00/ 12.00 p. p.


Lunch or coffee and cake: Groups of 15 people or more, 18.00/ 12.00 p. p. More package offers are available upon request.

38 / / 39 /


395 7

External view of the hotel

Tower hall

Harz National Park


The 4-star hotel DER ACHTERMANN reveals a history of over 500 years and tastefully combines tradition and modernity. Historical elements of the ancient city wall of Goslar are integrated in the impressive main building of the hotel. The hotel is located near the pedestrian zone in the heart of the imperial town Goslar. Relax in one of our 152 individually furnished rooms or two extraordinary designer suites. Our gastronomical diversity is full of contrasts and ideas and the right place to treat you to some fine food. Whether in our listed restaurant Altdeutsche Stuben with regional specialities and other delicious food, or our modern caf and bistro Maximilian with a panorama terrace or finally our cosy hotel bar we cater for all tastes. Another highlight is our pool and spa area on over 1000 square metres with an indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, 4 different saunas, a steam bath and several areas for relaxation and recreation. The usage of these facilities is naturally free of charge for our hotel guests. Our hotel is the first class address in Goslar and the surrounding Harz region as we provide high quality, professionalism and uniqueness. We also offer a huge range of individual arrangements and are thus the ideal partner for travel agents and tourists. For more information please visit our website

C O N TAC T Hotel DER ACHTERMANN Mrs Leoni Piltz-Kirchner Rosentorstrae 20 38640 Goslar p +49(0)5321 70000 f +49(0)5321 7000999 w w

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS The hotel DER ACHTERMANN is the ideal place to accommodate your groups and to start an exciting discovery of the historic and imperial town Goslar. Our hotel does not only offer interesting group packages at very attractive prices but also a free seat at already 20 paying guests. Moreover, we provide free coach parks directly in front of the main entrance. Our groups will enjoy their 3-course dinner in one of our historic halls, such as the romantic Turmsaal or the splendid Marmorsaal, or in our listed restaurant Altdeutsche Stuben. We guarantee great service and high comfort during your stay and are very looking forward to welcoming you soon at our hotel.


Christmas Market

395 7

Marketplace with Townhall

World Heritage Site ore mine of Rammelsberg

Harz National Park

Goslar UNESCO World Heritage and amiable medieval town

The ancient city of Goslar with its historic air and cultural treasures is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and is ideally located right in front of the Harz Mountains. Because of its unique charm Goslar has become a very popular destination for city trips. The many churches and historic towers, the colourful half-timbered houses and cobblestoned streets create the typical ambiance of a medieval town. The unrivalled atmosphere in the narrow historic alleys or on the lively Market Place invites all Goslar visitors to go window shopping and to savour the typical dishes served in the Harz region.

C O N TAC T GOSLAR marketing gmbh Markt 7 38640 Goslar p +49(0)5321 78060 f +49(0)5321 780644 w w Weltkuturerbe.Goslar

The former ore mine Rammelsberg, which is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site like Goslars Old Town, is one of the most fascinating industrial museums in Europe. Each year, the Imperial Palace attracts many visitors with its spectacular architecture and art treasures. Also recommendable is the beautiful Chamber of Homage in the Town Hall and the Chimes at the Kaiserringhaus. For our international guests we offer sightseeing tours in the following languages: English, French, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Russian and Japanese.

Typical for the Harz region is the annual Walpurgis Party taking place on the night of the 30 April. Each year in August the Handicraft Market attracts thousands of visitors with a rich choice of handicraft works produced by 150 different showmen. The Goslar Christmas Market, which takes place every year in December, was recently listed as one of the most magnicent Christmas Markets in Germany. Also enjoy the Weihnachtswald with its 50 illuminated spruces in the middle of the Old Town. During the rst week of September The Old Town Festival takes place. The historic old town changes with various stages and livemusic into a big party.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS D I S COV E R A WO R L D H E R ITAG E S ITE Classic guided tour through Goslars Old Town Suitable for groups up to 20 people (Duration: 1.5h) German 44.00, foreign languages 54.00 G OS L A R H I G H L I G H TS Guided tour including a visit of the Imperial Palace and a multimedia experience of the Chamber of Homage in the Town Hall. Suitable for groups up to 20 people (Duration: 2.5 h) German 160.00, foreign languages 180.00

40 / / 41 /


Historical monastery tour with Berthold Kaufmann


Wltingerode monastery with the baroque monastery church


Wltingerode Monastery forest on the advent market

Destination with historic charm and warm hospitality

Discover Wltingerode Monastery near Vienenburg, only 10 minutes drive away from Goslar in the idyllic area bordering the Harz. While known especially for its historic distillery and fine liquors and grain fires, the monastery and cloister hotel have much more yet to offer as a destination for holiday travellers. With your group you can walk the monastic adventure path past the historic buildings, finding out about the special monasterys attractions like the new Salmon Information Centre in the former mill building. From there it is just a few steps alongside the stylish monastery hotel, which includes the historical cloister, to the monastery distillery, where guided tours with tastings take place. Visible from afar, the baroque church with crypt has been the monasterys principle attraction for several hundred years, and is a definite must-see. The path leads along the walls of the monastery to the herb garden, featuring historic crop plants and a large fallow deer enclosure, whose not-so-wild inhabitants quite enjoy being fed. The rustic Klosterkrug pub with spacious beer garden invites you to linger. The monastery bakery right next door is also worth a visit. Scrumptious monastery bread is baked fresh in a wood-fired oven, and specialties from Wltingerode and other monasteries can be purchased as souvenirs.

C O N TAC T Klosterhotel Wltingerode ein Haus der Cellerar GmbH Ben Steinhuser Wltingerode 3 38690 Vienenburg p +49(0)5324 7744625 f +49(0)5324 7744619 w w

SPECIAL OFFER FOR GROUPS S PE C I A L G RO U P R ATE AT C LO I S TE R H OTE L : 3 overnight stays in a double or single room with half board (3-course or buffet dinner), travel guide and distillery tour, bookable for groups of 10+, Mon. Fri., for only 177.00 p. p. ( 20.00 single room surcharge) ADVENTURE TOUR THE MONASTERY AROUND 170 0: The merchant Berthold gives a costumed tour, telling you about monastic life in a bygone age. The tour can include a visit to the monastic distillery and a historic meal (surcharge may apply). Duration: 1 hour, group of up to 20 people: 100.00, each additional person 5.00 BOSSEL (ROAD BOWLING) TOUR IN THE HAR Z FOREL AND: The teams approach the starting line armed with bossel balls and a well-stocked hand wagon. The approximately 5 km route takes you through the beautiful landscape surrounding the monastery, making for several enlivening hours for your group. After the tour comes a traditional meal of kale (surcharge may apply). Duration: appr. 2 hours. Groups of up to 10, 150.00, each additional person 15.00

THE KLOSTERKRUG: A cosy and rustic country inn with a spacious beer garden awaits your group, offering friendly service and hearty and savoury dishes from old monastic recipes (involving game for example); for information and booking call p +49(0)5324 2046 THE MONASTIC DISTILLERY: Groups can book guided tours through the historic Monastic Distillery with tastings of ne liqueurs and grain spirits at any time, for information and booking please inquire at p +49(0)5324 5880 EVENTS: The large, farming-oriented Courtyard Festival held on 15 and 16 September 2012 plus the lively Christmas Market held the rst two weekends of Advent provide thousands of visitors a varied and enchanting offering.

The Cave Experience Centre Iberg Dripstone Cave
The Cave Experience Centre near Bad Grund is a new visitor magnet in the Harz. Its three sections bring the geological history of the earth to life and display one of the fascinating highlights of European cave archaeology. The Museum in the Mountain shows that the Iberg was once a coral reef in the South Seas. This connects directly with the Iberg Dripstone Cave a fascinating underground landscape and well-visited show cave since 1874. The Museum on the Mountain is dedicated to the sensational discoveries at the Lichtenstein Cave, the grave of a Bronze Age family clan nearly 3000 years ago. Its accurate copy hangs under the museum roof and can be entered by visitors. On the basis of the diverse finds, the life and death of the clan is movingly displayed and even their living descendents are presented making this the oldest and longest genetically verifiable family tree in the world! Guided tours in various languages and special events in the Cafeteria can be organised please enquire.
Hhlen hlenErlebnisZentrum hlen entrum berger Tropfsteinhhle

C O N TAC T HhlenErlebnisZentrum Iberger Tropfsteinhhle An der Tropfsteinhhle 1 (direkt an der B 242) 37539 Bergstadt Bad Grund (Harz) p + 49(0)5327 829391 f + 49(0)5327 829496 w w



Cistercian museum in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Walkenried Monastery
The Walkenried monastery was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a supporting element of the unique Upper Harz Water Management System as well as an outstanding cultural and historical Cistercian monastery. The Cistercian museum is one of the most innovative monastery museums in Europe covering the history of monastic life. Discover a nearly perfectly preserved medieval seclusion area with its famous double aisled cloister that is one of the most beautiful compositions of monastic Gothic architecture. With the use of a staging the exhibition brings medieval and monastic existence to life. Visitors will learn about the deeply religious and devout Walkenried monks as clever providers of a well thought-out business based on agriculture and mining, whose economic structure is similar to a modern day company. The Walkenried monks constructed in the 13th Century the Upper Harz water system for their mining industry, a signicant combined system of lakes and water ditches, which the miners developed and extended over the centuries. The monks are known as the creators of the Upper Harz Water Management System. The museum is also an experience for families. Special highlights include tours of the monastery by candlelight, night of the open door at Easter and the monastery market at the end of September.

C O N TAC T ZisterzienserMuseum Kloster Walkenried Steinweg 4a 37445 Walkenried p + 49(0)5525 9599064 f + 49(0)5525 9599066 w w


42 / / 43 /


Fagus Werk, 1911 built by Walter Gropius

eser bergland

Fagus Factory UNESCO World Heritage cultural site

On 25 July 2011 the Fagus Factory in Alfeld was declared a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site by an international committee in Paris. Constructed by Walter Gropius from 1911 onwards, the Fagus Factory is generally regarded as the seminal modernist building. The architect succeeded in giving a mid-sized enterprise a completely unconventional appearance that broke with tradition. 100 years later this timeless factory building, now a listed monument, continues to function as designed and is viewed as an outstandingly successful example of 20thcentury industrial culture. In 2011 the Fagus Factory is celebrating its 100th jubilee. Production has been underway without interruption ever since the company was founded and still continues to the present day. Over the years the factory buildings, which have held the status of listed monument since 1946, have been carefully restored. One particular point of interest is the Fagus-Gropius exhibition: instituted during EXPO 2000 and open to the general public, this exhibition is located in the centre of the production area. It is distributed over a total of 5 floors and 11 exhibition areas in the former shoe-last warehouse, and covers themes such as the company history, the Bauhaus movement, architecture and shoe fashions. The Gropius-designed building also hosts a wide range of cultural events, such as special exhibitions and concerts, and is now an established part of cultural life in the Alfeld region and beyond.

C O N TAC T Fagus-GreCon Karl Schnemann Hannoversche Strae 58 31061 Alfeld p +49(0)5181 790 f +49(0)5181 79406 w w

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012
23 S E P T E M B E R 2 012 AT 7.0 0 PM



Concert during the Niedersachsen Music Days in the Fagus Factory Jazz concert with Stacey Kent
3 J U N E 2 012

weekdays/Sunday 10.00 am 4.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am 1.00 pm Group tours by appointment.

UNESCO-WORLDHERITAGEDAY in Alfeld Guided Tour and special events

8 S E P T E M B E R 2 012



The Braunschweig Lion


The Altstadtmarkt The Ducal Palace


Braunschweig The Guelphs, the Hanseatic League and Clever minds

Since its founding by Henry the Lion, Braunschweig (Brunswick) has been shaped by the Guelphs and the Hanseatic League over the centuries. Its many historical buildings and streets bear witness to the Lion Citys thousand-year history. Today it is a vibrant cultural centre with internationally prominent museums and collections like the Herzog Anton UlrichMuseum, as well as a multi-faceted theatre, concert and art scene. Braunschweigs urban air as a shopping mecca coexists with its many opportunities for rest and relaxation, like in the beautiful park areas along the river Oker right in the city centre.

C O N TAC T Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH Dorothee Schrder Schild 4 38100 Braunschweig p +49(0)531 4702048 f +49(0)531 4704445 w w reiseangebote

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012
4 8 M AY 2 012

Event series: BRAUNSCHWEIG Festival Soli Deo Gloria

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS T Y PI C A L LY B R AU N S C H W E I G A N D Y E T M O R E Discover dining enjoyment in the Lion City. Find out about the Braunschweig Mumme a culinary speciality with a special history you must become acquainted with. Enjoy the urban atmosphere with an aromatic coffee from the traditional roaster Heimbs. Exciting tales await you on the various tours available, along the river Oker for example, or of Richmond Palace, which is typical of the classicistic style.

Event series: Burgplatz Open Air The Bartered Bride by Bedrich Smetana
T H RO U G H 3 0 S E P T E M B E R 2 012

3 0 J U N E 17 J U LY 2 012

1 or 2 nights + breakfast in Braunschweig in the desired hotel category, 1*, 2* or 3*


Exhibition: EPOCHAL. Masterpieces of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, from Antiquity to the Present Exhibition: ELEPHANT KINGDOM. Europes Fossil Wealth

3 OCTOBER 2012 3 FEBRUARY 2013

6 12 N OV E M B E R 2 012

Event series: International Film Festival

28 N OV EM BE R 29 D EC EM BE R 2 012

Braunschweig Christmas Market surrounding the Cathedral and the Castle of Henry the Lion

Day 1: 1 experiential tour The History of the Braunschweig Mumme with Mumme meal following at the Mumme Store Day 2: Shopping in downtown Braunschweig. You receive a 10.00 shopping coupon and a shopping guide. Coffee at Heimbs Caf in the Palace Arcades. Founded in 1880, this successful coffee roasting enterprise ranks among Braunschweigs most venerable rms. 1 experiential tour Fright in Braunschweig or: Who Wants to Live Forever? Professor Abraham von Stoker and his assistant Melissa of Lehndorf remind us of the big names connected with our city. Day 3: 1 raft tour The Oker City from the Water from May to September or the tour Your Highness' Chocolate Is Ready at Richmond Palace from October to April. GROUP RATE: for 10+ people, double room per person rate starting from 134.00

44 / / 45 /




Braunschweiger Land

Wolfenbttel palace

Jgermeister barrel

Wolfenbttel ... sounds good!

A former residence of the Royal House of Hanover and a vibrant half-timbered town of 54,000 inhabitants, Wolfenbttel has an historic atmosphere but the amenities of a friendly, cosmopolitan small town. Youll be captivated by the over 600 half-timbered houses, significant churches, the stately castle district, the famous library Herzog August Bibliothek and the Lessinghaus all found in the Old Town, which together represents a Gesamtkunstwerk unlike anything else in Niedersachsen! The Royal House of Hanover had a major impact on the city and the way it looks today. For more than four centuries Wolfenbttel was the residence of the Dukes of Braunschweig and Lneburg, cultural and art patrons who made it a centre for the humanities and arts. Wolfenbttel was the first German Renaissance city to be built according to plan. During their reign the dukes brought in the best architects and urban planners of their time. Magnicent structures like the castle, the armoury, main church and the myriad court ofcers dwellings are just some of the fruits of their labour. Great artists, poets and composers like Lessing, Praetorius, Leibniz, Busch and Casanova lived and worked here as well. By the way ... did you know that Wolfenbttel is known to the world primarily for the herbal liqueur Jgermeister? This Wolfenbttel product has become a hit in more than 80 different countries. Dont miss an opportunity to try it while youre in town.

C O N TAC T Wolfenbttel Marketing & Tourismus und Service GmbH Tourist-Information / Donata Sengpiel-Schrder Stadtmarkt 7 38300 Wolfenbttel p +49(0)5331 86280 f +49(0)5331 867708 w w

7 A P R I L 2 012

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS JGER MEISTER + CULTURE + ENJOYMENT = WOLFENBT TEL The formula always works: Tour the production facilities of the world-famous herbal liquor to uncover the secrets behind the making of Jgermeister, add to that a fabulous Old Town district with royal palace, the Duke August Library, Lessing House, Little Venice, half-timbered houses and magnificent churches ... and then top it off with a delicious German cuisine at a historic restaurant that equation works out to be ... Wolfenbttel! Check out this attractive and compelling package! WHATS INCLUDED: Jgermeister factory tour, Guided tour through the Old Town district with visit to the Jgermeister Fan Shop, Lunch/dinner in a historic restaurant (soup appetiser, your choice of 4 dishes one soft drink/beer and 1 Jgermeister included), Per-person rate: 19.50, Day package for groups of 10+ individuals, Days: Mondays Thursdays

Easter basket A real occasion for the family.

Wine Festival Wine sellers, foods typically served with wine

17 19 AU G U S T 2 012

2 4 28 M AY 2 012

Old Town Festival The citys largest festival, held once every three years!
27 N OV E M B E R 23 D E C E M B E R 2 012

Christmas Market One of Germanys oldest markets!


Attractions for the whole family

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg


Design ICONS at the ZeitHaus

Braunschweiger The Autostadt in Wolfsburg Land

Experience the many facets of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Whether looking for an outof-the-ordinary destination or a place for a short holiday, to spend an exciting day with the kids or go out to make your own discoveries, youll be welcome at the Autostadt. When you get here youll definitely be at the right place. In our varied offering youll find something unique for every preference, every day. Our diverse programme of cultural offerings will beguile you, ranging from dance to theatre and literature. Or enjoy landscapes of culinary and sensory delights visiting our restaurants, shops and five-star superior hotel. Find out about the many facets of human mobility through exciting attractions made for the whole family. Discover the vision of a global enterprise and the technology and science of tomorrow. Whichever attractions may interest you the most, youll be on your way! We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

C O N TAC T Autostadt GmbH StadtBrcke 38440 Wolfsburg p +49(0)5361 401946 f +49(0)5361 401969 w w

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012

After eleven successful years, for the first time now the Autostadt is expanding the event and exhibition space for the automobile theme park, opening a showing area for Porsche in the spring of 2012.

S PE C I A L O FFE R FO R G RO U PS (15 PE R S O N S O R M O R E) S UM M E R FL A I R AT TH E AU TOS TA DT Coming after last years Nordic Summer (2011), featuring Europes biggest water show with video projections, towering fountains and ery productions, you can look forward to the summer of 2012, when therell be cocktails, lounge music, holiday activities for children and teens and a great 2012 summer programme at the Autostadt. We look forward to seeing you! W I N TE R WO N D E R L A N D In winter, the Autostadt transforms into a magical, brightly-coloured place. The park and lagoon landscape changes into a quaint winter backdrop for the holiday season and the colder days of the year. Visit an ice show or fasten your own skates for a few rounds, and youll see the Autostadt like you never have before, from out on the ice.


Day pass to the Autostadt 60-minute Maritime Panorama tour of the Mittellandkanal (weather permitting, please reserve in advance due to limited capacity, punch included in winter) Attendance of seasonal programme Price per person 14.00, Family package 38.00 (2 adults + all children up to age 17) S TO P - OV E R There are places that are worth a stop, some are worth a detour, and some are worth a special trip the Autostadt is all three. Experience the Autostadt year-round with our attractive STOPOVER package.

Autostadt restaurants operated by Mvenpick Special per-person rate 9.00

* if you arrive between 9:00 and 10:30, or after 14:00. length of stay is two hours plus 15 minutes for both boarding and disembarking from the bus.

5.00 restaurant credit redeemable at all

2-hour pass* to the Autostadt

46 / / 47 /


Hot Spot

Remarkable architecture by Zaha Hadid



Braunschweiger Discovered the world today already?

phno youll be amazed.


C O N TAC T phno Wolfsburg phno Service-Center Willy-Brandt-Platz 1 38440 Wolfsburg p +49(0)5361 890100 f +49(0)5361 89010206 w w


Over 350 phenomena can be marvelled at in phno. This enables everyone to have their own personal aha experience. Or have you ever felt how long 600 billion years is? steered a car with the accelerator pedal? grown roses out of hotdogs? inserted air bubbles in oil? experienced the worlds most ery tornado?

In the phno Science Theatre the widest range of phenomena is presented, from the Big Bang and the balloon rocket to the nitrogen cold shock. During the show our audience is warmly invited to join in and play along for instance in our large pipeorchestra.

The phno building in the centre of Wolfsburg looks like a spacecraft that has just landed. The inside of phno seems to be from another world as well: a free-owing space framed by castconcrete. An ideal location for adventurers and discoverers. And a fantastic achievement from the London-based architect Zaha Hadid. Interested in a guided architecture tour?

phno is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays from 10 am to 6 pm (Closed on Mondays) During school holidays in Niedersachsen phno is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

HIGHL I G H TS 2 012

G RO U P TI C K E TS (15 PE O PL E O R M O R E) Each Adult 10.50 p. p. Children, schoolchildren 6.00 p. p. Reduced 6.50 p.p. Special offers for schools, youth groups or senior citizens at

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Szyszka; Page 12/13: TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH / Peter Hamel; Page 14/15: Bunte Strandkorbreihe auf weiem Sand am Wattenmeerstrand, TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN) / Rolf Schecker; TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH / Peter Hamel; Haus in der Lneburger Heide, shotshop Page 16 Bremerhaven: Havenwelten Bremerhaven, BIS Bremerhaven Touristik / Heinrich Hecht; Deutsches Auswandererhaus, BIS Bremerhaven Touristik; Page 17 Wilhelmshaven: Maritime Meile, Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH; Masten Grosegler, Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH; Page 18 Papenburg: Kreuzfahrtschiffe auf der Meyer Werft erleben, Papenburg Tourismus / Ute Mller; Brigg Firederike vor Papenburg Rathaus, Papenburg Tourismus / Ute Mller; Museumsdorf Von-Velen-Anlage, Papenburg Tourismus / Ute Mller; Page 19 Emsland: Headfoto, Emsland Touristik GmbH / intention; Emsower Emsbren, Emsower; Schloss Clemenswerth, Schloss Clemenswerth; Page 20 Grafschaft Bentheim: Nordhorn Vechtesee, Grafschaft Bentheim Toursimus e. V. / Rudi Schubert; Ostmhle Gildehaus, Grafschaft Bentheim Toursimus e. V. / Anneke Drees; Glasskulptur, Stdtische Galerie Nordhorn; Page 21 Osnabrck: Marktplatz, Osnabrck Marketing und Tourismus GmbH / Roger Witte; Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, Osnabrck Marketing und Tourismus GmbH/ Sven Christian Finke; Weihnachtsmarkt, Osnabrck Marketing und Tourismus GmbH/ Detlef Heese; Page 22 Oldenburger Mnsterland: Romantische Wassermhle, Verbund Oldenburger Mnsterland e. V. / Klaus Gerken; Ausugsegler auf dem Dmmer See, Verbund Oldenburger Mnsterland e. V. / Christian Bitter; Museumsdorf Cloppenburg, Verbund Oldenburger Mnsterland e. 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Mnden: Hann. Mnden Mittelalterliche Dreissestadt, Touristik Naturpark Mnden e. V. / Foto Burkhardt; Schner Shoppen in Hann. Mnden, Touristik Naturpark Mnden e. V. / Paavo Blaeld; Hann. Mnden Fachwerkjuwel, Touristik Naturpark Mnden e. V. / Toni Sciacca; Page 38 Gttingen: Doktorkuss frs Gnseliesel, Gttingen Tourismus /Alciro Theodoro da Silva; Rathauslwe am Marktplatz, Gttingen Tourismus / Torsten Krger; Page 39 Hotel DER ACHTERMANN: Auenansicht Hotel DER ACHTERMANN, Hotel DER ACHTERMANN; Turmsaal, Hotel DER ACHTERMANN; Bade- und Saunalandschaft, Hotel DER ACHTERMANN; Page 40 Goslar: Weihnachtsmarkt + Weihnachtswald, GOSLAR marketing gmbh / Stefan Hoffmeister; Marktplatz mit Rathaus, GOSLAR marketing gmbh / Stefan Schiefer; Weltkulturerbe Erzbergwerk Rammelsberg, GOSLAR marketing gmbh; Kaiserpfalz-Imperial Palace, GOSLAR marketing gmbh / Stefan Schiefer; Page 41 Kloster Wtingerode: Kloster Auenansicht, Cellerar GmbH; Klosterfhrung mit Kaufmann Berthold, Wilfried Ristan; Der Wltingeroder Klosterwald zum Adventsmarkt, Cellerar GmbH / R. Breitkreuz; Page 42 HhlenErlebnisZentrum: Iberger Tropfsteinhhle Fhrung Brckmannsaal + Ritterhausgang, HEZ / Karl Johaentges; Museum am Berg Blick in Kubus und Ausstellung, HEZ / Gnter Jentsch; Rekonstruktionen Kleinfamilien, HEZ / Gnter Jentsch; Museum im Berg Meer, HEZ / Gnter Jentsch; Page 42 Zisterzienser Museum: Gotischer-Kreuzgang der Klosteranlage Walkenried, Zisterzienser Museum Kloster Walkenried / Gnter Jentsch; Einblick in das Zisterzienser Museum, Zisterzienser Museum Kloster Walkenried / Gnter Jentsch; Page 43 Fagus-GreCon: Fagus Werk Gebude, Fagus-GreCon / Hans P. Szyszka, Erfurt; Fagus-Gropius-Ausstellung, FagusGreCon / Carsten Janssen; Page 44 Braunschweig: Der Altstadtmarkt, Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH / amtenbrink; Der Braunschweiger Lwe, Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH / Sascha Gramann; Das Residenzschloss, Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH / Sascha Gramann; Page 45 Wolfenbttel: Schloss Wolfenbttel, Wolfenbttel Marketing & Tourismus Service GmbH / Hans-Dieter Knig; Krambuden, Wolfenbttel Marketing & Tourismus Service GmbH / Hans-Dieter Knig; JgermeisterFass, Fa. Mast-Jgermeister SE; Page 46 Autostadt Wolfsburg: Die Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Autostadt; Design IKONEN im ZeitHaus, Autostadt / Tom Mememann; Spielplatz, Autostadt / Marc-Oliver Schulz; Page 47 phaeno: Architektur, phaeno / Klemens Ortmeyer; Hitzeck, phaeno / Nina Stiller; RoboThespian, phaeno / Matthias Leitzke; Familie, phaeno / Nina Stiller


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