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SCPA Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday 8th November 2012, 7.30pm at St Christophers School Present: Collette, Emma K, Emilie D, Lisa P, Chris Donlan, Shaw G, Sarah R Apologies: Karen S, Jennifer G, Fiona C, Michelle B, Emma T, Kate G, Becks H Actions from Previous Meeting Spending Bullying magician Arranged for 12 November. 50p per child, rest donated by SCPA Breakfast club materials Jo Brindle to buy Lego & Dolls House 100 European breakfast in Spring Craft materials Other ideas from teachers Staging - Donation towards approx. 1800 (requested by Janet) may be better things to spend money on. Lottery SG to confirm governors view Head to check max numbers for hall Covenant/ childcare vouchers CD researched no scheme at present, CD contacting David Cameron nothing heard back. CC sourced whiteboard easel. Refreshments for Open Day ED, SR & Jo Brindle helped, SG said thank you. Went very well 24 sets of parents. Fundraising Phoenix Cards 60, CC has new source in Burford for next year Bags to school 21 November Cook for Books October 26 - Willow raised 40 good for Willow November 30 Cherry Dates to go in newsletters S Jones has dates Teachers to encourage their class SG to update on last years cheque and what is happening Note on board in staff room. ED/ LP CC JB SG SG SG Action by


SJones Staff SG

Electronic newsletters and alerts; CD has met with SG re. Electronic newsletters and texts software Spindle CD & SG CD has arranged free copy. Christmas Fair . SR drafted Santa letters. Look fantastic ED & CD can arrange Franking, EK may have stamps. envelopes. Suggested charge 2. To send out after xmas fair Raffle CC ordered tickets - here next week Sell ahead and on day (sell through 5 Alls & Bell?) LP to written letters - prizes so far: Bell Langford bottle Basket Ball Voucher from Giles Sport Tennis lesson with Chris Hand 50 5 Alls meal voucher Full body massage Charlotte MacDonald Bird Land Wildlife Park 5 Coop No word so far from: Supermarkets Aldi, Tesco, Londis, Sainsburys Hackett ET Hampers baskets ED, CC buy 3 HK will help but not on 28th Chocolate shop (Lechlade & Carterton)? jar of sweets for guess no. of sweets. Does he want stall? Oxford shirt company - No Woollen weavers Burford Garden Lechlade Garden Cotswold Garden Colleys Pinos Farmer Gows Vin Est Thank you letters, mention what money may be spent on. Food baked pots and chilli, cheese & beans, hot dogs/ sausages, CC to coordinate. Sell big cakes sliced. Dont need Tens licence if not selling alcohol. ? Mulled apple juice instead of Wine? CC ask chef to use kitchen






Stalls Golden Time toys, Candle lady, Karen Cushions, Dench worth Equestrian, book club, Nature club/Janet, Charlotte McDonald (Rainbow room) , Jam jars & Chimney, Produce Stall, Pampered Chef HHolden (donation), Helen Keen Presentation Gifts, Small Cakes, Nail bar (Kids 11-3 or as much as lady wants to do) Table top stalls (bric a brac), no take up so far. Grotto (including presents) bales Pippa H CC CC, Grotto DP will only do a couple of hours, AK couple of hours timings to be confirmed Chocolate from Bookers. Helper (Velia last DP/ AK SG year SG to ask) Produce stall (donations) holly Veronica R & mistletoe ED Craft - reindeer food on produce stalls or with Lollies/ Jam jars? Guess the sweets (donation from the Lechlade Sweet Shop)? No word as yet. Bake-off (Wendy Clements) Class stall - Do any staff want to volunteer? Tombola (adult + child combine) boxes + dates + non-uniform CC has boxes, after half term. Contributions in week of 23rd November. Raffle Cherry Red Maple Gold Ginkgo Green Oak White/ Sparkly Willow Silver Staff to contribute to their own class one & encourage kids to bring things in. Contributions in week of 30th November Wrapping ribbon & Cellophane Jam Jars Week of 7th December Date for sorting Wednesday 28th CC 7.30pm Volunteer list (attached) SG/ Governors/ SCPA WClements SG/ Staff

Staff, PTA, Volunteer , Governor get together all agreed good idea, but after Christmas Next Meetings: 7.30pm Wednesday 21st November School

Dates to remember: Monday 19 - Friday 23 November Wednesday 21 November Monday 26 Friday 30 November Wednesday 28 November Friday 30 November Monday 3 Friday 7 December Friday 25 January Friday 22 February Friday 22 March Friday 26 April Friday 24 May Friday 28 June Friday 19 July

Tombola Prizes in SCPA Meeting 7.30pm School Raffle Prizes in Sorting for Xmas Fair 7.30pm CCs House Cook 4 Books Jam Jars in Cook 4 Books Cook 4 Books Cook 4 Books Cook 4 Books Cook 4 Books Cook 4 Books Cook 4 Books

Whole School SCPA Whole School SCPA Cherry Whole School Maple Ginkgo Oak Willow Cherry Maple Ginkgo

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