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SQUASH MALUNGGAY AND DILIS Ingredients: Dilis Onion Malunggay Tomato Garlic Ginger Squash 1 egg Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass Kinchay Oil

Preparation Instructions: 1. Heat cooking oil 2. Saut onion, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. 3. Add dilis and stir for one minute. 4. Add boiling rice water with lemon grass. 5. Add squash, boil until done. 6. Season with salt. 7. Add malunggay and stir. 8. Cover for one minute. 9. Add scrambled egg. 10. Stir and remove from fire. 11. Serve hot.

Bernardo D. Carpio Natl High School Alma A. Mandabon Eddle Mae P. Gutang

GINATAANG KAMANSI AT MALUNGGAY Ingredients: 1/2kl Coconut 2cups Kamansi (breadfruit) 2cups Kalabasa 1cup Dahon ng Malunggay 1cup Bulaklak ng Malunggay 1cup Bunga ng Malunggay 1/4cup Sangig 1/4cup Kalabo 1pc. Luyang Dilaw dilis Iodized Salt

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. Hugasan ng maayos ang mga gulay Balatan ang kamansi at bunga ng malunggay Hiwain ang kalabasa, kamansi at bunga ng malunggay Himayin ang dahon ng malunggay, bulaklak ng malunggay, kalabo, at sangig 5. Dikdikin ang luyang dilaw 6. Maglagay ng isang tasang mainit na tubig sa niyog, pigain at ibukod ito. (unang gata) 7. Ulitin ang pagpiga ng niyog sa dalawang tasa ng tubig (pangalawang gata) 8. Ilagay ang pangalawang gata, kamansi, kalabasa, luyang dilaw at kaunting asin 9. Haluin at hayaang kumulo 10. Ilagay ang bunga ng malunggay, dilis, kalabo, sangig, at ang unang gata 11. Tikman at hanguin kung luto na.

Cabantian Natl High School

Dexter T. Tinggoy Rechell May C. Ybanez

VEGGIES AND CREAM Ingredients: 1cup diced Sayote 1cup diced squash 1cup Kentucky beans, 1" cut 1/2cup diced carrots 1cup diced potatoes 1cup shredded cabbage 1can of 370ml evaporated milk 3tbsp. Cooking oil crashed calic onions spring onions powdered pepper shrimp broth salt 1/2cup water

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Saut the onions and garlic. Add potatoes, after a few minutes, add the squash. Add water and shrimp broth, let it boil. Wait, until the squash and potaoes become tender, but not overcooked. Add the sayote and carrots. Add the Kentucky beans, then pour the milk. Flavor with salt and pepper, then add the cabbage. Serve hot, with spring onions on top.

3rd Prize Winner Crossing Bayabas Natl High School Marianne Joy S. Cosare Rose Ann F. Jimenez

GULAWSIT Ingredients: 1cup grated Yellow corn 1clove Garlic 1medium size Onion 1pc. Medium sized Patola 1cup Malunggay 5pcs. Garbanzos 1sliced Kalabasa 1/2cup mushroom 3pcs. Hard boiles Eggs 200grams Pansit 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1/2cup Tuna Flakes 3cups Water Salt to taste Celery leaves

Preparation Instructions: 1. Blanch pansit. Set aside 2. Sautee garlic and onion, add kalabasa and yellow corn 3. Add water, let it boil for about 1 minute 4. Continue cooking until kalabasa and yellow corn are done 5. Add mushroom, garbanzos and malunggay 6. Season with salt 7. Pour the cooked vegetables in the pancit 8. Garnish with tuna flakes and hard boiled eggs and celery 9. Serve hot

2nd Prize Winner Daniel Aguinaldo Natl High School Nilo B. Geronco Robron M. Fernanadez

CREAMY VEGETABLE WITH SHRIMPS Ingredients: 1big camote, pared and cubed 1 bamboo shoot, cut into cube and blanched 3cups camote tops 5pcs tomatoes, quartered 2 T sliced native onions 12pcs fresh medium shrimps, unshelled 1/2cup coco cream (1st extraction) 4cups water salt to taste

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Boil camote and water. When almost tender add bamboo shoots,fresh shrimps and tomatoes, Boil for 5 minutes. Season with salt and onions. Cover and simmer. Add camote tops and coco cream. Boil until it becomes creamy.

Davao City Natl High School Joyce Ann Juyo Xyla Kristine Melican

VEGETABLE MEDLEY Ingredients: 3tsp shrimp paste (oyap) 3tsp cooking oil 2pcs tomatoes 2pcs garlic (minced) 2pcs onions (chopped) 3pcs red and green bell pepper diced coconut milk malunggay 3pcs sayote (peeled and dried) 3cups squash (diced) 2pcs carrots (diced) 1small bundle sitaw pepper

Preparation Instructions: 1. Pre-heat cooking oil, 2. Saut garlic until golden brown, 3. Add onions, tomatoes and bell pepper. 4. Pour coco milk (2nd extraction), 5. Let boil for a minute. 6. Drop sitaw, carrots, sayote, and squash. 7. Add shrimp paste, salt and pepper to taste. 8. Cover until half cook. 9. Pour the coco milk(1st extraction) 10. Let boil for a minute. 11. Add malunggay and chopped spring onions.

Catalunan Grande Natl High School Geovanni Borje Peachy Cleo Dehino

GULAY GALORE Ingredients: 5pcs young corn, grated 1clove garlic 1bulb onion 2cups water 2pcs. patola 1small carrot 10 stalks malunggay 1pc. chayote 1sliced grilled tuna 5stalks saluyot 1pc. gabi 1small slice squash sugar and salt to taste 1tbsp. oil

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Saut garlic and onion Add grilled fish, water and let it simmer Add the corn, stirring often to avoid burning. When cooked, add the patola, carrot, squash, saluyot, chayote, gabi, lemon grass and malunggay Season. Serve hot.

Dr. Santiago Dakudao Sr. Natl High School Anelyn Carcillar Rustom John Claro

FRIED VEGE Ingredients: 1cup batong 1cup kalabasa 1cup cauliflower 1 1/2cup pineapple garlic toyo and vinegar paminta dahon sugar oil petsay egg flour peanut

Preparation Instructions: Wash and slice all vegetables Saut garlic until half cooked Mash the sauted vegetables in a bowl. Form it into chicken legs, insert string beans to shape like a real chicken. Deep fry until browned Garnish with pineapple ring and sauce

Erico T. Nograles Natl High School Angelie F. Inutan Marigold C. Dionio

EGGPLANT WITH FRESH MUSHROOM Ingredients: 1/4cups olive oil 1kl eggplant 4tsp. onion white 5 clove garlic 5 large tomato 2cups fresh mushroom 1tsp. basil leaves 1tsp. oregano leaves 1pc. zucchini salt black pepper red pepper

Preparation Instructions: 1. Heat oil in large skillet oven medium heat 2. Cook eggplant and onions in hot oil in 10 minutes until vegetables are soft, stirring occasionally. 3. Add garlic tomato, mushroom, basil, oregano, salt, ground black pepper and ground red pepper. 4. Bring to a boil oven medium-high heat; 5. Reduce heat to medium. Slowly. 6. Simmer about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. 7. Add zucchini; simmer 5 minutes more or until mixture thickens slightly. 8. Garnish with bell pepper if desired. 9. Serve immediately.

F. Banggoy Natl High School Romeo Casquejo John Tyron Delegero

HORSE RADISH & SQUASH IN HONEY LEMON SAUCE Ingredients: 1cup horse radish leaves 2slice medium size squash 2slice carrot 2pcs. potato 1/4kg ground pork salt & pepper 2pcs. Egg 1/2 cup flour 5tbsp. powder milk 1pc. garlic 1pc. onion cheese lemon honey 2tbsp. soy sauce

Preparation Instructions: 1. Boil the squash and potato 2. Drain and smash, add powder milk and set aside 3. Chop the horse radish, onion and garlic into very small pieces, in a separate bowl. 4. Combine it with ground pork, egg, flour, soy sauce, and salt and pepper 5. to taste. 6. Line the base and sides of a loaf pan with nonstick paper. 7. Spoon in the combine ingredients placing the smash squash and potato and sliced carrot ar the center then add the cheese as toppings. 8. Steam it by placing in another pan halfway up the sides of the other pan. 9. Cook it for about 20 minutes. 10. Combine lemon juice and honet; boil it into a medium fire by constantly stirring. 11. Add small amount of corn starch, continue stirring.

12. Place in a plate with garnish

Leon Garcia Sr. Natl High School Christopher Biyo Gay Marie R. Garcia

GABI NG PAG-ASA Ingredients: 5 bundles young gabi leaves 1cup shrimp fresh tuna grated coconut chopped onions finely minced garlic finely minced ginger native pepper 1 bundle lemon grass salt to taste

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Detach gabi leaves from stalk. Wash and remove skin if gabi stalk, cut into desired length and set aside, Add one cup lukewarm water to grated coconut extract cream. Set aside. For the second extraction, Add 2 cups lukewarm water. Boil the 2nd extract of coconut cream with spices Add shrimps, stripped tuna and gabi stalk until mixture is thick. Add salt to taste.

Maa Natl High School Melody P. Gonzales Jenny Cris J. Masing

BAMS PIZZA Ingredients: 1/4kl carrot 1/4cup mushroom 2pcs. Tokwa broccoli cauliflower 1/2kl squash green/ren bell pepper 1 gabi mongo red beans pinch/ 1tsp sugar alamang 1 clover garlic chicharon oil butter

Preparation Instructions: 1. Saut garlic and onion 2. Add squash and 1/4 cup water -simmer until half cooked 3. Add rest of ingredients except tokwa -simmer until hal cooked. 4. Season with salt 5. Strain in a colander 6. Set aside soup Vegetable Crust:

1. Mix all together squash, gabi, and mongo. 2. Add 1 tbsp sugar and pinchof salt. 3. Bake in an oven for 5 minutes and until done. Sauce: 1. Saute garlic and onions. 2. Add saluyot soup. 3. Brings to boil. 4. Add mashed carlang and alamang. 5. Season to taste. 1. Assemble ingredients in the pie crust. 2. Garnish with fried malunggay, ampalaya leaves, and kangkong leaves. 3. Serve with saluyot sauce.
Pablo Lorenzo Natl High School Kristian Lim Pahad Panayaman

GUINATAANG GULAY WITH MALUNGGAY Ingredients: 1/4kl string beans, cut into 3" 1/2kl squash, cut into cube 1/8kl Hibe 2 cloves garlic minced sliced ginger 2 cups malunggay leaves 3 cups coconut milk salt & pepper to taste

Preparation Instructions: 1. Saut garlic, ginger in a pan 2. Put squash, string beans, hibe together with two cups coconut milk (second extract) 3. Let it boil for five minutes. 4. Stir constantly while boiling. 5. Add malunggay leaves and 1 cup kakang gata 6. Cook for another three minutes 7. Serve hot.

Mabini Natl High School April Stephanie Valente Emy Tabaosares

MALUNGGAY EMBUTIDO Ingredients: 2cups ground chicken 1/4cup chopped onion 1/4cup chopped bell pepper 1/2cup raisins 3/4cups chopped carrot 3pcs eggs 1/3cups chopped pickles 3/4cup grated cheese 2tbsp. flour 4tbsp. malunggay powder 1tbsp. salt

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Combine first of 7 ingredients. Mix well. Add cheese and flour Add malunggay powder Season with iodized salt Divide the mixture into 2. Wrap in aluminium foil. Steam for 20 minutes Serve with sauce.

1st Prize Sta. Ana National High School Janice V. Patalita Mary Joy B. Obeso

GINATAANG DABONG Ingredients: 2 1/2cups bamboo shoots 1cup young corn 1cup saluyot stem 1cup malunggay leaves 5cups coconut milk 1cup sliced squash 1cup fresh button mushroom 1/2kl shrimps/ seafoods 1cup patola sliced ginger spring onions sliced 1" 1tbsp iodized salt 1cup okra water 1cup sliced string beans

Preparation Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Boil bamboo shoots until done (no bitter taste). Drain. Add the 4cups of second and third extracts of coconut milk bring to boil. Add the scraped young corn and cook until it is tender. Add sliced squash, okra, and ginger, sliced string beans. Cover and cook for 3-5 mins. Add saluyot and shrimps/ sea foods(optional) and salt to taste.

8. Then when it is done, add the mushroom and bring to boil. 9. Add malunggay and spring onions. 10. Simmer. 11. Add the 1 cup of first extract coconut milk for final blending and for flavor enhancer. 12. Serve hot.

Talomo Natl High School Marineth M. Niere Lorenz Jim C. Taroja

BOLA-BOLANG OYWASBAW Ingredients: 1/2cup Banana blossom 1/cup squash 1/2cup alugbati 1/2cup okra 1/2cup string beans 1/2cup horseradish leaves 1/2cup jute 1/2cup corn kernel 1/2cup boiled yam 1/2cup coconut "sapal" 1pc eggplant 2tbsp garlic Preparation Instructions: Cook yam until tender, then shred. Slice thinly the banana blossom then sprinkle a pinch of salt and squeezed. Pare squash (dice thinly). Slice thinly the following vegetables: okra, string beans, eggplant and corn, then measure and set aside. Prepare the malunggay, saluyot, and alugbati and slice thinly, set aside 2tbsp onion 2tbsp red bell pepper 2tbsp green bell pepper corn oil patis salt 2pcs eggs 9tbsp flour 3tbsp cornstarch 1/4cup sweet tomato catsup 1/4cup mayonnaise 1pinch black pepper 1/2cup yogurt

Prepare the squeeze grated coconut "sapal" Dice thinly all the spices like garlic, onion, red and green bell pepper. Mix all the above ingredients thouroughly, then season with patis, salt and sugar to taste. Add beaten eggs, mix thoroughly. Slowly add flour mixed with cornstarch, mix well. Form into 20-25 medium-sized balls. Deep fry into a hot vegetable oil until golden brown. Serve while hot with the creamy sauce.

Mintal Comprehensive High School Charlie A Corciega Joanna Maurice P. Ayag

PAKBET ILOCANO Ingredients: Kalabasa Alugbati Talong Okra Takway Kamatis Bagoong

Preparation Instructions: 1. Wash and slice the vegetables 2. In a pot, arrange vegetable (from the bottom to the the top in order: squash, talong, okra, takway, alugbati, 3. plenty of ripe tomatoes and bagoong) 4. Cook until tender

Toril Natl High School Precy Price Lim Rochelle Salda