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Mark Lanier: Trial Lawyer
This article talks about Mark Lanier, a trial lawyer, who is proclaimed to be one of the best lawyers in the United States of America. He has contributed to the mass tort litigation significantly. His court trials became the subject matter of several articles and magazines and they emphasize on his legal accomplishment and communication techniques.

William Mark Lanier is among the wellknown lawyers in America. This trial lawyer was born on 20th October, 1960. He was titled to be ‘’The Best Lawyers in America’’, in the year 2008 he was again honored to be the best lawyer for his contribution to the mass tort litigation. Life history of Mark Lanier: • The famous lawyer graduated from Coronado High School situated in Lubbock. He went to the Texas Tech University for 2 years. He became a graduate from the David Lipscomb University situated in Nashville, Tennessee. Lanier received a B.A degree in Biblical Languages, with Economics as his subject in the year 1981. Among the several awards he won the Granny White Bible Award was awarded to him for the highest GPA. There after he went to Texas Tech University law school, and attained his jurist doctoral degree in the year 1984. In the Texas Tech University law school, he was selected as a distinguished alumnus for the year 2005. William Mark Lanier serves on the foundation board of the law school.

Professional career of Mark Lanier: • It was on the 1st of June 1984 that Lanier began his legal career in Houston for Fulbright & Jaworski. In the year 1989, Lanier worked in both trial and appellate divisions. From September 1, 1989, he started working for the Ernest Cannon and Associates. He stayed there before launching his own legal firm in association with Bill Vernon on June 1st in the year 1990. Lanier’s firm came to be known as ‘’Lanier Law Firm’’. Over the years, the firm expanded and spread across cities like Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Palo Alto.

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In the year 1998 and 2006, the journal called National Law proclaimed Lanier to be one of the finest trail lawyers in America. According to the Texas survey, Mr. Lanier was selected to be one of the ‘’Texas Super Lawyer” for consecutive 5 years, starting from 2003- 2007. The Texas lawyer newspaper ranked Lanier as one of the top five ‘’Go To’’ lawyer of personal injury in Texas. It was in the year 2007 that he was selected as the ‘’Go To’’ attorney in Texas. Apart from this he was termed as the ‘’Impact Player of the Year’’ in the year 2005. Some of his trials are also be carried out on the Court TV website, these trial cases become the main subject in most of the books and articles that he emphasizes on his legal accomplishment and communication techniques. Beyond Bulletpoints, Cliff Atkinson’s PowerPoint guide has dedicated their first chapters to the message tools used by Mark Lanier in the Ernst trial. For more information, please visit

The Personal Life of Mark Lanier: William Mark Lanier got married to Becky Smith and they have five children. Lanier and his wife led to the foundation of the Mark and Becky Lanier Professional Development Center situated at the Texas Tech University School of Law.

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