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‘lag fe -7 whole a of lee i Al, PLATOON, 5 dt FCWERAL || i ica dy Roy “5 MM, fngfo lee THIS ILLUMINATED SCHOOL OF MARS, OR REVIEW OF THE LOYAL VOLUNTEER CORPS OF LONDON AND ITS VICINITY, IS DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION, ro HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF GLOUCESTER, By HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS'S MOST OBLIGED, AND VERY HUMBLE SERVANT, R. ACKERMANN. PREFACE. Tue Prorrieror of the following Intuainaten Schoon or Mars, after much assiduity and expence, requests permission to present the efforts of his industry to the discriminating eye of a liberal Punic; and further to observe, that his primary object is to raise a lasting monument to the credit of those Volunteer Corps, who, in the mo- ments of alarm and of imminent dangers, so readily and honourably stood forward, at their own expense, to assist the Civil Magistrates, and to preserve the tranquillity of this crear and commerctat Emporium; and to defend the property of their less qualified neigh- bours from the ruffian hands of interested depredators, and from the malicious schemes of disloyalty. To guard those Laws from violation, that have so long withstood the test of time, the Genius of the Nation drew the Sworn, and Justice gave her sanction :—to follow the bold example was the first wish of the Associators ; and it is incontestably the duty of the PROTECTED, to shew a grateful remembrance of the brilliant fact ! To hand to Posrerrty, in Freurr, Unirors, and Gorours, this valuable body of English Gitizens, is surely of the highest utility ; for, should the same sort of necessity, at any time hercafter, require similar exertions, the Tanters of this Recisrer must unequivocally display all that may be necessary to prepare a check for the rising evil: a calamity, the magnitude of which must ever appear to the unpre- judiced '