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William Marler
This article informs its readers that William Marler is one of the most renowned personal injury lawyers, who specialize in cases relating to food borne diseases. Marler has won various awards and has numerous publications to his name.

William Marler is a personal injury lawyer who is world renowned and specializes in cases dealing with food borne illness. William Marler is a managing partner of a Washington based law firm, Marler Clark. It was in the year 1993, that William Marler, upheld a case of a petitioner against Jack in Box, with regard to the outbreak of E. coli O157:H7, that helped to secure a settlement amount of about $15.6 million. Thereafter he directed his practice in the field of food poisoning diseases. He represented many people suffering from hepatitis A, E. coli and Salmonella among various other diseases. William was also involved in court cases and procedures relating to outbreaks of food poisoning diseases, especially in the United States of America. He has also represented many individuals against big companies such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chili’s, ConAgra and Dole. Under the patronage of Marler Clark, William Marler is also involved with a non profit organization called OutBreak. His job profile is such that he has to travel extensively. William has the responsibility of generating awareness about the effects of food poisoning among the common people all over the world. He has also engaged himself with a number of fair associations, food industry groups, and public health groups. Marler has written extensively on topics and articles, maintains a blog that is updated frequently. The blog is visited by large number of food safety communities and legal associations. Marler has addressed several groups such as the California State Senate Governmental Organization Committee. Distinctions and awards won by William Marler:

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Governor Appointee, Washington State University Board of Regents from 1998 to 2004 Public Justice Award, Washington State Trial Lawyer’s Association in the year 2008 ‘’Super Lawyer’’, Washington State Attorneys since 1998 till the present date Outstanding Lawyer Award, Seattle or King County Bar Association in the year 2008

Publications of William Marler: • ‘’How to Document a Food Poisoning Case’’ (Co-authored with David Babcock) Trial Magazine, published in November 2004 ‘’How to Keep Your Focus on Food Safety’’, ‘’Food Safety Magazine’’, published between June to July 2005 ‘’Separating the Chaff from the Wheat: How to Determine the Strength of a Foodborne Illness Claim’’ (PDF) in the year 2005, the Paper was presented at Defense Research Institute meeting on Food Liability ‘’Food Claims and Litigation’’ (PDF), ‘’Food Safety Insight Newsletter by Environ Health Associates’’, Inc, February, 2005 ‘’Food Safety and the CEO :(PDF) Keys to Bottom Line Success’’, ‘’Food Safety Magazine’’, October and November, 2007 ‘’Serving Up Trouble’’, American Association of Justice Trial Magazine’’, Vol 45, No 2 February, 2009 ‘’Legal Issues for Food Safety: What Every Food Professional Should Know, Food Safety and Quality Magazine’’, Volume 5, Issue 3 September, 2009

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Profiles: • • • Distinguished Achievement Award from WSU College of Liberal Arts in the year 1997 Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys since 2002, till the present date ‘’Candidate for Top FSIS Job talks E. coli Testing, Irradiation, and Education’’, ‘’The Meating Place, Ann Bagel Storck’’, February 6, 2009


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Law Job Star • ‘’WSU Discourse on Food Safety, Courtesy Seattle Lawyer’’, ‘’Kitsap Sun, Tristan Baurick’’, August 29, 2009 • ‘’Food Fight: Bill Marler’s Beef’’ (PDF), ‘’Washington Law & Politics, David Volk’’, May, 2009

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