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PROCEDURE TO INSTALL AND UPLOAD IMAGES ON DROPBOX. Dropbox Application Installation Procedure. 1. Go to website

A window as shown below will open. Click on Download Dropbox to download the Dropbox application.

2) Click on Save File to save the file on the PC. It will download Dropbox application at the location selected.

3) Double click on the Application Setup file. Application will install on the PC.

Setup File

4) Click on RUN to start the installation

5) Click on Install to install the Dropbox Application.

6) During installation two option will be given to chose from a) I don't have a Dropbox account. b) I have a Dropbox account. Select accordingly. Select option a and click on Next

7) Fill in the Details as required and Click o Next.

Note : First Name : Customer name Last Name : Customer Last name Email : Customer email Password: Any password. Computer name : will appear automatically.

8) In the screen below select the Dropbox size. Click on 2GB Free and then on Next.

9) Click on Typical(recommended) and then click on Install.

10) A Dropbox Folder will be created in the My Document Folder on the PC.

11) A Dropbox Notification Icon will be created on the Taskbar.

12) Click on Finish to complete the installation.

Procedure to Transfer the Images using Dropbox.

1. Copy Your Image Folder (Test)in the Dropbox Folder located in My Document Folder.

A synchronize symbol will appear on the left-hand side lower corner of the folder pasted. 2. To share the folder Right Click on the Folder to be shared. Select Dropbox and Share this folder

3. Below Screen will appear. Enter the email ID in the Invite collaboration to this folder and then Click Share Folder.

4. Open the Dropbox folder and check the mark o the lefthand side lower corner of the shared folder.

Note : If it is still showing Synchronize symbol then images have not finished uploading. Wait for the images to finish uploading. Once all the images finish uploading a Tick mark will appear with green back Ground, then the folder is fully uploaded and is shared with the NVI Design Team.

Images Uploading

Images Uploaded

5) Once the Image Folder are uploaded Call the NVI Design Team to inform that the images are uploaded and are ready for download. Call On :

0832-2258400 OR 08326653451

Procedure for Downloading the Images At Design Team end.

1. Go to website A window as shown below will open. Click on Login to log in to Dropbox. Type Email : Password: ******** Then Click on LOGIN

2. The Image Folder (Test) will be seen in the FILE TAB in the Dropbox.

3. Select the Image folder (Test) .

4. Click on Down Arrow and select Download Folder

4. Click on SAVE

5. Select the Location to save the file and Click SAVE.