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NAME: JAY SHUKLA DOB: 20 May 1991 Fs NAME: Shree Raj Kumar Shukla PERMANENT ADDRESS: Opp. Madhuwan Vatika Sheodaspur, Varanasi 221106 CURRENT ADDRESS: Same CONTACT & e-MAIL: 09473974040 GENDER: M NATIONALITY / STATE: Indian/UP Married: No SKILL and INTEREST: Mechanical Engineering and work with Power Sector Company & CAD. QUALIFICATION DETAILS: Examination Discipline/ Specialization Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Mechanical School/college Board/ University Gautam Buddha technical university Gautam Buddha technical university Gautam Buddha technical university UP Board Allahabad UP UP Board Allahabad UP Year of Passing % Resume For the Job: Site or Shift Engineer

B.Tech 1st year B.Tech 2nd year B.Tech 3rd year

Kashi institute of technology Kashi institute of technology Kashi institute of technology Kalicharan saraswati inter college, Lathiya, Varanasi. Aryavart inter college, Susuwahi, Varanasi.

75% 2009 2010 2011 73.5% 72.5% 55% 2008 2006 66%

Intermediate High School

Maths group Maths group

Hobby: Projective Works, Coordination & Relation with Seniors and Education. Computer Skills: Languages Operating Systems Designing Project: Numerical solving of machine design problem with C. DTMF robot. NDT in Thermal power plant. 3-D modeling and Generative structural analysis in CATIA V5 2-D drawing in AutoCAD 2010 : C. : Windows XP : AutoCAD, CatiaV5


IN THIRD/FINAL YEAR: 2010-11 & 2011-12

TIME: WINTER AND SUMMER of 100 days: 30/60 days

TRAINERS-ABC TEAM: Office--301, Jainagar Colony Station Road Ghazipur-233001 SITE: 15MW/40MW Location: Ghazipur/Jaunpur (UP) Ref: NPTI books & Site

TOPICS: 1: Project & Management in construction/operation of Thermal Power Plant with documentation& drawings. 2: Boiler and its Auxiliaries, Erection, Commissioning/Operation. 3: Turbine and its Auxiliaries, Erection & Commissioning/Operation. 4: FHS and AHS, Erection & Commissioning/Operation. 5: DCS working & water system for thermal power plant with operation. COMMON CONTENTS ARE: Site, Project Schedule, work-order, site management, tools and tackles, manpower, contract, LOI. MOM, client, contractor, material management, flow charts, quality, safety, site progress/action report, tests, other formats, load/unload plans, file, folder, register, drawings, bills verification, sub-contractor, skilled/unskilled manpower, construction and operation team, care& faults during operation/construction and a technical project report. SELF OPINION: In our summer/winter trainings, we have learned about the working of Thermal Power Plant. GD/Phones with Operation and Project Engineers are helpful for me in future with team of Construction and Operation. Through this history my basic fundamentals are cleared about Construction/Operation of Thermal Power Plant. *Certificate from ABC is attached Declaration: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

YOURS TRULY (Jay Shukla.)


(For B.Tech. in POWER SECTOR-C/M/E/I only- a skill development program with NPTI books during W/S vocations for student only)

Ref. No.: Request Letter/ 2011-12

Date: 17 Sept 11 Mission: We can always change for the better & Vision: Education/Experience, No One can take it from you, distribute& gain.


It has been certified that Er. Jai Shukla S/o Shree Raj Kumar Shukla College KASHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, VARANASI has been completed his training on Topic: Boiler & Turbine construction/operation At Site 15MW, Time 2010-11/11-12 during Winter and Summer vocation, Boiler/Turbine & auxiliaries with Engineers & Operators.
ABC - Team hope that Er. Jay Shukla will perform better with the team of Construction and Operation at site or in shift with his basic & fundamental knowledge of NPTI books as reference, witch helped him to better coordinate the site or project and Seniors, Engineers, also the manpower with the tools & tackles.

Sd-Deepak Kumar- member


Controlled by Technical - Managed by Experienced

1: Er. S. R. Singh, GM, Mechanical, B.E., 40+ys-exp. 2: Er. Mukesh Nadayolker, Project Engineer, Civil, B.E., 19+ys-exp. 3: Er. Shreprakash, Operation Engineer, B.E., NPTI, 6+ys-exp 4: Er. R. Singh, Contractor, B.E., 20+ys-exp 5: Er. Deepak Kumar Singh, B.Sc., B.E., B.Ed., Electrical, Ex-Project Engineer/Teacher, exp-20+ys With other supports of Project/Site Engineers, Managers, Consultant and Contractors

Office: C/o Late Shree Bhagwan Singh-301, Jainagar Colony, Station Road, Ghazipur-233001, and Mo.09415358629, Only Massage: 09453545618