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When it comes to specialised manufacturing, Nuclear Technology Industrialisation,is the

supplier of choice

Necsas Nuclear Technology Industrialisation (NTI) division

Firmly rooted at the hub of South Africas nuclear energy research programme, NTI shares its wealth of specialised fabrication services, backed by extensive experience, with the industrial and nuclear markets. A total workshop area of approximately 50 000 square metres facilitates the manufacturing, machining of equipment and components and, if required, assembling and testing of prototypes. A 2 300 square metre Level 4 Clean Room allows for the coded manufacturing of stainless steel and exotic metal components. Besides its regular industrial customers, NTIs services are especially useful to: Customers who do not have their own manufacturing facilities, and who need to manufacture prototypes and experimental assemblies; Turnkey solutions, including certified design; and Joint venture manufacturing and related endeavours with individuals and companies interested in co-manufacturing their newly developed products.

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Services include:
The specialised, coded fabrication and repair of: Tanks; High & low pressure vessels and piping systems; Heat exchangers; Transport containers for nuclear materials, isotopes and hazardous chemicals; Nuclear fresh & spent fuel containers; Nuclear waste containers & casks; and A range of other nuclear and pressure retaining equipment. Specialised welding techniques, suitable for the containment of nuclear, hazardous and highly corrosive materials or chemicals, are applied to: Dissimilar materials; All grades of stainless steels; Aluminium; Titanium; Duplex steels; Carbon steels; and Other high alloys

Products are manufactured to customer specifications and code requirements and Quality Control inspection is undertaken by Certified Inspectors for pressure vessels (SAQCC) and competent specialists (in terms of the OHS Act). Industrial, general and specialised manufacturing, machining and assembling of equipment and components for the nuclear and chemical industry, including industrial, general and specialised manufacturing, machining and assembling of equipment and components for the nuclear and chemical industry, including: Equipment and components (e.g. valves); Shielding and containers for the transport and storage of radioactive materials (manufactured from lead, depleted uranium, stainless steel, etc); Repair, manufacture and rebuilding of worn components, e.g. cavitated pump housings and casings; Winches; Shafts; Bushes; Flanges; Pipes; and Jigs and fixtures for the motor industry.

Turnkey design, fabrication and quality solutions

Leaders in vortex filter technology and transformer oil drying systems

Manufacturing and installation of low maintenance filtration/ purification systems: Flosep self cleaning air filtration systems for industrial air filtration applications such as: Air intake equipment protection (internal combustion engines, compressors, etc.) Ventilation/air cleaning applications (cooling of traction motors, switch-gear and electronic equipment in locomotives, draglines, shovels and clean rooms) Product recovery and pre-filtration on bag houses and electrostatic precipitators (ESP) AS 18 and TAS 25 vortex technology are used for applications up to 180C. Efficiencies of 95% (mass based) are obtained according to the SAE coarse dust test. Single vortex tubes in mild steel, stainless steel, Bennox, etc. are produced for product recovery; inline installations; high dust load applications (inlet size from 150 to 2000 mm) and; high temperature applications up to 600C. Efficiency of the single vortex tubes depends on particle size, material characteristic and inlet size. DryKeep Transformer oil drying systems for the in-line removal of moisture from transformer oil in transformers and reservoirs, to: Ensure continuous moisture management Eliminate moisture build-up Prolong transformer life

Coded fabrication and manufacturing: Projects are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of any of the following codes and standards: ISO 9001 ISO 18000 ASME VIII U stamp ASME III (NPT, NS and NA) EN 13445 AD Merkblatt API 650 PD 5500

Valued customers: The following companies trust NTIs manufacturing expertise: Bridge Stone [Fire Stone] CBI [Afrox] DB Thermal Eskom: Madupi, Kusile Foster Wheeler Fuchs Electronics Multotech Necsa NTP Pelchem PMP PP Technologies Rheinmetall Denel Munition Precision Engineering Techno Engineering Sasol SKF Unique Hydra

The following companies use NTIs Flosep/Drykeep systems: Airscrew LTD (UK) Alstom Transport (France) Ardry Trading Company (USA) Drytech Downer EDI Rail (Australia) General Installations J Thomas Vortex Technologies Middelburg Mine ECS Nezrotek P&H (USA) Queensland Air Systems Robus Trade Rotek Engineering Sibanye Trade Services Siemens AG (Germany) Transnet UCW Partnership

Nuclear TechNology INdusTrIalIsaTIoN

PO Box 582 Pretoria 0001 South Africa

T +27 12 305 4911 F +27 12 305 3111

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