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Supplementary material for T471: Telematics-Project

Arab Open University

Tutor-Marked Assignment 01
Cut-Off Date: Total Marks: 100

Introduction..1 Question 1 (15 marks)2 Question 2 (50 marks)2 Question 3 (12 marks)....3 Question 4 (10 marks) ...3 Question 5 (8 marks) .4 Question 6 (5 marks) .4

Plagiarism Warning: As per AOU rules and regulations, all students are required to submit their own TMA work and avoid plagiarism. The AOU has implemented sophisticated techniques for plagiarism detection. You must provide all references in case you use and quote another person's work in your TMA. You will be penalized for any act of plagiarism as per the AOU's rules and regulations.

Declaration of No Plagiarism by Student (to be signed and submitted by student with TMA work): I hereby declare that this submitted TMA work is a result of my own efforts and I have not plagiarized any other person's work. I have provided all references of information that I have used and quoted in my TMA work. Name of Student:.. Signature:... Date: 1

In this assignment, you are required to produce a project proposal. Your proposal must address the broad project area discussed in your class; you must choose a specific title for your particular project. Through your proposal, you need to answer the following questions:

Question 1: Specific title and aim(s) for the project (15 marks):
(1) Specific title: This should fall within the scope of the broad project topic and clearly identify the students chosen specific topic (3 marks) (2) A clear statement of your project aims: (9 marks) (a) Your answer has to be consistent with your work in Question 2 with clarity of purpose (6 marks) (b) The project must deliver something tangible, and the student should be able to say clearly what that is. For example, development of a software system, production of a database or application of artificial intelligence to data interpretation (3 marks) (3) Presentation and effective communication in clear English; this includes: (3 marks) Logical development of ideas (1.5 marks) Spelling punctuation and grammar (1.5 mark)

Question 2: The project proposal (50 marks):

(1) Problem definition: (12 marks) It has to be a non-trivial problem that is linked to real need or application (6 marks). Explanation of project scope. ( 4 marks) Target customer should be included (2 marks) (2) Suggested solution: (30 marks) It has to be realistic in both depth and extent (10 marks) It should include an initial description of the system using appropriate textual and/or diagrammatic notations (10 marks) It includes initial description of the activities (Requirements Specification, Analysis, Design, Implementation...etc.) student will undertake in the development of the project (10 marks)

(3) A clear and logical development of ideas (4 marks) (4) Grammar, punctuation and spelling (4 marks)
Note: If your description is more than 700 words outside the limits you will lose up to 5 marks

Question 3 (Schedule for the project): The schedule should be well planned, and easy to follow. It should show that the student (12 marks):
(1) Thought ahead and set realistic timescales (4 marks) (2) Clearly defined the stages, intermediate targets and milestones of the project (6 marks) (3) Built in some flexibility to allow for things not going to plan (2 mark)

Question 4: Literature search and bibliography (10 marks):

(1) Preparing and planning the literature search: (3 marks) Explain briefly how you have prepared for your literature search and what sources you intend to use (2) List of references: (3 marks) Give full references to at least three and no more than five papers or other documents that you judge to be useful in choosing and developing your project (2 marks) Using standard reference format as discussed in the CD-ROM section Quotations and References (1 marks) (3) Summary of one document and an evaluation of its usefulness: (4 marks) Summary: Should be clear and concise to enable tutor to know what the document is about; the document should be consistent with the student's proposed project (2 marks) Evaluation: Clearly demonstrates how and why it has been helpful to you in choosing your project and/or why it should be helpful to you in doing your project (2 marks)

Question 5 (Equipment or software used): You should indicate equipment or software that you feel you will need to complete your project, in addition to any equipment or software already provided to you from the related level 3 courses: (8 marks)
If no extra equipment or software is needed: Briefly explain how your needs will be met with your existing resources For any extra equipment or software: You should state what it is and what you have done, or intend to do, to ensure you are able to meet it Deduct marks if there is equipment or software need indicated in Question 2 but not discussed here Also deduct marks if the student is suggesting equipment or software which is clearly not necessary

Question 6: What work do you intend to carry out in the near future: (5 marks)
Identify what work student intend to complete in the near future (3 marks) Justify why this is a priority (2 marks)