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Poor President

1. Would you like to have a president like Jos Mugica? How similar to Jos Mugica is your countrys head of government? 2. How much money should politicians earn compared with other professions? 3. Can being a politician be considered a job or profession? Is it possible to make a career of politics? 4. Does the personal wealth of a head of government change peoples attutitudes towards them? 5. Why do people decide to enter politics? How important are the following factors: ideals, power, ambition, money, fame, vanity? 6. Generally speaking, do people in your country have a positive or negative towards politicians? 7. Do you agree with the adage that power corrupts? Is political corruption a big problem in your country? 8. Do you think most politicians attitudes and priorities change when they are in power? 9. Where does your countrys head of government live? Do you think presidents and heads of state should have official residences? 10. Is being a politician a hard job? How do you imagine they spend their day? 11. On the whole, do you think your countrys politicians set a good example for the rest of society? Are they good role models? 12. Should politicians receive perks? Which of the following should politicians have a right to: chauffeur-driven cars,

travel expenses, security personnel and bodyguards, life pensions, food expenses, flights by plane and helicopter, clothes allowances?
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