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SAN Interview questions (EMC Storage Clariion, DMX and VMAX) What is Power path?

? Power path CLI to manage disks List Power path policy What is Vault drive? What is the PSM Lun? Basic of Storage Define RAID? Which one you feel is good choice? Storage Array used in DAS Explain iSCSI login, fabric login Advantage of migration from DAS to SAN What is Meta Lun? Explain Clariion architecture Explain DMX architecture Explain Enginuity operation layers What is hard and soft zoning? Explain WWN What is zoning and how to create? What is VSAN and how to create? Hardware Models of clarion What is FCID? Explain Navishere/Symmtric Management console /ECC Initialization of clarion array Explain rule 17 in DMX Why and how symmask, symld and symdg are used in DMX? Symdev Explain about symcfg What is SYMAPI? Configuration change in DMX What is VCMDB? Can windows, Linux, Solaris share the same FA in DMX? What is Snap view? What is Mirror view? What is SAN Copy? Explain Time finder and SRDF Difference in iSCSI and NAS What is IQN? Explain SAN, NAS and CAS using devices used in these model Difference in iFCP and FCIP What is fabric? What is RAID? Explain RAID3, RAID5 and RAID1/0 What is Hot Spare Disk? What are the bay in DMX-3 Version and Model Brief the Symmetrix CLI command Create Storage group and add device into storage group in DMX. Create Time Finder Clone using CLI Composite Device group

create SRDF What is iSCSI? What is Disk Controller? How does data got saved in case of striping and incase of concatenation? What is the minimum no. of disks required for RAID 5 and RAID 6? Difference between time finder and clone? What is SRDF R1 & R2? What is the version of Symmetrix DMX4? In 4-24 what do 24 mean? What is fabric? Importance of RAID6? How many disk failures RAID 5 supports? Importance of masking? Different RAID levels? What is quorum disk and it is importance? How to manually restore failed paths in Clariion? Flash drives in DMX4? What is LCC? Link Control Card Storage provisioning in DMX? Steps for zoning using CLI? Describe SMCLI commands you have used LUN, Base LUN and Metalun? Difference between HP EVA 5000 and 8000? What is CMI? Clariion Message Interface What are the I/O operations in Clariion? Use of SPs? What is VMCDB? What is Hyper? What is a device in DMX? What is SAN Kit? Channel directors and disk directors? What is global memory? Difference between Emulex and Qlogic? What is storage array in Clariion? What FCID? What is F-LOGI and P-LOGI? How authentication happens?