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Our response to the need expressed by an increasing number of people for correct exercise to improve their quality of life, by rediscovering simple, intuitive movements that are accessible to all.
Technogym Medical - Scientific Research Department

What people want

To feel good
The satisfaction of achieving and maintaining optimum fitness in the most simple, natural way without constraints improving their lifestyle.

To stay in shape
The pleasure of training in a new and motivating way in a pleasant, new concept environment that is different to the usual Club.

A new training experience

The certainty of obtaining the benefits of functional training through a new training experience, dedicated to those who want freedom of movement to improve their daily lives.

Kinesis Stations: the new training experience

With Kinesis Stations you will experience Intuitive Functional Movement. Easy to use equipment combining the benefits of functional strength with the simplicity of more conventional equipment to advance progressively from a guided and easy routine to a more free and natural training.




A wide variety of exercises and progressions, free and without limitations, to be performed either completely independently or in the presence of a Personal Trainer. Complete training which establishes the correct balance between body and mind, improving quality of life.

3D Movement by FullGravity Technology

A patented innovation
Created based on Technogym scientific research, FullGravity Technology allows 3D movement in space, assisting our natural movements, providing variable resistance to every movement according to the range and angle of the radius of action.

Full Gravity Technology activates complete kinetic chains, rather than individual muscles, permitting movement in three planes in space:

frontal, sagittal and transverse. The patented cable loop system with 360 rotation allows users to move freely without interference with the body.

Technology designed around human movement

No interference Maximum freedom of movement
Full Gravity Technology is the only innovative technology to allow users to perform all movements, particularly push movements, without any of the interference between cable and forearm that occurs on all other conventional cable machines.

Intuitive trajectories Easy to start

To perform a correct, natural movement, the handles for each station are in a preset position, making the movements that users can perform in complete safety more intuitive and natural.

No adjustment Simple, immediate use

The user can immediately begin exercising because the ergonomic handle is always ready for use and does not require any prior settings or adjustments. The user simply grabs the handle and it adapts to his or her height.

Double weight stack More effective

Thanks to the double weight stack, each cable controls a single, independent resistance level. This allows users to perform all movements more effectively, including alternate and reciprocating ones which, otherwise, with a single weight stack, would make use of cable friction, without actual mechanical work.


Intuitive, simple, natural



The advantages for your business

END USERS New members The natural and intuitive user approach makes it easy to start training with Kinesis Stations. Club members The unique design, the variety of possible exercises and progressions for training, are new stimuli for users.

OPERATORS Increased revenue thanks to the Personal Training service. More interest due to the innovative, attractive design. Ability to respond to the demands of all types of client training.

TRAINERS Kinesis Stations are the perfect point of contact between Club members and the Personal Training service. Thanks to the countless combinations of movements possible and your own knowledge, Personal Trainers can attract new clients or keep current clients loyal and motivated.


Customise your offer



To create the greatest possible synergies between conventional training in the gym and training with a Personal Trainer, Kinesis Stations are ideally situated between the cardio/ strength area and the PT area.



From Membership to Secondary Revenues

The attractive, non-intimidating design and the possibility of performing innumerable types of progressive training due to the wide variety of movements allowed, make Kinesis Stations the ideal response for those members looking for a pleasant, intuitive and natural training experience. These members are undoubtedlya potential target for promotion of the Personal Training service, to increase Club revenues.


Membership: new members or existing Club members want a different type of strength training, easier and less guided.


Kinesis Stations: the ideal response to the training requirements of these users.


Secondary Revenues: thanks to Kinesis Stations, trainers can clearly identify and easily approach users to offer other services (Personal Training).


Optimise your spaces

Thanks to a unique, original design Kinesis Stations are ideally suited to the space available on the gym floor.

Face To Face

Back to Back

With their compact dimensions, Stations arranged back to back can form island-style

configurations which make the best possible use of limited spaces.



Passion for details

An attractive and original appearance in a small package. Extreme attention to the quality of details, materials and finishes.


Make every part special

The seat and backrest padding can be perfectly coordinated is available in six colours with the furnishing of your Club, and finishes, so that Kinesis Stations increasing its originality and appeal.

1A Upholstery Black with contrasting stitching

6A Upholstery V. Black with matching stitching

3A Upholstery M. Bordeaux with matching stitching

18 16

FRAME FINISH AC Ripple finish aluminium


4A Upholstery J. Red with matching stitching

5A Upholstery K. Aviation Blue with matching stitching

7A Upholstery AK. Grey with matching stitching



Dimensions Standard weight stack Plus weight stack Length when not in use Width when not in use Height when not in use Total weight Code 20



kg 70 95

lbs 140 190

1280 1190 1520

50 47 60 290 639

MH200E / Code MED MH200M

Overhead Press

Dimensions Standard weight stack Plus weight stack Length when not in use Width when not in use Height when not in use Total weight Code



kg 40 60

lbs 80 120

1400 1190 1450

55 47 57 260 573

MH150E / Code MED MH150M 21

Low Pull

Dimensions Standard weight stack Plus weight stack Length when not in use Width when not in use Height when not in use Total weight Code 22



kg 70 95

lbs 140 190

1280 1650 1450

50 65 57 310 684

MH950E / Code MED MH950M

High Pull

Dimensions Standard weight stack Plus weight stack Length when not in use Width when not in use Height when not in use Total weight Code



kg 70 95

lbs 140 190

1280 1650 1870

50 65 74 320 706

MH300E / Code MED MH300M 23


Core Crunch Dimensions Standard weight stack Plus weight stack Length when not in use Width when not in use Height when not in use Total weight Code 24 1280 1180 2000 50 46 79 315 695 mm inch kg 87,5 107,5 lbs 175 215 1280 1180 2000 mm

Core Rotation inch kg 55 75 50 46 79 315 695 lbs 110 150

MH650E / Code MED MH650M


Dimensions Standard weight stack Plus weight stack Length when not in use Width when not in use Height when not in use Total weight Code



kg 60 95

lbs 120 190

1280 1660 1450

50 65 57 350 772

MH670E / Code MED MH670M 25


Technical content to enhance the value of the Trainers role

The Visual Learning Kit is a DVD containing a collection of more than 150 exercises, progressions and routines for different training purposes, delivered with the product.

Cod. A0000608
To help Club users and Trainers get the most out of the equipment, Technogym also supplies a complete range of exercises, designed to satisfy the requirements of the broadest possible range of clients. The exercises provide a structured approach to learning Kinesis movements, from basic to advanced, through group or one-to-one sessions. The choice of exercises is huge and constantly expanding, to allow the enormous potential of Kinesis to be used to the best possible advantage. Available on multimedia support and with training sessions at client premises., the new Technogym web community

WeKinesis is the new web community dedicated to Kinesis. Personal Trainers, Club owners and users can discover Kinesis and share their passion for and knowledge of functional training reinvented by Technogym. Clubs and professionals can use WeKinesis as a marketing tool, to advertise their business free of charge by creating detailed profiles with contact information and websites; or by generating new content. For clients it is an endless source of information about their training at the gym or at home. It offers videos, photographs and programmes for a 360view of the very best of Kinesis.

For more information, see

26 18

Marketing support
Coming soon pack
Digital tools supplied to inform members and potential new users about the imminent arrival of Kinesis Stations.


Banners to be placed on the Club website.


A specific text content to communicate Kinesis Stations in your own newsletter. A selection of ispiring images in high resolution.



A video explaining the philosophy behind the new product, to be used within the Club through its website.


A leaflet summarising the main features and benefits of functional training.

Promotion pack
Promotional tools to be used alongside the Kinesis Stations.


A roll-up banner printed on one side and two inspiring posters in electronic format. Code 0S001017AA


Complete range
Press Overhead Press Low Pull

Code MH200E / Cod. MED MH200M High Pull

CodeMH150E / Code MED MH150M Core

Code MH950E / Code MED MH950M Step/Squat

Code MH300E / Code MED MH300M Code MH650E / Code MED MH650M

Code MH670E / Code MED MH670M


All Kinesis Stations are certified in accordance with European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning Medical Devices for use in the medical sector.


Power Mode System (Patent pending)

Code A0000526AA

Floor fixing kit

Code A0000564AA

Back to Back fixing kit

Code A0000551AA

A new device which limits the inertia of the weight stack, allowing a smooth, safe reaction to explosive movements. Allows recovery of muscle strength and complete function.

2 brackets with screws for applying them to the lower part of the frame on each machine. The brackets can be fixed to the floor by following the instructions in the User Manual.

To optimise the use of space, stations can be installed back to back using a kit that allows two machines to be joined with the covers in contact with each other.


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