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Stop inactivity now.

Despite medical evidence showing that 30 minutes a day of physical activity at moderate or vigorous intensity can bring substantial health benefits to the adult population, physical inactivity is becoming a serious and increasing public health problem in most western societies (Blair, 2009)*. This inactivity is often the result of poor motivation and support towards a more active lifestyle. Wellness facilities can play an important part in addressing peoples needs; helping them become more active by developing stronger individual and social awareness and commitment, through provision of expert coaching to support outdoor and indoor activities, by setting sustainable goals and by encouraging behavioural change to achieve long term results.
* Source: Blair, Physical inactivity: the biggest public health problem of the 21st century, Br. J. Sports Med. 2009; 43; 1-2.

A test carried out by the European Commission in Europe showed that 60% of the population is almost inactive. QF1. How often do you exercise or play sport?
Regularly With some regularity Seldom Never
* Source: European Commission Special Eurobarometer 334 - Sport and Physical Activity 2010

9% 39 % 21 % 31 %

Motivate people to be more active.

Motivating people to move more and adopt a Wellness lifestyle is a social responsibility as well as an important business opportunity. This idea has inspired the mywellness key, a device that measures both the quantity and intensity of movement using the Move index. This index is associated with vertical body acceleration and acceleration is correlated to energy expenditure, thus the Move is related to energy expenditure, but is independent from body weight. Users are assigned a personalised Move goal and every movement they perform during the day is translated into Move points. As they progress towards their goal, the white bar fills up until it reaches the + sign, which signifies the goal has been reached.

The mywellness key helps encourage people to move more and more often:

it improves awareness of personal lifestyle it provides a daily goal to move more it promotes sharing and participation, through ranking and competition it allows the trainer to provide advice and suggestions It plays an important role in weight loss, active aging, stress relief, general wellness and diabetes management programmes.

Become your members life coach.

Technogym provides all you need to encourage, track, monitor and review your users activities both inside and outside your facility. As their mentor in their progress to a healthier and more active lifestyle, you will help them achieve behavioural change and long-term results.

You will be able to:

Pre-assess how active your new and existing users are Develop personalised programmes based on lifestyle and needs Keep track of all indoor and outdoor activities 24/7 Stay in touch with your clients at all times Provide both direct and remote support and encouragement



We provide the tools, you add the value.

With the mywellness key you can keep track of all physical activities, set personalised goals based on personal parameters, monitor and motivate your clients, and all this can even be done remotely.

mywellness key
It measures every movement the body makes upwards, downwards, backwards, forwards and sideways. More intense and vigorous activities help reach the goal faster.

mywellness portal
Users register and download using the dedicated web portal. It provides detailed information on intensity, type and level of activities performed, calories burned, as well as daily and weekly performance to monitor progress.

Wellness System
Stay in touch with your client at all times, provide motivating tips and advice, review their training programme according to mywellness key results and feedback.


How it works.
Set a personalised goal and track physical activity
The mywellness key tracks every movement that is performed in the gym and in every day life. Users are assigned a personalised activity goal based on personal parameters and lifestyle. The goal can be assigned automatically or customised. All users need to do is register and wear the key every day.

Measure the level and intensity of physical activity

The mywellness key measures the energy used to be physically active, the intensity of the movement and the relative metabolic activity: the higher the intensity of the movement, the higher the Move score and the relative calorie expenditure. This information is shown on the mywellness portal, as well as all activities carried out at the gym, outdoors and manually added ones.

Review progress, motivate and share.

When your clients connect to the mywellness portal to download their results, you get the full picture of their progress throughout the day and the week. This can help you to review their training programme, to motivate them with specific advice based on their performances or with competitions and ranking activities both inside the gym and on the web.


Help change habits for

At home
Encourage your users to wear the mywellness key every day to measure the amount of physical activity they perform whilst they carry out ordinary tasks such as taking the dog out for a walk, playing with the kids, shopping, doing household chores, walking and gardening.

At the gym
As well as measuring spontaneous physical activity, the mywellness key interacts with Technogym equipment and records the structured exercise users perform at the gym.


+ 120 Move

+ 250 Move

the better.
At work
Encourage your users to walk to work if possible or during their lunch break, take the stairs instead of the lift or do some sport if their workplace has a facility. The more they move, the better.

At leisure
The mywellness key makes physical activity more fun and something users can do together, comparing results and motivating one another to perform as much physical activity as possible to live better and longer.

+ 700 Move

+ 1000 Move




Make your move.

With the mywellness key you have the opportunity to develop new business opportunities in different sectors.

+ attraction + retention + secondary spend

There are three different business models that you can work upon:
Coaching, which includes the mywellness key in advanced Personal Training programmes. Induction, which aims to attract new people who dont usually join Fitness Clubs. Premium membership, which offers an exclusive package to the most demanding members.

+ service + results

You can:
Perform user lifestyle assessments Prescribe customised training programmes and activity goals Motivate patients to move more and more often after they leave the facility Check their progress remotely

+ wellness + creativity + productivity - absenteeism - health costs

You have the opportunity to:

Discover how Active and Healthy your company is Motivate your employees to be more active Launch worksite wellness programmes Have evidence-based results

Public Authority
+ wellness + health - health costs

You have the opportunity to:

Discover how Active and Healthy your community is Perform assessments and prescribe customised programmes and activity goals Enhance the referral process Track progress and show results


1 Assess
Perform a realistic assessment of how active users are at the gym and in every day life

Provide advice and suggestions to improve results and motivate users to move more and more often

+ wellness + health + creativity + happiness

Prescribe a personalised training programme and daily movement goal based on activity level and lifestyle

3 Monitor
Monitor data to evaluate quality, intensity and quantity of movement and biometric parameters


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