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Personal and career development are vital forms of employee recognition today. Taking the time to help an employee to learn new skills that can improve their ability to contribute to the organization makes good business sense, but also serves as a powerful motivator to that employee. A managers interest and actions to help an employee develop their potential shows trust, respect and encouragement to the individual and reframes the employees time horizon from the here-and-now to a more distant, long-term horizon. IT and Software Industry is also getting benefits from facilitating career development, both to support the development of a knowledge economy and to avoid the consequences of some people being excluded from having careers in any meaningful sense. They are in the compulsion to reduce the cost and increase the Employee morale to get competitive advantage and High productivity from the limited sources. This made me to involve in this project to know about the Employee Career Development and this would help them to overcome from the problem. There are no clear processes for career development inside many organisations and that what provision there is, is often only focused on key talent groups such as graduates and managers. It is assumed that other employees will get help and advice from their line manager and informally. It is also assumed that normal training and job filling processes give them the access and information they need about job opportunities. Effective career support by employers to their employees in the workplace meets both business and individual needs. It will only be sustainable if the mutual benefit is clear to both parties. Paying attention to career development is particularly important as the workforce becomes increasingly diverse: the performance of all employees matters to the company as well as to the individuals. So the researcher has decided to analyse the employee career development in Summit Works Technologies Pvt Ltd. The main objective of the study is to know the real picture about the best HR practices in employee career development of Summit Works Technologies Pvt Ltd and to find out employees attitude towards career development in Summit Works Technologies Pvt Ltd. The researcher had done descriptive research.. A simple descriptive research design is used when data are collected to describe persons, organizations, settings, or phenomena. Probabilistic sampling design has been used to conduct the research. Sampling unit is the basic unit containing the elements of a target population. The sampling unit of the study is only the Summit Works Technologies Pvt Ltd. Population of this study is the employees of


the Summit Works Technologies Pvt Ltd. The study contains a sample size of 100 employees of the Summit Works Technologies Pvt Ltd. Simple random sampling is adopted as sampling technique. The data was collected from the both primary and secondary sources. Tools Used For Analysis Data Simple percentage analysis Chi- square Test method

Encouraging staff to reach their career goals not only makes individuals' work lives more satisfying, it helps ensure the Summit's continued success. By encouraging career development, you can motivate your employees to achieve their best work, which in turn may increase their contributions to your organization and help you reach your own goals. The employee moves in and out of organizations and occupations in search of better jobs, building up an arsenal of skills in the process. Although from a human resources point of view career guidance and planning are critical for transitory employees, such employees rarely rely on formal employer-provided career planning; instead, they manage their own careers. So Summit has to take care their employee based on the above said findings and suggestions.