Today’s customers face a growing range of choices in the garments and services they can buy. They base their choices on their perception of quality, value, and service. Each consumer has a specific behavior. But buying habits are sometimes difficult to understand. Therefore companies always want to gain some insight about consumer behavior and habits in order to better control this behavior. Having an impact on consumer behavior means being able to change consumer’s perception of the product or service, to establish a relation between the company and its clients In the modern business world, Customers are the key players and they have to be satisfied to retain the business. Every business man should concentrate in the relationship with the customers, which helps them to attract the new customers into the business. Services provided to the customers have to be evaluated and their problems should be cured. In the recent years, the taste and preferences of the customers become different due to the existence of more competitors. There is a definite need to know about the customers and their needs. Sri Hari Textiles is suffering on lack of customer support, variances sales figures from regular customers. The main objective of the study is to know about the relationship between the customer and the companyand to know about the company’s approach and their attitude on handling different types of customers The researcher had done descriptive research for studying the attitude of the customers. A simple descriptive research design is used when data are collected to describe persons, organizations, settings, or phenomena. Probabilistic sampling design has been used to conduct the research. Sampling unit is the basic unit containing the elements of a target population. The sampling unit of the study is only the customers of Sri Hari Textiles. The study contains a sample size of 100 customers of Sri Hari Textiles. Simple random sampling is adopted as sampling technique. It is also known probability sampling where each and every item in the population has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample and each one of possible samples in case finite universes, has the same probability of being selected. The data was collected from the both primary and secondary sources.


Tools Used For Data Analysis   Percentage Analysis Chi-square Test

The company should concentrate and improve the performance of the garments. It should be on satisfied level. The company should maintain a long term relationship with the customer by satisfying the customer needs and requirements. In the Modern Business world, every business man tries to retain the customer through effective customer relationship management. Particularly Sri Hari Textiles should concentrate in the customer relationship within the state and across the states. In this study, it is assured that the customer relationship in the Sri Hari Textiles will be improved and promoted by educating the customer relationship officer. Finally, Sri Hari Textiles can able to identify the problems and sort the problems on using this study. If the company has taken the choice of improvement, it should consider the customer relationship management.

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