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11th, 2C12 November Worship 5ervice WelcomeandPrayer

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5inging Congregational Announcements

& Offering
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(Dec.2-Ferlin Abrohomson)

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Psolm 91 Don Hieberl
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"Enemy Atlocks"

5unday 5chool
News Notes &
. This ofternoonot 2:3Op.m. Hospitol Service. proctiseo't LiltleWoody. Z:30p.m. Tuesdov. Choir . Check out the bulleiinboord for the newslelter Oc'tober from the Schmidt's. . Dropoff doles for Christmos shoeboxes for Somoriton's Purse Nov. 19-241h ore ol Norlhern Bldg.Supplies. NexlSundoyHoroldPenner from lhe Conodion FoodGroins Bonkwill be the speoker. Fields Jubilee of windupevening ot Minilonos Church. . Dec. l6'r-. Sundoy evening. ChurchChristmos Concerf .

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ls hovingo SockDrivefor new or slightly usedodult socks gloves. or Ouryoulh ond children's SundoySchool closses hove chosento porticipote. A colleclionbox will be set up in the foyer for onyone elsewonling f o donote.

Toeveryonefor lhe flowers, cords,food, thoughts ond proyers duringthisdlflicultlime of losing Dod/Grondpo. our Allyoursupporthosbeen verymuch opprecioled. Ltve, KeLseU, ALLcLa, KewdraawdBrewdaw

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Nov.22nd Nov.24ih lo Thurs. Fri. & 1Oo.m.-7p.m. Sol.l0o.m.-5p.m. Super Motel 8


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brrcnqay blessrngs . . on.

Nov. 241h Chelseo Kroeker lo




Youth Croup
the Thebuswillbe leovlng churchol 6:l5p.m. Nov.24ih,for VolleyWide Leoder Soturdoy, c on Scovenger Huni.Iemple Bopiist Church is hosting event which beginsol /p.m. lhe

Church Cleaning
Lorne& Leno 2OI2EMCPRAYER REQUESTS Associote MissionsConodo Kenl& SondyDueck(lnnerCity YouthAlive,Wpg.) -Proythot God willgive Keniond Sondywisdomos lhey to move into new oreosof vision build leoders, fo buildthe foith community, ond lo develop woys for gong members find work. 10 -Proyf hot God willconlinueto breokthrough10the heortsof youth ond fomiliesin lhe community. Thecommunilyneedsto see God do somebig lhings. Thought for Today:Peoce beginswith o smileo