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Inventory is a major investment in most companies. It strongly influences the internal flexibility of a company, e.g. by allowing production levels to change easily and by providing good delivery performance to customers. Yet inventory ties up working capital and space and it can suffer from obsolescence, deterioration and shrinkage. It can also add to administrative complexity. In recent years attention in manufacturing industry has concentrated on an inventory is waste philosophy using JIT production, usually accompanied by visible pull or consumer demand driven systems. The approach is also very effective in supermarket retailing and, at its best, provides very high stock turn and high profits to the company at the same time as providing good service and fresh items to customers at low cost. In the Modern Business world, A variety of new problems now confront the inventory management of V-Guard Industries Pvt Ltd companies that will simply not go away. This research acknowledges the existence of the inventory management systems and focuses on the way well managed companies of the present and probably the majority of those in the future will need to operate in order to survive. V-Guard Industries Pvt Ltd is a Kerala based company engaged in the business of electronic Voltage stabilizer, electric pumps, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, electric fans, UPS and PVC Insulated cables. V-Guard is a 200 crores company with 6000 retail dealers and 60 distributors spread all over India. Objectives The study mainly concentrates on the Detailed analysis of the existing inventory management system The advantages and disadvantages of the system To identify the problematic areas. To suggest remedies or modifications.

The company can reduce the cost by maintaining adequate inventory and reordering for store items can be formulated. Thus the company can have control over inventory and maintain it efficiently. Analytical research design has been used to analyse the secondary data and the following tools were used. ABC Analysis VED Analysis


FSN Analysis finally, from the findings of the research, researcher has given some suggestions to overcome from the problem. Effective inventory management enables an organization to meet or exceed customers expectations of product availability while maximizing net profits or minimizing costs. Keeping inventory management costs down is crucial to competitive advantage. Inventory management deals with the direction and control of activities with the purpose of getting the right inventory in the right place at the right time in the right quantity at the right cost. So if V-GUARD PVT LTD implements proper supervision in scientific inventory management system they can enjoy the benefits of effective inventory management.