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Cabasag, Mae Ann R.

Grade 9- Prudence

Christian Living


1. Name of God: Lord 2. Age: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years old 3. First Meeting: When I was in my mothers womb. 4. Address: a. Official: Church & Heaven b. Residence: In my heart & in our house 5.Qualities: Able,Adaptable,Adventurous,Affable,Affectionate,Agreeable,Analytical,Assertive,Astute,Attenti ve,Aware,Balanced,Brave,Bright,Brilliant,Calm,Capable,Caring,Cautious,Certain,Charitable,Chi rpy,Compassionate,Confident,Considerate,Consistent,Cooperative,Courageous,Conscientious, Courteous,Decisive,Dedicated,Dependable,Determined,Devoted,Disciplined,Driven,Efficient,Eg alitarian,Empathetic,Enduring,Enterprising,Erudite,Faithful,Flexible,Focused,Forgiving,Friendly ,Generous,Gentle,Giving,Graceful,Grateful,Hardworking,Harmonious,Helpful,Honest,Humble,H umorous,Idealistic,Imaginative,Independent,Industrious,Innovative,Insightful,Inspiring,Joyful,Ju st,Kind,Logical,Loving,Loyal,Mature,Methodical,Modest,Motivating,Noble,Nurturing,Obedient, Openminded,Optimistic,Organized,Outgoing,Passionate,Patient,Perceptive,Persevering,Poised,P olite,Practical,Professional,Punctual,Realistic,Reliable,Resourceful,Respectful,Responsible,Selfl ess,Sensitive,Simple,Sincere,Spontaneous,Stable,Strongwilled,Tactful,Thoughtful,Thrifty,Tolera nt,Trustworthy,Understanding,Unflappable,Visionary,Vital,Warm,Willing,&Wise.

6. Experience with God: He helps me whenever I need help; He inspires and motivates me whenever I am down; He gives me everything I need in this world; He gives tests in order for me to learn from it and to work hard. 7. When God reveals himself/ herself to you, what feelings and responses does this evoke you? I was amazed for what all the things He did for us, His works inspires and motivates me for me to strive more. 8. Games you play: In your relationship with Him, what are some of the 'games' you play with Him? TESTS IN LIFE is what we play. God gave tests to me in order for me to strive more and in order for me to know what life really is, how wonderful life would be and how magnificent is the world that God made.

9. Confidential matters. What are the secrets about yourself which you share with him and no one else? I share with Him about my personal and emotional problems, and whenever I share secrets to him I can imagine that He is the only one who could understand well to it. And He also the one whom I could tell all my secrets for I know he will keep it, and he will never leave me. 10. In a scale of 10, rate the intensity of your faith and spirituality based on your answers above. 9.5