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Whats new in ControlMaestro 2010?

New trending Module
This new trending module has been totally redesigned by including a highperformance graphical interface, new configurable graph types, overlapping curves management, an automatic minimum and maximum calculation and, the option of zooming using the mouse wheel, thus significantly improving legibility, module ergonomics and effectiveness. Henceforth, thanks to Java technology, the trending module is strictly identical in studio and web mode, standardizing workspace, while maintaining the same interface and functionalities.

New Data Storage in SQL Server (VFI Sql)

This enhancement allows users to store the entire history of the application variables in a SQL Server database. With SQL Server 2008 Express fully integrated into ControlMaestro 2010 has unified data storage giving trending module improved execution performance, efficiency and productivity.

Compatibility Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

This new version is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. Previous versions of ControlMaestro being already compatible for the following systems: Windows 2000 professional or server Windows XP professional Windows 2003 server Windows Vista

Virtualization Support
ControlMaestro can now be installed on Virtual Servers using such as VMware tools thus allowing users to rationalise server usage.

New SOFREL communication driver Support

A new SOFREL communication driver has been developed and integrated into ControlMaestro 2010 to allow dialogue with last SOFREL S500 to be used in all applications of control, automatism and remote management of technical installations (water & waste, public lighting, HVAC). This driver utilizes LACBus & SOFBus Protocols to address direct equipments through modems (RTU) or TCP/IP mode.
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Wireless communication via the ZigBee protocol

ELUTIONS provides wireless hardware communication using the Zigbee protocol. With a new communication driver, ControlMaestro 2010 is able to retrieve in realtime, data collected from equipments. ControlMaestro 2010 software combined with its associated hardware allows the user a simple method of capturing energy consumption from any equipment linked to the system. This facility has been provided in order to address specific need in the building management arena. Additionally where there is a need to analyse data from multiple sites, this architecture can be extended by linking it through to the ELUTIONS Maestro Enterprise Energy Solution that enables both energy consumption and equipment management from a centralised web platform. This platform can be customised to suit a companys unique reporting needs.

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