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Collective Nouns, Terms of Venery, Nouns of Assemblage

Sorted by collection A herd An army A swarm A colony A shrewdness A herd A pace A cete A shoal A sleuth/sloth A colony A swarm An erst A grist A hive A flock A volery A sedge/siege A sounder A singular A brace A clash A herd A tok An army A clowder A clutter A herd A drove A brood A peep of antelope of ants of ants of ants of apes of asses of asses of badgers of bass of bears of beavers of bees of bees of bees of bees of birds of birds of bitterns of boars of boars of bucks of bucks of buffalo of capercailzies of caterpillars of cats of cats of cattle of cattle of chickens of chickens An army An army An army An ascension A bale A band A band A band A barren A bed A bed A bed A bevy A bevy A bevy A blessing A bouquet A brace A brace A brood A brood A building A bury A business A business A cast A cast A catch A cete A charm A chattering A chattering A clamour Sorted by collective noun of ants of caterpillars of frogs of larks of turtles of coyote of gorillas of jays of mules of clams of oysters of snakes of quail of roebucks of swans of unicorns of pheasants of bucks of grouse of chickens of hens of rooks of conies of ferrets of flies of falcons of hawks of fish of badgers of finches of chicks of choughs of rooks

A congregation of birds

A dissimulation of birds

A chattering A clutch A chattering A bed A quiver A rag A bury A cover A flight A kine A flink A band A herd A siege/sedge A float A murder A litter A herd A cowardice A herd A pack A trip A dole/dule A flight A piteousness A team A raft A paddling A herd A gang A mob A cast A business A fesnyng A charm

of chicks of chicks of choughs of clams of cobras of colts of conies of coots of cormorants of cows of cows [twelve or more] of coyote of cranes of cranes of crocodiles of crows of cubs of curlews of curs of deer of dogs of dotterel of doves of doves of doves of ducks [while flying] of ducks [while idle in water] of ducks [while swimming] of elephants of elk of emus of falcons of ferrets of ferrets of finches

A clash A click A cloud A clowder A cluster A clutch A clutter A colony A colony A colony A colony A colony A colony A company

of bucks of mice of gnats of cats of grasshoppers of chicks of cats of ants of beavers of frogs of gulls of penguins of rabbits of parrots

A congregation of birds A congregation of plovers A conspiracy A cover A covey A covey A covey A covey A covey A cowardice A cry A deceit A descent A dole/dule A down A draught A dray A drift A drift A drove of ravens of coots of grouse of partridges of pheasants [on the ground] of ptarmigans of quail of curs of hounds of lapwings of woodpeckers of doves of hares of fish of squirrels of hogs of swine of cattle A convocation of eagles

A convocation of eagles

A dissimulation of birds

A catch A haul A run A shoal A draught A school A swarm A business A leash A skulk A colony An army A wedge A skein A gaggle A swarm A cloud A horde A herd A trip A tribe A band A flight A cluster A leash A mess A brace A covey A colony A down A husk A leap A cast A kettle A prickle A brood

of fish of fish of fish of fish of fish of fish of flies of flies of foxes of foxes of frogs of frogs of geese [flying in a "V"] of geese in flight of geese, on the ground of gnats of gnats of gnats of goats of goats of goats of gorillas of goshawks of grasshoppers of greyhounds of grits of grouse of grouse of gulls of hares of hares of hares of hawks of hawks of hedgehogs of hens

A drove A dule An erst An exaltation A fall A fesnyng A flight A flight A flight A flight A flight/flock A flink A float A flock A flock A flock A fluther A gaggle A gam A gang A generation A grist A harras A haul A hedge A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd A herd

of oxen of turtledoves of bees of larks of woodcocks of ferrets of cormorants of doves of goshawks of swallows of pigeons of cows [twelve or more] of crocodiles of birds of sheep of swifts of jellyfish of geese, on the ground of whales of elk of vipers of bees of horses of fish of herons of antelope of asses of buffalo of cattle of cranes of curlews of deer of elephants of goats of oxen of porpoises

A hedge A sedge/siege A shoal A drift A harras A pair A team A cry A mute A pack A husk A band A party A fluther A smack A smuth A studk A mob A troop A litter A kindle A deceit An ascension An exaltation A leap A pride A plague A tiding A sord A stud A richness A click A nest A labour A troup/tribe

of herons of herons of herrings of hogs of horses of horses of horses of hounds of hounds of hounds of jackrabbits of jays of jays of jellyfish of jellyfish of jellyfish of jellyfish of kangaroos of kangaroos of kittens of kittens of lapwings of larks of larks of leopards of lions of locusts of magpies of mallards of mares of martens of mice of mice of moles of monkeys

A herd A herd A herd A herd A hive A horde A host A hover A husk A husk A kettle A kindle A kine A knot A labour A lamentation A leap A leap A leash A leash A litter A litter A litter A mess A mob A mob A murder A muster A mustering A mute A nest A nest A nest A nest A nye/nide

of seals of swans of wolves of wrens of bees of gnats of sparrows of trout of hares of jackrabbits of hawks of kittens of cows of toads of moles of swans of hares of leopards of foxes of greyhounds of cubs of kittens of pigs of grits of emus of kangaroos of crows of peacocks of storks of hounds of mice of rabbits of snakes of vipers of pheasants [on the ground]

A parcel/passel of hogs

A murmuration of starlings

A span A barren A watch A parliament A wisdom A drove A herd A team A yoke A bed A company A covey A muster An ostentation A colony A bouquet A covey A nye/nide A flight/flock A litter A shoal A wing A rush A string A herd A pod A covey A bevy A covey A colony A nest A pack A swarm A rhumba A conspiracy

of mules of mules of nightingales of owls of owls of oxen of oxen of oxen of oxen of oysters of parrots of partridges of peacocks of peacocks of penguins of pheasants of pheasants [on the ground] of pheasants [on the ground] of pigeons of pigs of pilchards of plovers of pochard of ponies of porpoises of porpoises of ptarmigans of quail of quail of rabbits of rabbits of rats of rats of rattlesnakes of ravens

An ostentation A pace A pack A pack A pack A pack A paddling A pair A parliament A parliament A party A peep A piteousness A pitying A plague A plump A pod A pod A pod A pod A prickle A pride A quiver A raft A raft A rafter/raft A rag A rhumba A richness A route A run A rush A school A school A sedge/siege

of peacocks of asses of dogs of hounds of rats of wolves of ducks [while swimming] of horses of owls of rooks of jays of chickens of doves of turtledoves of locusts of waterfowl of porpoises of seals of walrus of whales of hedgehogs of lions of cobras of ducks [while idle in water] of widgeon of turkeys of colts of rattlesnakes of martens of wolves of fish of pochard of fish of whales of bitterns

A parcel/passel of hogs

A congregation of plovers

An unkindness A bevy A clamour A building A parliament A herd A pod A spring A shoal A flock A stench A nest A bed A wisp/walk A host A dray A mustering A flight A herd A lamentation A bevy A wedge A flock A drift A sounder A spring A streak A knot A hover A rafter/raft A dule A pitying A bale A blessing A generation

of ravens of roebucks of rooks of rooks of rooks of seals of seals of seals of shad of sheep of skunks of snakes of snakes of snipe of sparrows of squirrels of storks of swallows of swans of swans of swans of swans [flying in a "V"] of swifts of swine of swine of teal of tigers of toads of trout of turkeys of turtledoves of turtledoves of turtles of unicorns of vipers

A sedge/siege A sedge/siege A shoal A shoal A shoal A shoal A shoal A shrewdness A singular A skein A skulk A sleuth/sloth A smack A smuth A sneak A sord A sounder A sounder A span A spring A spring A stench A streak A string A stud A studk A swarm A swarm A swarm A swarm A swarm A team A team A team A tiding A tok

of cranes of herons of bass of fish of herrings of pilchards of shad of apes of boars of geese in flight of foxes of bears of jellyfish of jellyfish of weasels of mallards of boars of swine of mules of seals of teal of skunks of tigers of ponies of mares of jellyfish of ants of bees of flies of gnats of rats of ducks [while flying] of horses of oxen of magpies of capercailzies

A murmuration of starlings

A nest A pod A plump A sneak A school A gam A pod A raft A herd A pack A route A fall A descent A herd

of vipers of walrus of waterfowl of weasels of whales of whales of whales of widgeon of wolves of wolves of wolves of woodcocks of woodpeckers of wrens

A tribe A trip A trip A troop A troup/tribe An unkindness A volery A watch A wedge A wedge A wing A wisdom A wisp/walk A yoke

of goats of dotterel of goats of kangaroos of monkeys of ravens of birds of nightingales of geese [flying in a "V"] of swans [flying in a "V"] of plovers of owls of snipe of oxen

And, of course, we had an annual 'conference of dickheads'

Animal Sounds: apes gibber: asses bray: bears growl: bees hum, buzz, murmur: beetles drone: birds sing: bitterns boom: blackbirds whistle: bulls bellow: calves bleat: cats meow, mew, purr, caterwal, swear: chickens peep, cackle: cocks crow: cows moo, low, : crows caw: cuckoos cuckoo: deer bell: dogs bark basy, howl, yelp, snarl, woof, arf: dolphins click: doves coo, moan: ducks quack: eagles scream: elephants trumpet: falcons chant: flies buzz: foxes bark, yelp: frogs croak: geese cackle, hiss, honk: giraffes bleats, grunts: grasshoppers chirp, pitter: grouse drum: guinea fowl cry: guinea pigs squeak, whistle: gulls squawk: hares squeak: hawks scram: hippopotamuses bray, snort: horses neigh, whinny: hyenas laugh: jays chatter: kittens mew: linnets chuckle: lions roar, growl: loons howl: magpies chatter: mice squeak. squeal: monkeys chatter, gibber: nightingales pipe, warble, jugjug: owls hoot, screech, wail: oxen low, bellow: parrots talk: peacocks scream: peewits cry: penguin babies bleat: pigeons coo: pigs grunt, squeal, squeak: ravens croak: rhinoceroses snort, grung, growl, whistle: rooks caw: sandpipers pipe, whistle: shearwaters shrill: sheep baa, bleat: snake hiss: sparrow chirp: stags bellow, call: swallows titter: swans crey, hiss, grunt, bark: thrushes whistle: tigers roar, growl: tortoises grunt: turkeys gobble: wolves howl Young Animals: antelope - calf: bear - cub: beasts of prey - whelp: beaver - kit: birds - fledgling, nestling: cat pussy, kit, kitten, catling: codfish - codling, sprat: cow - calf: deer - fawn, yearling: dog - pup, puppy, whelp: duck - duckling: eagle - eaglet: eel - elver: elephant - calf: elephant seal - weaner: fish (generally) - fry: fowl - chick, chicken: fowl (wild) flapper: fox - cub, pup: frog - polliwog, tadpole: goat - kid: goose - gosling, grouse, cheeper: grouse - cheeper: Guinea fowl - keet: hawk - eyas: hen - pullet: hippo - calf: horse - foal, yearling, colt (m), filly (f) : kangaroo - joey: lion - cub: mackerel - blinker, tinker, spike: owl - owlet: partridge - cheeper: pig - piglet, shoat, farrow, suckling: pigeon squab, squeaker: quail - cheeper: rabbit - bunny, kit, kitten: rat - pup: rhino - calf: rooster cockerel: salmon - parr, smolt, grilse: seal - pup: shark - cub: sheep - lamb, lambkins, ocsset, hog: swan - cygnet: tiger - whelp, cub: turkey - poult: whale - calf: zebra - foa: Animal Adjectives: acarine - mite: anguine - snake: anserine - goose: apian -bee: apish - apel: aquiline - eagle: asinine - ass: avian - bird: bovine - cow: canine - dog: caprine - goat: cervine - deer: elephantine - elephant: equine - horse: feline - cat: herpestine - mongoose: hircine - goat: lacertine - lizard: lemurine - lemur: leonine - lion: lupine - wolf: lutrine - otter: murine - mouse: oscine - songbird: ovine - sheep: pavonine - peacock: piscine - fish: porcine - pig: ranine - frog: serpentine - serpent: simian - ape: suilline - hog: suine - swine: taurine - bull: ursine - bear: vermian - worm: viperine - viper: vulpine - fox: zebrine - zebra

The Collective Nouns Page

Different kinds of fish and other aquatic creatures:
a shoal of bass a bed of clams a school of fish a smack of jellyfish a pod of seals a hover of trout a gam of whales a pod of whales

And now, birds:

a dissimulation of birds a flock of birds a volery of birds a peep of chickens a brood of chicks a clutch of chicks a murder of crows a dule of doves a brace of ducks a paddling of ducks a charm of finches a gaggle of geese a cast of hawks a siege of herons a deceit of lapwings an exaltation of larks a tidings of magpies a watch of nightingales a pride of ostritches a parliament of owls a covey of partridges a muster of peacocks an ostentation of peacocks a bouquet of pheasants a bevy of quail a covey of quail an unkindness of ravens a building of rooks a squabble of seagulls a walk of snipe a host of sparrows a murmuration of starlings a mustering of storks a flight of swallows a wedge of swans

a spring of teal a rafter of turkeys a pitying of turtledoves a fall of woodcocks a descent of woodpeckers

Livestock types:
a drove of cattle a rag of colts a pace of donkeys a trip of goats a drift of hogs a harras of horses a barren of mules a span of mules a litter of pigs a string of ponies a flock of sheep a drift of swine a sounder of swine

Other large mammals:

a shrewdness of apes a sloth of bears a singular of boars a herd of elephants a gang of elk a mob of kangaroos a troop of kangaroos a leap of leopards a pride of lions a crash of rhinoceroses a bevy of roebucks a pack of wolves a route of wolves

Small mammals:
a cete of badgers a clowder of cats a business of ferrets a skulk of foxes a down of hares a kindle of kittens a labor of moles a litter of pups a nest of rabbits


a colony of ants a hive of bees an army of caterpillars a plague of locusts a knot of toads a bale of turtles a nest of vipers


a clutch of eggs

An interference of social workers An omnipotence of consultants A mothering of nurses A muddling of occupational therapists A diagnosis of doctors A boring of accountants. A tedium of golfers. a desire of trams & a silence of trolleybuses. a royal of swans and a cartload of monkeys. An unction of undertakers A consternation of snails