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. Charles Martin In Uganda - What to do when a Manager goes Native: Case Study Presented To: Prof.

Kunwar Milind Singh 2. Question 3: Who was right, Green or Martin, about Martins more controversial actions in facilitating the project? How much things have turned out if Martin would not have been a member of this Project? 3. There were Various Reasons due to which Martin was right about the controversial actions he took in Uganda Operation. HG saw the wisdom of having someone with both home country corporate perspective and Knowledge of Uganda as well in the form of 1 Economical 2 Political and 3 Cultural perspective As mentioned in the case that Charles Martin possessed: A background that was well suited for Ugandan Project 2) Being associated to African studies , he possessed both Knowledge and Experience as the major attributes regarding setting up a new venture in Uganda. Project like HG was the first in itself to be set up In Africa. 4. Regarding Martins Business Practices: Paying tips in Advance to responsible people Speeding HG requirements Supporting /Hiring relatives to get the work done Giving exorbitant payments and participating in the second ceremony of Tribal by respecting their believes Hence from these business practices worked on by Martin, it becomes very clear that to operate business in any country the company must give respect, and consider their culture , norms and beliefs. Arguments could be made both from Green and Martins perspective: Martin achieved the desired results on Time However his rejection from the typical Expatriate style ran counter to Greens idea of desirable corporate image Tipping of services could easily have led to the expectation of increasingly larger payments as projects progressed 5. Martins participation in Tribal Rituals could have been construed as a mockery of Tribal customs and also have been seen as an affront by Ugandan Christian majority Finally the connection between HGs local Ugandan employees and government officials represented an invitation to corruption Nonetheless if Martin had chosen to not to be a part of these Local Customs , the project could easily have fallen behind the schedule. Hence if HG would not hire Martin for this project then: HGs business operation would move slowly One may wait months to get the office requirements like installation of phone, issuing of license etc. to be completed on time Without exorbitant payments and family connections hiring people or staff would become difficult because Nepotism is a norm of Uganda Every task could not be completed in time within total budget