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Transpersonal Psychiatry

A Tract Book


Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Ken Wilber is the author who is given the credit for developing the

discipline of “Transpersonal Psychology.” I would like to go one step

further and argue for the establishment of Transpersonal Psychiatry.

Psychiatry today is based largely upon premises involving atheistic

materialism. Psychiatry sees the mind as simply being an epiphenomenon

of brain biology or neurology. Medication which affects the neurons in the

brain is seen as the epitome of psychiatric practice.

I would argue, on the other hand, that psychiatry should be based

upon Aristotle’s model of Body-brain mind, Soul analytic mind, and Spirit

intellect. I would argue that for many people, their though processes take

place on the levels of the Soul or Spirit, not on the brain biological level.

The brain, then, operates more as an interface between body and soul.

Ken Wilber argues in his work that the mind becomes

“transpersonal” at what developmental psychologists would call level 6 of

consciousness. Wilber argues that people on level 6 have psychic abilities

such as channeling and telephathy. Additionally, Out of Body Experiences,

and Astral Projection, as described by Robert Bruce, would also seem to be

level 6 phenomenon.

Psychiatry must recognize that it is normal and natural for those

people who have reached level 6, or it’s equivalent, to have such abilities as

channeling or telepathy. Treatment of such persons psychiatrically must

involve helping the person to manage or control his or her psychic abilities,

not suppress or destroy them as supposed hallucinations.

Finally, psychiatry must avoid the fallacy of reductionism. Ken Wilber

points out that positivists, that is, atheistic materialists, take a “flat land”

view which reduces everything to the least common denominator. Rather

than looking for higher, spiritual meaning, psychiatry now looks for the

most mundane, pessimistic, simpliste, explanation. Rather than considering

the possibility that an Archangel might be talking to a person in that

person’s “mind’s ear,” psychiatry just assumes that a schizophrenic

hallucination is taking place. As I have stated before, such an approach is

based upon Ockham’s Razor, and, Ockham’ Razor is fallacious, idiocy.

Transpersonal Psychiatry is necessary and it must take into account



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