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Ansha Prakashan Deepak M.

Civilization in General and India In particular

Abstract of the Research-PaperCivilization in General and India In particular

The present paper is novel attempt of the Author to research and analyze the basic premises of the Civilizations of the world and their common grounds. The Author also tries to search the unifying Idea of the humanity with a peoples point of view. The natural choice of the Civilization of India as a subject and object of my first humble attempt was prompted by the availability of resources as it is ancient to the extent of the history and progressive till date. The present paper is an outcome of the 20 years of research and one full year of experiments and practical utility of the findings. It also serves a live account of the fusion of the ideas since Globalization, and specially India after 1991. In this process, the Author has consulted with hundreds of Institutions, thousands of books and more than five thousand individuals, in person. In this paper, I have tried to redefine the Idea of India in the present context of the things, its implications and applications. I have also attempted to unfold the mystery of the differences beneath the fundamental unity of the Idea. All the mistakes are mine and I would like to take full responsibility of them.

Origin of Spirit and Evolution of the Idea

The whole universe is nothing but the manifestation of the unmanifest. This is an Idea. And every Idea has three stages of its creation- origin of spirit, creation of the components and finally, the creation of the Idea. Likewise, the idea of the Absolute, i.e. the idea of the universe manifested itself into the form of living. It was the creation of the Idea rather completion of the creation. The Idea of India is a latest innovation, as it is discovered by I. However, it is a false claim as the Idea of India ever exists in the system. It is not a discovery too as it is discovered by so many peoples in the world, that it is found in everything as they institutionalized the Idea. It ever exists and it needs no discovery. It is inherent, i.e. the Idea of the Birth. The Idea of India is a state of being, the leader of the cosmos, most evolved and thus comprehending and influencing the World. The Idea of India exists in a system, a system of the universe, a system of the self and a system of the self-regulation. Everything exists and everything has a position. And the underlying fact is that the momentum. We are in a movement and positions are changing, at every point of space-timeenergy, and every position is open to occupy. And expression is our act. Act of Living! India has never been a geographical expression until 1947. It was ever an Idea, an Idea of Civilization. An Idea founded upon the premises of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam. The whole world is a family. Yes, wide and elaborate family system is the fundamental to the civilization of India, society and state is mere extension of the family. And the existence of the I, i.e. the unity of the totality of universe is the essence of the family system, protected so much beautifully as it is mere extension of I. Each and everyone is aware of its position, and the responsibility of the position. In the broad scheme of things, that followed the ideals of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah. From 3300 B.C. onwards, India is a civilization of numerous tribes and cultures, thousands of and with full awareness of the fact that so many cultures are outside our scope of influence. Kosh Kosh Par Pani Badale, Teen Kosh Par Bani. A civilization founded upon the principle of the peaceful coexistence, the peaceful coexistence with nature and fellow species and with fellow-cultures and contemporary civilizations. First, to realize the nature of existence and the rights of nature! When I saw, the images and statues of great personalities at almost every crossroads and institutions, I know the purpose of deityfication and sacredship. I know the idea behind and why it is present at each and every crossroad and institution. I know that why it is important to bow down into the feets of great personalities and even great ideas.

I have come up here for threefold objective, first to know the self. And for this purpose I have chosen to ask you. I have chosen this cause I know that to know my real existence, I have to ask this to the unmanifest and after knowing my real existence my soul will be at rest. I am in a search, search of the purpose of my cause and I know that death is a certainty. It is constancy, of unlimited energy, we can take any amount for our birth but ultimately we have to be assimilated in our constituents. It exists whither you. I have chosen to ask you so that I can make a difference. If the answer of the unmanifest is that there is no need to make a difference. I will rest at peace. I feel myself free to choose my path. The path of glory, of death! Second, to represent the psychology of a young and aspiring youth, I am a youth as I am under thirty. However, the Idea is ever youth. Youth is a sense of maturity, a sense of responsibility. The responsibility of the cause and I feel my responsibility. And I want to know the purpose of my cause. However, purpose and cause are the same, I am here cause I have to be. My position is that I belong to a category of the person who are eager to be cursed. We feel that we can make a difference in the system. We can make a more human system for you, and according to Shri A.L.Basham, The most striking feature of ancient Indian Civilization is its humanity, just replace the ancient. We have founded a prosperous civilization in the name of Indus Valley, and we have had the most secular and communist system of the world, in times of Ashoka. As the greatest victory of all victories is the victory of Dharma, A system of self-regulation. The kings function was the protection of society and the state was merely an extension of the king for the furtherance of that king. And the Arthashashtra says:In the happiness of his subjects lies the kings happiness, in the welfare of his subjects, his welfare and the kings good is not which pleases him but that which pleases his subjects. While, revolts against an incompetent and wicked king were permitted, it is also maintained that any king is better than none. Abolition of the system of king in form of the president needs to be more humane. I am an auditor, auditor in the defence of India. Third, in this process to generate the original literature whatever I may. The basic principle I have followed everywhere is honesty. I have codified whatever I feel to be genuinely true and worthy and please mind me, for this purpose, I have turned myself into a believer. (To be continued) .. . Theme of the presentation to be given at 8th International Writers Festival India, 24-25 November 2012 Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India.

Civilization in General and India In particular

An enquiry into the Knowledge of the self, constancyand philosophy for the Knowledge of Elements- First Impressions


Undefined: Undefined

My intention is to cause first hand interpretation as I have no real expertise. I have the skill of Imagination and I have the tools of communication. I make myself original in order to reorder myself and get the experiences of the First still I am second grade. Certainty about the outcome is undefined yet, I must recourse to the probabilIty. The duality of I is the follower of the Unity of We under the umbrella of Infinite. The roots of the tree with the aegis of the unknown have nurtured the system of I as of You. I have decided to break the orthodoxy of You as the precondition to I. Research and Interpretations are my tools, Imagination and Communication are my tools with the law of Love. I am just connected to Nature, I am just connected to Internet, I am just connected to Universe. I am just seeking the manifestation of the Unmanifest. UndefinedOne!

JANSAMSADAM- Debate First- State and Religion!

Once State and Religion, both have the same source whether it is a hypothetical concert or God. We all know that that they are evolved! State is the concept of we and religion is of I. State was a latter phenomenon and thus was guided by, as they are complimentary and supplementary to each other! In its nascent state covers some spheres of common nature, both exist to regulate oneself as in case of civilization! The historical conspiracy of the Church and King gave rise to the Human Rights, as I becomes Sovereign after Sate and Religion! I exist in the nature of Family and Relation, I exist in Society and Nation, I exist in the universe and Idea! One!

JANSAMSADAM- Debate Second- Law and Virtue

Once The tripartite agreement manifested itself in form of books like Constitution of India, the Virtue of the Law! The Regulation of the Sovereignself is the prime intention of the law and the right and duty to protect! The Duty to Respect and Right to Observe, the Responsibility to Protect and Liberty to Enhance! The Independence of Justice and Independence of Samsadam are the Independence of We as the common I! Subject to the Constitution as We, The People has obligation to protect and enhance the Virtue of the Law! One!

JANSAMSADAN- Debate Third- Equality

Once Every person is an equal constituent of the System and thus equal before the law and endowed with the same virtue! Equality of Status and of Opportunity is the constitutional right as of the Equality of Ethnicity and of Nationality! Every person has equal liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship without any discrimination whatsoever! Social, Economic and Political Equality are the directive principles of the Justice, as the constitutional right of the Person! We, the people, as the constituencies of the System are resolved into the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic! One!

JANSAMSADAM- Debate Forth- People and Governance

Once The Fourth State, i.e. The System of Democratic Republic is the Governance of/for/by the people, as in case of I! Autonomous institutions of Democracy are the body of the system, acting in unison like our senses, under the aegis of the constitution! Authorities are the offices of Responsibility, to protect and enhance, the virtue of the system and thus the value! The Power, as it flows through the system like capillaries of the body, is the obligation to implement and duty to execute the will of the people! The will of the people, the free will of the free people is the Government of the System, Independent! One!

JANSAMSADAM- Debate Fifth- The System of Governance

Once The defined Governance is the regulation of the State and Society as it is a self-regulatory body of the System! The definite functions of the System are the Judiciary and the Government with the provisions of Law! The representative of the will of the people, i.e., Samsadam exists to uphold and enhance the constitution of the System! We, the constituent of the System are entitled to change the course of the existing State of the things, on will, as our birthright! Freedom of Movement and Expression is our unalienable right to live as we are seeking Election! One!

Tasting the Extremes

The Chief has taken no time in making the dual standard of community as one for their favourites and other for us, we the people! The crony capitalism was the first milestone of duality of the Sovereign and the Subject, as it should be the last of Bhai-Bhatija-vaad! We must admit that this dual standard of society had almost spoiled our life as it gave rise to The Historical Dualism! The duality everytime exposed by the Krishna...Shakarachrya...Marx and many other great personalities of the history is the evil of mankind! This is my opinion with Free Speech and now I am ready to take the position of the Evil's Advocate with the Idea of Justice! The System makes choice of unity after fragmenting itself into the components of the constitution and tasting the extremes!

Election 2012
My American Friends of the World, we need a change, A Change in the system of Governance! We need to see, who is governing us? And it not only just the Government, there are others exercising influence indirectly and to make us! First and foremost Military, Media, Industries, Trade, Science, TechnologyAnd we have right to know that how and what of the influence! We need their direct representation in the Government with social responsibility, accountability and trans-parency, their prime concern! My American friends of the World, We will not, under any circumstances, raise taxes on any income family. As we shoulda, woulda, oughta, try our best to produce the wealth, with all our technology and knowledge, with whole of heart and mind! As we havent wealth enough to save the environment and the living, at this critical point of time, we need a change in our strategy! Equality of status and opportunity is our guiding principle as we have maximum number of Marx in Democracy of Justice and Liberty! Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity & integrity of the Nation is our Ideal; we will protect it unto his last! First of all, we dont have $5 trillion tax cut, We are not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high-income people! We, The Worriers of the Greenpeace, just need technology and information. In the era of science, we have knowledge and transparency! Six studies have guaranteedand this math adds upWe, The Members of The Family, have chosen Re-Union! The buck stops at WH and we need a better representation in Congress. As a fresh voice is going to get the Jobs done! We need to have leadershipleadership in Washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done! Three free day agreements are not just enough and may the priorities different at state level, We have learned from immediate failures! We agree with a 2014 transition.

As announcement of The Date is indeed a very welcomed moveNo reason can justify the Murder of Innocence. We, The Worriers of The Educationfirst, has done just enough to root out the Democracy of Justice and Liberty, Non-violence is our agenda! This administration has no credibility on this issue Under a Romney administration, we will have credibility on this issue. Pressure-tactics should not be on the cost of live and livelihood of the millions. We need to talk and We are talking at different levels! We love great schoolsAnd the key to great schools: great teachers. We are appreciating A plan to Recruit. As uni-versities are the institutions of Liberty, we are going to open worldwide! Our prime concern is to save the energy and environment of living and not to bail-out auto, we will discuss it in Congress! We are helping China and talking with, we will find a solution by mediation, a friendly arbitration may resolve our differences! Were going to put in place a permanent solutionWe will put in an immigration reform plan., as self-deportation may be permitted! We are going to check-out the irregularities of DREAM Act and to make it consistence with the name, as Egalitarianism has no alternative! Our campaign is about the 100 percent of America, and We are concerned about them! Even though you didnt vote for me, Ive heard your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President, I will fight for you, too! We want to get America and North America energy independent, so we can create those jobs, as social responsibility is our prime motive! Shouldnt we have a Marine detachment guarding our ambassador in Benghazi, a place where we knew that there was an al-Qaida cell with arms? Acts of Terror must be repealed as they must not be advantaged for taking personal political gain by President in times of Election! Pre-existing conditions are covered under our plan, Under Mcare, all Americans will have access to affordable health care! My American friends of the World, Its time to learn by leading as our present is past of someones and futures of many! - Deepak M., Campaign Volunteer, Change for America!

Unity in Diversity

See fromwhere the Idea of Civilization comes; I would like to start with the Idea of India! The Idea comes from the synthesis of Evolution and Revolution, Vedic revolution met with the indigenous Evolution and Idea of India occurs! First compiled the The Geetas, literally means The Songs, The Song of The Bhagwan, The Song of The Avadhoot! e.g. Take Vedic revolution, it is originated somewhere in Africa and its one branch goes to Russia and one to then Heavan! Somewhere in the Europe they learn the Art of Language, and with the passage of Iran and Afghanistan they learn Oral traditions of Song! The China and Far East was settled by the pre-Vedic people, though have a common root but before revolution of Moses! See dont be confused about the date, Vedic revolution had been forgot at its birthplace by its very creators as they had left the place! The pattern of the movement was observed by Moses & a Scripture simplifies the Oralbooks. Vedas and Ten Commandments comes from same source! I must move my first evidence as we are the Jeeva/Jeev/Jeewa/Jeew/Jew! The pattern of the synthesis of Revolution and Evolution was observed by the Jesus, The New Testament and the Geetas have the same source! In passage of time, the two poles of civilization, Jerusalem and India, both have a common root! The India society, as the synthesis of Revolution of Vedic and Evolution of Indigenous produced two compensatory Synthesis! Hereby called revolutions, as of now revolutions itselves becomes the Synthesis of Evolution with Change in the existing system! The Revolution of Mahavira further simplified the teachings of Vedas and Geetas as Siddhartha gave birth to the scientific revolution! The Philosophy of Vedas, Ten Commandments, Teachings of Mahavira and The Theory of the Enlightened concludes the heritage of before Jesus! The revolution after the Guptas and Jesus, reverberated throughout the world in different forms, The Vedas &The Holy Quraan have same source!

China and Far East has been reconciliation during the period of Harsha, less troubled by the revolution founds a way! The naked synthesis of the Idea of India shown by Moolshankar after Krishna and revolution further reconciliated by Nanak through Sufism! And here comes the American Revolutionafter Renaissance and The Enlightenmentwith the phenomenon of Secularism! As The Reality is One AbsoluteRespected TeachersAll religions are equaldifferent interpretations at different point of time! First sense of realityUnityOmniAdvaitRespect to AllReligion and PersonAnd the leader of the Enlightenment! The French revolution turns the debate into reality and pawed the way for the Marx and The First Freedom struggle of India! The French revolution turns the debate into reality and pawed the way for the Marx and Mill, and the First Freedom Struggle of India! To understand the Nature of the Synthesiswe had split ourselves into Right and Leftas the split of The Church and King! We are responsible for all the bloody transformations as we have made NapoleonBut the Idea remains intact! We had utilized of the Idea of the Peoples KingMany times in the Historybefore Democracyand the final withdrawal of The King! And here comes The President as Viceroy was unacceptable as much as the GovernorGeneral! 'Invisible hand of the System' is the mode of unique governance with respect to Human Rights! We, the people are part of the system, we live with our fact and circumstances. We are indivisible by the system! We live as whole world is our family. May their infinite colors and imaging! We live in the generations of past, present and future. Our today is not isolated with space and time nor with past and future! We live in generations of civilizations with a Sanatan time-scale, uprising!

We, The People of The World, having solemnly resolved to constitute World... ...Into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure all its citizens:.. ...Justice! Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! ...Assuring the Dignity of the Individual and the Unity and Integrity of the Nation; In Our Constituent Assembly, This Do Hereby Adopt, Enact And Give To Ourselves This Constitution!


The Idea of American Revolution via Napoleon! The Idea of Hegel via Marx! The Idea of Mughle Azam via Raja Ram Mohan! The Idea of Revolution via Jahangir! The Idea of Empire via 1857! The Idea of Diffusion via 1893! The Idea of Russian Revolution via Manvendra! The Idea of The Light of Asia via Jawahar! The Idea of Chinese Revolution via Mao! The Idea of Free Speech via Enlightenment! Dec-2012:- The Idea of The Civilization! Rio-2016:- The Idea of The Game!

FreeSpeech -III

Sorry Friends, I have lost the holy grail forever, I have taken refuse in The Progressing Sanatan Dharma Friends, I don't want to claim that I have found The Sang Real, just I am sharing my present Why I am sharing this to you cause I am in Peace Today Yes, I have taken dogma of my religion cause I live in peace, I live in unity and not in Duality Friends, I have lost the Idea at 21st, just two days before the Day of Equality however The Day Friend, I have found the way of liberty, Internet, Friends, I am protesting since 18th of Jan, the Blackout Day I am protesting cause sorry to say, Capitalist Forces are making their ways to suppress our last refuse of liberty The Day of Blackout I was 100%Rational, Today I am 100%Rational in between 100%Naxlight I am downloading The Bible, I am with my favorite Books, I may give you the list, they are Ten To start a countdown I would like to introduce the The Constitution of India Nineth 1857, Fist Struggle of Independence, Culmination of the Revolutions Enlightenment starts with Prophet Muhammad, First Human Prophet, True Human, and Perfect Jesus was The Last God, has served the universe created by their forefathers, The Ultimate Sacrifice Jesus! Siddhartha! Mahavira! Moses! Krishna! Rama! Raavan! Zarathustra! Bali! Eighth Diwane Galib, the Kalidaas of Hindustani just like The Shakespeare of English Via Amir Khusrow enlightenment reached to The Da Vinci Code and was codified by Guru Nanak, My Great Grandfather Myself is Naxlight, The Whistle-blower, The In-former of The Britishraaz Worldwide Seventh An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with truth

Jwala of Dayananda, Tap of Paramhansa, Knowledge of Vivekananda manifested in duality O Gandhi! Jai Ravindra! Sixth, The Karl Marx, The Sixth Sense, The Historical Duality Now Evil is defined, American war of Independence give birth to Napoleon and Bolshevik Revolution to Hitler The Fifth Element, Fifth The Geeta, Fifth The Civilization, The Forth State, Space-TimeEnergy Fall of Wall and 9/11 n 2012! In Its True Perspective! Yatharth Geeta! Swami Adagadanand! Mirzapur! Jerusalem To Varanasi! Kabhi Main Sochata Tha Ishme Padhne Layak Kuchh Hai Hi Nahi and now it has changed the way, that's why Arvindo! The Tradition of Science of Newton, The Tradition of Music of Khusrow, The Tradition of Art of Da Vinci,... The Tradition of Family, The Tradition of Panchayat, The Tradition of Vihaaras The Tradition of Trinity! The Tradition of Yantra-Mantra-Tantra! The Tradition of Yogi! Forth Autobiography of a Yogi! Paramhamsa Yagananda! In Search of The Ultimate! In Search of The Knowledge! In Search of The Quest! The Crown Prince! Siddhartha of The Kingdom of Gods! Third Bhagwaan Buddha! Live and Philosophy! Dharmanand Kosambi! Lokbharati Paperbacks! The Idea of Revolution comes directly with the Enlightenment in The Person of Jesus with the Teachings of Moses! The Ultimate Person, The Perfect Human, 100% The Ultimate Person, The Infinite Struggles, The Idea of Total Revolution and The Relation of Guru Nanak Second, The Holy Quraan! Trans-literation in Roman Script Revised Edition By Mohammad Abdul Haleem Eliasi and English Translation By Abdullah Yusuf Ali purchased at Aamir Khusrow The Holy Grail is the psychology of Total Revolution! Jesus is The Idea of Justice!

Atharvaveda! Yajurveda! Samaveda! The First Tough I am able to read only that one hymn I am able to research Rishi - Atharvah! Devta - Vachaspati! Chhand - Anustup, Bruhati! Rigveda is still unmanifest for I till I have found Darshan of Mahaveera! Friends, I have lost Aura of Sang Real forever, its going to dwell In Eternity! Save whatever solution you may!

Soul- Oneself
Once I and universe exist together We interact with each other! One can observe the truth To explain it, you have to become Either God or part of the uni-verse! One!

The Law of Love

Once I feel greatness To its utmost existence! At the same time I feel myself to be the least person of this world! All progressive Uprising in a direction Unknown but beautiful! Attraction of beauty The law of love Is the ultimate truth! One!

Once Present Past Future The Trinity! Our past is related with our present The relation! Our future must be related to our present As much as like past It is the present related with past and future ls the Reality! One!

Who decides What


Who decides What! Only present can decide Only present has sense Present decides everything And what is present is the Living!

Only living has sense Only sense can define! Sense is presence Sense is present Only living has sense And what is living is the Reality!

Sense is the reality! Sense Nonsense Commonsense Is the Trinity!

A living cant be nonsense! Only living has sense None living can be Nonsense Who is living decide what is living Essence decides sense!

Sense Essence Commonsense

Is the NeoTrinity!

Sense, the complete! Essence, the fundamental Commonsense, the complete!

The two Sense and Commonsense Intertwined as One! The complete sense The Reality!

We can decide our future We can decide our past We are the reality The Living!


To Live The Truth To Live The Justice!

Trans-lesson of 'The Geeta' :- Chapter Thirteen:- Nature, Observer & Consciousness

1. Prakritim Purusham caiva Kshetram Kshetrajam eva ca etad Veditum Icchami Gyanan Gyeyam ca Kesava! T- Nature, Person and Field n Force and Knowledge & Observable too, Krishna! 2. Idam shariram kaunteya kshetram iti abhidhiyate. etadyo vetti tam prahuh kshetragya iti tadvidah! T- This Humansystem is Field n this who knows is Force, it is said Kaunteya! 3. Kshetragyam capimam Viddhi Serva Kshtresu Bharat Kshetra Kshetragyayoh GyanamYutatj Gyanam Matam Mum! T- And Force certainly knows all Fields, Bharat "Knowledge of 'Field n Force' is Knowledge"- This is Knowledge in My Opinion! 4. That 'Field of Activities' n what 'As It Is' n this 'Change/Duality/Negative' n 'What n What', and 'Who' n 'What is Influence' too, that 'in-summary' listen via us! 5. Various Sages, in different forms of Poems n Hymns of Brahmasutra, described that 'cause and effect' is certain! 6. There exist the great elements of 'Pride, Intelligence and Unmanifest' and 'Ten senses' and 'Five sense objects' !. 7. Desire, Hatred, Happiness, Distress, 'Consciousness of Community' and Conviction, these are 'the fields in-summary' illustrated with interactions!. 8. Humbleness, Pridelessness, Ahimsa, Tolerance, Simplicity, Teacher's Upasana, Sanitation, Steadiness, Self-Regulation!. 9.'In Matter of Sense', 'In Mind of Renunciation', 'In Pride' and 'In Birth, Death, 'Old Age', Disease, Distress, Guilt', Observe!. 10. Disenchantment, Disassociation, Child, Spouse, Home-scaler, Constant, MindEquilibrium, Ishta-Anishta, Derive!. 11. 'In I' and 'In Infinite YOGAS, 'In Devotion', 'In Sinless', 'In Service of Absolute', 'In Detachment', Jan-Samsadi! 12. 'Knowledge of the Self', 'Constancy', Philosophy for Knowledge of Elements', all this is Knowledge, Declared-Ignorance Otherwise!

13. Listen 'Observable' that I shall now explain, knowing of that tastes like Nectar. The beginningless 'Param Brahma' is said to be neither 'Truth' nor 'Untruth'! 14. Everywhere is Its hands and feets like everywhere are its eyes and mouths, having ears everywhere in this world, covering everything that exist! 15. Perceived of all the senses, devoid of all the senses, unattached and maintainer of everything, and certainly without matter/quality/value and enjoyer of the matter too! 16. It is exterior and interior to all living entities, movable and immovable too; Incomprehensible on account of being subtle, that is far away and very near! 17. It is indivisible and divided among all livings beings and existed as one, it is maintainer of the living entities and that is knowable as degrading and developing too! 18. Also in all luminous objects that is the source of light and said to be absolute darkness, It is knowledge, object of knowledge and approachable through knowledge, situated in everyone's heart/mind!


01! Namami shamishanam Nirvaan Rupam VibhamVyapkam Brahmn Veda SwaRupam! ... Indian Game Of Life! Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam! ... End Of Duality! ... I have 'just' participated in the Eud Of Ideology! I have 'just' participated in the End of WorldGame! I have 'just' participated in the End of HistoryQuest! ... The State!

In Western Ideology State is an Borrowed Idea Form The Idea of India An State build on the Premices of Democracy! Everything built on the Structure of Democracy Is The Civilization! ...

Vedas has created the India Geeta was the Constitution of India!

... Vedas was written by the Living We, The Living! ... The Final Victory! ... Deva Shree Ganesha...

Jwala Si Jalti Hai Jis Ke Dil Me! ... Time.

Person of the Year has a Claim A claim over Nobel! Nobel is most prestigious Award It must be compiled with Time I mean to say complied by the Time! And It may be complied by the time I don't Care!

The Civilization has three basic Constituents The Person, Place and Time! ... Wright

Wright person at right time and at right place

A Word Wright Civilization! The Constitution of India Im by Guide! ... Hunger, Disease, Poverty and Corruption Brahman, Kshtriya, Vaishya and Sudra All are our Weaknesses! We must be get rid of It! Whatever the Cost!

Civilization The Fifth Element! ... The Three elements Space, Time and Energy And now the Civilization The fifth element What is Missing? ... The Forth State Is Man Made! ... Mandate The Sixth Sense! The Six Philosophy of Vedas! ... The Critical Mass'

Poverty includes Hunger And corruption is cause of Illiteracy! The critical energy of a person To Live! ... Energy, Time & Space Leads to the three Issues Of Energy, Environment & Education! ... 'Institution' The applications of Synthesis of Opposites On Surface Is The Samayavada! ... I.e. The Gist of the Constitution! ... Eisenstein was Wright! ... A BOOK... ^-I300I< Mahaveer Ko Naman!...

The Leader!

Peace must be our Ideology, Progress our Horizon! We, The Living Live Democracy. The second freedom of struggle has started. 'All for Knowledge & Knowledge for all' is The Mantra. Life Ka Mantra! This time to ensure that India is free for ever from hunger, disease, poverty and corruption! We have achieved 'the critical mass'. We are initiating discussion on the issues of energy, environment and education. 3E! No faith is in danger in our country, and the continuing commitment to gender equality is one of the great narratives of our times. Our chief national problems are eradication of poverty, illiteracy and disease. We, The Living live in the institutions whose are the applications of synthesis, Samyavada, of what might seem on surface to be implacable opposites. We, The Living live in The System. We, The Living live in The Constitution of India! We, The Living have honoured the great vision of National Stalwarts, as a nation and as a society. The highest honour in our democracy does not lie in any office, but in being a Citizen of India, Our Motherland! We are all equal children before our mother; and India asks each one of us, in whatsoever role we play in the complex drama of nation-building, to do our duty with integrity, commitment and unflinching loyalty to the values enshrined in our Constitution! Jai Hind!


Once upon a time in a country called Hindustan there was a Swami called Solution. One day he decided to pray to Lord Shiva for a boon. So he breaths for 1,000 years with both eyes raised and hands closed, praying for Lord Shivas revelation. Pleased with his indefatigable devotion, Lord Shiva appeared and blessed him. He then told the Swami to ask for a boon. The Swami said, Mahadev, I am deeply overwhelmed because while all countries in the world have invented wonderful weapons, my country Hindustan has invented One. The Chinese have invented gunpowder, the British warships, the Germans tanks, the Japanese kamimaze pilots, and the Americans atom bombs, my country has produced Things. At this Lord Shiva said, Do not be dejected. Your country will produce an invincible weapon which none can match. What is that? enquired the Swami. It is Ansha! One! No cynism! We, The Living, has won highest number of medals, in more than hundred year of modernOlympic. No wonder! We, The Living, has scored highest Marx in Democracy, in more than sixty-fore years of real-Politik. One! In a democracy, the opposition is intelligentsia. It support the government with it's all intelligence. It oppose the government with it's all strength. We, The Living are opposing the violations of basic human rights with our all strength. Any government who suppress the voice of a citizen must not be supported. We, The Living, has withdrawn our intelligence from government in support of the informer and trans-parency. One!

A person can ask any question, to any person who has any political authority. Until and unless, it incurs violence, whatever the means, it should be appreciated. In a democracy, right to know constitute the basic right to information, essential to the right to movement and expression. The Constitution of India gives us right of movement and expression. 21 A. We, The Living, in the most strong words, condemn the atrocities against the Shiladitya and Yashwant. One! Everyone in the crowd then performed understand, and that is the last they were seen doing by this observer. You may draw the moral of this story. One!

The Class of Political Class: Transformation

In a society divided among various castes and outcastes, the introduction of The Idea of Political Class is itself an example of mindless adoption of Elitism in the name of the Egalitarianism. The same people who are against the presence of The Caste System are advocating The Class System; interesting. My all little understanding of the Indian System reiterates that the evolution of the caste system was exactly at the same pattern that we have observed in evolution of the class system. The Teacher Class; The Political Class; The Business Class; The Labour Class, The introduction of The Idea of Class-Consciousness among the workers i.e. the proletariat, has become a renaissance material for the Caste-Consciousness among the privileged castes. In past 20 years, I have seen many organisations floating in the name of the casteconsciousness and playing in the hand of the corrupt politicians. What has disturbed me, the protest of Dying Class at Mumuchhu Bhawan in Benaras of Uttar Pradesh; they are asking for BPL cards, , , and a better treatment from the government. The said place is well known for proving shelter to the people who believe in dying at Kashi for an easy way to Heaven. Kashi me marne se moksha milta hai! What an Idea, Sir ji! The pain of being neglected is even worse of being loneliness. We have neglected each other, our country, our responsibilities, our duties, our knowledge, our system The protest of dying class is an example; in the season of protests, I have observed that almost everyone is protesting including myself; however, I am protesting against myself. The erosion of morality from the conduct of the business has been proved fatal. In the era of real-politick, our political class has neglected the value of the politics of the principles. And the result- President has been charged with the evidences of the corruption; more than half of The Cabinet is under the threat of being imprisoned in case of an open inquiry; Mr Cleans home is labelled with the tag of Chor The rise of the class-consciousness among the politicians is itself validating the imposition that they are representing none but only a small minority of the privileged persons. The conduct of the spoiled brat of the team has endangered the entire class. Now, they are consolidating themselves. In the wake of the possibility of extinction they are countering and in this process they are endorsing the elitism. God Bless You! The media has established itself as the sole medium of communication for the political class. Off-course it has space for other classes too, however it is itself in a Catch-22 situation. The credibility of the mainstream media is at stake. There are various allegations of mal-practices, corruption, paid news and active involvement in the dark-politics of the power. However, the massive blackout is not going to steal the light. Dont make a class of nonsense! Egalitarianism has no alternative. For a better living, for a peaceful co-existence, for a world full of happiness and love, we must have to take the path of progress with the humanist

approach. We need an overhaul of the system with the Idea of the Justice. Justice should not only be done, it seems to be done! India, The First Idea of The Civilization has been searched and researched many times in The World History. Now, it is time to implement the findings into our lives. The Idea of India must be extended to all of its constituents. The First Idea of Civilization should be deeply entrenched in each and every person. (to be continued)

In The Name of The Lokpal!

Mr. President Dada!

Ho Gayi Hai Peer Parvat Si Pighalni Chahiye Is Himalay Se Koi Ganga Nikalni Chahiye!

The Basic Problem is Lack of Leadership. We need Leaders At Work; and not At Rhetoric or On Road. We need Leaders in each and every field of Knowledge and Service. We need Leaders in Art, Science, Literature, Games, Technology, Social Services and Civil Services... and Off-course in The Leadership.

One! Mr President Dada!

In past 20 years, I have listen thousands of times;Come On Bhagat! I have seen hundreds of Bhagat in The Street of India; pelting.

In past 10 years, I have listen thousands of time; World needs Ghandhi! I have seen tens of Ghandhi in The Field of India; Protesting.

In past year, I have listen thousands of time; Lokpal, Lokpal, Lokpal! I have seen a few of Lokpal in The Service of India; Promising. One! ..

Mr. President Dada!

Mere Mitra Manas Kahte Hai Yuva Ke Saath Vayu Hai!

Jahan Vayu Hai Vahan Gati Hai Aur Jahan Gati Hai Vahan Pragati Hai!


Mr. President Dada!

Paida Hue Maa- Baap Ne Sapne Dikhaye

Chalne Lage School Ne Sapne Dikhaye

Samajhdar hue Dosto Ne Sapne Dikhaye

Jawan Hue Sarkar Ne Sapne Dikhaye

Yuva Hue To Shadi Ka Vasta De Kar Ab Sab Kahte Hai Hakikat Me Jeena Shikh Lo! ..................................................................................................... To Hamne Har Khwab Ko Hakikat Me Badal Dala! One!

Mr. President Dada!

The Means are as important as The End!

The Word has Meaning The World has Meaning!

We, The Living live in The Love With The Idea of The Peace!

We, The Living live in The Relation With The Idea of The Person!

One! Mr. President Dada!

We, The Living live in The Protest With The Idea of The Democracy!

We, The Living live in The Opposition With The Idea of The Government!

We, The Living live in The Fraction With The Idea of The Support! One!

Mr. President Dada!

We, The Living live in The Crusader With The Idea of Conscience!

We, The Living live in Parivartan With The Idea of The Change!

We, The Living live in Naxlight With The Idea of Total Revolution!


Mr. President Dada!

We, The Living live The Liberty With The Idea of Justice!

We, The Living live in The Fraternity With The Idea of Equality!

We, The Living live in The People of India With The Idea of The Preamble!


Mr. President Dada!

Ye Mahlo Ye Takhto Ye Taajo Ki Duniya Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye to Kya Hai

We, The Living live in The Movement With The Idea of The Expression!

With, The Living live in The Motion With The Idea of The No Confidence!


Mr. President Dada!

Phir Se Ud Chala... Kabhi Dal Dal Kabhi Pat Pat

We, The Living live in The Spokesperson With The Idea of The Administration!

We, The Living live in The People With The Idea of The Responsibility! One!

Mr. President Dada!

Vande Mataram! Maa Tujhe Salam!! Satyamev Jayate!!!

We, The Living live in Fasting We, The Living live in Feasting!

We, The Living live in The Independence Day We, The Living live in The Republic Day!

One! Mr. President Dada! Return of The Classic is a common phenomenon in Our System. It reoccurs in Literature, Art and Culture among others. The Classic is reoccurring in Our Political Culture. The Classical Representative of The Idea of Justice is President. Our President is Our Lokpal with a System of Twelve.! One!


We, The Living live in The Veda We, The Living live in The Geeta!

We, The Living live in The Mahavira We, The Living live in The Buddha!

We, The Living live in The Hazrat We, The Living live in The Eida!



We, The Living live in The Saheb We, The Living live in The Auliya!

We, The Living live in The Swami We, The Living live in The Ghosha!

We, The Living live in The Mother We, The Living live in The Saint!


In the Name of The Constitution Of India!

In search of the Ultimate, We, The Living are always in The Defamation of Death cause we are weaker and 'Invisible hands of the System' are ever present to reward or punish us. . In search of the Independence, We, The Living don't want to be interfered that's why we don't interfere. We live with the system. We are part of the system. . Let see from where the duality starts I want to start a conversation at the speed of The Internet cause Internet is The Creation of this world. The connection of two has been made possible. Lets to be connected . In search of The Love, We, The Living live with the extremes. We love to share cause 'Sharing is the process of Living'. We live for ourselves. We need a share in the system. We are need of each other. We live in The Love. . Our senses are evolved with system! Historically! M-Version of the max- Idea! . We are The Civilization 'The Civilization of Rebirth' An Experiment of The One! ... In search of The Power, The Ability to live with the Idea, we people live in touch of nature. We interact, learn and implement to our lives. We are Jione! The Civilized One! An Idea of Rebirth! .

We, The Living live The Justice Whatever the circumstances we live The Truth Our means are democratic we are Non- Violence! . We, The Living live in the Freedom Freedom of Speech and Expression! We, The Living live with the Government The Government of The Constitution! We, The Living live in Movement Article 21 with A! . We, The Living has poses Our Ashtha to The Constitution of India! We, The Living live in The Fundamental Rights With The Directive Principles! President is Our Representative We live in The Parliament! . We, The Living has poses Legislative powers to The President With The Independence of Judiciary! We, The Living live in The Jurisprudence of Nature With The Idea of Nobel! We, The Living live in the Season of Twelve Reoccurring of The Idea of The One! .

We, The Living live in The Script With The Idea of The Director! We, The Living live in The Knowledge With The Idea of The Unknown! We, The Living Live in The Character With The Idea of The Civilization! . We, The Living live in Emergency With The Idea of Amendment! We, The Living live in Repeals With The Idea of The Republic! We, The Living live in Citizenship With The Idea of The Union! . We, The Living live in The Game With The Idea of The Civilization! We, The Living live in The Quest With The Idea of The Missing Point! We, The Living live in The First Civilization With The First Idea of Civilization! . We, The Living live in Known and Unknown With The Idea of Neotrinity! We, The Living live in The Progress With The Idea of The Leader! We, The Living live in The Institution With The Idea of The Department! .

We, The Living live in Jawahar With The Idea of The Prime Minister! We, The Living live in Rajeev With The Idea of The Globalization! We, The Living live in Narayan With The Idea of Total Revolution! . We, The Living live in Elections With The Idea of The Residual! We, The Living live in Relations With The Idea of the Panchayat! We, The Living live in The Schedule With The Idea of Tribunals! . We, The Living live in The Council of States With The Idea of Lokpal! We, The Living live in The House of The Peoples With The Idea of The Cabinet! We, The Living live in General With The Idea of The Service! . The President is Political With The Idea of Justice! The Personnel is Political With The Idea of Justice! The War is Political With The Idea of Justice! .

Once We, The Living live in Rajendra We, The Living live in Krishnan! We, The Living live in Zakir Giri Hidaytulla We, The Living live in Ali Basappa! We, The Living live in Giani Venkatraman We, The Living live in Dayal Raman! We, The Living live in Pratibha Kalam We, The Living live in Pranab! One! .

The Independence Day!

Once Ek Idea jo duniya badal de! I am an Idea I am offering you an opportunity To make Change I am presenting you Unedited version of my life I am Change! One!

Once I am INDIA! Land of the ENLIGHTENED! System of NATURE! Value of LIFE! One! I am EQUALITY! I am REALITY! I am in ALL! I am UNIQUE! One! I am the latest RESEARCH! I am the greatest DESERT! I am INNOVATION! I am CREATION! One!

Once I am MUGHAL-E-AAJAM.! Mughal-e-Ajam! I am AAMIR! I am JAHAGIR! I am JAWAHAR! Most precious Jewel of INDIA! One! I am GALIB! Ek Khel hai Aurag-e-Suleman, Mere Najdeek Ek Baat hai e-Jaaj-e-Masiah, Mere Aage... Main Parivartan Hoon! I am CHANGE! One!

Idea of Revolution!
Once Agnipath- Abhi mujhme kahi baki thori si hai Jindagi! Shanghai- Jo mangi thi Duaa! Rockstar- Saadda Haq One!

Once Mr. President! I am Naxlight! I am Revolution! I am India! One!

Once I am ANNA! I am MOVMENT! I am LOKPAL! One!

Once I am LEADER! One!

Once I am India! I am Ansha! I am Change! One!

Satyamev Jayate!
Once I am AVADHOOT! One!

Once I am Politics! One!

Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye To Kya Hai!

Once Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye To Kya Hai! Shree Bhagwan Kahte Hai Main Kalidaas Hoon... Guru Dattatreya Main Pyasa Hoon Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye To Kya Hai! One!

Once I am Vivekanand! One!

Once I am Ashok The Great! Conqueror of the Consciousness! Devnampriya! One!

Once I am Swaraj! One!

Once I am Green Revolution! I am Knowledge Revolution! I am Ultimate Science! I am India! One!

Once I am Adam! I am Marx! I am Kautilya! One!

Once I am Resonance! I am Vibration! I am Creation! One!

Once I am Energy! I am Time! I am Space! One!

Once I am Scripture! I am Author! I am Audience! One!

Once I am Philosophy! I am Science! I am History! One!

Once I am Rational! I am Neutral! I am What I am Not! One!

Between the Lines!

Once When reality comes to us, we find it is very difficult to comprehend.

We interpret in our own manner, in the framework of our own consciousness in our own language. The same reality constitutes very different realities for different persons depended upon their framework of senses. Also it may have different interpretation for the same person at various moments of life. However, Reality is One Absolute. Five years ago, it comes to me in an unique manner, unheard before. The same day I realized the value of my life. It was so unique that I was confident that reality needs me more than what I needs from reality. At that time I was unable to comprehend it rather interprets it. My family conditions, social status, my habits, my ambitions, all were barriers. I tried to improve myself. I have developed a believe that if it needs me then it comes to me again and again, and I was right. A sense of responsibility was created in me in Dec, 2011; I was living with the near complete Idea. However, my physical conditions were so embarrassing that their developed an apprehension that the Idea might be lost. I was in hurry; I want to communicate to the world before losing the battle of life and death. I want to transmit the Idea to at least one living person. .... One!

Once After studying and writing the M- Theory of Science, I reach to the Idea that 'Our senses are evolve with System'. Historically! It was a matter out of necessity that I had studies myself system, the suffix 'Historically' was the answer that how and why this Idea reach to me. Now the Question was ' Am I right?'. I want to cry 'Eureka....Eureka'. But, where to go? How to check the Validity? I was penniless. My health was ever deteriorating at the speed of light. I have weighted all the options. 'The nature' was best suited. I decided to send it to the nature and took a break from the field of Science. I had worked on my principles some two years ago. From that time onwords I was working with history and meaning of life. What is the difference between prose and poetry. Poetry is being written. It is written in 'The nature'. Someone see it and express it. Someone feel it and express it. One who see it as it is starts breathing. Starts feeling. At this juncture, where who feel it starts seeing, the one itself becomes poetry. It's surroundings, its work itself becomes poetry. And the moment becomes absolute truth rather its a part of. ... One!

The Liberty!
Once I have taken a big responsibility. To Change the status of the dependency of my people. To make themselves Unique like me. I know 'The Way'! Sometimes ago, I made a call to Shanta. To call them Shanta Is my habit. We and our people are in the habit of calling great peoples with their name. It doesn't mean that we disrespect them but only to we respect them more than many others. It also doesn't mean that we disrespect others. I have promised them that after Vivekanand, I understand India. At that time, I was trying to establish myself as India. Why? I know this Why! However, it doesn't mean that I am disrespecting million who know India more that me. By any standard, I am a mere novice trying to break the problems of Guru-Shishya parampara. I am going to kill the Guru- Shishya parampara. From this time onwords, The Guru i.e. the Priest is mere custodian of The Truth and not the transmitter of The truth'. Our people are developed enough to attain The truth without the transmitter. Limit it to yourself! 'Sharing is The process!' then why not transmitting. Cause transmitting is required to only indigent, vulnerable, seek people in cases of emergency. It doesn't mean that I am disrespecting those people. The truth is attainable very easily by The system. I have started breathing. I am at this juncture. I am the 'part of Absolute truth'! I have taken the liberty to express myself. Liberty of movement and expression! I have assumed that I am not going to commit The Mistake. The system gives me the power to assume. I live the liberty!... One!

'Shree Ganeshay Namha'!

Once I have made A choice. The choice of appearance! Rather manner of appearance. I have made me cultured just enough to survive in the system. It doesn't mean I am disrespecting millions who are certainty, by any standard, more cultured than me. I am just trying to explain the process of appearance. There in no difference in my Kathani, Karni and Activity. I am all the same, still at this juncture, I am a novice just resurfacing from the great ocean of Knowledge. It doesn't mean that I am disrespecting millions who are in ever in the great ocean of knowledge. There is no surface. I have assumed that there is a surface. Its a barrier created by mind. Its a barrier created by system. This barrier is manipulated by the haves, sometimes ago they were aristocracy, still haves is an old word in English. Now they are elite in American language, tycoons in the business world, goons in my mohallah. They possesses unique characteristic that they have just enough money. It doesn't mean that I am disrespecting money or the qualities of their possessors. I am just trying to prove the manipulation. When I feel the victory, I was astonished, bewildered, and almost mad. The system gives me the power to assume that I was victorious. The war has been fought in the field of my senses. I was victorious, My experiment is successful. I have break all the barriers. I was desperate to share, no person was around me, I start sharing with the unknown. I start living. Victory on I is the I. This is the mystery I am going to reveal. This is the award I want to share with you. From here onwords nothing is mystery. I have made a choice to celebrate the victory with my desi style. I have chosen desi language cause essentially it was a victory on language. I have to talk in well cultured manner. I am doing nothing I am doing just a numbering and renumbering the words, just making a mala for Shree Ganesha. Just rewriting the 'Shree Ganeshay Namha'... One!

Om Gan ganpatye namo namah!

Once Om Gan ganpatye namo namah! Sree Shidhhi Vinayak Namo-namah! Sometimes, I becomes dogmatic just for the sake of an experiment. I have taken dogma of Language; I have taken dogma of Religion just in order to reorder the words. I feel The Language! I feel the Religion! It doesn't mean that I am disrespecting millions who feel more intensity. I have just started breathing. I am at this juncture and I had promised to reveal the process. My dogma doesn't affect my rationality or neutrality. It is just a matter out of necessity. After 1991, in these 20years, the society by and large deteriorated to that much extent that the Idea is expressing itself in this dogmatic language. I am mere a receiver of the promised to me. The letters are expressing themselves with the help of my senses. I am feeling! Shree Bhagwan Kahte Hai Main Kalidaas Hoon... I am a revolutionary I am The change!

Once I have made a mistake. I miss the writing 'One!' in concluding line. Its a big mistake. I always try to improve myself, though I am ever with the Idea. Kshama! Idea reveals itself! I am not a Marxist! I am friend and a friend, philosopher and guide to Marx. The language is guiding me. Just I have mistaken a small 'M'. Kshama! Language is not barrier to me, I can write Gazal in English with my style. It doesn't mean that I am disrespecting Gazal or Language. My real language is my native language. I am going to express myself in my native language whatever the means. Still, means are important. It has value if it is good. Shiv-Shakti! One!

'A Part of Shivshakti'!

Once Writing 'a part of Shivshakti' would be appropriate in the previous one. It is necessity arises out of the corruption in the society. Victims are weaker as always. The Idea might deform my body, however I have believe in the power of 'Shivshakti'. I have conquered my senses, however, just for the sake of satisfaction; just for the sake of some pleasure I comes to the senses. Shree Ganesha is our leader! I am Naxlight... One!

The Idea of Nature!

Once I am not claiming something just I am expressing myself just I have chosen My Identity, My India! I am an Idea! The Idea of Nature! One!

The Idea is to live India!

Once Just I have missed to keep back up, of my text before to click on send. Just I have missed the connection of Internet and my some text gone missing. Kshama! I have forsaken the casualty, and in previous massages I have taken precaution, However, this time I am defaulted. I was writing something about the Idea just two or three lines. Kshama! It is very difficult to reproduce the prose, however the poetry may be reproduced. I have just concluding line in my memory and it is as thus, The Idea is to live India! One!

The crisis!
Once I am trying to make a Solution, just for the sake of 'Change', just for the sake of experiment. Just I am to trying to write on the Internet. At this juncture, I am learning, I am learning at the speed of Internet cause I have to live India cause I have promised. I am uprising! The sanatan time scale! I am abhibhoot on my own style of the interpretation of the Idea. I am praying! Just for the sake of experiment, take today's politics. I am feeling that A tribal President may be 'The part of solution'. However, it doesn't mean that I am trying to perpetuate it. Just I am feeling The time! Just check the validity of this feeling, I have introduced a new stream in the field of knowledge, The science of feelings! I am sensing that naxlite movement is loosing the battlefield. They have only one option to talk. However, they are wounded and a tribal President is going to heel them. Nitish is under apprehension of Idealism. I am feeling that, at least three people are sensing the situation in the more are less same manner. Didi, Dada and PA. And here lies The crisis!.. One!

'Invisible hands of the system'!

Once I know, I am writing what. I am a just believer. I know the consequences. I am making a solution! No Dada, no Government! I am going to resign from the Government this 15th August. I am going to declare My Independence. I am just trying to make a solution! I am feeling that I have made a believe in my very early childhood that nothing to worry, 'Dada is there. Now, Dada is not there, I am worried about the future. I am feeling that Dada may be the part of solution. I am just trying to make a solution! Dada should be in Government. I am bore with Manmohan however honest he may be. All the corrupt, partial and inept Ministers should be out of Government, I am bore with them. I am just trying to make a solution! I know what I am threatening. I am threatening to make myself a party in Election 2014. The fire in the field of senses has broken-out. I am threatening to revolt. We are capable that much enough. We can provide the leadership. The system gives us power to assume leadership in cases of crisis. And here lies the solution. I am threatening to assume leadership in Election 2014. I am just trying to make a solution! Thanks to the 'Invisible hands of the system' who has made me capable that much enough! One!

Once I know I am writing what. I am just trying to make a solution. I feel that I am young and Didi should be my home leader and not the Mother India! I love Mother India! I am just trying to make a solution of this home crisis. Kshama! Akhilesh is a novice like me and I love Mulayam. However, this is a weak judgement. You are to desperate to finish the formalities first. You would have weighted your game-plan. I am just talking political language. Kshama! In order to save himself Sharad is going to lost his identity and Sharad is part of the solution. I am just trying to introduce a new Idea. Lalita may assume the position of Mother India! I am just trying to make a solution. Kshama! Naveen is a learner and a good politician. Is he big brother! One!

Just Believer !
Once Omar is Aamir, I am fan of both. They are our leaders. Prakash is my friend since U.P.College. Oman is our just friend like Arjun. Come to the Prithviraj! I am not claiming Throne just I am introducing the Idea in Indian Politics. Kshama! Just I am introducing the Idea of Shivraj. The reign of Shivshakti! I am Imaging, I am dreaming the same Idea! Kshama! Narendra is my colleague. Sometimes ago, he has become successful in reestablishing relationship with me. He is very much straight. Kshama! Manik, Sadanand, Prem, Manohar, Raman, Tarun, Mukul, Pawan all are my friend just like Arjun. I am just introducing the Idea. I am just expressing the Idea. Kshama! I have invited Asif, I have invited Mahendra, I have invited Haseena, I have invited Prachanda. I am just trying to live the Idea. Kshama! I am a just believer! One!

The Leader!
Once Tum ho pass mere saath mere tum yun Jitna mahasoos karun tumko utna hi pa bhi loon ...Khud ko mai haar gaya tum ko Tum ko mai jeeta hoon Bandishe naa rahi koi baaki ...tum ho Kis tarah chheenega mujhase ye jaha tumhe Tum bhi ho mai kya phikar ab hame... Tum ho! I am just reproducing the words in my own style. I am trying to make a just solution. There may be some possibilities either Dada is going to loose the Presidential election and remain in the Government and we are going to meet our first tribal President. We don't want to hurt Dada but it is a revolution. Sometimes we have to hurt our dearer in order to force themselves to assume the leadership. Dada, you are The Leader! The change! One!

India Calling!
Once What is E-Governence? Those can reach the Government who has the Shakti of Righteousness! The power of Goodness! And those are rare, protect them. I am praying. Kshama! I have found nine cms on the Internet. I am trying to introduce the Idea of Navratna. Just I am offering a solution, I know, I know that I is The problem. I am praying. Kshama! I am just trying to get materialized, just for the sake of a better health. I have made A deal, now they are asking for the suppression of Belief, now they are asking for Our Independence. And I can sacrifice everything but Belief, never. I am praying. Kshama! Reality is not in the realism. London riots have just shown us that from now on-words, The crown is not our Leader. That's why I was in commonwealth. I was waiting for this day. We have shown our talent, now we are assuming The leadership! Dada please! One!

Total Revolution!
Once Om Namah Shivay! They have come with a Communal Voilence Bill. They think that a law is going to check the radicalization of youth. Radicalization is a process. I am not radical just I am neutral. Just I am trying to reveal the The Process. Religion is liberty for the masses. You must have a neutral system to check the radicalization, and a law is going to fuel the process. It limits The sphere. The sphere with the process of time becomes black-hole. And a big-bang occurs when it touch the surface of space again. I am just trying to reveal the process, I know, I know that I is The problem. Kshama!

Divide and Rule, 1991 has made me centre of gravity! Divide and Rule, 2001 has made me centre of attraction! Divide and Rule, 2011 has made me centre of revolution! Total Revolution!

I know, I know that I am Emergency; just I am trying to reveal the process. Five cms comes to the senses and the Bill is postponed, however, the threat is not. Now, they want to boost the economy in Cambridge and Howard. They are playing politics. I am just playing a move, just I am trying to reveal the process, I know, I know that I is the problem. Kshama! Land of the free is under the apprehension of mystery, Land of the Liberty has a sanatan enlightened system. Occupy Wall Street has spread a hope and Obama is just friend like Arjun. I have made a deal to reveal the process to the extent of peace. I am just trying to be cool, I am a youth and I know, I know that I is the problem. Kshama!

Dada Please! One!

The Globalization!
Once I know that I am going to loose a moment. I know that I am leading a movement. Regimes, by its very nature don't want to change. However, We, The Living, by its very nature, adopt each and everything. We are The Change! I know that I am going represent myself in place of 'Bali'. I know that I am offering my Death. I know that I am going to loose my Identity. I have borrowed the style from My Krishna. I have borrowed the The Faith of Kalidaas. I have borrowed The Idea of Shree Ganesha. I have borrowed The Straighteasy from My Leader! Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Devo Maheshwar! Gurur Shakshat Parambrahma Tasmay Shree Guruve Namah!! We are just, We are humble, We are the Living! We are praying, We are crying, We are the Living!! We are in world politics. This is Globalization. In 1947-49, we have decided 'not to interfere', In 2010-2012, we have decided to interfere. We have offered a just hand to P-5. We have offered a just hand to everyone who comes to us. Now, we have become matured. Now, we can take our decisions. Now, we can support everyone. Now, we have grown-up. Dada please! One!

Young of India!
Once I am a Person. Person for Progress! I have made no conspiracy with anyone. They have made conspiracy against me, they have challenged My Identity. They have challenged my Believe. Just I am trying to show that Young of India is just enough to solve The problem. Young of India is much much more than a solution. I am not a Utopian, I am Dream. And I know The Art. I am observable, I have created just enough Evidence to prove my Neutrality, I have created just enough evidences to prove my Rationality, I have created just enough evidences to prove My Energy. I have revealed The Secret as I have promised. I am Son of India! I am The Change! Dada Please! One!

Person for Progress!

Once I don't know what is going-on in other systems. I am living a Dream. I am just trying To Vibrate. I am just trying To Breath. I have for-taken a great Research. I have made me a person, A Person for Progress! I am an Idea. The Idea is to live India! One!

We, the Living!

Once We have just shown that We are The Leader of Commonwealth. We have just shown a great performance in Buddha International. We are going to Olympics with full preparation. We have sufficient resources. We have sufficient technology. The check and balances of the system made us, our dream. We are what is required at any moment. We are just resurrecting! We, The Living! I am an Idea, Idea is to live India! One!

The Civilization- Rebirth!

Once Kadam badha le Hado ko mita le Aaja khali pal me pee ka Ghar Tera Tere bin khali Aaja khali pal me Tere bin khali Aaja khali pal me Rangreja Rangreja Rangreja... Rangreja... The words has meaning, The world has meaning. A.R.Rahman has done it. The Music is an Art. The Music has created us. The Song of Avadhoot has created us. Slokas has created us. The Geeta has created us. Versus has created us. We are The Civilization. Rebirth! We are civilized. I am an Idea, Idea is to live India! One!

Once We are the concluding research of the search of The Grand Design! We are the concluding research of the search of Thy Yourself! We are the concluding research of the search of The Idea! We are Persons for Progress! One!

Once Thanks to The Invisible Hand of The System! Thanks to Markandey Thanks to Swami! Thanks to Liberty Thanks to Freedom! We are Persons for Progress! One!

The Jurisprudence!
Once! We are Practical Ethics! We are Classical Politics! We are The Jurisprudence! We are Persons for Progress! One!

The Promised Land!

Once The Crown is in India! The Holy Grail is in India! The Promised Land is India! We are Persons for Progress! One!

The Constitution of India!

Once We are ready for the Special Hearing of The Rajya-Sabha! We have poses Our Ashtha to The Constitution of India! We are Naxlight! One!

O Nadan Parinde Ghar Aaja...

Once O Nadan Parinde Ghar Aaja... ge rhu iz;ksx dj jgs Fks& yktZ gSM~zku dksykbMj] LVhQUl vkSj eSaA eSa yhMj FkkA Ham teen paryog kar rahe the , Stephen, LHC aur Mai, Mai Leader Hoon! We are The Leader! We have done it!


The Science of Feelings!

Once We, The Living are declaring The Victory in The War! We, The Living have lived The Death! We, The Living are The Science of Feelings! One!

Once Congratulations! Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now time comes when we shall redeem our pledge... At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, find utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity... We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again! We are India! One!



The Matrics
I can't be the creator Cause I am of a dual nature To create I have to die! Now I don't care to die I want to be the creator I want to make a peaceful World I don't want to see blood! I want a true world Until now I was in trinity Now I am in duality I want to create! I don't care to die I want to create a neo- trinity A peaceful world True not an imagination! This is my first creation Though I was created Duality U must have to die with trinity!

I am a creature I can create!

I was at threshold of Duality!

Now I am incepting An Experiment!

A News
Existence is self-explanatory! A news A new sense is our movement Call it a Technolution! In honor of a technolutionary Any moment has a new sense The next moment Must have a new sense! We want to feel moment We have made a new software A truth- stall Were we provide truth! Free of cost Upon your choice Today we are going to feel a moment Inception of a movement Technolution!

A new sense is my experiment I have made a choice To make a news And it became existent! Making of choice and Making of sense A simult process!

Taste of Reality
There is no model independent test of reality! Test of Reality Taste of reality We have tasted reality We have trusted reality! Some pleasurable reality Some painful reality Reality is tested We have chosen Pleasurable reality!

Our pleasure of choice is trusted We want to remove painful reality We love sacrifices For a pleasurable reality Living is choice!

Model independent test of reality Taste of reality!

A tribute to Einstein
The most incomprehensible thing about Universe Is that it is comprehensible!

The law of general relativity Leads to A unique theory of creation!

A tribute to Newton!

Greetings to Stephen
M- theory is the unified theory Einstein was hoping to find! The fact that we human beings Who are ourselves a collection of Basic systems of nature Have been able to come this close to an understanding of the laws governing us And our universe is a great triumph! The true Miracle theory Is that abstract consideration of logic Leads to a unique theory of creation That predicts and describes A vast universe Full of amazing variety that we see! If the theory is confirmed by observation It will be the successful conclusion of a search going back More than 3000 years! We have found the grand design Teacher! One!

Raaone Socrates Moolshankar! Mahavira Buddha Marx! Newton Plank Einstein! 3X3X3X3X3 Jewels!

We have at rest We have a point We have a sense! We have break the movement We have taken a rest for Pleasure! We want to feel the moment Rest Blackout! We don't want to bind We want liberty Equality! We have to break the movement To feel the moment We can feel! We want to feel the moment Feelings are created We have sense! The science of feelings!

We want to see dam 999! Completion of Matrics! Whole movement! Moment! One! Peace! Love!






1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the see-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. Sir Isaac Newton

1. Mystery of Living

Q. Why is there something rather than nothing? Why do we exist? Why this particular set of laws and not some other?


2. Law of Nature

Q. 1. What is the origin of the laws? 2. Are there any exceptions to the laws, i.e. miracles? 3. Is there only one set of possible laws?

A. 1. Whole! 2.

We can!

3. One is Absolute!

1. God cant do miracles, however

3. What is Reality!
One! Space Energy Time!

Universe of Universes Has a basic System Trinity of Space Energy & Time SET! Three makes Whole We may take Whole as One The whole Universe of universes= 1!

Unique Law of Creation says that There exist a Unique law of Existence Into of all entities of SET equals One! Space. Energy. Time = 1!

S.E.T = 1

First principle of the Unique Law of Creation Law of Existence! One! One! Whole has Three Basic dimensions Space, Energy & Time!

Whole space may have three or ten dimensions Whole energy has two dimensions Rather poles Positive & Negative! Whole Time has only one dimension Running at a continuous scale Uprising! One! One! Each system is a collection of some or many basic systems of Nature Exits at a time-scale continuous and uprising Creating a News The experiment! Systems make Universes We cant find empty space Cause in a system of SET All comes into existence simultaneously! What exist before existence SET- the Eternal! One! One! It is Senses that define existence! What is Sense Is a critical state of existence Of a particular system of SET Defining factor is Energy! If anything has Sense Everything has Sense Nothing is Senseless! One! One!

System has Sense In form of charge Positive & Negative System is Stable If it is neutral! There are two types of stability Local & Global! One! One! At the initial level When a system may be taken as particle Comes into existence Space and Time associated with that are so small as negligible! And the characteristic feature Of scale is energy That may have either charge In order to be globally stable! The least stable particle Quanta Is made up of the entities of SET! One! One! A quanta in order to be locally stable Must contain two equal poles of Energy Positive & Negative Attraction between the two binds them! And the Unique Law of Creation says that There exist a Unique Law of Accountability And that it is charges of the energy must pacify In order to attain existence! However

Magnitude is Multiplied! E+. E- = E02 II

This is second principle of the Unique Law of Creation The Law of Accountability! One! One! Quanta has two types of particle Force & Field Energy is the Force Space-Time is the Field! How this quanta is created Quanta appears at the speed of light Trinity of SET at the speed of light Gave birth to quanta! Third principle of the unique law of creation Law of Appearance! One! One! Unique Law of Creation Has a trinity of unique principles! Law of Existence Law of Accountability Law of Appearance! Trinity! One!

4. Appearance of Light
One! Law of Appearance Is that the entities of SET come into existence at the speed of Light with Accountability! Speed of Light Is the maximum possible Space with respect to Time Constant!

The material phenomenon of the whole Comes into existence When a fixed amount of energy Is attached with maximum possible space with respect to Time! The appearance of Matter!

One! One! As soon as a matter particle comes into existence In order to be locally stable it creates an anti-matter particle Rather a matter particle and anti-matter particle created simultaneously!

However in our everyday life We can observe only matter particle!

What is the proof of anti-matter Let a point be reality! . At the wave scale There internal love Attraction between the matter particle and anti-matter particle Is due to the energy associated with them charged oppositively!

System of light Particle appears at the points of origin Get polarized into the constituent positive and negative energy poles Again due to the speed of light it reappears at next point Get polarised and so on!

The positive and negative poles receive maximum attraction When they are farthest apart Interval of appearance and reappearance Is the unit space-time!


5. Material Phenomenon of the Whole

One! Unique Law of Creation Is that the Whole is SET! SET is a system of points & point is an appeared quanta Quanta and Anti-quanta appeared simultaneously Material phenomenon of the whole has no pointless point Hence no empty space! We can observe We can observe by breaking the movement or by imagination The wave-particle duality of light has made it possible To observe through imagination or breaking the movement! If we choose to be an impartial observer If we decide not to break the movement In an observer independent reality It appears and dis-appears at unit interval of time so much so small that it appears Continuous! As soon as, a quanta comes into existence It feels influence of neighbouring systems And in order to make it globally stable It causes effort in equal measure of influence felt What is the measure of the influence and effort is attraction! One!

6. M-Theory
One! Reason of Attraction The ultimate cause Movement! Movement is the cause of Attraction The creation of quanta is possible Cause of the movement of the force and field particles In order to be in existence a particle gains momentum! In order to become globally stable a quanta got Momentum! Its momentum depends upon the neighbouring Systems Its position in the Whole And in an observer independent reality We cant know exactly both at the same Time! However by Imagination We can observe the exact momentum and position of a quanta Both at the same time! What is a Matter Matter is Energy More than a critical point with constituent Space and Time! Matter is the maximum possible Energy With respect to maximum possible space with respect to Time It comes into existence at the speed of Light! M = E/C.C=E/C2 III1

This is the Law of Matter First rule of the Law of Appearance! Matter is the maximum possible energy With respect to speed of Light at the speed of Light! One!

7. Movement of Existence

Energy is fixed at the point of origins! Its form able to change in between You have to between the intervals of appearances Energy of a quanta fluxtuates between Positive & Negative Attraction between charges is responsible for local stability! However at the level of Whole These points attain momentum and position in order to make itself Existent!

Attraction between the quanta and rest Is responsible for its velocity Once the Position is fixed Position once the velocity is fixed! Movement cause Momentum Energy with respect to velocity! What is Velocity Velocity is the maximum possible Space with respect to Time! In order to become globally stable Quanta in Movement cause Force & Field In an observer independent reality both quanta and rest feels Influences Causes Efforts to make Living! Force, the magnitude of Attraction and Influences & Efforts Is the rate of change of momentum with Time The respective field is the operative Space of Force with Time! Thus, Force = rate of change of momentum Force(F) = {energy(E)/velocity(V)}.Time(T) F = E/V.T E = F.V.T E = F.D III2 {where, Field (D) = Velocity (V). Time (T)} This is the Law of Attraction Second rule of the Law of Appearance! Energy equals the product of Force & Field Attraction is Energy with respect to Field! Now, if we take the momentum (P) as the product of mass (M) and velocity (V) Force

F = M.V/T = E/V.T E = M.V2 Equation of the total energy of Matter! E = F. V.T = M. V2 F = M.V/T Equation of the Force!

In observer independent reality Force equal to the product of Mass and velocity Of the matter with respect to Time!


8. The True Miracle

Once! From III1, M=E/C2 and from definitions If we break the movement (E/S).T = E/(S2/T2) T/S = 1/(S2/T2) T/S = T2/ S2 T/S = 1 III3 S=T


Law of simultaneous Creation Third rule of the Law of Appearance Once the Energy is fixed, Space Equals the Time Space and Time created simultaneously with a fixed Energy!

One! Unique Law of Creation! One!

9. Idea
Once! Senses are evolved with System Historically M-version of the Max Idea! One!


No person shall be deprived of movement and expression except according to the due process of law.


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1. Thanks to the Hindu

Once Gods armies are losing Swami is fighting Thanks to the Hindu One!

2. Blackout

Once We have started Breathing And there is Blackout We have Faith Light must Appear Appearance of Light No appearance no Light And there is Blackout One!

3. Wright

Once If we don't know the Truth No one Knows We are Wright One!


Once Why to right Once Left One!

5. Sacrifice

Once We are fearless We are ready to sacrifice One!

6. Sharing

Once We have taken Oath For Experiment We are Sharing One!

7. Flat

Once We have taken flat Reality And maximum Efforts We are created One!

8. Jione

Once We are Living One!

9. Silence

Once We hate Violence We love Peace We want to Live With our Duties We don't want to Interfere We don't want to break the Movement We love Imagination If We can We are with Movement We are with Government Sharing is the Process Can we Incept One!

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O Democracy

Rules are not for me,

I have to follow the rules. I can Fight with a State But not With a constable, O Democracy!

Civilization Is ruled by Civilians, Police is for Barbarians. I am barbarian, O Democracy!

I am making, Theology Language Art and Science, A Civilization Greater than you, O Democracy!

I am making A Culture of Knowledge, Enlightened, Sovereign,

No rule, love, O Democracy!

You have to go back In dark Till I show you The light And give you The greatest welcome ever, O Democracy!

Years of separation Are going to be Hard and tough, I need Your co-operation, Love you, O Democracy!

(October, 2010)

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-An autobiography

The Truth
-An Experiment


Author: Deepak Kumar Mahant Naxlight


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Appendices: A. 27 POEMS! 1. NEOTRINITY! 2. SENSES! 3. LEADER!

B. IN THE MIRROR OF PAST! (2002-2008)




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8th March, 2007 Allahabad Now a days,I am in great trouble. Some points of trouble are: first, I left my home. No, it is not right to say that I left my home, I am willing to stay with my family. Then what? Are my father threw me from home? It is also not correct. He simply wants that I earn for myself, my studies and my future. Is he right? Let us look some detail of this first trouble. Starting from myself, I am pursuing in LL.B. IInd year and I want to became an I.A.S. It is a very tough competition and needs a hard preparation without any stress. Any kind of tension, inefficiency of study material or any inefficiency of life supporting items delayed your success and continuous inefficiency or continued tension delayed your success to the extent of impossibility i.e. failurity. I am a good student and I am able to got my aim, not only in my opinion but also in the opinion of my very few friends, my teachers and of my classmates. Then why my father does not support me? The reason is my past records. I was among the bad boys, irresponsible, habitual smoker, drinker, tobacco taker, having criminal records, a fraud, characterless etc. But at present I have no more that bad habit except taking tobacco into very small extent and only to remove the tension, but my father, however, looks no improvement in me. I does not find any reason of so looking. I always tries to remove my bad habits and incorporate within myself good and beneficial habits and to look like a good student. I always realise that for being a successful man, the incorporation of good habits and maintaining a status of character i.e. a better character than many others is expedient. I am not success in this process. In fact, the process of reformation of character is a neverlasting process. No one can claim that he has a perect character. I am also in process of reformation and I remove my bad habits more or less the all those which were detrimental to my possibilities. It is also recognised by my friends and roommates. But my father does not look any improvement in me, I dont know why? In his words I have no Lakshan of a student. Certainly he is biased. But why he is so biased?

It is a psychological problem of both me and my father. There is a communication gap between the two. I cannot express myself to him. It is my psyco-prob. I want to tell him about my thoughts but he gives no situation. He wants that I surrender myself towards him without any condition and agree to govern by him. But after considering all the possibilities of that, I reach on a conclusion that it is surrendering of my dreams, my future and my ambitions. I cannot compromise with my dreams and my ambitions at any cost. Other aspect is that my father, however ambitious he was, in his youthhood and however, a socially respected man he is, is a failure person. He is driver in UPSRTC. In 20 years of his service, he makes no goods for himself. He has not a house of his own, nor a bike, nor other assessories. Much part of his income is waste on education of his three sons and other social activities. He has not a huge bank balance and not so much land to accommodate the future. At the age of 45, he wants to save money for his future and also for casual necessities and he wants support of his sons particularly of his eldest son. But how can I support him. It is only possible on the cost of my ambitions and I am not agree to that. I know that the financial condition of my family is disastrous but he is able to bear the burden of my study at least for two or three years and it is sufficient to me. At that time, if till then I will not succeed to beat the competition, then also being an LL.M student (or may be passed out) I will be in a position to support him and earn money in an honourable manner. I waste his lakhs of money till graduation and this led to his psychological problem and he thinks that giving me money, however less in amount, is wasting of money. This problem is tackled by sharing of thoughts and proper communication between me and my father. But now water is flow over the head. An influensive mediater also serve to a positive result, but three is no infuensive mediator. My mother is not in a position to either support me or to make any compromise between the two. Secondly, the trouble point is my health. Though, I have no decease of any kind but I am weak looking person. I can build my health at any time I wish because it is neither a zenetic nor a problem out of any decease. In past also I looked healthy when I took proper care and my food and exercise. But it needs some extra care and inevitably needs money. Now at this time when I am not able to take a meal properly due to want of money, how can I build my health? Thirdly, and perhaps the most---------

June 2008,

My whole life is going to move around the search and research of the great three, namely
Sovereignty, Liberty and Almighty. It is absolute truth that everything is pre-written and nothing can be re-written. But we are the writer whether having knowledge about this art or not.

August 2008
Bentham in his Theory of Pain & Pleasure had missed one concept i.e. The concept of conservation of Emotions the said concept may be defined as In the universe, the net quantity of emotions is constant. Its remain unchanged whatever will be the circumstances. Thats why all the preachers & the sacred books like Geeta says that we ought to be firm & smooth in our lives.

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ekpZ 2009]

My dear Quest
I love you How tuff the world may seem. You still deserves the sweetest dream fo my life but still you are a dream. Thank you for call. Thank you for meeting. You wanted to go but its my love whose ropes enforced you to wait for me. A short but valuable time which I spent with you is my latest memory with you. You were looking very pleasing. A beautiful lady! But I became disappointed. It is apparent that it is beauty of body and not of soul. Its not true beauty. Its apparent that you are living in stress. It seems that you are in very much pressure. I know you does not want to communicate your problems to me. It may also be possible that, in fact, there is no problem with you. They why you are in pressure. I know your are fighting with your circumstances. You have to look good. You have to look beautiful. You have to behave in well ordered manner. You have to be successful. You have to prove yourself but at the cost of your inner beauty and yourself, no my quest. Expectations leads to stress. True, everyone expect from you including me. But now from this day I dont expect anything to you. Just because I want to remove your stress. My quest! Life is a game. And like any other game it is an expert suggestion that play your natural game. Behave naturally! Do what you want to do! Manage your day with nature!

Try to adjust yourself with your ecology. Develop good habits and remove your bads. It is a process of learning and it takes time but you have to keep patience. My quest! Try to understand your family members. Their behaviour, their nature, their goods and their bads. Try to became friend of them. Try to love them. Respect their feelings and value their emotions. My quest! There are only two truths for you: yourself and your God. All other things including husband child. In-laws and me, are only relative to yourself. Try to understand your Self. Your soul is crying. Dont left her on will of relatives. Its you only who can make your soul cheering. Dont torture your soul because its not yours. It is part of God entrusted to you for some period. You have to make good towards her otherwise you will certainly face the anger of god. 14th Feb The first sigh of love is the last of wisdom. The law of love, call it attraction, affinity, cohesion, if you like, governs the world. Love never claims, it ever gives! Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges itself. Love understands love: it needs to talk. May long live my love! 14th Feb My dear quest! In early morning, I got a message that you had called me at 22.00 pm and it becomes happiest morning of my life. From morning to now I have kissed this message even more than hundred times. I have your face in the screen of my mobile. I have you in my eyes. I can see anything only next to you. 15th Feb My quest! Why and how movements are fought? Why because we want to change something and not because of to be something. For example, a freedom fighter fights not because he want to be independent but because he want to change the status of dependency of his country. A nuxlite, moist, communist or terrorist fights not because of he want to be something but just because of he wants to change the status something. Success of a movement depends upon the intensity of that will and the number of fighters. How great the change so great the intensity and so the number: And the real success depends that how the movement has been fought. The consequences of such success, i.e. the change that has to be carried out depends upon manner of the struggle. If the how i.e. the manner of struggle is the best possible then it gives maximum success. The struggle of movement is at the mass level. The struggle of individual is at the personal level. If you want to do something or to be something means you want the change the status of yourself. If you want success, then first you have to recognize the change. Secondly you have to struggle with the best possible manner. Whether manner is right or wrong, just or unjust it should be the best. Now, what manner constitutes the best? 19th Feb

There are two types of wishes: one is positive i.e.wish of the things which considered as good and the other is negative i.e. wish of the things which considered as bad in ethics. You may say one is metaphysical or spiritual and others are physical wishes. 19th Feb Everyone wants satisfaction in each aspect at any cost. 24th Feb My quest!

mEehn dh gj fdj.k VwV pqdh gS ;k ;kas dgsa fd ,d u;s lQj dh kq:vkr gksus okyh gSA vkt fQj eSaus dqN [kks fn;k gS ;k vkt fQj eq>s dqN fey x;k gS tks eq>s esjs mn~ns; ds fy, lgk;d gksxkA eSaus vius vki dks ml fLFkfr esa yk [kM+k fd;k gS tgkaW ls esjk edln gh esjk lQj gSaA tgkWa eSa gj ml lEHkkouk dk R;kx dj jgk gwWa tks eq>s mn~ns; ls nwj djrh gS ;k dj ldrh gSA vkxs ls eq>s NksVh lh NksVh t:jrksa ds fy, Hkh vius edln dh t:jr iM+sxh] thus ds fy, HkhA nks oDr dh jksVh Hkh edln ls m/kkj ysuh iM+sxhA
My Quest!

cM+k etk vk;sxk ftUnxh esaaA eSa ugha tkurk fd eSa D;k ugh tkurk gawWA eSa ugha tkurk rqe D;k gks] dkSu gks] dSls feyksxs] dgkWa feyksxsA uk eafty dk irk gS u jkLrs dkA irk ugha eSa rqEgkjk m/kkj pqdk ikaWxk ;k ughaA
My quest!

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17th March

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gS] [ksyks ftruh cM+h ckth [ksy ldrs gks vkSj ns[kks rqels cM+sa fdrus f[kykM+h cps gSaA
28th March

vDVwcj 2010]

O Democracy!
Rules are not for me I have to follow the rules. I can Fight with a state But not With a constable, O democracy!

Civilization Is ruled by Civilians Police is for Barbarian. I am a barbarian, O democracy!

I am making Theology Language Art and Science A Civilization Greater than you, O democracy!

I am making A culture of knowledge Enlightened, Sovereign, No rule Love O democracy!

You have to go back In dark Till I show you The light And give you

The greatest welcome ever, O democracy!

Years of separation Are going to be Hard and tough, I need Your co-operation, Love you, O democracy!



vorj.k% f}rh; & dzkafr!

uoEcj 2010]


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The crisis of Parivartan and Indian Politics

Congress, as everyone knows, is not that congress Gandhi has said to dissolve. However congress, as everyone knows, has certain some seeds of that congress. It is ruling party just because of that seeds. The dreams of freedom fighters are our dreams dependent to who is freedom fighter. Indian politics is always a Mahabharat for world powers, a dream of kings to reign nominally. Our kings are as duty-bounded as slaves with equal right and personal liberty. Every power has a dream to reign India. None would succeed! Everyone wants to enjoy the reign of India. India would always remain reignless. Anarchism of Gandhi!

Then who will reign? The power supported by Gandhi A person who live like Gandhi may become so much influential that a person supported by him may reign India that was the sense of public Janta ki nabz known to Gandhi and he quite fasioned himself like that. Nehru was the power best suited. Teem Gandhi was able to replace the political power in India. Lets draw some parallels. A person like Gandhi, a pair of wealthy advocates (Fatherson), released civil servants, interested businessmen, non-cooperative judiciary, politically motivated social workers disinterested religious and charitable organisations, terrorist activities, a powerful left, a diminishing right, All united to make it happen. To reign in a reign less country. The country is reigned by Shiv-Shakti. A trusted formula to win the political power in India. The formula is not going to work this time? The version of your formula is not one that gets the crown. Something is missing. History! An sponsored moves goes super-duper hit. It has given more or less profit to everyone associated with it, in its making, promotion and release. The music of Rockstar is more influential. Rahman has an opportunity in Indian-Politics. The drama goes until it cease to be profitable. A cheap view of reality, irresponsible behaviours, exposure, and outspoken movie doesnt lives up its promises. However it is the best political drama in our generation capable of attracting most audience till date. The drama continues because congress wanted it to be prolonged. She knows that Mahgai and Maoism are the basic problems India is facing right now and not the corruption and blackmoney. She is bargaining time. Socialist has failed and Right is more left. Left is struggling for life and Maoism has no face. Gandhi was wrong-congress has no alternative. The right version of the formula is that congress. Gandhi was right. The that congress, should be dissolved in order to make it history. The missing! .

Who is our Idial? Bhagat, Gandhi aur Nehru Aaj they Wo Aaj, jo abhi-abhi bita hai In 1991, The year World politics has changed, End of Idealogy! The devastating war

Has deprived us Of great persons More than 50 years We were leadeless At this parivartan!

The era has gone 20 years back And for a vibrant society It is that much enough A whole generation of leaders Has grown up We are in world politics Globalisation! We would have to be the leader of Human Civilization That has many political leaders But no political saint/philosopher World needs Gandhi .

We need both Two in one is not acceptable Individually The one is a family The offer of two in a family has turned down We are deprived of first class leaders Our second class leaders get corrupted We have to fill both the places

We are capable that much enough

The period of transition Khatm hone hi vala hai, Hamare hatho me Ab mashal hai .

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Our laws of thinking confirm with the lawfulness in the passage of impressions which we receive from the other world, thus making it possible for man to gain information about the lawfulnesss by mere thinking.

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I and Universe exit together. We interact with each other! One can observe the truth. To explain it, you have to become Either God or part of the Uni-verse!

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Protection of life and personal liberty.No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. This is the ruling mentality. It shows that constitution is going to rule and constitutions are the product of history and we know that we can change our past. We can change our destiny of past. It gives us wright to change our constitutions according to our nature. Thus, make overselves existent.

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I dont want to take a premature step. Thats why I have taken precautions. I have created so many justifications. That you may got bewildered.

I dont want to confuse u I want u to be clean I want u to honest Read me and u become clear I dont care what will be the fate I am ready to except I am ready to accept I have chosen Jione Living is choice!

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And movement and expression completes the trinity. Choice of movement and expression Freedom of movement and expression Live and personal liberty 21 A

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Oracle Once miracle One miracle Oracle Once I have proposed Jione We are injiones Citizens of the Jione

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