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Welcome to our eleventh edition of Kimberley Chronicle. We’d like to take this time to thank our advertisers. Without them the paper would be an expensive hobby. We hope everyone survived the storms and and is ready for August and the Summer Olympics. In this issue we have the tale of how Ta Ta Creek got its name. We also have some Olympic tidbits to get people in the mood, it’s tough to think about watching sports inside now that summer has finally arrived in the Kootenays. Along with our Trivia section we’ve also added a “Shout Out” section. For this issue we have things to say and people to thank, but in the future we’d love to have it as a bit of a community forum, maybe like a “cheers and jeers” section. Send your thoughts to or call 427-5430.

Ta Ta Creek, our neighbour to the northeast boasts having not only spectacular mountain views, some great furniture makers and a cool store, but also a very interesting name. As with most local legends, there are variations on the story of how Ta Ta Creek got its name. It is generally agreed that the name came about after an incident involving a two-pistol toting lawless rogue named Norman “Red” McLeod. Red McLeod arrived in the East Kootenays in the early 1890’s and was apparently quite the swindler. Legend has it he would steal horses and sell them to the Great Northern Railway, then steal them again and sell them to the CPR. Some say he was fleeing after a shooting at the Wasa Hotel, others say he had recently escaped from jail in Golden when he had his run-in with police Continued on page 2.

“TTFN -Ta Ta For Now”

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near what is now Ta Ta Creek. Some legends state that he was on horseback and the constables were on foot when they reached a fast flowing creek, Red jumped across and when the contables did not follow he rode away saying “ta ta”. The more widely reported story is that a local contable caught and apprehended Red after a three day chase. However after a meal Red managed to steal his gun back, tie up the contable, and ride away up the creek saying “ta ta”. Either way Red was eventually run out of the East Kootenays and continued living by his own rules in Kaslo. He died on August 23, 1948 at Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson and was buried in Kaslo. Fifty years later some Kaslo folks held fundraisers to order a monument for Red’s grave. Fittingly the owners of Kootenay Monument Installations in Ta Ta Creek made the monument that marks the grave of their hamlet’s namesake. For more on this topic check out the book Kootenay Ripples or visit the Kimberley Heritage Museum. To help get people into the Olympic mood we decided to have some interesting tidbits on the games. Athletes in the ancient Olympic Games would participate in the nude. The word “gymnasium” comes from the Greek root “gymnos” meaning nude; the literal meaning of “gymnasium” is “school for naked exercise. London is the fisrt city to host the Games three times, in 1908, 1948 & 2012. More athletes than spectators attended the 1900 Paris Olympic Games. Pigeon shooting was one of the sports on the program in Paris in 1900. als per capita. Liechtenstein has the most with nine medals from a country of around 35,000 people.

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1) What/Who was August named after? 2) Which Winnie the Pooh character coined a text messaging abbreviation? (The short-hand is mostly used in Britain but folks in the East Kootenay are encouraged to start using it at the end of their text messages.) 3) In the early 1900’s what was the largest and most modern hotel in the East Kootenays? 4) What creek around Invermere was allegedly named after Red McLeod? 5) Which philosopher won twice in the ancient olympics at a sport that resembles today’s mixed martial arts?
We would like to give some shout outs to the community. Send your shout outs to or 427-5430. -Thanks to whomever created the independant zine “Dinktown” in Cranbrook (available at some Cranbrook book stores) and to the fine folks responsible for We love seeing more independant media in the area. -Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make JulyFest a Blast as per usual. -Some of the staff at Kimberley Chronicle have started to develop a taste for hard cider. We have made plenty of homemade beer and wine, but are now thinking of trying cider. If anyone has an apple press and/or some bittersweet apples or pears we would love to collaborate in the near future to create some delicious beverages, call 427-5430.
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1) Julius Ceasar’s grandnephew Augustus - he defeated Marc Antony computers - networks - communications and Cleopatra. 250-432-5269 2) Tigger was the first cartoon character to say “TTFN - Ta Ta For 101 370 Wallinger Now!” 3) The Wasa Hotel - bunrt in 1927, there is a replica at Fort Steele. Kimberley’s Got Balls 4) Horsethief Creek. 5) Plato - at an event called Pankration (a mix of boxing and wrestling). (check out our facebook page)


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Tuesday July 31 - Thursday August 2: Kids Fashion Camp at Centre 64, from 10am - 2pm. Wednesday August 1: Wild West Wednesday at Fort Steele. Detox Sunday Soccer Wednesday August 1: Free Swim 5-6pm, Sponsored by Sunday at noon-ish Dr. C Spowart. at Blarchmont Field Saturday August 4: Kimberley Nature Park Society, Lakes Walk, meet at 9am at the Higgins Street entrance. Bike Polo Mondays Saturday & Sunday August 4-5: Farming Days at Fort Mondays Nights at 6 Steele. Bring bike, helmet, homemade Monday & Tuesday August 6-7: Plein Air Painters Workshop, Watercolour Painting with Grant Smith at Centre 64. Kimberley Forest Tuesday August 7 - Saturday September 1: Gallery Exibit: Arts on the Edge 2012, juried art show at Centre 64, 1-5pm. Consulting Wednesday - Friday August 8-10: Plein Air Painters WorkYour forest expert. shop, Oil/Acrylic Painting with Liz Wiltzen at Centre 64. Friday August 10: Arts on the Edge Gala at Centre 64 76Wildfire Assessments, 10pm. Forest Development Plans, Saturday August 11: Paint Out on the Platzl, 9am-12pm. Ecosystem Management, Saturday August 11: Arts on the Edge, Coronation Park, Surveys. 1-7pm. Wade Jarvis, RPF Saturday August 11: Saturday Night on the Town at Fort Steele. Sunday August 12: Kimbelrey Nature Park Society, Summer Mushrooms Walk. Meet at 9:30am at the start of Mathew 250-427-5430 Creek Road. Meadowbrook Motors (Reds Country Store) is now open!
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