The ARK Enterprises is Still on the Cutting Edge as One of the Nation’s Biggest Providers of Green Products

The ARK’s Environmentally Responsible Tools for Hazardous Cleanups Not Only Greener—But Far More Cost Effective
With its motto, “Protecting the environment one spill at a time,” The ARK Enterprises [] has established itself as one of the leading providers of environmentally responsible cleanup products in the United States—from addressing petroleum and hydrocarbon spills to treating nuclear wastewater.

The ARK Enterprises is no “johnny-come-lately” to the field, either. Having marketed its revolutionary products since its founding 14 years ago, The ARK Enterprises sought early alternatives to the commonly used products for cleanups that often left their own ecologically-damaging footprints, demanded enormous quantities, were expensive to transport and store, incurred high labor costs to apply and remove, and then had to be disposed of in designated hazardous waste sites. The ARK’s innovative flagship product, P.O.L. Sorb, is bio-based—made of 100% peat moss. Since the peat moss is “harvested,” it remains a renewable resource, making it as green as you can get. This versatile product cleans up oil spills on land, on water or in the soil, and because it absorbs only the hydrocarbons, far less product needs to be used, saving money typically wasted by absorbing water along with the oil spill. Using P.O.L. Sorb on oil spills on water also protects wildlife that comes into contact with contaminated product. To understand the relative merits of P.O.L. Sorb versus other products, The ARK Enterprises cites a very common industrial scenario: a 55 gallon spill of a petroleum product like used motor oil. Many companies handling such materials keep cleanup products on hand, and the one frequently used product is clay pellets. But to clean up such a spill requires about 20 forty-pound bags of clay pellets, a not-insignificant amount to have to purchase, transport (at high

fuel prices) and then make room for in the shop. Further, spreading nearly 800 pounds of this material, working it into the spill and then collecting the much heavier end-product requires a considerable amount of backbreaking labor, particularly scooping it up and placing it into five drums for disposal. And its disposal requires more transportation costs, special handling and additional fees because clay leaches the oil it has absorbed. By contrast, this cleanup requires only 3 sixteen pound bags of P.O.L. Sorb, inexpensive to transport and easy to store. This small amount of cleanup product quickly and easily absorbs the spill, and fills barely more than a single 55 gallon drum at the end. Disposal is easy and inexpensive because P.O.L. Sorb can be incinerated or even used as fuel. A customer that switches from clay products to P.O.L. Sorb peat moss absorbents can save up to 90% of actual costs when cleaning up oil spills. More and more measurements are being made to identify how products can be categorized as truly “green” in this era of increasing environmental consciousness. It is rare to find a comparably-priced product that is derived from renewable resources, solves spills more effectively, reduces transportation and labor costs and can be disposed of cheaply and without further hazard to the environment. That is why P.O.L. Sob is so remarkable, and why it is now the number one spill cleanup product used by U.S. Government Agencies today. Contact: Mrs. Mimi Snyder E-mail: Phone: 816-779-5741 PO Box 725 Peculiar, MO 64078 US ###

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